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  1. If Harvey scores, we're on the pitch, If Harvey scores, we're on the pitch.....
  2. As long as the badge was not a transfer
  3. Was interested in getting the dark blue training top which was more like t-shirt material (but probably not 100% cotton). It was on sale for about £17. However, the club badge was the transfer type and not sewn on so it put me off.
  4. Anyone got any idea how long it should take to get from Wembley to getting on a tube at Wembley Park Station straight after the game? I have hung around till the crowds disperse in the past but have to get back early from this one.
  5. Does anyone who has 'friends' using IPTV know if you have to have a VPN as well? A 'friend' of mine has an Amazon Fire HD box pre loaded by Cronnex TV and has asked them this question. Their response was it depends on his ISP's blocks. He's therefore concerned that if he pays the £60 for IPTV it will be no good without the VPN (Cronnex don't sell VPN's). There is probably another forum for all things technical but notice a few posters on here have been asking the same thing so just thought it might help a few people if anyone knows.
  6. Oh his name is Youri Tielemans Leicester's number twenty one Yes he's only here for six months So soon he will be gone....2,3,4
  7. Drinking in Birmingham and catching the 11:39 from New St. Trains run every 10 minutes or so and take about 20 mins. Sadly, virtually all pubs in Wolverhampton City Centre and near the ground admit home fans only, except the Blue Brick near Wolverhampton Station which is a small Premier Inn bar.
  8. I'm Puel in, but got to say that is a great effort!
  9. Some light hearted distraction from Puel in, Puel out, shake it all about.... Over to you Foxes Talk...
  10. Puel 'Backed by Leicester faithful’ - reports
  11. Puel 'Facing a massive vote of confidence’ - reports
  12. Another great win. What’s wrong with you?
  13. There are a lot of LCFC flags at the ground displayed in honour of Vichai. Some I recognise from our away days here and abroad. Is anyone bringing their own flag to display at Cardiff?
  14. 'More recent than you, more recent than you, Champions of England, more recent than you!' Good to see we've moved on from 'you'll never sing that!' without researching the opposition.
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