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  1. @Gerard is going to be really upset. Brooks price has just doubled then! Posted 3 hours ago Yes because they're a higher level club than us. If you put a player on the market then the sort of clubs who show an interest tells you how the market rates them. Brooks could be exactly the same level as Grealish but because Brooks attracts mid table clubs and Grealish attracts the elite clubs then the value is different. I'm not saying Brooks is as good as Grealish but just making a point.
  2. you may well be right, it makes logical sense. but what if it was Tottenham, Arsenal and us? Both finished below us in the league.... but would we expect the price to go up because they are "bigger" clubs?
  3. do we really think we'd get him for £25m??......... if he was a Leicester player we would be saying "needs to be at least £50m.".......
  4. I was having that chat yesterday with my father in law. Chilwells main asset is pushing the team up the pitch, however, his end product isn't great and he often ends up checking back inside and passing backwards. I do think Thomas is better positionally than Chilwell AND has a better end product. BUT he doesn't travel with the ball anywhere near as well. I have a feeling, long term, Thomas will be the better player in a team like ours. Right now, Chilwell is the better option for what we need.
  5. Lots of us share his birthday. We are happy with that.
  6. It's my birthday Sunday too!!!! I'm tops birthday twin 😂😂😂
  7. We've got a Volvo XC40 which is a tidy piece of kit. Plenty of space, comfortable and feels premium.
  8. Greg2607


    Yeah my wife is his only living relative so we have that bit covered. It's one of the reasons we are doing it. He lives an hour away and covid has highlighted how impractical it would be if he needed closer care and support. Especially as we both work in Stratford Upon Avon but live in Ibstock.
  9. Greg2607


    I've got the same dilemma, we could stay here and pay our mortgage off within 8 years. Or move to a house with a £360000 mortgage and carry on paying for the next 25 years, on a mortgage that's £1000 more a month. We are moving my father in law in with us though due to ill health and just can't do it in our current home. Buying a house with enough space to be able to create an annex is not cheap!! 😂😂😂 I can kiss goodbye to my plans for amazing holidays for the foreseeable future!
  10. In fairness, Harry Kane was shit when he was here.
  11. Greg2607


    Ibstocks ok. We are are right on the edge of Heather and about a 5 minute walk from Sence Valley. Loads of woodland, two pubs also about a five minute walk in Heather. I appreciate it's not bosworth, but then, nor is the price. Market seems quiet, but then it's also July fortnight...m
  12. Greg2607


    It's technically also taller than my wife! lol. ironically she wanted to go for a bigger TV when we were in Currys. I decided against it and SOOOOO glad we didn't get the 75 inch version! it would of covered nearly the whole wall!
  13. Greg2607


    if anyone wants to buy my house..... please feel free!! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-71782071.html
  14. my first ever game as a Leicester fan was the Blackburn Play Off Final. My dad then used to take me once of twice a year to Filbert Street as a young lad. It took 14 years for me to see us win in a live game of football! This always sits in my psyche. I expect us to cock it all up somehow. So, actually, I'm happy with 5th. I've been saying since Christmas that Champions League would be a dream scenario and looking at our run-in, I didn't feel confident. It's great to be in Europe. It continues our journey. Of course, we all wanted Top 4. but we simply don't have a Top 4 squad. We possibly have a Top 4 starting 11. When everyone is on song. So be happy with the progress. Look forward to some European away nights. make the King Power rock when teams come to play us. It's never easy being a Leicester fan and I for one, wouldn't change it for the world.
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