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  1. but about 50 pages too late, the drivel posted on the ihaneacho thread is just pathetic, people posting nonsense page after page after page. Perhaps a look at how redcafe perform, and possibly aim to have the same the ouitlook as them towards posters suitability
  2. Probably the best prose ever witnessed on the forum, its brilliant. I love gardening and I can resonance with all his words, like a plant that blooms for one glorious summer, and you know that next year it cannot be , so saviour the moment, and when its over, you are able to look back with pride and passion. CR has expressed in a very special way. The man is, and will forever be, Mr Leicester CIty. Claudio, you are a shining star, Thank You
  3. no we dont
  4. you lot do understand that bookies charge you upwards of 10% of your bet value for using their cash out?, anyone with any sense uses an exchange for cashing out themselves. I have an app which shows in real time the true value of bet cash out which you can compare with what the bookie is offering. Can gain you many £s compared with the bookie cash out(its a bit like oddschecker)
  5. have hopes of top 6 this season, the buys look positive and a step apart from mid table teams. We get mcarty and we will be back to a run of the mill mid to lower table teams ambition wise
  6. is that 8pm in the uk, or kick off in asia time?
  7. spurs in a rush to get him, apparently they have borrowed tops copter for the day, and are using this to fly him down to London
  8. when I was young and nuts, we were nicknamed the "filberts"
  9. odds this year are just shy of 500/1, the same really except the last 0
  10. according to you that would make 461
  11. That's me finished watching Countdown, it makes no sense.
  12. no, owned by disney
  13. good luck teaching them to deal with machete wielding terrorists
  14. Its better than 99% of the drivel that I have read about City's wonder year.