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  1. I don't think a draw is any good against Liverpool, a loss to City and beat Liverpool would be better, win them both and we are for sure at the races, but first no slip up with Norwich is needed.
  2. bloody hell, he tapped him on the leg, in an act of petulance.
  3. At the moment Shearer is equal to Vardy in Premier titles won, Fa Cup wins , and League cup wins. Shearer lags Vardy in Champion League quarter final goals, but does beat him in total goals.
  4. I don't really think it was Rudkin's decision not to be buy a replacement for Maguire, If BR had wanted Dunk we would have had to try and get him.
  5. games lost, should read games drawn
  6. You really think that?, we are challenging the Champions of Europe for the premier title, won the last 8 matches ,including the most recent 4-1 away, a 9-0, a 5-0 , but you have reservations about playing Norwich at home? Do you actually watch our matches and comprehend, how good we are, compared with most teams?
  7. what you are saying is a bit like saying Barca are betta than Real, but yes I understand, fair play to you
  8. Let alone a Leicester player, . I think the only player in the Pl era, to come near him is Aguero for the other City. Some may say Cantona for United but for sure that is as far as the discussion gets. What a legend.
  9. simple really, are defenders allowed to stand on attackers feet? if they are not, it is a penalty. Anything that comes after is irrelevant. If it had been at Anfield, and it involved Mane, they would have given for sure.
  10. you got to give the Americans credit derided by a good % of people about everything, the same people who send them money each month for netflix, prime, Apple etc.
  11. Amazon Prime watch live .. Utter disgrace, 41 seconds behind the action. How can the get away with this sht? Obviously with the distribution, there is lag, but for comparison Sky 4 seconds, bt 3 seconds. Not good enough, by a long way.
  12. only two teams since the war have been drawn ouut first in he third round draw and gone on to win the cup. Maybe we can improve the stats.
  13. lIverpool are 1/2 favs to win the league Any one ever tried betting 1/2 favs?, plenty come unstuck. Let us hope this is one of those times.
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