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  1. I am so glad I am not up against you murph, you really have got this
  2. Brilliant murph, I’ll have a think on the films can use one of my song titles live and let dier
  3. Ok Guys once again I have to present puns for Sunday’s game. this time it’s dogs and so far I have, Stray Given Stan Colliemore steve pitbull so fill ya boots and feel free to chip in. cheers
  4. Yes mate it is, Elvis Hammond scored in 1-2 defeat
  5. We’ve come a long way since Sept 2005
  6. Thanks FT, this was my music one I did a few games back, could include any, title, band/singer name or line from a song. Team; Wham Manager; Roy orbhodgson George Scmiecal Jamie the cure-ton Knock knock knockeart on heavens door Andy king of the road Live and let dier Don’t Gomes breaking my heart Bacuna matata, lion king Mane mane mane Willian willian, smiths Schlupp a ya face You can’t Choudhury love
  7. Having as the capt Aus, cheers
  8. Tiff Aus fox and all, I am in stitches here. I’m gonna win this hands down. Thanks lads
  9. Can I call on the help of my fellow foxes-talk members? every home match in the pub me and my mates have to come up with a team that the players name includes a subject. This weeks was Indian food and I won with the likes of chicken tikka MoSalah, garlic chilliwell chicken and the dummy whammy of Rogan Josh kingfisher. For the Chelsea match the subject is Fish and I’m struggling and only have Bert Troutmann thanks
  10. Me neither they have got some great tracks, off to see them in reading on Sunday, rare that I travel that far to see a band
  11. Went to see The Slow Readers Club at the Shed last night. Absolutely brilliant and well worth a listen if you like electro indi music.
  12. I really wanted this to work for him , feel for the man but it is a results business and you can only work with what you have got.
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