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  1. No one who is 24 years old is called Barbara.
  2. On only three occasions have players scored hat-tricks against a pep guardiola side. Jamie vardy has two of them. The other. Lionel Messi.
  3. i've just bought an Xbox Series X, so I'm particuarly happy that it's coming back to console. Ironically, I still have an Xbox 360 and do have the FM game on that. I still play it. I'm about to lose many hours of my life when this releases!
  4. It's an "easy" solution for me. University should be free for everyone IF you meet the required academic grades.... my step brother went to Uni having achieved one Grade D in his A levels, funnily enough, failed his first year, went back again the 2nd year, to do his 1st year again and failed again. So he left Uni without a degree and £20k of debt. I went to Uni, having got 1 A and 2B's at A level. If we stopped people going who just didn't get the level of grades required, rather then giving paid access to people who ultimately, shouldn't be going in th
  5. That's the great thing about Xbox game pass. £120 a year for hundreds of titles.
  6. Bought the X for me, which I'll plug into my 4k TV that's in the Kitchen. The S will be a Xmas present for my 11 year old son, who only has a 1080p TV, so that will hook up in his bedroom. I also got 3 years of gamepass ultimate using the Xbox live trick, so 3 years of Games Pass Ultimate, plus both consoles, cost me £700...... Which is the exact same amount as two years of all access for the series x.
  7. Got myself a series X and a series S this morning. Currys for the X, then Tesco for the S.
  8. So who is getting a series X or series S then,???
  9. Sounds like it's time for a healthy debate then 🤣🤣🤣
  10. I'm getting an Xbox Series X for me and a Series S for my Son.
  11. for some reason my wife loves that series too.
  12. with the kids going back, I think we will continue to see a spike. My son came home from school with a cold, I know have it, but have been up since 02:30 this morning, with a temperature, a dry cough and feeling drained as hell..... is it Covid?? - No idea (i'll have to get tested) but it's forcing me to get a test...
  13. one of my all time favourite books is a short history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson for exactly this reason. It makes things like Quarks and Higg-Bosons really accessible and simple to understand! It's one of those books i've read so many times, I've had to buy a new copy as the old one fell apart!
  14. It's exactly why we listed with purple bricks. We had a nightmare trying to book viewings and wouldn't anyone wanting to view ours to have the same experience. It's picked up for us this week though. We had no viewings for a couple of weeks and then 3 people booked viewings within about 4 hours. I guess with kids back to school it may busy up a little. That being said, the houses we are looking to buy have been selling like hot cakes. We've had 3 houses in the last week all have multiple offers over asking price. Feels crazy!
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