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  1. treer

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    does not count, nothing to play for
  2. How is Ndukwu coming along injury wise?
  3. treer

    VAR to be used in PL from 2019

    Good chance we can finally beat Arsenal next season
  4. treer

    Ok two questions regards Top

    King Power is a company, why would it go to Vichai's wife?, I work for BT, when I die I dont think my wife will inherit BT
  5. the flower sellers must have made a good few bob, disgusting I say, they should have sold at cost.
  6. baltic sports is free to air on satellite 4.8 east spliler tv on satellite (subs)0.8 west These satellites are easily received in the UK, the equipment needed costs less than £100, and would give access to 99% of all matches. liveonsat.com/2day.php?start_dd=10&start_mm=11&start_yyyy=2018&end_dd=10&end_mm=11&end_yyyy=2018
  7. treer

    Plans for the flowers and shirts?

    I think there is no chance of the stadium being renamed, King Power suits the needs of the company, and is too well known to be messed with. It is nailed on that a stand, and( or) the training ground will pay respect to 'The Boss'
  8. treer

    Helicopter crash

    there are extensions to add to your browser which bypass paywalls this one is for firefox, find one that match your browser hxxx://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bypasspaywalls/
  9. leicester played a friendly at notts in summer, maybe they feel this in order as solidarity
  10. treer

    Thanks - Rival Supporters

    For a Sunderland fan to leave the winners shirt is amazing, incredible.
  11. probably this is the most offensive thread ever on FT, why dont the mods remove it? At this present time there are fans from every club visiting this site, what a load of garbage this portays to them, get rid of it.
  12. they will not rename the stadium, King Power as a brand name is all powerful
  13. You don't like her views, or the way she works, so you wish her dead???????