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  1. Must be nice to be able to afford £80 or so for a couple to watch a game, I’d rather be there than watch on tv but 1) can’t afford it and 2) it’s usually sold out. But thanks for patronising all those people and telling them they aren’t real fans. More and more people are having to use food banks just to feed their families so not sure how you expect everyone to be able to spend a fortune on tickets.
  2. Subs: Ward, Justin, Morgan, Gray, Albrighton, Iheanacho, Praet.
  3. On these channels. beIN 13 has English commentary
  4. Wait until Jan 2021 when the UK crashes out if you can, should get a decent rate
  5. It’s funny how policies that are considered just normal in many countries (i.e.) national public transport, which is brilliant and cheap in countries like Germany and the Netherlands, is widely considered “radical left” in the UK now. We actually already have nationalised trains, just that the nations of Germany, the Netherlands and France make loads of money from it and not the UK, which is fine :-/
  6. No doubt it was a thing in Leicester I just wonder if it’s died out now. The same with the accent which many people don’t seem to have much I guess often out of choice and also with the rise of non geographic and more sub culture based accents
  7. I’ve lived in Leicester all my life (south and south-east) and never heard anyone say m’duck barring a couple of times from older people, I’d never say it myself and don’t know anyone who would :-/
  8. danny.

    THAT goal

    So you think the next decade starts 2021, and we started this millennium in 2001?
  9. Schmeichel (c) Ricardo Evans Söyüncü Chilwell Ndidi Tielemans Maddison Pérez Barnes Vardy Subs: Ward, Justin, Morgan, Choudhury, Praet, Albrighton, Gray.
  10. danny.


    As long as the papers told the general populous it was in the interest of <make something up here> I doubt there would be much grumbling, just keep the political opposition silenced with made up racism stories or pictures of them eating a cheeseburger etc.
  11. danny.


    All their sources are linked, check it out for yourself? https://bylinetimes.com/2019/09/11/brexit-disaster-capitalism-8-billion-bet-on-no-deal-crash-out-by-boris-johnsons-leave-backers/ They are using https://www.research-tree.com/shortinteresttracker for data. Surely you aren't surprised this is about making the rich richer?
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