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  1. 1884 Bar prices

    Not paying those prices it's only an apneh a pint at ye local hero.....
  2. The Arsenal V City scoreline prediction

    Watching it in Koutouloufari Crete, reckon 1-1
  3. Kelechi Iheanacho

    What to have for dinner? any ideas?
  4. When I play my Kasabian cd live from the KP and the opening lines where Claudio is speaking still makes the hairs on the back of neck go up every time
  5. Musa to Brighton?

    Been seen at Brighton Morrisons apparently
  6. Imagine home life if they are all on the rag at the same time........
  7. Foxestalk owners of LCFC

    All the players would be off to Afcon Leaving us squadless
  8. 5,000-1

    Lump on boys
  9. Certainly puts complaints about my own life into perspective, good luck boys and all the best
  10. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    That's what I have just said to the missus! I am currently putting the kettle on......
  11. Yes this but it would have gone to Spuds as they had more possession last season....
  12. Next up.. WATFORD.. (home)...

    Long shot but does anyone know if the game is streamed anywhere in Skegvegas?
  13. Kasper wanted by Man Utd & Man City

    Don't worry we have zieler
  14. Przemyslaw Zdybowicz

  15. Out of Contract Signing

    Ha nice one pal, I also put the 18 month deal in there as well as that is his ban