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  1. Go on Roy tell them, Liverpool are far from being labelled a great team.
  2. I wouldn't necessarily say the team would have approached this with a "we beat them 0:9 so this will be a cake walk" attitude but some on the pre-match thread certainly had their cups overflowing with confidence without actually looking at form guides. If they had they would have seen that prior to our game STH were actually the 4th best (in-form) team since us beating them with Ings scoring 10 in 13 or so games, the win over us now puts them 3rd best, we were just beaten by a team in better form on the day not necessarily better overal than us but We lose a game & players not 5 games ago being lorded as up there with the best in the premiership now not good enough. To many on here make FM knee jerk reactions Hamza & Nacho for instance have good games & its play them from the start they deserve it & better than Praet/Perez (??) then don't play a 9/10 game & its the end of them & we need to buy etc. Many of the team got lambasted after the Villa game in the cup, probably again after our Lge win, but that game started & ended being a training session forwards v defenders. Villa came with a game plan to sit deep keep it level & hope to get something from a set piece or counter attack which they did. Chilwell was singled out consistently but he had no where to go, if he tried to go down the wing he had 2 or 3 players onto him due to their system, therefore he had to go backwards or try & squeeze a pass through a very congested defence which 9 out 10 failed but even our most talented players only managed it a couple of times, again such was the system. What seems to be lost on Football fans unlike Rugby Fan is sometimes you are just beaten by the better team On The Day, it doens't mean they are now better than you & that the team is falling apart, there is no need for over analysis & to dump players from the squad let alone to the bench especially when they are trying. I would agree if they had a couldn't careless attitude but none of them have that i can see, even Chilwell as i saw earlier in the thread someone posted his stats for passing etc but they failed to show that he had the most sprints out of both teams on Saturday, 20btw, doesn't look to me like he's given up because of head turning etc Can we not as most of the annoyng pundits have said, chalk it off as a bad day at the office & move on?
  3. 2 or 3 players from both sets of players are randomly tested after every game so unless the EPL, FA, UEFA, FIFA are all in on this surely it couldn't happen?
  4. Was it not implied in your post that he is where he is as far as your concerned due to a lack of decent competition, mockingly saying yeah we have Englands LB playing for us but why is he Englands LB as opposed to seeing it as a good thing that the best English LB plays for us? If I'm reading to much into it I'm big and ugly enough to apologise, please forgive me. This is the 1st thread I've read this morning and I guess we are all guilty of reading many frustrating posts and end up lashing out at maybe the wrong 1 sorry
  5. Yet still being linked to Chelsea, Man C, Spurs traditional top 4 sides and previous to those Liverpool but not good enough for Leicester City, you is a joke.
  6. Is FT the only fans forum where we can have a thread knocking fellow supporters of our team for not going River Plate mental in their singing and cheering for the team and then have 3 or 4 separate threads slating individual players and want them sold asap.....help guys wot is it I'm meant to do support or jeer?
  7. I wonder if those predicting an easy win will be the first on the post match thread slating the usual scapegoats, Rogers tactics, Chilwell, Barnes and Perez, IF we were to lose or draw. I would have added Youri but sounds like he will be rested today. This will be a completely different animal of a game today and we will need to put in a professional performance, let's remind ourselves that there are no 'gimmies' in the EPL and continue to support for 90+mins and not get on their backs if we aren't 3 nil up within 30minutes.
  8. See it's been confirmed that the Premiership has been over using the use of VAR for offsides, like all things VAR it is meant for clear and obvious mistakes not 15 different camera angles to see if a players armpit is offside. I expect there will be some changes in 2020 on how the Prem use in the future, thankfully.
  9. Although pyschologically its easier to hunt someone down than to hold off the hunter, we need to have the we can bridge the gap attitude in every game otherwise every point dropped will make us more edgy as we start to look over our shoulder.
  10. I'm all for emptying the bench for this and agree with some of the lineups mentioned already that see every "perceived" starter replaced, if we can't rely on Hamza, Justin, Fuchs, Perez, Praet etc what's the point of having them, the bench will/can consist of Vardy, Madders, Ndidi etc but not Tielemans he needs a week off he's built different to Madders and just looks tired. i understand it's a QF and let's win something for Vichai but I'd think he'd rather see his beloved Foxes up at the top table being seen by the best of Europe and getting there by pushing all the way not squeaking in in 4th position or getting onto the bridesmaids table by winning the milk cup and having to play all those extra Europa games, let's be honest at the start of the following season who remembers who won the EFL anyway, the FA cups a little different. If we don't rest the majority we have Man C on w/end who will be desperate to close the gap on us and whilst they have a slight defensive issue they have world class players littered through their squad..... ....and then the big 1, Liverpool. They actually have a more favourable run towards our game, yes they play 2 games in 24hrs but I'd imagine Klopp is rubbing his hands, he's got all the media and pundits all going poor Liverpool look at fixtures piling up but in reality they are 2 dead rubbers to them, anyone thinking he will take these games serious when they have the chance to pull away further at the top and go and win the top flight championship in what 30yrs, come on. He plays Villa a team struggling at the wrong end of the table who themselves need to think do we stick or twist and I'd imagine the answers twist & they play a team from Mexico in a joke of a world club competition...Mexico!!! We have 4 hard games in 9 days they have 4 games also including those to 2 dead rubbers over a 12 day period yet You can bet this months wages they will rest players with reports of injuries probably to be announced on Mondays press conference and have their strongest team set up against us because they know we atm are the biggest threat, beat us and it's all but mathematically done. Even if we don't catch them I'd like us to go down trying, and that's why we need to make changes for me.
  11. & Gerrard also signs on until 2024 with Rangers, joincidence ?
  12. I think there are more Man U, Liverpool & Arsenal fans than there are Chelsea & Man C in the 18-24yr old bracket because if they are not choosing their political party by shirt colour then they need to revisit years 8-11 & get a childhood sorry MattP
  13. Yep works in exactly the same way as those apps
  14. You can't blame the system if their hands are tied no?
  15. Totally agree on Flats, he's both informative and humorous in his commentary unlike the Treasonous and boring S Barnes and B Moore
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