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  1. If we beat Utd today, then it will go a good way towards proving we can play with the best, and that the Chelsea Man Cty wins, and Liverpool draw, were less than a fluke than people think. It would leave us with just the problem of winning against the lesser teams, solve that, and we are on our way again. Short term it will also give the players sky high confidence in so many ways, so I think today, more than most, is MUST WIN.
  2. kick started the great escape, last minute winner against West ham. priceless goal for what followed
  3. You are so wrong it is possible to watch any 3.00 pm prem league game via a satellite feed , mostly the motd feed , all you need is a motorised satellite dish. Granted some times the feed is encrypted where to watch could be classed as illegal, but there is no way you could brought to account. Maybe 50% are not encrypted so no problem what so ever. Best bet is to google satellite forums and learn the techniques.
  4. i wonder if they used terroism laws as a reason to search him?
  5. you can bet 4/1 city bottom 10 at the moment
  6. Will never ever forget how brilliant you both were when we won the league, but now time has caught up with you both. From the bottom of my heart, a very big Thank you. You will never either be forgotten. Christian, when you slotted that ball for Vardy against Man U, that was as good as ever it could be.
  7. Fuchs James Gazell, oka, nacho half a team we get what we sow
  8. Could be a easy this one, their glory time zenith was Spurs the other year
  9. its estimated that punters lose over 300million each year cashing out football bets, its a real money spinner for the bookies. Most punters have not got a clue as to work out the real value of what a cash out should be, consequently cash outs are offered at vey poor amounts.
  10. if you read it on twitter, then he is faking it, I wonder why he would do that?
  11. Don't think Top would quibble with his wages as long he is a squad player, he helped win us the league. Top does not seem like a man to forget.
  12. Thing is with Gray he is improving slowly, but most can see how good he could become. One day I think something in his head is just going to click, and he will nail it. At the moment though he is infuriating with his inconsistency, Puel has tried giving him a prolonged run in the team, but seems to have abandoned the idea for now. His time will arrive.
  13. that is because we have won both games.
  14. If anyone is short of food in this day of age, then I think that they must have some bigger problems. Perhaps it would be better if these problems wee addressed first and foremost. We have all heard the old proverb about the fish.
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