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  1. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    IF, and it's a very big IF, there is any substance to the story, there are plenty of strikers worth a punt with a £50 million wad. Players proven in England or with Premier League experience :- Che Adams, Tammy Abraham, Odion Ighalo, Olivier Giroud, Mousa Dembele just off the top of my head would be within budget. From abroad,Sebastian Heller would be my first choice Do I want it ? No, but at some point in the next 18-24 months we will need a replacement.
  2. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Who do you want January 2019

    Reported today that Mousa Dembele is considering a move to a Chinese club. The fee is thought to be £11 million. Worth a punt ?
  3. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Season over!

    I think some people need a reality check. Honestly, does anyone think our current squad has a chance to finish above Liverpool, Man City, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd ?? We broke the mould and did something magical when we won the Premier League, but that did not guarantee that we would be doing it on a regular basis. Those clubs are so far ahead of us in the way that they are structured and financed and will always be able to attract and hoover up the best talent of any age from all over the world. Wish we hadn't lost today, wished we had better penalty takers, but still glad to BE IN the Premier league, and to be 7th. Get rid of those who today showed they are past their best and keep investing in young players.
  4. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Bored…. I’m chairman of the bored

    Today reminds me that little clubs can always dream and do the impossible, like winning the Premier League against the so-called big 6 (cheque book) clubs. Bad day on the pitch for us but a massive result for Newport. Hope they get a home draw in round 4.
  5. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Have we been linked with any strikers?

    Jack Marriott at 24 reminds me of Vardy, scored goals at every level so far.
  6. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Helicopter crash

    Being just a supporter and only on the fringe of this sad event, my thoughts are with those at the centre of this tragedy, the families of all those affected. Not much more you can say, the Chairman will always be a LEICESTER LEGEND and forever live in our hearts. Peace and love to all grieving today.
  7. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Victor Moses out of favour at Chelsea, worth a punt.
  8. FantasticMrFox&Son


    Get this straight. Tomorrow......we are BUYING, we are not SELLING. Get some rest and have a good night before we go to Old Trafford. Enjoy the coming season, should be better than the last!!
  9. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh - Brighton

    BRY -TON.
  10. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    And entitled to do so. He was SH*TE the last 2 games, but the Spurs love affair has to continue. No effort, no commitment, no closing down, NOT A ****ING CLUE.
  11. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    That's what Raheem contributes. Loads of pace but not a ****ing ounce of a football brain. He's footballs Forrest Gump running with the flailing arms of a T.Rex. RUN RAHEEM RUN.
  12. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    The "love-in" with Spurs has to end. Kane and Alli totally anonymous tonight. Proud of what the squad achieved, BUT........ we should be playing on Sunday NOT Saturday.
  13. FantasticMrFox&Son

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    THIS..Kasper is a great shot stopper, penalty saver but is SH*TE at dealing with crosses or corners..If you're not sure check the FA cup game against Chelsea.
  14. FantasticMrFox&Son

    The First transfer IN. Who and when?

    And I see that YOU don't.
  15. FantasticMrFox&Son

    The First transfer IN. Who and when?