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  1. Just when you think life can’t get much worse, along comes this thread .......
  2. TrentFox

    Corona Virus

    It could just be that they don’t like you? 🤣. Like people who’ve bought face-masks for their relatives - not out of concern, but just because they are fed up staring at them!
  3. There’s real joined-up thinking there. If the season doesn’t recommence until May / June, players can, in effect, take an extended break now. The end of this season and the start of the next one can almost be seamless. No need for pre-season friendlies should also enable more time to be clawed back, perhaps. Given the lack of Euros and no league cup, the work load can then be staggered to have everyone realigned inside 14 months.
  4. He’s becoming the new Sam Allardyce for the 21st century.
  5. Does this mean TalkSport will be taken off air? 😊😊😊
  6. One of my best buddies is a mad keen Leeds fan. He’s only just started communicating again after the play-offs last year. If they are now denied promotion via CV19, I will quite possibly implode with laughter.
  7. If games have to be played in empty stadiums. Coventry players are going to have such an unfair advantage.
  8. Wilf was imperious. Reminded me of Yaya in his prime. Praet has his best game since joining. Evans was a rock. Albrighton’s effort was a joy to watch. Clean sheet. Confidence flowing. A good night.
  9. To be fair, that’s pretty much any England game.
  10. All this talk that the end of the world is nigh - have I slipped into a match day thread by mistake?
  11. The first English team to win silverware in this millennium 😊
  12. TBF, If we take 12 points from the next 11 games we will quite probably be playing CL football next season, regardless.
  13. Feck the team selection or formation. Just hang our principles out to dry, pay the going rate to the bloke at Stockley Park and be done with it 👍
  14. I’m advocating the Luddite approach. It’s simple. The ref makes a decision. It stands. No VAR. No pundits analysing. No replays. Ever. It happened. It was given. We all live with it. 👍
  15. In my head, I swear that during the Pleat era we ran out to the theme tune from the Benny Hill show.
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