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  1. Yep read that this morning & thought I wonder if the board turned up this week & said well it's a bit quite here there's no atmosphere to which Albrighton said yes we have 19 or so players away on International duty...the sun 😂
  2. I will point to my reply to Ian's comment but I guess you will reply with ifs & buts that has nothing of actual substance.
  3. But he joined with a different remit 3mths into a season when we were 18th and dropping fast towards 20th he finished 9th with another managers players...to quote "a quality manager makes the most of the talent at his disposal, he did not do this last season" tell me what did he have to do in your eyes, win the league and add in a cup? Rafa seems to be the #1 choice of replacement as he is stated as a quality manager but with the same arguement you put why is he sitting in the bottom 3 surely with his quality he should be making the most of the talent at his disposal no? adding the fact they are his players as he's been at Newcastle since 2016, but he's let off owing to the fact the chairmans a melt. Back to Puel As for reverting to last seasons players you refer to Morgan I assume and this is where we do agree he does need to drop him the high line style doesn't suit him, As for the remainder of the squad he can't win, he's called out to play Nacho after he comes on as a sub and has a blinder he's then called out as to why he started Nacho after having a shocker (substitute any name you want there) I guess we are just chalk and cheese, I'm willing to see where he takes us because currently I see positives in Lge position, the squad factor of age, the fact he's trying to establish a footballing style that will surely benefit longer term once mastered.
  4. In a nutshell it's simpler than that....some like Puel others can't stand him and I mean as a person and not for footballing reasons, tell me I'm wrong. You will cite the 1 line that is repeated, 'slow boring football' which is said win or lose but then followed by a personal attack on Puel be it about his demeanour, accent, limited grasp of the English language or some rumour about how he's lost the dressing room etc There is never one comment of praise again win/lose for Puel from a select few. As has been stated we are 8 games in on a working progress, 8 games with his team that is, and we are yet to be out of top 10 yet a few talk as if we haven't been out the bottom 3 and when challenged repeat the line above and say let's see at the end of the season when we are all crying in our beers. The thing is we don't know what we don't know, we could beat Arsenal and go on an unbeaten run or we could do the opposite it's sport that's what makes it exciting. Its mentioned we are boring but some of the Football we have played has been the best Football I have witnessed Leicester City ever play, this will stay and get better as we evolve, pundits and papers also mention our better style of play. On the style your a football fan so you understand why the ball is past left/right and backwards yes whilst not easy on the eye it's done for a reason. Let's pick 2 of the best footballing teams in the world RM v Barcelona have you watched 1 of those games if so you will see how many times the defence passes the ball around before 'the killer' pass forward, yes this bit has yet to happen fully with us but you need to do the 1st part before you can do the second but if you do it enough it will happen & no Im not putting us up there with them before I get scoffed at I'm saying it's tactical. Finally I think both camps want the "differences" you mention or are you saying as long as your entertained by a Kamikaze style it's ok to be relegated? With a £100m development & ground expansion planned I think the 1st line of the owners brief was do not not get relegated, then followed by bring the average age of squad down & develop a footballing philosophy that's 3 things before there's mention of cup runs & Europe, so far he's delivering for me.
  5. BKLFox

    Chilwell starts for England

    And continues the MotM trend for our recent representative players - Drinkwater, Vardy & Maguire and unless mistake on their debuts also or at least within a game or too....long may it continue Maddison and Barnes next 🤞
  6. Joey Gudjonsson Matty Jones Jack Hobbs Ignais Miquel
  7. Yep up 2 places at the very least what’s not to like. just going to check now on how Rafa the Gaffa is getting on with his amazing style of football.
  8. BKLFox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Ok so that was aimed @ me I take it and you proving its you who is the thick 1. Your implying it’s Puels fault for every silly error a player does during a game is he controlling them from the side via WiFi or something?
  9. BKLFox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Because you don’t have an answer do u tool
  10. BKLFox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    How is that the managers fault did he lose his man from the throw in?
  11. Agree with this, we actually played well the main issue was Morgan & Maguire couldn’t handle the pace & link up speed of Frasier, Wilson & King (they play very similar to Liverpool front 3) hence lunges & fouls was as simple as that.
  12. BKLFox

    Last 26 games

    Depending on Everton’s result today 2/3 more points has us in the same position as we are currently, so you would be happy with a few more points but be in the same position?
  13. But to be fair current golden boy Maguire was also
  14. BKLFox

    Movies and Actors quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 90/100 My Time 81 seconds