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  1. TrentFox


    Is elite sport following the Covid rules that would apply to you and I? How are teams travelling for the euros?
  2. We all do it. I jump around like a mad thing in the transfer threads - never really have a clue which one I’m in ….. and the comments in there certainly don’t make it obvious! 😂
  3. Zambia has. Does that count?
  4. TrentFox


    Selling a player that isn’t starting is rarely that straightforward, unfortunately.
  5. TrentFox


    Tonight might not be the best time to float that kind of optimism. 😞
  6. Garbage from England. Being managed by a man with the tactical nouse of a cabbage doesn’t help. A wilted cabbage at that…… and one that has been attacked by feckin’ slugs.
  7. Why is the team sheet out early? It’s still normally published one hour before kick-off, even in internationals isn’t it?
  8. Still struggle to get my head around the fact that sought-after players and silverware are all coming to Leicester City, these days 😊. If I’m honest, when the opening league fixtures were announced the other day, part of me still expected us to get Cheltenham Town 🤷
  9. And with a blooming huge golden hello, too.
  10. Wow! I now feel I know him better than most of my family! 😂
  11. I’m trying to find a space between the overly-euphoric and the haters ….. and based on the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play. Just a couple of highlights reels. My impressions are ….. he’s brave, tenacious, courageous. Keen to shoot. Two-footed and his movement looks good. My one reservation would be he doesn’t look that quick? Overall, signing any striker is always fabulously exciting and, given the comments form those that claim to have deeper knowledge of him, this is no exception.
  12. Mentioning anyone’s name during intercourse is a rookie error - you’ll never get a 100% match for the name you utter and the person you’re with.
  13. Took a whack in last ten seconds and didn’t get up 😳
  14. Maybe we’ll go back to having the Chelsea Daka as our goal music?
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