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  1. stretch1965

    Foxes reward points

    Does anyone have less than the £1.25 I have? could I even get a Claude Puel fridge magnet for that?
  2. stretch1965

    The Arsenal next, lord help us!

    You can get evens on an Arsenal win, is that free money? Dont have it in me to bet against city tho
  3. stretch1965

    Name a better option than puel

    Does he measure up?
  4. stretch1965

    2 x wet spam tickets available

    I can't even shift my £45 ticket for £30 so you will be lucky to get £40
  5. stretch1965

    West Ham-Saturday 5th May

    1 ticket available for West Ham in block H1 £30
  6. 1x West Ham ticket available in Block H1 £35.
  7. stretch1965


    Damn you are right my bad
  8. stretch1965

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    Totally agree other than I would add sending a bullshit email to the boss late in the afternoon so he knows you are working and not watching selby in the snooker.......
  9. stretch1965


    Really enjoyed the tour 2 years ago just hope you don't get the the manu supporting tour guide. there are guides that are passionate about city and that shows in their tours according to friends but this guy was ok but not great.
  10. stretch1965

    Radiator Leak

    Anyone blamed Andy King yet or can I claim it?
  11. stretch1965

    Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    With all the goings on at Chelsea would anyone take Drinkwater back?
  12. stretch1965

    City away shirt sale

    Very risky her being pleasant and helpful, written warning at best! section 4 paragraph 3 in the employees manual clearly states that "all shop employees and ticketing staff need to conduct themselves in a clueless manner when dealing with customers" bit harsh really
  13. stretch1965

    Weekend in London (on the cheap)

    The Brittania hotel in Hampstead will be less than £100 getting it for £50-60 at the mo. Bit dated but clean and 10 minute walk to Chalk Farm tube. also only 15 minutes walk into camden where the market had lots street food vendors. Also on camden lock you have the Ice Wharf which is a weatherspoons. The Hawley Arms which is the pub Amy Whinehouse frequented is good food and superb music. mentioned earlier but worlds end in Camden is an experience.
  14. stretch1965

    Bournemouth chances of it being postponed ?

    Just dropped the daughter off at the royal at 6.30 and drove down near to the ground and all roads are generally clear. Snow on pavements which will be slush by mid day
  15. stretch1965

    The joke thread

    Brilliant! and on that note.....