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  1. "sit down, if you love Leicester; sit down, if you love Leicester..........."
  2. That started quite promisingly and then went a bit shit. Maybe it was the perfect parody of the player himself? In which case, well done sir 👍
  3. Are we trying to test the hypotheses that if you change a player's shirt colour, they won't get relegated???
  4. The prosecution rests.
  5. Without hitting google, how many assistant managers in the PL can you name?
  6. Agree that the potential newcomer, at his age and still in lower leagues, has it all to do. But I'd never even heard of him until two hours ago, let alone seen him. Time will tell. But I do think we are weak at full-back in both sides and with each additional CB we are linked to, I wonder why we let Jeff go as 3-5-2 looks increasingly plausible.
  7. Sorry to contradict, but I really think we do. Fuchs is getting old and I am far from convinced by Chilwell's defensive/ physical attributes. I have a feeling he won't make it with us if we stay at the level we are at / aspire to.
  8. You make a great point, for me. Powell has a fabulous reputation as a top bloke and a really good presence on the training ground. That's excellent. But I don't think I've seen any credible references to his actual coaching abilities. Maybe CS personality is enough and we should be adding real quality to the actual coaching. That might be CP, I just haven't seen much written about that side of him.
  9. A lot of work is done in academies to establish the best position for a player. Usually handed over to the psychology department. It's often determined as much by their visual/ perception/ tracking abilities as by their preferred foot.
  10. Imho, theres about as much chance of Appleton managing the club as David Walliams. It took Shakey God knows how many years of top involvement AND a successful period as caretaker - and even then it didn't seem to be straightforward - before he was given a shot at it! MA willl be an excellent No.2 if he comes. Enjoy that. Almost certainly, that's all it will ever be.
  11. If Brighton pay us £18m for Musa, they'll immediately become my second favourite team of all time.
  12. Almost scared to let myself get excited by this - the disappointment would be shattering if we didn't land him. As good a signing as we could realistically hope for.
  13. So does that mean that if he ever gets to having a medical we can officially say Muriel's Weighed In 😊😊
  14. 😂 I'm sure she was lovely, dear Granny Moo.
  15. What's your new gran called?