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  1. I do get that we only see him in his professional role & not kissing kids & adopting kittens but i'm talking about his professional side & nothing else, he comes across as someone i don't like, he might be a bloody great guy but the bits i see he's not for me. Ok Lets lighten the mood all managers have the occasional outburst did you see the Ranieiri clip on that Gattuso link you just sent, man i didn't know he had it in him, he's fallen from grace for me as he wanted us to be relegated after we sacked him yet he had clearly lost his mind as he says "give me the Sunderland job & i'll make them champions.."
  2. ok used Negan for dramatic affect to highlight the fuse is short With regards to journo's & press conferences just watch a few he will steer the interview the way he wants its, which is great very politician like, but if it goes off track the horns will come out, i'm trying to be mindful of the right word but dare i say, will then start to bully the interviewer to regain control, it is this sort of thing i refer too that there is just something under there, which for me i don't like & think it will be his downfall in the same way as Jose
  3. Sorry Finners but I’m with @Stadt on this, the guys a tool and he did exactly what Stadt was saying last night with Keane which made for awkward tv, and it took Keane of all people to bring it round by saying “sensitive isn’t he, imagine if he’d lost” and in that 1 sentence it sums up what Stadt was referring to. At the minute the press are loving him and Liverpool but just watch the guy on the sidelines, we all love to see passion and nothing wrong with an emotional response to a goal but he takes it to the edge, possibly, crossing it. These guys are role models and the fans feed off him & his antics, comments and outbursts are mirrored by the fans. Picture your son/daughter ref’ing a kids game on Saturday afternoon and 1 of the managers acts like he does on the side, then that managers parents follow suit, is that acceptable? Not for me, regardless of where the games being played. I’m not saying we should all be wall flowers and just shout hoorah for goals but he doesn’t follow the code of sportsmanship, he’s all smiles when they win but like Negan (walking dead) he’s just a word away from flipping, which brings us to lose or draw, it’s always someone else’s fault, ref, var, dirty team/tactics blah blah never we were beaten fair and square or good game but they just had the edge etc. Its happened to Jose, now Pep is under pressure and getting salty with the media picking it up, it will only be a matter of time before they see through Klopp. I know you’ll say they are winners but so is every sports person but what makes a great sports person is how they portray themselves win, lose or draw, the Hodgson’s, Dyche and the likes whilst no where near as successful as these are all still winners and arguably have tougher jobs, they all have a moan but also put their hands up, those 3 can’t and act like they are above.
  4. Don’t fret just come back here @ 12:10 next Sunday when normal service will be restored
  5. The watching Southgate will soon knock that out of him
  6. I do hope Pep does come out and say fair cop after he reviews the game as he did say in his interview “...these are my 1st thoughts, maybe I change them once I analyse the game..” or words to that affect, if he doesn’t then he’s on the start of a Mourinho style slide
  7. Along the same lines, 1st time Souness has actually praised us and quite vigorously at that
  8. How can this be? I understood contract talks can only happen between buying club and player if the parent club agree they can meet but all/most papers report ASSE don’t want to sell in which case why say they can meet?
  9. But our offer is better in the 1st place
  10. Josh Knight to step up to the plate
  11. I thought he had no end product? And now they do have a sixth! It's Olivier Giroud who has it, as he heads home a fine Ben Chilwell cross from the left. Cracking cross from the debutant!
  12. Can see Saka, Pepe and Nketiah ripping what I expect will be our back 3 apart
  13. Replace with “The World” minus maybe Belarus who continue to sit in hot tubs and drink Vodka
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