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  1. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    After 47 years of following this club, I look at that score and the best I can manage is “at least we proabably won’t lose”!!!
  2. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Mine is shocking - enlarged prostate does that to you, apparently.
  3. If we lose Mahrez in Jan...

    If we ever sign a “creative” player called Malcolm, I’m done with this club, I tell you. Done !
  4. Fuchs vs Chilwell

    Pretty much this. I have doubts about him as a defender, but I think we’ve reached the point of no return now. Only way to find out if he can grow into what we need is to play him.
  5. Chris Wood Return

    At my age, any Wood is to be celebrated not castigated 😐
  6. Hatem Ben Arfa under Claude Puel

    The most one-footed player ever? Admittedly, it is one hell of a foot !!
  7. Tottenham Hotspur (H) Match Thread

    Interesting sub !!!!!!!!!
  8. Congratulations to Fuchs!

    Feckin’ plastic players now !!!!!!
  9. Tottenham (H) pre-match

    Spot on, for me. Lets face it, from the perspective of most fans I know, if you aren’t one of the big 6, you would like to be! Media darlings. Top drawer signings. Massive profile. Challenging for titles and cups. Regular European football. Never fearing possible relegation. Who wouldn’t want that? To the best of my knowledge, even our own DoF was given a watching brief on Tottenham when we were promoted! And for one glorious period every middle sized club in the land had new hope following out title win. That is, until most of the big six came back and spent obscene amounts of money to ensure it never happens again. 😂😂. Apart from Arsenal - they just seem to have forgotten thei PIN !!! It was wonderful whilst it lasted, for the masses.
  10. Shakey going to Everton ?

    Has a caretaker manager ever been sacked ??????
  11. West Ham post match 1-1

    Left back is an issue for January. Fuchs looks like he’s nearing the end. Chilwell is nowhere near the necessary standard as a defender. We need to buy.
  12. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Yes. It would be easy for loneliness to set in whilst his partner is in the jungle.
  13. Smelly supporters

    Dear Jim, I have had the misfortune to have acquired a season ticket for SK1 this season and wish to bring an unfortunate matter to your attention. I recently read that ‘the ladies’ are attracted to the smell of a man’s natural pheromones. Consequently, I have recently stopped my usual, immaculate bathing routines. Unfortunately, the two ladies that sit either side of me in SK1 seem be impervious to my delicate aroma. I do realise this is beyond your remit. However, I am growing increasingly concerned by the gentleman that sits directly behind me. He seems fixated with me and I’m conscious he is always looking at me and trying to make contact. Please can you help, as I fear my pheromones experiment may have had unwanted consequences. Your assitance is welcomed. Bw, Mr D O’Dorant
  14. Another 100 pages of total bull and tedium heading our way 😞
  15. Claudio offered the job?

    Maybe he misunderstood and they actually offered him the Belgian gig??