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  1. First goal conceded yesterday was SO SO avoidable. Cannot make my mind up as to why , firstly chilwell misjudgement, why on earth just stand and do nothing, no attempt to clear, must have just has a brain lapse. As for kasper, why is he not screaming at Ben to clear the ball?
  2. Betting Thread

    why does anyone bet in play with anyone other than exchange betfair? if the draw odds in play of 25/1 with skybet would be at least 33 and probablly 40 on bettfair surely most computers are able to have 2 browsers nowdays open at the same time. easy to check you are not being ripped off
  3. Betting Thread

    I think you can bet on a match to be a draw, I feel sure ladbrokes have odds like this, could be wrong though.
  4. Another Betting Partner - Ladbrokes

    that offer is rubbish and is aimed at fans not in the know about betting. Labrokes regulary have join offers of 50 free bet, and in comparision the above offer looks to have a value of around 20 And betting at the KP, or any ground, is just a rip off, where football fans are there just to be fleeced
  5. Optimism for the new season.

    its all in the past, a new dawn starting at the new Highbury
  6. first ever visit to filbert street was 3rd round replay againt barnsly(if i remember correct) won 2-1 and seem to remember extra time 1969
  7. well done mods

    but about 50 pages too late, the drivel posted on the ihaneacho thread is just pathetic, people posting nonsense page after page after page. Perhaps a look at how redcafe perform, and possibly aim to have the same the ouitlook as them towards posters suitability
  8. albrighton well done city
  9. Probably the best prose ever witnessed on the forum, its brilliant. I love gardening and I can resonance with all his words, like a plant that blooms for one glorious summer, and you know that next year it cannot be , so saviour the moment, and when its over, you are able to look back with pride and passion. CR has expressed in a very special way. The man is, and will forever be, Mr Leicester CIty. Claudio, you are a shining star, Thank You
  10. Betting Thread

    you lot do understand that bookies charge you upwards of 10% of your bet value for using their cash out?, anyone with any sense uses an exchange for cashing out themselves. I have an app which shows in real time the true value of bet cash out which you can compare with what the bookie is offering. Can gain you many £s compared with the bookie cash out(its a bit like oddschecker)
  11. is that 8pm in the uk, or kick off in asia time?
  12. when I was young and nuts, we were nicknamed the "filberts"
  13. odds this year are just shy of 500/1, the same really except the last 0
  14. Kasper Schmeichel

    according to you that would make 461
  15. http://southendnewsnetwork.com/news/diane-abbott-to-replace-rachel-riley-on-countdown/ That's me finished watching Countdown, it makes no sense.