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  1. **** it Leicester and Ricardo out for 6 months and Maddison out for a few weeks Kill me
  2. Normally there Twitter activity about the press conference coming up. nothing so far
  3. Exclusive: A Premier League club is testing all its players for #coronavirus after three players displayed symptoms. The league is under huge pressure to cancel matches, rather than simply play behind closed doors. Report by @JBurtTelegraph this reporter covers Leicester a lot
  4. Sean from enderby is our messiah Long live the great Sean
  5. prices for keith weller and walkers hall prices lowered from £50 to £40
  6. Benko always had issues with his ankles. Now his knee injury looks like just soreness and was taken off as a precaution it always been his ankle that the issue
  7. At least it wasn’t his ankle !
  8. Leicester scouting left-backs with Ben Chilwell set for £50million exit Alan Nixon is the source who is very well informed on Leicester transfer dealings
  9. Leicester paid compensation to Celtic to get conngerton + Celtic was very keen to keep him ( Mail )
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