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  1. that must look really blurry at that size and resolution?
  2. danny.

    Corona Virus

    I feel similar about Icke, I find some things he claims intriguing, went to seem him at Wembley Arena some years ago and some political observations seem to make a lot of sense, but then you get the whole Saturn is a reptilian transmitter and the moon is a spaceship that all goes a bit crazy for me. As I understand it most of his insights are from a DMT trip, which probably isn’t the most reliable of sources.
  3. danny.

    Corona Virus

    It does increase your monthly payments and the overall repayment amount though. I looked into doing it and it would cost me about £900 more overall and the monthly fee for the rest of the term up £20
  4. danny.

    Corona Virus

    Yea I just spent 15 minutes googling them all and they all check out. How sad am I.
  5. danny.

    Corona Virus

    Well they’ve been in power for the last 10 years so it’s a bit hard to try and keep blaming Labour
  6. danny.

    Corona Virus

    How are you gloating over this, this country is a shitshow under the Tories
  7. danny.

    Corona Virus

    Same, we’ve had two jobs cancelled/postponed already this week and it’s only Tuesday.
  8. danny.

    Corona Virus

    Yup it’s been a shocking year so far, I can’t see how the economy is going to take this if it goes on for months and then a no deal Brexit.
  9. danny.

    Corona Virus

    We’ve got a VAT refund...
  10. I’m finding more and more cars lately doing about 10-15mph under the speed limit and taking about 5 seconds to pull off from a green light, whilst leaving huge gaps in between the car in front of them. Drives me nuts!
  11. danny.

    Corona Virus

    Any hand sanitiser with ah alcohol content of over 60% will kill a virus.
  12. Why would teams from Ireland be playing in a British cup?
  13. I’m not sure, but it’s all the same for lots of countries, DAZN, NBC, BeIN, Eleven, Super Sport etc - all the same video and commentary then they have their own pundits before/halftime/after the game or some stations just have nothing.
  14. Every game is already filmed and broadcast all around the world with commentary, they clearly already have that sorted.
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