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  1. Been seen at Brighton Morrisons apparently
  2. All the players would be off to Afcon Leaving us squadless
  3. Lump on boys
  4. Certainly puts complaints about my own life into perspective, good luck boys and all the best
  5. That's what I have just said to the missus! I am currently putting the kettle on......
  6. Yes this but it would have gone to Spuds as they had more possession last season....
  7. Long shot but does anyone know if the game is streamed anywhere in Skegvegas?
  8. Don't worry we have zieler
  9. Dave
  10. Ha nice one pal, I also put the 18 month deal in there as well as that is his ban
  11. I bet it's this fella José Bartonola on an 18 month deal.
  12. With such a bad injury did he make it through the night does anyone know?
  13. Well that's brightened my morning
  14. My friends had to move from their seats in H Block just behind me and they were replaced with other city fans and when asked they wouldn't say where they got their tickets from. Two lads also sat on phones hardly looking up and came up after half time on 55mins and left 10 mins early. My mates were well pissed off
  15. I'm not booing it and never would, I feel proud that my team have earnt the right to play in this competition and there for have the pleasure of this special piece of music which can only be played at CL matches before a match. So there