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  1. Absolutely the right call - by whoever made it.
  2. Let me know if we’ve reached “hanging’s too good for them” territory, yet.
  3. Go to the Cotswolds and join the Chipping Norton set - they’ve partied non-stop throughout the pandemic. They just factor the fines into the cost of the canapés 👍
  4. Might regret typing this in a couple of hours, but I’m feeling more optimistic after the alleged moronic escapades of the brain-dead trio. Just have a feeling the squad will be absolutely livid and that it might well be the catalyst for a genuinely swashbuckling performance. 🤞
  5. This. I thought they totally out-thought us. Made us look incredibly ordinary. We’ve looked short of ideas in several games this season, but maybe none more so than this. A point would be good. A win would be immense.
  6. We’re a family club, these days! More like “Sowah, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye.”
  7. They’ll probably have to turn it up even louder just to cover up all the fan comments that will otherwise be easily heard, due to each spectator having approximately 3 hectares to themselves.
  8. Luckily, we are now doing really well and only lost £67m last season 😂
  9. Whilst we are undoubtedly enjoying a golden period, the squads O’Neill put together were extremely good. Many would easily be good enough to get into our match day squad and would play regularly. Muzzy is a great example.
  10. My love of the game the game just died a bit more 😞. Appalling plan.
  11. Best thread in ages. Love hearing people’s stories, memories and rationale. More please.
  12. I’m sure I bought my Q5 from there a couple of years back?
  13. Such a hard question, as so many amazing moments and unique memories. Might choose five totally different games if I did this tomorrow, but here goes.... Orient 0-1 LCFC 1980 Clinching promotion in front of 10,000 city fans. Insane scenes. Truly bonkers. Still waiting for police to tap at my door 😂 LCFC 1-0 Oxford Utd 1991 Had to win last game to stay up at the end of an appalling season. Best mate playing for Oxford. Bizarre. Amazing day. LCFC 5-1 QPR 2015 Unusual choice, but the noise was the loudest I can recall at KP up until then. When Cambiasso
  14. They’ll all be dead. But on the positive side, you’ll have lots of space to spread out in 👍
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