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  1. His grandad is from San Marino?
  2. Get a paid IPTV* subscription (you can get great ones for about £50 a year) and that will cover all your football and streaming needs! *it may or may not be legal :-/
  3. Schmeichel, Albrighton, Vardy, Simpson, Huth, Fuchs.. in that order. Albrighton is underrated but amazing.
  4. depends on the part of Leicester, north Leicester and the shire the accent sounds a lot more northern and it turns into a Lestoh, southern and more middle class areas the accent is more southern so Lestah sounds right.
  5. I find it completely hypocritical after their whole campaign has been based on narrative that Corbyn is a terrorist supporter. And nope, I didn't vote for the Greens.
  6. When a Tory is working with Northern Irish terrorist sympathisers that is OK - can't see you saying the same if Corbyn was doing this with Sinn Fein right now eh Matt?!
  7. Some nice artwork going up on the LCB depot buildings right now if you are in that area, Rutland St and Colton Sq
  8. I hope you pen a strongly worded [open] letter.
  9. You'd be better giving image dimensions and not filesize
  10. Mahrez looking good so far
  11. I like that you have fell out with genuine friends over the results of some football games
  12. It's like a thumbomiter
  13. God forbid you might have to learn a new word and expand your vocabulary into triple digits
  14. Not really a theory is it, just some mumblings
  15. as that looks like a woman, who isn't on a moped, then no I guess not