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  1. Two feisty forwards in the SAME TEAM, it would be brilliant !! Might pick up a few yellows between them though
  2. Nah, they'd be too busy putting the ball in the opposition's net. Penalties might be interesting though.
  3. Play him and Vards together up front, now that would be disruptive !!
  4. On the basis that Everton and West Ham are linked, how about....................................Diego Costa !!
  5. Jarrod Bowen, yes please but I'm a greedy son of a b*tch
  6. Sky Sports reporting based on fan forums, love it !!
  7. Bloo*y H*ll, the Sun, must be true then. Just another flash on page 3 ??
  8. Another club (Newcastle) that feels toxic right now. We are truly BLESSED with our owners.
  9. So much for Sky Sports being ITK. Not a murmur from the so-called "experts".
  10. Memphis Depay might be looking for a move, would you take him if he WAS available ??
  11. Just paper talk, nothing else. Why would we sell Madderz to Arsenal for £60 million (BBC gossip) when Spuds are willing (Sky Sports) to pay £72 million. Can't see either of those "claims" to have any basis in fact.
  12. So True, decisions from ref's and officials this season have been hard to comprehend. Utter sh*te.
  13. This, would be a perfect addition
  14. Brilliant effort from the lads today, get in Leicester, get down to the Championship Burnley.
  15. Looking forward to Dyche's comments post match, couldn't be sweeter.
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