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  1. Come Home Nigel

    The NFP question summarises the debate re the next manager for me. Into the future with a new broom and new ideas? Accept we are going to try and play a brand of football that the others are better at. Many others. Or accept we are a square peg in a round hole and stick to doing it differently. Differently in a way that two years ago nobody could handle. It’s why seeing Ancelotti and Dyche linked doesn’t surprise me. It reflects the dilemma. The next call re manager is a defining one for me, in terms of our whole philosophy. I’m completely torn.
  2. Next City Manager?

    The Express reckon we are chasing Dyche with a £2m pa salary. He could be forgiven for being unsure if that was his salary or his transfer pot! But there isn’t a better appointment we could make, imho.
  3. Carlo Ancelotti

    Carlo Ancelotti ? That's an unusual way to spell Alan Pardew !!
  4. The dead cat bounce

    Jeez! Now you're telling me managers bounce! I can't keep up. This is insane.
  5. The dead cat bounce

    Is this an urban myth? Does anyone know for certain if a dead cat does actually bounce? And from what height does it have to be dropped to see that phenomenon? Personally, I think 14 points from sixteen games suggests more of an arthritic cat than a dead one.
  6. My local under 5's aren't as bad as this forum makes us sound when the haters start bleating after any game we fail to win 12-0.
  7. The Iborra Thread

    Dress it down with whatever coarse words you want, he was okay and had some influence. Gets the nod ahead of King from me.
  8. The Iborra Thread

    He was always available. Used the ball wisely in the main. Provides a presence in both boxes and looks like he'll get better and grow into the team / league. That was a perfectly okay performance.
  9. West Brom Post Match

    No. But you seem to see the world in terms of clack or white. There are some shades in between. We were losing at home against one of the most organised teams in the league and playing little more than average. But we got a point. That's okay. Which is what I said. Not good. Not catastrophic. It's okay.
  10. West Brom Post Match

    You still haven't explained why. Just said the same thing again ?
  11. West Brom Post Match

    Disagree. Strongly. It enjoy your evening.
  12. West Brom Post Match

    Somhiw does that make or a bad point? Even using your own arguments, that's a good point. I only said it was an okay point. Listening to you, it was even better!
  13. West Brom Post Match

    Yes. Did you? That's a rubbish answer if so.
  14. West Brom Post Match

    How so?
  15. West Brom Post Match

    An okay point. The bed-wetters on here are doing what bed-wetters do, but that's what we have. Nacho looked lost was my biggest concern. We look low on confidence but still should have beaten a team that will comfortably be mid-table. The confidence will return. Soon hopefully.