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  1. works as a statement for a whole host of things that happened in the past year, not just on the vaccine. Basically none of us know what's happening or being said in the background on anything related to the running of the country but will continue to comment on the media, twitter, fb & gossip columns as if they are fact
  2. Those Clubs will/can go after the money but will players join them if FIFA do stop players from participating in their competitions. Take Maddison as an example yes i'm sure he'll happily take a huge wage & be part of that initial rush of a so called 'elite' league but after awhile when it dawns on him that only 1 team gets to win something once a year & that there is no other reward to strive for, promotion, access into another competition ala CL/EL would he actually want to be involved? Players like him, i know there are plenty of mercenaries, but players like him wan
  3. Only Liverpool & Man City have more points in the same time. I also saw another stat on Leicester in general that being the amount of days we finished on Top of the Table since 2015-16 season, we are miles behind Man C & Liverpool, not that far from Chelsea but clear of Man U Man C - 547 days Liverpool - 534 Chelsea - 194 Leicester - 175 Man U - 56 So quite a jump from 4th to 5th & no sight of Spurs or Arsenal in over 5yrs at the top, i know they will be in the Top 2-4 positions but then our 2-4 ranking would also be very high.
  4. Fair play Frank, no excuses Leicester were the better team
  5. Very true Yorkie they have to rob Peter to pay Paul but we the gp must stand up and be counted, if we didn’t act like utter morons we wouldn’t need to be policed on the minor things leaving them to deal with the important stuff. How many times do we hear “haven’t you got anything better to do, you should be out catching murderers etc that’s what my taxes pay you for” of course they should but can’t because of the idiots. Same with hospital beds I’d imagine we have all seen the A&E, Ambulance style programs on tv how much time and beds (in a normal year) are being taken up with we
  6. mainly because there are a-holes like this living among us, there are many other examples i can pull up from the past 2 days alone, people travelling 300miles for walks with a view, people travelling miles to parties, people holding the parties, people travelling from Scotland to Wales to visit friends, people going from Bolton to Preston to pick up a takeaway all reported in various news feeds, this is happening every w/end & probably most nights but these take the biscuit https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-55705272 i will await the yeah but if C
  7. You know full well it refers to unnecessary trips out, exercise is permitted and the man is just out within his allotted time having a kick around with his kids, he’s not scrumming down with Rees Mogg and the rest of the cabinet for crying out loud. As for impressions it shows he’s a human being with a family trying to get them out in the fresh air and keep them entertained like every other parent or should he be getting them up at 3am to do this because of who he is.
  8. Give it a rest, 1 is within the rules the other isn’t. Stop trying to make something that isn’t there, we get it your not a fan of the Tories.
  9. BKLFox


    I think more a case of club out growing him, look at that bench and who does he replace? also add Praet into the mix that’s 2 spots asking the same question who does he replace, probably Thomas as Ricardo there as FB cover but it shows how strong we are becoming and unfortunately Hamza is being left behind just like I wouldn’t expect Morgan or Fuchs to be taking a place for a Premiership game ever again
  10. Red tops reporting Arsenal looking at him also
  11. Just imagine if Benko turns out the player we hope he will, the 3 young’uns and Johnny is solid solid solid....solid
  12. BKLFox

    North Korea

    They just don’t look real do they or is it just me? I know submarines are deceptive in size but how do they get on board and how would they be able to manoeuvre them once on board. I just imagine a long range nuclear missile would be more dart like with a thicker body holding fuel and a smaller pointy end that breaks away, these are virtually the same thick size all the way i can’t see the whole thing hitting the ground in that form. I’m trying to look closely to spot the words ACME stamped on them somewhere.
  13. did a little googling of me own & seems it stems from some Russian scientists & if speaking for Russia, as you say its probably to stop them from going on a Vladnik carnival. That said there is a little bit about how every vaccination has some degree of ineffectiveness if drowned by alcohol but mentions someone drinking 12 UK units total over the course of a few days before/after any jab shouldn't be an issue, its if your caning it i guess.
  14. Talking of did anyone else watch that ITV panorama equivalent last night they did a 'When will i get the vaccine' (or something along those lines) because within that they mentioned a recommendation of not drinking alcohol a few days before & up to 2 weeks after the jab. Thats something i haven't heard before & they never really went into detail, anyone shed any further light if this is an actual recommendation?
  15. looks like the Frankfurt deal has been scuppered with Luka Jovic going there till end of the season meaning good chance Zirkzee goes Everton (makes sense knows Carlo from his BM days) to cover for DCL injury, would assume that will be a loan also although he nearly joined them during the Koeman era but i think Bayern want him as long term replacement for Lew'ski. Out of that probably means unless Frankfurt have an option to buy Jovic he could be freed up in the summer for a possible cheap deal.
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