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  1. So does that mean he’s here until the summer, still??
  2. Has Ego From Enderby told Everton the team yet?
  3. That would be asking a lot of Ricky, so early into his comeback. 😳
  4. That would cost us an absolute fortune in transfer fees.
  5. In: Eriksen @£300k per week Out: Vardy, Schmeichel, Evans, Madders, Ricky, Soy and Wilf in collective hissy-fit
  6. No. It’s true that there is no fixture. Apparently we have withdrawn as, without Vards, there is no point in the club continuing. Thenxlub has been dissolved. The ground has been sold to a housing developer and the training ground is to be turned into a golf course.
  7. Yes. Use him as a makeweight in a deal for ......../
  8. I thought that, too. Would be interesting to see. Part of me is loathe to see us mess around with a winning formula. But part of me would be curious about that. Would allow Under his chance, too, without dropping Albrighton.
  9. I’m not sure it would be like that. That implies us over 50’s would be watching the game. More likely, we’d be in the toilet ensuring we wash our hands thoroughly and tutting at those that don’t.
  10. So many games coming. We need a fit squad. But that means squad members have to play, periodically. This is as good an opp as we’ll get anytime soon. Therefore - Schmeichel Ricardo Amartey Soyuncu Thomas Mendy Ünder Choudhury Perez Barnes Iheanacho would like to have rested Barnes, too, but couldn’t think of another alternative?
  11. Ah! Missed that part of the thread! 😂
  12. Some crackers, too. MacDonald, Mauchlen, Macallister, Wilson ..... and wasn’t Bobby Smith from Scotland????
  13. Nothing to watch on TV so rewatching the game. Just noticed Hudson-Odoi was playing! Wow! Was he there last night, too???
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