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  1. Brilliant effort from the lads today, get in Leicester, get down to the Championship Burnley.
  2. Looking forward to Dyche's comments post match, couldn't be sweeter.
  3. After Wolves and Watford away, please not Burnley as well.
  4. Certainly need to look sharper at the back, otherwise we'll pay for it.
  5. Brendan needs to have a word, we need to cut out the mistakes at the back AND keep the ball better. Fancy we will get another goal, but need to concentrate or they will nick this.
  6. What a strike by Madders, that's more like his quality.
  7. Olivier Giroud scoring for fun tonight, class act and a proven Premier League striker.
  8. Barnes reminds me of Raheem at Liverpool when Brendan was manager. Brilliant approach work, but finishing not yet sorted. It WILL come to the kid for sure.
  9. Wow, actually leading at half-time, that's a novelty in 2019.
  10. 1st game on MOTD tonight, I guarantee he will be talked about, the lad is going to be something special long-term.
  11. The new, improved,.......... N'Golo Kante.
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