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  1. First ball out, we are massive!!!!
  2. Trav, How would it be possible for Vardy to host MOTD? he will still be playing, scoring for fun and taking the piss
  3. One trick pony my arse as claimed by some. We are so lucky to have him
  4. Do we know if the Arse fans sang any anti Vardy songs? was hoping they would as I love the crowd reactions after he has scored
  5. That would equally suffice pal, hows your Knitting these days Cos?
  6. Cheers Mint, gonna put a fake signature on the Wise photo and going to do the same with the Jon Moss one too.....
  7. I was Pi$$1n myself while typing it! well if I don't get one at least I have made someone laugh
  8. Ok Here goes, Looking for a Shakespear/Pulis scarf if anyone was drunk enough to buy one on the night and happy to sell. My friend has a big birthday coming up and I am collecting city related memorarabilia as a wind up gift like the framed Dennis wise photo I already have for him. He hates Pulis BTW not shakey. Obviously you can PM me if you don't want to admit to having one...….
  9. is this for new customers only?
  10. Unless you are from Coalville of course...……………….
  11. well that's because we are lucky lucky Leicester, they don't want us to do well
  12. Vards and Perez get hat tricks so I am going for one of my own, Got Kasabian tickets, My team break a record, and im going to try my luck with the mrs, might have to settle for a brace...………………...
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