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  1. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    That shot sums up the game
  2. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Lob Maguire up front for the last 20mins at least when we do put the ball in the box we might win a header
  3. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    The Jam

    The butterfly collector quality
  4. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    Cardiff City away

    Just had a quick look on the Wales Rugby site was surprised to see that they start at 14.45 might be fun for everyone on trains on the way home(was told that the rugby started at 5.30)
  5. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    Cardiff City away

    I hope it goes to 200points if it doesn’t due to my welsh postcode I’ll be in with the Cardiff fans
  6. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    Cardiff City away

    Was looking forward to this game Until I heard about the rugby,hotel prices have gone through the roof is their any likelihood the game will be re scheduled to Friday night or Sunday?
  7. Oxford home early nineties Tony James in front of the spion kop(can still see that goal now) hell of a game so much riding on it.Blackburn play off final too this day I can’t stand anything to do with that club was down for weeks afterwards
  8. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    13 hour round journey for this game just hope we put in a performance and win
  9. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Close game 2=1 to us (just got a feeling Andy Carrol going to play and if he does he’ll be to strong for Wes and Harry and that might affect the score)
  10. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    Lcfc v arsenal 9th may

    Another 12hour midweek trek hopefully we’ll get 3points to make it a better journey home
  11. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    City v The Geordies Scoreline Prediction

    2-1 Maguire and Vards
  12. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    Southampton (home)

    No trains back home on a Thursday looks like half a days holiday and an early morning finish
  13. Will be travelling from north wales on Saturday (weather is not good at the mo) if the game is called off when will we know...
  14. Sunny Rhyl Fox

    Stoke (H)..pre match thread.

    3-1 Vardy and Mahrez to score