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  1. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    i was thinking the same thing Ric, they also bend down at a 45' angle at the knuckle surely humans can't do that. edit:- ok i see the comments he has rheumatoid arthritis hence the bending, i wonder if the 1% gave it too him thou?
  2. maybe James Pearson & some lady friends
  3. Keeping with that theme you have going on Vlad i'm about to start reading The Volunteer, it takes someone extraordinary to willingly go in to that hell to help others
  4. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    Unfortunately for the majority to stop in doors theres a minority that will have to face this outside, that minority have families and homes they return to every evening/morning potentially exposing their loved 1s to the virus or should those stay away? & Where? How do those that do stay in get provisions, medicines etc 4 weeks is a long time to try and stock for.
  5. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    And even then we won’t know because we would have to run this all again with the “other” option played out for real & not on a computer. We are where we are and the only thing we should be concentrating on now is how we as individuals move forward with the guidance we are being given by those in the know and not waste our energies on wishing we/they opened the green door.
  6. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    For those that have exhausted the to-do list already Rosetta Stone are doing free 3mths language courses normally £50, its aimed at school kids but a good place to learn the basics, no storing of cards on sign up either so assume it will just stop after the 3mths but something to get ya teeth into.
  7. Really enjoyed this and bonus the new 3rd series started last night
  8. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    If aimed at myself I'm the least political person you will ever meet fella it bores the 5hit out of me but I get where your coming from. For me we have an elected leader who is being advised on how our Nation should navigate this crisis, it doesn't matter which party this leader is from they have the real data, not data from a friend of friend who works in X, and are formulating a plan around that data and like any plan they will have wins and unfortunately loses it's just a case of trying to minimise those loses. I believe half the problem with the average Joe is that we are stuck in our bubble..the UK, only seeing how we are living and like most things seem to think the grass is greener on the other side, in this case in another country. I bet even some German's, I'll use Germany as that seems to be the most go to country as to why we not following them, are probably in the same boat as us with their governments handling, for instance I bet they had the same panic about how they are going to live without working, yet for all the efficiency of Germany, the U.K. Had their bailout plan formulated and delivered quicker out to its people to ease those issue than the go to country of most, do you think they sat quietly when their media reported that the UK have pledge x as an aid package to support its citizens or do we think hey Merkel where's our package.
  9. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    Well now I'm really confused Matt because this doesn't fit the narrative that we are all being blindly lead to our deaths by the UK Government and advisors
  10. BKLFox

    2020 deathlist

    Mark Blum actor aged 69
  11. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    Did he change his mind on that particular point within the hour then?
  12. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    They having a laugh:- After single facial touch sparks exponential spread of new-flu virus, global civil unrest & societal breakdown ensue leaving CDC to seek a cure in prophetic thriller CONTAGION 9pm - ITV2
  13. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    They would if the information they were receiving was changing hourly
  14. BKLFox

    Corona Virus

    Have you looked ahead to see which day your sucking the moisture out of elephant dung
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