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  1. Is Zovirax a city? A team? A country? I mean, I’ve literally never heard of it. How the feck can anyone get excited about this when, barring an insane collective set of decisions at Bournemouth, it should have been Juve. 😞
  2. If Under doesn’t start here then we should probably return him as faulty goods under the consumer act.
  3. The Nacho cannot playeth as a singular forward pawn - Shakespeare. (Bill, not Craig)
  4. Sort of agree. Sort of disagree. We won a title by not playing that way. But we also stuffed Saints, and everyone else this time last year, by playing that way. For me, it revolves around personnel. If Vardy, Ricky and Madders are fit, we have the pace and talent to make a possession game work. But, also without our enforcer, (N’Didi), we struggle to impose a potent version of that game. Instead we pay lip service by playing a passing game with no cutting edge. Playing a lone striker role is extremely difficult. In Vardy, we have a brilliant exponent of that role. There aren’t many in the PL t
  5. To be fair, our brand of football is a bit like that as there are so many fvcking passes across our own box 🤣
  6. Last time I was in the states, a couple of years ago, every bar we went into had the baseball on the TVs in the background. Nobody seemed to be paying any real attention to it, other than keeping half an eye on the score. Football currently feels like that to me. It’s there. In the background. Like an app on my phone. I momentarily engage with it here and there, but by and large it’s background noise. Have never felt so disenfranchised from the game in 50 years. Current performances, (last 10 months), really don’t help. A team that seems to be serving up background football in empty
  7. Someone come and hide my remote. We are going to be pants, lose - and I’m just going to swear for the rest of the evening 😞😞
  8. £14.95. Fofana’s debut. £14.95. Fofana’s debut. £14.95. Fofana’s debut. £14.95. Fofana’s debut. £14.95. Fofana’s debut......... 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
  9. Can’t help thinking Evans and Praet wouldn’t have started if we weren’t in such dire straits re fitness. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back to bite us ten minutes in!
  10. Post a photo - that will probably drive up interest and hopefully monies, too. Good luck.
  11. Scandalous. Sky and BT take approximately £120 off me every month - yet still find a way to try and get more. Jesus - I could buy Matty James for that kind of outlay !!!!
  12. I’m sure being slotted in next to an Irishman and a Turk will help his English enormously.
  13. Great that TC gets game time on the left.
  14. It fits my lifestyle to follow the club as I’m a BDSM addict.
  15. Probably already been posted, but this is a good read. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/10/premier-league-may-not-need-the-pyramid-but-england-and-southgate-surely-do?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
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