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  1. There is a substitute depth chart???
  2. Got any hard games?????.
  3. No one is going to leave a permanent role for 3 months employment. They will have to build the team once the permanent appointment is made. Until then......Keep it as it is.
  4. So why not appointment Rowett now? Why do have to wait and see if someone who has spent his entire career as a number 2 can keep us up? That some people are willing to take that gamble is beyond me.
  5. Shakey isn't the answer. Just look at what happened with John Carver. A "caretaker" doesn't keep us up.
  6. Move heaven and earth to get eddie Howe.
  7. Maybe try a 4-4-2 with okazaki and slimani then. Okazaki as the workhorse, slimani to get goals from crosses. But just don't continue to look for a long ball in behind when the defence sits deep. With vardy in the team that's the temptation as it worked last year to great effect. This year. It doesn't.
  8. We've been found out. It's quite simple. We relied last year on space behind the defence for vardy to run into. He's brilliant at that. But he's woeful against a defence that sits deep. He's impotent. Any manager worth their salary should see this and at least attempt to change the tactics. We aren't. And if we don't. We're relegated.
  9. Kante broke play down 15 yards further up the pitch, at a point where opposition full backs and midfielders were pouring forward. It meant we hurt teams more. This season, we break up play on the edge of our own area, play a long ball to the half way line where we get swamped by defenders. We dont hit hit the channels easily because of this, mahrez is trying to beat players from the half way line rather than the 18 yard box. a SIGNIFICANT amount of our performance this year is because we lost kante.
  10. Yes mate.
  11. If you don't mind paying £4 a month, mcktv is fantastic. Dedicated sports, but also all the sky channels (including cinema and Atlantic) plus all the free view channels. It's a great add-on. That being said the oxyGEN H20 build is also fantastic.
  12. 4-2-3-1. Mendy and amartey holding?? King mahrez and okazaki more advanced?
  13. It's pretty simple isn't it? We are playing to a formula that worked last year. Sit back. Hit teams on the break. The difference is that our central midfield aren't close to comparing to last year. Kante often broke down play 15 yards further up the pitch, with the opposition pouring forward. This year, we have too far to travel to hit the red accurately on the break and the central defenders still sit deep. There isn't a better striker in Europe than vardy on running into spacebehind. But there isn't a worse striker in the premier league if we try to play slow build up. We are "trying" to hit him quickly, but without him having space to run into or a creative central midfield. It won't work. Wiltshire is a classy midfielder. We aren't close enough to him (he is finding clever space) and therefore we are pulled out of position all over the pitch. Not easy to fix. Not when we are so reliant on vardy for goals. But hey, it's Leicester. It's never a smooth ride!
  14. The team that won at the weekend? Giving a strong message of rewarding success.
  15. I wish she'd told me. I had £20 on man city to win!