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  1. May as well stick with iheanacho then. If all we are buying is potential. But "potential" doesn't necessarily move the club forward towards European places IMO. Especially if an ageing vardy gets injured or suffers a loss of form, because that championship striker is then suddenly a starter and we'll all be bemoaning the fact we "only bought squad players".
  2. That's a fairly heavy spend!! Do you think we'll have that much money?? I reckon that's easily £100m of spending to get first team quality additions. How much is a premier league quality striker? £40m? £50m? Tielemans is going to be £30m or £40m I reckon? And a winger in this market to hit the ground running another £30m at least surely?? I'm not sure we have that much in the kitty!
  3. Julian nagelsmann would be an interesting option. Young, up and coming, took an unfashionable team into Europe.... We'd be a step up for him wouldn't we?
  4. Yes, but the OP said "ring the changes before Tuesday". I'm not defending puel, I'm not a puel fan, but I don't think we have that much in the squad that would make a difference.
  5. Who would you have changed in the starting 11?
  6. It's all well and good saying "sack puel", but for who? Who would you bring in? Because we aren't going to get benitez or Rogers right now.... So allardyce? Moyes? Hughes? I agree he has to go, I think we'll get to 40 points. But removing him right now, MAY leave us in a worse position for the remaining 11 games.
  7. I think people give ghazzal so much stick because they compare him to mahrez. The reality is Barnes has a style that is more comparable to mahrez and given time, could be his replacement. Ghazzal looks like a cute little passer of the ball. Neat touches in tight areas, but NOT a traditional English style winger that beats a man. Well played today Barnes. You look a prospect.
  8. Eventually the Premier League will become a broadcaster in it's own right. It's why they recently tried to appoint a CEO with a broadcast background. If they can make that happen, then the revenue from that will far outstrip anything that they get from the current deals. It will become more of a netflix type model, where you can subscribe to a team or a competition for a smaller monthly subscription than sky currently do. It's the future of the premier league and they will then own all of the content as well. Might not be tomorrow, but it will happen.
  9. I'd take Bielsa. About to quit Leeds apparently.
  10. If you can install apk's on your set top boxes livenettv and mobdro work well for me with kodi as a backup.
  11. Well no can accuse him of having favourites!
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