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  1. Totally agree on Flats, he's both informative and humorous in his commentary unlike the Treasonous and boring S Barnes and B Moore
  2. Tools that cut into the inside lane to get off at a junction at the last minute causing cars to break hard which has a serious affect on traffic flow up to 5 miles back as well as being darn right dangerous to those immediate cars they cut in front of. Preempt your junction, manoeuvre safely into the inside lane in advance and we'll all get home safely and on time ya maggots.
  3. He will get goals, his confidence is up and he is starting to do those close control runs into the box with the ball more and more which will lead to a goal or penalty at the very least. Great work ethic, control, shooting ability and vision a massive upgrade on Shinji who didn't do too bad here.
  4. Can someone be ready with that tweet as I can't find it saying "wow Leicester score 9 imagine what Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs would have done.." or words to that affect
  5. Agreed Arty, but doesn't matter who's moaning about it subject matter still stands and if managers are trying to dampen voices again not good for the game.
  6. But he's right about the subject matter he's moaning about, the mere fact a player goes down because he 'felt' a touch is ruining the game and if true about top managers advising him to not be vocal then they are as much to blame.
  7. Chilwell - The Mrs thought i was the bolloxs 2 months ago & now saying i'm not pulling my weight.
  8. BKLFox


    Is anyone able to summarise what was achieved for Brexit in the past 2 day because after all the hullabaloo I didn’t see a very good use of the re-opened parliament, 2 days wasted on shit slinging where it would have been shut & another 2 days closer to 31st Oct, no wonder fec all's been achieved in 3yrs.
  9. That you will go on 1 ride then spend the rest of the trip looking for a food group that is not brown or a varient of brown in colour
  10. I wonder how many people that Stephen Submarine actually battered in Leicester, if that’s him in the profile picture I’m guessing 0 but a few cowardly digs at someone who’s back was turned. Looks like a Saturday night hero giving it the big’un from behind the pack shouting hold me back hold me back and would piss his pants if the pack opened.
  11. BKLFox


    i've not disagreed or said otherwise in fact i do say "This is not to say we ignore all views but strike a balance... " yes an expert, in say logistics, opinion holds more weight provided that expert is sat around the table during Brexit negotiations & not a Professor of Logistics teaching at Loggies University Leeds giving a news crew his opinion of what he believes will happen with Ships lined up 2 a breast & 16 deep waiting to get in to the Humber Estuary. & yes sure know what the Germans are like as i was brought up not far from your location about 80km or so to your west in a place called Lippstadt good times love Germany
  12. BKLFox


    totally understood & i'm not poo pooing any of the experts opinions i'm merely stating an opinion or forecast is not a fact..do you agree? The reference to 'Money Island' is a term to indicate the liking of money spent & over indulgence by people of these shores on the tourist destinations we frequent, to say a publican in a Spainish resort would rather 100 people from the UK in their bar than say from Italy purely on a financial footing you get me?
  13. BKLFox


    See this is the thing regarding all things Brexit there are NO experts because this has never happened before, ergo anyones views be it an expert in a particular field or the common man, (woman, non-gender) are simply that a view, a personal prediction. Just like the predictions to what might have happened to planes and all other electrical devices that relied on a sync clock on the stroke of midnight 1999/2000 or just like a chemical expert wouldn't have known that adding water to molten aluminium would cause an explosion until it happened by accident, which is a fairly recent find given how long water & aluminium have been around. This is not to say we ignore all views but strike a balance somewhere between those predicting an Apocalyptic state verses a Utopian one akin to hope for the best prepare for the worst because neither side truely know what will really happen. All bad news comes as a shock & and hearing the words like having to "stockpile" due to Brexit magnifies that shock 100 fold yet in reality "stockpiling" is an everyday occurance by goverments, industries & every household up & down the land i'd imagine, for example the 3 medical suppliers i mentioned earlier "stockpile" their 'meds' here in the UK already with supplies to last up to 10weeks all they are doing for Brexit is adding a further 4-6weeks of stock, it will be the same for energy suppliers such as Shell with petrol/diesel etc even i have stockpiled my Pick Up bars (other chocolate biscuits are available) just in case there's a delay in shipping over from the hannover factory. The stock market the most volatile market in the world takes its lead & reacts to the daily ups & downs of Brexit reports with 1 day millions being wiped out due to negative press & recover after a few days & vice versa its a knee jerk reaction to a perception & not a direct result of Brexit because Brexit hasn't happened yet. The only true fact in a no deal scenario is we go into WTO rules which allows us to still buy products, materials etc just as before & just as pre-November 1993 trucks, planes & ships will still roll into the UK we don't implode or get removed from the globe or turn into North Korea we are allowed to deal with any of the 164 member states all be it at different rates until new bilateral agreements are made & for those replying but these could take years please re-read the 1st part of this comment as 'could' is a verb used to indicate a possibility & therefore 'could' take years or 'could' take days no one knowns until negociations start but it won't be 1 way i'm sure countries won't price us out as France will still want us to buy its wine & Spain will want us to buy its apples etc & finally regarding tourism the UK is known as 'Money Island' when it comes to holidays abroad so again i can't see the EU members cutting its nose off to spite its face by playing silly beggers.
  14. BKLFox


    I'd imagine its possible for life saving drugs and those with short shelf lives could/would be flown in with immediate checks made on loading / unloading & met by medical transport & taken directly to supply depots, no?
  15. yep thats the problem, 3rd top for most shots but look at the shots on target column & we're joint 2nd bottom within that list
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