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  1. BKLFox

    Retirement age

    but which party was it that spunk'd the pension pot up the wall in the 1st place & scrapped the dividend tax credit meaning we all had to working longer?
  2. Good point Izzy was thinking a little too 1 dimensional, the England team makes perfect sense
  3. That interview also threw up a slight concern, when asked about the chance he missed he said "I need to be putting those away if I want to play at the highest level..." probably something and nothing but hope he hasn't got 1 eye on the door just yet.
  4. Totally agree with time and place for everything but yesterday we just weren't quick enough that's all, Mount hit Wilf like a runaway train due to Wilf's 1st touch but on another day 1 touch football has that pass to Cag's seeing Mount over shoot Wilf with Cag's playing Wilf back into the space now left behind by Mount and we are on the front foot playing in the middle of the park, a play straight off the training ground. The alternative (My Kasper reference tongue in cheek) is to play side to side before a hopeful punt up field due to a lack of space.
  5. The alternative is for Kasper to ping it out of play on the halfway line and I think I read on here somewhere how that annoys most of us fans Its the modern game now and the more we do it the more we will get comfortable with it and make it work for us, yesterday it was a mistake, Wilf didn't control that first ball and then wasn't quick enough to correct, he wanted to pass to Cags which if it had worked would have pulled Mount and the other 2 attackers out of the 'set' position allowing a gap between them and our midfield for us to play in. It was a single mistake I wouldn't get to hung up about it unless of course it happens time and time again when in that case we should give up and Kasper Huuuuuth
  6. Fair comment Mike, I myself was getting frustrated with Fuchs but what I'm getting at is that I wasn't venting this on the match day thread because I understood it was his 3rd or so start in a year and for 20mins Chelsea playing at home would be all over us, as we were Wolves last week although we didn't have the penetration Chelsea had & once things calm down things level out. I was taken aback with how complementary Souness of all people was about us at the end of the game and he hit the nail on the head, football starts 15-20mins into a game, it did in his day and still does today, you can argue we needed to match the intensity from the off but you can also argue that if you do try and match that you have the potential to lose your head and make stupid tackles as you run around like a headless chicken trying to keep up and potential take a needless red, maybe it's just best to just keep your shape and see out that mad start And once the adrenaline wares off the home side will start to flag and the physiological advantage shifts. Back to game time comments I know not everyone is cup half full but it's the manner of the swing in comments, Madders should be dragged off he is dog toffee too Madders is the next 100-150m player...it's those comments I mainly refer too + the misunderstanding that going 1 nil down in the 1st 10mins makes us a shite team that's lost the game already despite 80mins+ to play.
  7. Only negative of today was FT, it’s like some people have never seen a game before or understood the occasion of how Chelsea players wanted to do it for Lampard hence the extra intensity at the start. Once the game settled & we started to play our game we looked comfortable. Next week before posting your doom and gloom remember a game is 90mins + extras not 10-20mins.
  8. Have a feeling he won’t be at Reading next season and they will have a few quid in their pocket
  9. Puscas from Inter Milan to Reading just scored 2 in his 1st half debut I believe. Watched him in the U21 championship for Romania he was the best striker in the tournament caused no end of trouble as he has it all strong, good with his head, speed and can play, his 1st today showcased it all, just surprised no bigger clubs came in for him as his agent was expecting after the tournament.
  10. You hit the nail on the head there regarding position, utility is great in a small squad but we have better backup cover in ALL the positions he covers. He needs to say I'm a ...... and work on that position and move to another club as a starter / 1st reserve in that position or move to smaller squaded club and be the utility man there. I'd wish him well but sell.
  11. Which is another example of that family feeling our club has, once you play for Leicester City you'll always be in the Leicester family. There would have been many clubs just wishing their fringe players out of their club with emphasis on the player to go find somewhere else or rot in the reserves eagerly trying to recoup wages despite what x player has done for them over the years but not Leicester our club seems to actively aid our fringe players, there is no way Rangers can pay his complete wage or afford a premiership loan cost, I applaud our board on this and for the continued support for Simpson. On a personal note good luck to Andy, I met him when we played Reading many seasons back he was injured for the game and I met him in the con cause lining up for snacks and we chatted for a while, really good guy.
  12. I agree, Wilf to cover the back line and Hamza to bite at Neves and Moutinho every time they get the ball as it's where Wolves play from.
  13. Monday was my 1st day in years of having to do the motorway commute and as I sit at 65-70 on the inside lane a lady drives past me head down looking on her phone which is perched on the steering wheel. There looked to be a fair amount of words on the screen (quite a large phone) so either reading an ebook or long email didn't look like a txt, cue me having a right old rant as she sped off +70 on a busy morning motorway, whey the fec do people still do this
  14. BKLFox


    I'll 2nd that, when it's cold you stick a jumper on but last week I was trying to peel my skin off
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