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  1. A very grey area indeed as I was taking this from amendment to Law 14 "Among several minor changes to the laws regarding penalties, potentially the most interesting is the amendment to yellow card a penalty taker who "illegally feints" once his run-up is complete. This means slowing to a stop immediately before shooting is not allowed, with a yellow card and an indirect free-kick to the opposition the result"
  2. Is Arsenal manager having a little fun, would he seriously consider playing Welbeck as a LB v Man City? I would love to watch Welbeck v Mahrez
  3. BKLFox

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Swap Hamza with Silva and I'm with you
  4. Yep I don't understand why the so called experts and sports writers are making such a deal about his run up surely they know that when a player starts his run to the ball he is not allowed to stop now, therefore he did what he did trying to make Kasper twitch into giving away the direction he was going to dive, footballs such a simple game no?
  5. BKLFox

    Post match thread

    If any one slates that performance or Puel’s selection please go and support 1 of the top 4.
  6. Agree he would fit the mould of what Puel is building, seems to have come from left field as Pep speaks highly of him but that's the trouble of stockpiling you can't play them all, which makes me wonder what Wolves are doing they seem to be scatter gunning positions & still not finished with a link to Sam Clucas as well. No doubt they will have the mandatory Man City sell on clauses on any deal.
  7. Not sure I see Choudhury and Ndidi as a pair whilst it would be very industrious which of them is actually going to get his foot on the ball and look up to control the tempo, style & give that calmness in the middle, I already see the replays who else have we got that does that but again it's opinions and this is mine. I'm not knocking either as both buzz about affectingly and in time Choudhury will grow into that role maybe but at the minute it's 1 or the other for me. Then out of Silva and Iborra, Silva gets my vote and I think we will see more of what he can do this season. I thought he was cracking v Valencia he seemed to be everywhere and really comfortable on the ball, yes a few passes missed their targets a few down to him and a few down to the target not being on the same wavelength. I also think playing him with Maddison just in front will bring the best out of each other and can see some tidy play between them along with a few tricks and hopefully developing a telepathic understanding. Just to finish off Iborra has his uses he was probably better at defending and attacking corners than anyone last season, hopefully Maguire has that this season but last there were several games where he saved us or and the 1 that springs to mind is Stoke he was clearing every single corner they had the ball never got past him on the front post then he gets injured goes off they bring on the crane who then scores from the next corner and the game ends up a draw after we were dominating.
  8. BKLFox

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    But is improvement not getting a better replacement & nurturing a younger replacement as backup & building for the future? Chances are Simpson has had a say in this anyway by asking if he's #1 got the answer & thought I'm pushing on I need to play therefore I need to go..
  9. BKLFox

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    Puel, damned if he does damned if he doesn't.
  10. BKLFox

    Darnell Johnson - SIGNS 3 YEAR CONTRACT

    Should be ahead of benny that's for sure, does anyone know what's happened to Hughes?
  11. BKLFox

    Mahrez replacements

    With the creativity now coming from the centre it will present more goal scoring opportunities as the ball can be played forward, left or right of centre. Before we relied on it coming from the right & the better teams snuffed that avenue out quite easily, it's harder to do that from the centre due to the amount of runners that can break through supporting. That said i wouldn't object to another right sided player to come in as a starter who can play as a natural winger or as part of a front 3 for a little better balance & to provide more options. The development lads have done well especially those last night & credit to Puel to play so many in a high profile friendly match but those are not starters yet & as mentioned by a few Diabate needs a little longer also going on the pre-season games.
  12. BKLFox


    & so what if we are it's 4 games for christ sake we don't get relegated after 4 games, we play 2 of the top 4 & 1 of the unknowns in the 1st 4 games i think some need to manage their expectations a little better. I hope to god that some on this forum don't have to manage a major crisis in their real lives.
  13. BKLFox

    Alfie Mawson - Fulham

    I think you know that these past friendlies have been about minutes in legs, yesterday's was the first time both Simpson and Ricardo have been able to play so in order to get both out he's pushed Ricardo forward, I've no issue with that, Puel states himself that these final 2 games will be more 1st teamers playing. I'm not going to bog myself down with we must play this or that why formation wise but if, ok when we play 4 at the back it will turn into 3 at the back when we attack the 2 fullbacks will push up and DM drops so those that want 3 get their 3 and when we defend again DM should be covering the 2 CB making 5 at the back. A decent read on formations/tactics all be it from 2013 but shows it's players and their ability to be flexible and reading of the game that gives a team the edge over the opponent and I for one think Puel is getting these types of players in. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/oct/24/formations-tactics-manchester-city
  14. BKLFox

    Alfie Mawson - Fulham

    Secretpro and Foxfan92 Who will play out of position if we don't play 3 at the back?
  15. BKLFox


    Amen to that ithuriel