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  1. Anyone know what kind of preseason he’s had? Thought he looked a tad heavy-legged ?
  2. Assuming that Chillers is still injured - Kasper Ricardo. Evans Chags Fuchs Albrighton . Tielemans Wilf Barnes Madders Vardy I know BR has moved away from this, but against a really hard-working and passionate side, I think both wide players would complement their full-backs perfectly. Some fresh legs, too, before benefits of pre-season wear off.
  3. We’ve gone to the home of the Europa League champions. A team who lost only one home game last season. And apart from the first 30 minutes, we were the better team and probably should have won. Great team effort. Fabulous noise from the supporters at the ground. Some seriously embarrassing comments in the match thread, though. As per. Ninety minutes in a game - not ten. 38 games in the league. Not two.
  4. I got bored after collating these. All that after ten minutes at the Bridge. Seriously. Match day threads are feckin’ hard work.
  5. One of my favourite ever LCFC celebrations. Epic.
  6. Not sure. I was at the ground and Heskey basically won the game for us by annihilating their full-back. One of the most impactful debuts ever, for us??
  7. I remember him coming in at home to Norwich as a second half sub, in what may well have been his debut, and literally terrorising them as he turned the game on its head. I’m not certain, but that may have been the day we appointed O’Neill, too??
  8. We might slip lower, but the ignominy of being described as “just west of Port Talbot”? Please don’t let that befall us 😯
  9. The wonderful thing about having all these young, talented players is that they are going to grow into something special. We as fans just need to accept that they haven’t done that growing yet and will be inconsistent.
  10. It’s still plays, very loudly, in my car pre-match 👍👍
  11. What a fabulous way to enjoy my coffee and toast. Thanks. So many amazing memories. Absolutely buzzing for today, now.
  12. Feels like it’s been forever arriving, but it’s finally here. The opening game. Magical, always. Good luck to the boys. Good luck to all of us, too. Another roller-coaster season undoubtedly awaits. Highs. Lows. Purple patches. Crap patches. Let’s all enjoy every moment of it, though. Who knows how many more any of us have left? 🤷‍♂️ Here’s to winning more than we lose and hopefully finishing higher than last season. 😊
  13. Pr-art according to Dorsett ... who claims to have actually asked the question re pronunciation.
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