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  1. Ah! The new dinosaur/cheese thread. Excellent. 😊
  2. Feck me! What’s the hate all about? He’s almost exactly the same age as Barnes. Probably similar impact. Maybe slightly ahead. Everyone jizzing themselves about what BR can do with Barnes - but want to sell Gray! FFS Imagine where he can be next season? Devil you know, for me.
  3. This. I thought he was starting to look a little lost against Newcastle and I think he can benefit from watching for a while and regaining some appetite.
  4. Totally get your point. From a personal perspective, the only ‘celebrating’ is due to having actually survived it ! 🤣
  5. Totally agree. I’d much prefer Gray in my team, based on the few times I’ve seen H-O.
  6. I can remember going to Upton Park to see a 3-1 defeat in the early 80’s. It was a grim place to go. You got to the away fans’ entrance and went ‘phew’ as you got off the streets. Unfortunately, as soon as you went in, you realised there was no segregation and all you’d done was identify yourself as an away fan! Spent thirty seconds watching the game and 90 minutes watching my back, as fights erupted everywhere. Still the only ground where I took one in the face. My reflexes improved significantly after that day !
  7. Hudson-Odoi’s body language has been almost as diabolical as his skill execution.
  8. Because he can’t get in the team??? 😞
  9. Was Mancini a loan ???
  10. So if City offered a straight swap for Chillers, would you take it ???
  11. I’d love to know what genuinely goes through the head of Mahrez as he sits on a bench and watches football that he used to play. No bitterness. Just curiosity.
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