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  1. I do like a beer or two, but I do like a bit of local culture/ local stories aswell and where I can say, "in Prague you've gotta go to....??? "
  2. We've booked already... If life is 1/2 way normal, where would you recommend we go then ?
  3. We booked too late and the return flight from Stansted was £96. Still booked it though.
  4. Despite Covid uncertainties, we've already booked our flights from Stansted. Let's hope the UK and Czech Republic have had their share of vaccine by then.
  5. Agreed... Let's SNEEK into the final via the back door 😉😉
  6. I was hoping to avoid the arguments, merely get answers to the questions. The answers to the posts are a microcosm to the effects of Covid in UK/world society.
  7. It's nothing to do with the country visited, but do the fans take the precautions necessary as if they were going out in Leicester on a Friday night....I'm going to Braga and I know I will.
  8. It's called democracy mate, people are entitled to air their opinions either way.
  9. Ukraine.... I wouldn't have thought there would have been too many going there due to the distance, cost and conflict.
  10. Even though we probably won't get a ticket....but I don't want this to turn into a "should we go or not"... due to Covid. If you are going, which airport are you flying from and when are you going and returning ?
  11. What's the weather like there.....also was it true that 30% of home fans can attend the Europa League match ?
  12. That's really interesting....so you don't lose your money totally then !
  13. We are thinking the same, and waiting until 3 or 4 days before the match before booking.
  14. Just checked on Skyscanner and it seems London is the best option if you want to fly out on the Wednesday and come back on the Friday.
  15. Dusting down my caravan again for possible fan filled Europa League away games (Covid permitting)... myself and 3 mates travelled to Bruges away in the CL in the caravan... Great fun.
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