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  1. How many injuries do we have to cope with ?
  2. Come on people, we won the FA Cup and have European football guaranteed, let's not call any of the players out.
  3. Sorry BR but you picked the wrong team, Kel should have started ahead of Perez.
  4. Perez and Maddison off, Kel and Praet ON please.
  5. Whatever the result tonight and against Spuds, I really hope that no one starts knocking any of the players or BR if we end up outside the top four. Disappointed of course, but an FA cup win and European football guaranteed, how is that not a successful season ?
  6. How much did Chelski spend on their front line this summer, all extinguished by our 3 CB's including Little Wes, what a DIAMOND.
  7. Sums up what the club is all about, BRILLIANT today, well done.
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