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  1. I remember that commentator’s voice so clearly. Was it Star Soccer on Sunday afternoons?? Damned if I can place his name though! Anyone ??
  2. How fake and false does your world have to be for this to even be a part of it? Having a ‘friend’ that you suspected was capable of such behaviour? Beggars belief. But I guess after all the excuses she’s made for her partner so that she can stay in that world, then you probably end up trusting absolutely nobody. Desperately sad story.
  3. It’s a shame she didn’t put those amazing spidy senses to work checking what her necrophiliac partner was up to!
  4. Agreed re today. But, without wishing to sound to salty, I’d like to have seen more of that determination and commitment ahead of a brief cameo in game 8. Most of which he’s been heavily involved in 🤷‍♂️
  5. Shame he hasn’t shown some of that passion, before the final whistle, in his appearances so far.
  6. Anybody else got a Liverpool supporting partner?? Patio o’clock? 😐
  7. Wish him nothing but success. Good luck to him.
  8. Johnstone’s Paint???
  9. Absolutely immense today. Doesn’t matter how the oppo play - it’s about how you play ..... and he was awesome.
  10. Kasper JJ Benko Morgan Fuchs Hamza Albrighton Praet Barnes Gray Nacho
  11. I did a fist-pump when we beat “everyone” to Trevor Benjamin!! 🤷‍♂️
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