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  1. Did Brendan ever play much with three CBs at Celtic?
  2. “Stupid”? 🤣🤣 Well, that’s me told. I’ll be sure to be more considered moving forward. 👍. Your point about inspiration is a valid one. Players will look for anything to act as a trigger to inspire them to play better. Vardy’s run is an example of that. But ultimately, they won’t care if they only win with own goals all season - as long as they win. Ending the year with a place in a cup semi, and within genuine touching distance of a title chance will likely inspire them more than JV’s streak continuing or not. I am confident our team morale is not that fragile.
  3. Heresy alert. I’d be massively tempted to bench Vardy for this game. Ian to start up top. Vardy 9/9 would be great, but I’d far sooner he was fresh and at peak for two massive games over Christmas. That’s more important than his personal milestone. I think we have enough to beat Norwich without him.
  4. Very competent performance indeed. Freshened up the line-up. Solid three points. Could have had many more with better composure on final ball. Have to say, that was the most weak, disengaged, incompetent refereeing display I’ve seen in PL for a long while. Oliver was truly abysmal.
  5. Funny how we all see it so differently, isn’t it? I thought he looked mature, dominant, sprayed the ball around well and his passing seemed sharper. He’s always competitive, too. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Looking at the voting, I suspect not everyone agrees, but I thought Hamza was fabulous in his brief time on the pitch.
  7. Way back when I first left Uni I did some teaching - and taught Hayden Mullins for a couple of years. Toughest part of Reading imaginable - but the loveliest young man / sister / family you could ever wish to meet. Respectful, polite, focussed, smart and such an athlete even back then. After tonight, I hope he turns them around. He’s worked his nuts off to make a career as a pro. Good luck to him.
  8. Wigan? 🤷‍♂️ Although, I would change a couple of personnel tonight within our existing system. We are about to run the same eleven into the ground during December. Let’s be as brave as we dare be around optimising player ‘freshness’ ahead of two massive games at the end of the month. Although, unless we win all of these ones against mid-lower table teams, the Liverpool and Citizens games won’t be that massive after all.
  9. And that, boys and girls, is why we are all addicted to this ridiculous game like a bunch of saddo crack whores.
  10. Absolute pants ref. Pants atmosphere. Pants performance. Pants score line . Basically, pants.
  11. Everton forum seems to think they are playing 5 at the back today 🤷‍♂️ Could be a battle of attrition and patience, if so. Surely, at some point, a squad like that has to put in one decent performance? Let’s just hope it’s next week!!!
  12. Maybe, don’t read it? Just a thought.
  13. Wait until you sign an Algerian!!!! 😐
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