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  1. We are supposed to be going to Mexico July 17th. TUI haven’t cancelled it yet but have said we can move it. Don’t really want to do that as I have paid 6k in full. I’d rather get my money back and pay a deposit for next year which will be around £400. So does anyone think they could start flying to Mexico in July or is in a similar situation.
  2. Watching Mike basset England manager seen it twice before but didn’t realise Wacko plays for Leicester
  3. Watched it twice now, how good is Hugh Grant in this. And I am not a fan of him either!
  4. Sorry for shouting but DO NOT WATCH THE FIRM ON AMAZON PRIME!!!!!!! Although it is something me and the Mrs could watch together and we did all bastard 22 episodes of it, there is no conclusion to any of it. It ends with the main guy who is a lawyer being chased. And the guy he is defending in court, well they are only halfway through the court case! Too many loose ends especially with the Russian and Italian mobs. We guessed that it is all left open for season 2, except there is no season 2! we googled it and because it bombed in America when made in 2012 they never commissioned a second series and is unlikely they will now 8 years later. Again there is no ending and very poor from Amazon for airing it and knowing this.
  5. Water quick one liner there cos
  6. Does anybody know if I am I allowed to to take a temporary job as I am Currently being furloughed?
  7. Got a holiday booked with them,?whats happened?
  8. How do you make your base gravy mate, I make a lot of curries from scratch but never from a gravy. Cheers
  9. My dish usually on a sunday is a good sized seasoned piece of beef brisket cooked in red wine in a slow cooker, the beef just falls apart. its piss easy Sear/seal beef in a frying pan then add to slow cooker with two glasses merlot or sav/cab shallots and two beef stock pots then cook for 7 hours. I then make the gravy with jus it was cooked in which takes great flavour from the beef by sieving into a saucepan and thicken with beef gravy granuals. Here's the best bit, I make sure I have enough left over to make pulled beef brisket burgers the next day in lightly toasted brioche buns, monteray jack cheese with a few jalapenos. Vegetarian option not available...……………………….
  10. Cannot make the match as he had no one to pick the tin lids up from school
  11. What does anyone’s Vitória Guimarães supporting mate think
  12. Cheers mate, working in Sunderland and watched it at Sloanes Pool hall and your boys in there wanted us to win and were cheering us on too so fair play.
  13. What are you hwanging on about?
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