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  1. Went to see The Slow Readers Club at the Shed last night. Absolutely brilliant and well worth a listen if you like electro indi music.
  2. I really wanted this to work for him , feel for the man but it is a results business and you can only work with what you have got.
  3. So the manager is wrong with his tactics then, 1-3 down and we should be patient with our attacking play?? Ok Claude
  4. First time I have left early since villa put 5 past us and Elliot got sent off. many times been tempted but today had tipped me. We are seated high up in H block so get a good overview. Players were clearly holding back when we attacked so limited options when we got into the box. clear to me that players not playing for Puel and I was in the Puel in camp until recently. I am really gutted today and in the pub two palace fans could believe how bad we were. im afraid we really do have to sack the bastard....
  5. Anyone following the Slow Readers Club?
  6. True legend, gentleman and a perfect role model. Rest easy Sir
  7. You are right Suzie, and I’ve not caved tonight so gonna see it out, thanks for the support x
  8. Working from today so all good, until I get a phone call from daughter saying she is having minor dizzy spells and I won’t let her drive home. So try to get bus into town from Desford to rescue her and the car from NCP. Bus has broken down next one not til 16.50. Impossible to get a taxi as school runs take most of them. Boss calls and says the work I’m doing has been pulled forward so l will be working late tonight. so in a nutshell dry January can get fu*#ed
  9. Cardiff Fox is right here, I think you can take it to whetstone tip as long as it is double bagged and labelled. If it is an asbestos cement product ie corrugated shed roof/soffit board or similar then you should be ok to do it yourself as fibre release is very low. If it is blue or brown asbestos then I’d get somebody in. PM me if you want any advice (I don’t do removal btw before any others think I’m touting for work ) but what ever you do wear a FFP3 grade dust mask, you can get these cheap on amazon.
  10. We have been saying this for months, Vardy is arguably one of the quickest in the prem so why doesn’t he stand on the half way line for corners? he will take out at least two of their players who I would back to outpace on cleared corner. I can only think that Claude Packs the box to minimise clear shots on goal.
  11. My 7 year old grandson has come over for this game from Holland, absolutely loves Leicester and is buzzing about going. Takes a bit of shit from his mates as they all follow Ajax but he won’t be changed. He’s been up since 6 asking if we can go to ground. my daughter said he cry’s when they lose, join the club!
  12. Foxes talk is definitely slipping this is outrageous, no one has posted a picture yet and I didn’t get to see it.
  13. Why does Puel not give a shit about cup comps, especially when we are not going down and not getting into Top 6. pure arrogance from the man and it could well cost him his job. Sorry but while it was enjoyable with the wins over the break it mearly papered over the cracks. We need to pay big bucks to get a proper 2nd striker in, Maybe not in the window bit certainly at the end of the season
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