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  1. First goal, two defenders on him making space for Barnes and Maddison. Second goal, a tap in after a shot from Vardy - big part in both goals. He’s still coming back from injury too.
  2. Plus our entry is always awful, save for the year we had Blue and Lee Ryan dressed up as The Penguin. How can we ever complete with the likes of Moldovan chasing a fairy on a unicycle around a trumpeteer with bland radio pop
  3. Agree, I think being an island is the thing, many British people don't see themselves as European, in fact when talking about "in Europe" most people mean Europe minus Britain. Culturally many look to the US for direction and for a source of culture, the language being the same probably being a huge factor, to the extent I've heard many young English people with a faux-US accent and there is a growing prevalence for the usage of US words and spellings. In mainland Europe people travel a lot more, the rail system is cheap and brilliant so it's really easy to get around, plus many pe
  4. I think that repeatedly breaking electoral law, flat out lies and propaganda and repeated content of contempt of parliament with no consequences isn’t a good direction. Also having one of the least trusted media in the world which is owned by a handful of people, the same people who also donate and associate with the same people in power lining their pockets is also a very poor direction. Having seen the growing xenophobia and racism post referendum and how the press have played on that it’s not hard to see some comparisons to the beginnings of historical facist societies.
  5. Well I’m not surprised you disagree 😅 many centrists feel it is, though. That’s another topic though
  6. This is exactly my point. No one is “losing their shit” we just don’t care any more than we care about Agincourt or Hastings. Germany isn’t facist, ironically the U.K. is going that way with this current government (“going”, before I’m accused of hyperbole)
  7. How old are you? I’m under 40 and have German and French friends and really no one cares about events from 80 years ago anymore. It’s the older generation clutching on to these events from another century that stops any progress. I wish you’d just let it go, the current generations have.
  8. Well, it’s not true, whether you intended to deceive or not. If the point you’re trying to make is that leaving the EU has resulted in a stronger pound then the data clearly shows otherwise as we’re nowhere near pre-referendum levels. It has gone up since the end of 2020 though, hopefully it carries on rising as it’s become very expensive to buy from the EU now!
  9. Squaring for a tap in some kind of genius play according to Sky
  10. München is actually pretty hard to pronounce!
  11. It did your head in that it was pronounced correctly?
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