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  1. We practice and rehearse set plays?? Wow! Who knew?!
  2. TrentFox

    Marc Albrighton signs deal until 2022

    Top decision. Top pro. Good news.
  3. TrentFox

    Stanislav Lobotka

    I hope he is an intelligent player, if he signs, as I think we can all see what his nickname will be otherwise.
  4. TrentFox

    Danny Drinkwater

    He wouldn’t be the first in recent years!!!! 😯
  5. TrentFox

    Free speech

    NFP would never have stood for that crap. He’d have pulled a knife on her. Feckin’ OAPs.
  6. TrentFox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Why? Was it the wrong tone ???
  7. TrentFox

    Jamie Vardy to Chelsea

    Damn! We’ve been playing with 12?! No wonder we’re doing well 👍
  8. TrentFox

    Who do you want January 2019

    This has to be the first transfer window ever in which I’m more excited about players leaving than arriving!
  9. Struggling to see past Silva. Even the dreadful Slim contributed a few goals that meant something. Silva has literally had zero impact or influence and cost a fortune - virtually none of which we will recover. An appalling piece of business all round, as it stands.
  10. TrentFox

    3 wins in 4 Festive Fixtures.

    Yeah but ..... yeah but ....... yeah but ....:: he has a dreary voice. He has to go now 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. TrentFox

    Booing your own team

  12. TrentFox

    LCFC Snapchat

    Is it because, like most forms of social media, it’s actually total crap?
  13. TrentFox

    Man City H Post Thread 2-1

  14. TrentFox

    Man City H Post Thread 2-1

    A core of English players, many young players, back to back wins against two of the elite, 7th in the table and improving, evolving into a sustainable style of play. It’s as wonderful as it is certain that we are nailed on for a defeat against Cardiff. It’s what we do.
  15. TrentFox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports