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  1. Was speaking to a colleage in Romania yesterday & the EU certainly have got into the heads of the Romanian population as he said they refusing the AZ invites & all waiting for Pfizer, would imagine they not the only country with this thinking sadly. EU you have scared your population that much stop bumping ya gums & seperate from AZ contract so they can provide people who do need & want it.
  2. If we have a limited budget what is the must have position for transfer this summer, is it still RW as it was for sometime or has the need for a Striker, CAM another CB taken over? I very much doubt we can go out and buy 2 players at 30m+ let alone 3 so it got me thinking what has hit us hardest with all the injuries this season and for me it’s been that Maddison position. BR has managed to mould the players we have to cover various positions and formations and the switch to 3 (boring 5 when we lose) at the back and having WBs has kind of negated the in balance of not having a natural B
  3. Fully agree what are these Nations actually getting out of being whipped 5+ nil every game, there needs to be a couple of pots with the likes of San M, Gibraltar & such like all playing each other to earn qualification a little like that Nations lge a few years back which wasn't perfect but the concept was there.
  4. Bloody Huge, that anchors probably twice as big as the JCB
  5. Ditto, looking at that table i don't even know how the players are meant to raise their peckers for these 10 games let alone us fans. If we don't top the group with a clean sweep, 30+ goals & under 5 (i so wanted to put 0) goals against then the whole ENG structure needs ripping down & building again, maybe just select players from Championship & below as they will show a bit of spirit
  6. Yeah started in Real Madrid’s youth set up then took Real Sociedad B team and looks to have got them into the promotion qualifiers, he must be doing something right as that’s quite a big jump to make, 3rd tier Spain to top half of Bundesliga KHR is a huge fan of his and this could be part of a plan to get him at Bayern Munich although it’s not gone down well in Spain as Real Madrid fans want him groomed for their top job. Either way If he’s half the manager he was a player then he’s got a seriously bright future
  7. Makes sense now Bergkamp just wanted to emulate his hero Frankie W but did he have to do it against us. R.I.P Frank 😔
  8. Xabi Alonso to become Borussia Monchengladbach manager for the new season
  9. We don’t need to spend money on a Youri challenger we just need cover and KDH is perfect for this. Will allow Youri to get the odd natural break, play all the EFL cup games and possibly the FA if (when) we get Europe again and cover any injury/suspensions Youri picks up. He will get plenty of game time with us and all for zero outlay, needs to stay with the 1st team from next season. The likes of Tavares and Leshabela will need to go out on loan
  10. I think so too, him and RW as the experienced backups to the main 9/10 partnerships with JVP/BW (the future 9 pairing) and McP/Tito/Henry as their cover although I’d imagine 1 of those to move on. Exciting times ahead and having Borthwick at the helm we seem to be getting linked with a few choice names, Kruis, Zach Mercer, Hamish Watson, and a couple of back options in Santiago Cordero and Louis Lynagh. There are a couple of SA forwards coming into the pack end of season so maybe not looking for more although Mercer and Hamish are very different to what we have and Kruis is top class
  11. Freddie Burns to return to Tigers for the 2021-22 season
  12. Nobody watch today, Tigers were outstanding despite losing. Next season I see a top 4 finish the future looks bright
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