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  1. Miami is greatest place I have ever been. People dismissing Miami, must have been to the wrong places, like visiting Leicester, and basing your opinion on a day visit to St Mathews.
  2. Today's game would have been serious setback with a loss, our aim in all honesty is a minimum of seventh, for that given today's opponents, a loss would have been a catastrophe. BR has gone with this hoping for a win, it hasn't worked, but the main objective was achieved. A big positive was Cag's performance, so much so that BR took protection for him off earlier than planned and became more offensive, a good pointer for future games. All in all, although the result was a little disappointing, I think the performance of HM replacement will more than makeup for today, over the season.
  3. @boubon fox, your prose is brilliant. You could find a vocation with proper sentences and paragraphs.
  4. car boot sale, a dish can be picked up for a £1
  5. a sky dish is pointing at 28 east, it is literally a 3 inch nudge to 42 east, and drop of 1 inch
  6. it is on trt sport satellite (42 east) and sport tv3 (30 west) both these sats are easy to pick up in the uk
  7. 90m or he stays, simple as Man u slowly coming to realise this
  8. what are you talking about? their worst is relegation, our best without the win, is second. What possesses people to write such shiit?
  9. people underestimate HM contribution to City. Many times a match he gains us ground with either dribbles, or long passes. We can say goodbye to top 6, unless Soy, or Benko, step up Spunking two thirds of what we receive on either Dunk, or tarko, will be an utter waste
  10. What people say and think are not always the same thing.
  11. From a purely footballing sense, City squad themselves must be highly excited and confidant for the coming season, just like us fans. The place must be buzzing. Contrast this with doubt and uncertainty over at manu.(an hot and cold Pog,niggling doubts about Ole, and worst of all unrest at owners intentions) The last must be a concern to Harry having experienced the different attitude displayed by Top, and Vichai,towards the club, than other owners. For all there history and prestige, Harry must be thinking is it the right time to go to utd? Maybe he is thinking lets give it year see how it unfolds with Ole, and if I am not happy in 12 months then I can push for a move.
  12. Agree with all that 49er, except i would put them all about equal, lose any of them and it will cost us points. That's why we should have tha adds on for lost points, in the utd and Harry situation
  13. If we sell Mags, it weakens us for qualifying for europe. Losing Mags could cost us very important points City should have an add on whereas if we miss europa by less than 4 point £20m less than 7 points, and they pay us £10m
  14. Just bumped into Johnny Johnson in the town, he is adamant that Maguire is staying.
  15. If the squad is finalised until september, how does eligibility work during August?
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