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  1. We are an embarrassment , they want it we don't. And the blue tinted specs brigade on here start defending this crap can fvck right off. I have every right to be upset.and feel let down
  2. Speak for yourself, I am expecting them to call me to confirm my ticket just below the royal box. Surely my 279 points warrants this?
  3. Yay, just got my ticket for the train to london
  4. Delighted enough to crack one out that's for sure
  5. Lost a lot of respect for de bruyne today, a world class midfielder doesn't need to drop to man United style tactics to gain free kicks and opposition bookings. He is better than that. I will accept the loss as we were beaten by the better team and think man city are great to watch. I'd written this off and hoped for a point at best but like said he doesn't need to cheat.
  6. Would have been good to allow 2k fans from each club who have been jabbed to attend. I get the non essential travel bit but coaches could be organised to take all fans straight there and back.
  7. When Dan's goal went in I first thought he knew nothing about it
  8. Playing it safe and booked a week in July to the Isle of Wight, then maybe canaries for the Oct half term or Christmas. Wish I had the courage to book abroad like some on here and truly hope it happens for you all.
  9. Really winds me up when pundits that watch your side once in a blue moon become experts on your players
  10. Hope its nothing serious, keep us informed mate.
  11. I'm finding Barack Obama a great read, On another note I really enjoy reading fan based forums of the 3 below especially when they lose, more so spurs and manure. real popcorn stuff The Fighting Cock - Spuds The Red Cafe -Scum Reddit Liverpool
  12. 3D2A8D30-7F90-4936-A963-C30109A0B297.MP4
  13. You know what guys, I cannot begin to tell you how much this has lifted me in these difficult times and will carry me through the week on a high. And im guessing I’m not alone on here
  14. Cmon Brendan don’t leave it to late to make subs, Forget extra time. also what had Perez caught you doing?
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