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  1. I meet up with my mate for pre match beers with a different subject for football related puns. My puns for today, subject is food Kenny jacket potato Quiche Sanchez Flores Prefierole Gunnar Solksjaer Peter Stilton Pitta Cech Vincent kompanini Ray ice cream parlour Patrick Berger Tony Curry Thomas Muller Julian spotted dicks/spotted dickov Bruce Brioche Ian nachos Bacry lasagna Emanuel petit pois Leroy sarnie Gianfranco gorgon zola Food pan nisltrooy Tbone coutois Paul mince pies Sergio buscetts Frank spare ribery Paulo one chop Tony cottage pie / panacottee Joe Cole slaw Jaap spam Phil kebabb Saido biriyani Ryan Babel and squeak Even done a fast food section Kevin McDonald’s FerNandos Torres Pizza Huth Andy Wimpey Harvester Barnes Benteke fried chicken (gotta be a winner)
  2. Anyone done interailing recently? Want to go and do my own thing for five days across Europe and maybe take in a match
  3. stretch1965


    Me and a few mates would definately be up for this, it would be useful if you could announce dates times etc on here
  4. We stopped when we wanted to have a quick one as it was 2.30 and although it was about 75% empty we were told to wait at the door until someone behind the bar was free to serve us. so we walk off. Shame really as I quite like a morretti and my mate likes Tiger
  5. Had to pick something up from the club shop so went into the 1884 for the first time ever. It will be the only time too, lad behind the bar kept pouring my drink away has it was half beer half head. I had to tell him to hold the glass at an angle ffs the he charged me £11 for two pint!!!. there was no atmosphere in there either so never again. We either go to the Western then holiday inn, however we alternate this with Orange Tree (currently being refurbed) then bowling green and sometimes the Bobby Peel when we can get past the gestapo door lady that likes to hold you at the door even when pub is half empty.
  6. On holiday in kefalonia, read Vichais book, worth a read. Lots that we already knew but quite a bit I didn’t know. Ant Middletons book was one I couldn’t put down. Read in 2 days. Not read a Clive Cussler for a while so half way through Knighthawk which is a steady read. And in reserve I have my title winning season book which I take every year to re read and go through game by game.
  7. Can’t watch it as I’m in kefalonia, from comments in here I take it nacho is not looking like a 25m striker then?
  8. Cheers mate, just ordered it for nice bit of holiday reading
  9. Yeah, I’d probably do the same options considered
  10. Ha, Thank god its not just me. my kids give me sh!t when I ask the them to tape something. Don't you mean record it dad? Unless you are on the old Betamax pal...………..
  11. I am so glad I am not up against you murph, you really have got this
  12. Brilliant murph, I’ll have a think on the films can use one of my song titles live and let dier
  13. Ok Guys once again I have to present puns for Sunday’s game. this time it’s dogs and so far I have, Stray Given Stan Colliemore steve pitbull so fill ya boots and feel free to chip in. cheers
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