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  1. By Vikings you mean Saxons and Normans?
  2. You’ve totally missed the point, you’re not just paying for the cost of replicating or hosting, The Athletic has development costs, wages to journalists, marketing and all the other costs associated with a business. By mass pirating anything all you do is make the business model unfeasible and then you kill it.
  3. The Athletic is currently £1/mo so just subscribe if you want to read it, it's the same price as 1/4 pint of beer
  4. What the hell! And how did they miss so many!?
  5. Good, I really wanted him to do well but he’s useless, not like bringing him on ever achieves much
  6. FPTP is a grossly unfair system in terms of representation of votes compared to seats and representation in parliament. For example in 2015 the SNP got ~1.4 million votes and 56 seats, UKIP got ~3.8m votes and 1 seat. So 56 times the representation in parliament, for way less than half the votes. The SNP was close to, in terms of votes, the Green Party, who got ~1.1 million votes, but also just 1 seat.
  7. If Mendi carries on like this I can’t see N’Didi getting his place back
  8. No, it’s a team game with people always watching from the sidelines so it’s not possible for someone to play and never be seen live playing by others. Close thread.
  9. Yes, all the socialist governments have done a terrible job handling this - look how bad New Zealand is
  10. I always find Mr Sealey quit helpful
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