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  1. BKLFox

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Why does there always have to be some sort of conspiracy, Maguires fit and the more experienced player end of no?
  2. BKLFox

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Be sure to Let the recruitment team know when you find 1 that's available in Jan won't you.
  3. BKLFox

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Motivation - Simpson knows he is on his way out & Diabate has been plucked from the French 2nd Division to be playing in the biggest league in the world, i don't think either of them, for different reasons, would need any extra motivation to be able to put their boots on & cross the white line regardless of oppostion. I hear you regarding play full strength againts the more winnable games, maybe he thought as the other 9, ok minus Nacho, were 1st 11 starters he had enough to win the game, he did have the others on the bench & after all the bench is there for tactical changes in the main & i know if we started with 1st 11 & some how were losing i'd rather have Gray/Ricardo coming off the bench than Simpson/Diabate last night, recently our bench has looked a little thin on the ground for impact changes. End of the day the squad is 25 players & 25 into 11 doesn't go he needs to rotate due to injury, suspension, tactical & simple man management otherwise why we wasting all that money on wages & fees for half-time orange boys if we only going to use 11 of them.
  4. BKLFox

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    9 games in 30 days he is using his squad, he probably looked at the Fulham game as a more winnable game than Spurs & thought i'll put 2 of the fringe players in for this to give them game time for when/if i need them later in the month & rest 2 starters for the Spurs game because thats all he changed, Vardy was forced, some making out 5 or 6 changes were made with comments of why's he putting a cup team out.
  5. Had my comments all typed out did a refresh and saw your comments Xen which virtually mirrored mine, its so hard for a manager to manage a rush of blood to the head, maybe he should go down the same lines as Ranieri with stick and treat and take away their Dr Beats for the trip home if they get a yellow.
  6. Your right sorry Col I bundled the 2 comments together and came up with 1 apologies.
  7. Col, Swan, your quick to slate Puel for not playing players yet happy to add to the problem with another aging CB who you would like to see play which then pushes the same players you calling for now to get a game further down the pecking order. Caglar and Filip are the future CB pairing and will get their chance as soon as they have settled and shown they can take up the mantle, in the mean time I think we have enough CBs for now with another 4 or 5 lads coming through the development squad in that position.
  8. BKLFox

    Brands Brands Brands

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 95 seconds  
  9. BKLFox

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    He is a natural (instinct) goal scorer something you can’t teach, the rest around that like work rate etc you can as long as the player signs up to it himself, which on most occasions he hasn’t. If he applies himself he will make it here if not then he’ll be off.
  10. BKLFox

    Burnley video from Saturday

    Great to watch you see things that you've missed on the day like Kasper giving Shaky a proper emotional man hug near the end there & Cambiasso with Albrighton etc
  11. BKLFox

    Jonny Evans

    First thing I should say is that I am neither Jonny Evans himself or in love with Jonny Evans but 99% of the current CBs in the Premier lge struggle against 'quick and nippy strikers' Vardy himself has made a fool of many a top international CB. Evans when fit and on form is the best CB we have on the books including Maguire who is not without his faults which have cost us in the past without being singled out because it's easier to blame his partnering CB.
  12. BKLFox

    Jonny Evans

    Bit of an odd thing to bring up, so your pitting Evans now v Huth in his prime, but what about when Evans was in his prime? Huth's biggest club, apart from us obviously, was Chelsea he played a total of 62 times for them. Evans however played nearly 200 times for Man U are you saying Fergie got the wrong defender? It's documented that Fergie was stunned when LVG sold Evans, if Fergie was still in charge I'm sure Evans would have been a 1 club player along with Scholes, Giggs & G Neville.
  13. Players and staff will be emotionally and physically drained after these past 2 weeks but 4 from 6 Vichai would be proud I'm sure I know I am, players, staff, fans, the city I salute you.
  14. BKLFox

    Burnley (home)

    It is a strange 1 as that's how I saw this at first with Marc on left but then that means Ghezzal covering for Ricardo which would spell trouble as both of them together are not strong enough to hold down a piece of paper in a light breeze..so maybe Marc on right to cover with Grey left and Ghezzal behind vardy with those 3 inter-changing maybe. My only concern with having all 3 wingers + Ricardo on from the start then limits the impact from the bench leaving only Nacho as an attacking option to come on, maybe Diabete but he's not featured for sometime now.
  15. Let them go and when it becomes the big snooze fest that it will become don't let them back into a competitive league. I think Sky would soon see a sharp fall in sports subs if they concentrated on a super league, I hate watching the so called "mouthwatering" games Man U v Chelsea etc they are so boring they are so scared of losing against a rival that they never live up to the hype. Even most of the Barcelona v Real Madrid games are the same, all they do is look for soft fouls then roll around looking to get a player sent off which inevitably someone does and then they start playing and then when which ever team with the man advantage goes onto win they act like they are far superior to the other.