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  1. This was our issue, exchange and completion on same day. But our solicitor also mucked up the HTB paperwork We are going to try to get compensation, we are also planning to go to the legal ombudsman is they don't deal with our complaint. They have been horrific throughout.
  2. Our solicitor cocked up paperwork on Friday and because we didn't complete, the solicitors we were buying from insisted on exchange and completion documents with yesterday's date on. Because we were using HTB, it had to all go back into the system for them to reissue to paperwork.
  3. Managed to get in at 16:45 yesterday. Final removal van turned up at 20:00 and we got unloaded!! It's a new build, so fortunately, site took sympathy with our situation and let us in at 14:00 to start unloading furniture even though we hadn't technically completed (or indeed exchanged) at that point. I have to say, the site were brilliant. On Saturday they made up a box of things from the show home so that we at least had cups, plates and cutlery!! 🤣🤣 It's not an experience of wish to repeat that's for sure!!!
  4. Well because we didn't complete, turns out we now need new paperwork issued. Still haven't sorted it. Removal company have said if it's not done by 14:00 then we will incur more extra cost. Just a hideous situation.
  5. So, the nightmare happened. But worse than JUST not completing Friday, we were told by our solicitors that it was all systems go. Removals came and loaded up and then took all our stuff to the new house. At 17:00 the completion got abandoned and all of our stuff had to go into storage. We've spent the weekend in the same clothes we had on on Friday. No beds to sleep in. No furniture to sit on and had to entertain the kids in a totally empty house all weekend. £1500 of storage & additional removal costs. The worst
  6. In the year we won the league, we had Mahrez and Albrighton. Now, we have Barnes, who is contributing almost as much as Mahrez was that year and we still have Albrighton doing what he does. Do we definitely need a RW option or does Barnes become the Mahrez replacement?? Maybe a club of our size doesn't have the resources to have a worldy option in every position. Maybe we have to find ways to win and compete despite some of the shortcomings of the squad.
  7. so we are due to be completing this Friday.... or at least, us and our buyer are aiming for this date. We still haven't exchanged and our solicitor has gone awol since saying the 19th was doable.... I don't think I can think of a single profession, where such a lack of contact and customer care is the norm more so than conveyancing. We originally engaged our solicitor in September. Still haven't spoken to them on the phone and they reply to an email maybe once every 3 weeks. Calling every day seems to make no difference or get any extra urgency. We are
  8. We can comfortably say that Ricardo is not a left back can't we. Shows just how amazing Justin had been playing on the left and looking so at ease.
  9. Well earlier in this thread, I suggested that Luke Thomas would need a loan to ensure playing time and development.... Looks like he will get plenty of both now.
  10. Well quite, literally the only person I'm seeing is my father in law as he is shielding. Haven't seen either of my own parents since October. More than happy to carry on with that u til this is all over.
  11. obviously there is talk of the Ivanhoe line re-opening at some point (potentially) which help to reconnect the east and west a little..... I'm hoping for some form of HS2 connection in Ashby as well so that I don't have to drive to East Mids Parkway or Birmingham, to get to London.
  12. I will pick 1 please Sir. I will then continue to behave in the same way that I have all along, restricting my contact with people and minimising my outings until such time that I have been vaccinated. At least this way, the morons and anti-vaxxers won't be around to bother me when it's safe for me to resume normal life!
  13. Just as an update for those you who have been so kind to sponsor, he's going strong and passed the 40 mile mark!! I've had some bloody cold 4 mile walks with him this week that's for sure!!!
  14. Ultimately, I think you have to have a youth system that Mimics the style and efforts of the first team. It's how we build an identity as a club. It makes it too hard to progress from youth ranks to senior team if they then have to learn a new style and system of play. If the coaches can't teach that, then it's rank and file change that's required.
  15. I decided to go Vegan last year as a result of SOME of this. Ultimately, there is a much lower Carbon footprint on not eating meat. As an extension of this, when last year there were masses of issues around food shortages and panic buying, I decided that I'm going to grow fruit and veg at home. We are moving on the 19th Feb and I've got plans for a large veg garden in the new house. I would love to get Solar Panels, but the cost isn't offset by the energy you save (or at least, as far as I can tell) but instead i've decided to sign up to an electricity supplier that
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