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  1. We have to have shakey or a real top guy, no good replacing with a run oft he mill manager who has has failed elsewhere. IF we cant get a top man let shakey have a go, Swopping shakey with Hodgson, Moyes etc would be just stupid, because we know where we would end up with the likes of them I would offer simone 10 million you get 3 years for a slimani
  2. wishing a player breaks his leg is out of order, even if he plays for spurs
  3. wow, Mahrez
  4. so you predict the same result, regardless whether a team is home or away, interesting theory on a match that.
  5. you do understand they are not allowed to do that, and they do it because 99% of the time they get get away with it. They are licensed by the uk gambling commision who would never rule a bet condition be cjhanged unless there was reason to suggest ilegal activity. I assume bet365 are saying they made a mistake in their pricing, well punters make mistake in their pricing forecasts nearly every bet, it is in no way a reason to change the terms of a bet.
  6. perhaps the gods are with us Quarter finalists, as good as we are at the moment, we went out on an high, gave it everything, on the night not a player could be faulted. If we had won, and played against ronnie ron tonight, maybe just maybe we could have been another Arsenal, ie embarasment tro the PL In hindsight, I am quite happy to have gone out on such a great high, without the adventure being sullied with a resounding defeat.
  7. how do you know this?
  8. not to get embarrassed in CL next season. " what with leicester spoiling the coefficint, we are better off out of it for a few seasons" said a seasoned Arsenal staff member
  9. isnt the sun a murdoch owned company?, the same as sky? so if banning the sun how would we stand the sky cameras at Kp?
  10. another night, we would have done it, what an effort. COYB
  11. how where we ahead twice?, do you mean at HT and 2.0?
  12. all i know is it was the greatest performance ever by LCFC,every single player was immense
  13. Really, well last round we lost 2-1, and that was claimed as a good result, so how 0-0 is terrible, I don't understand
  14. All we heard last year was how Leicester was gong to spoil the CL coeeficient for them. Well after tnights inept, cowardly, pathetic attempt in Germany, we would be doing them a favour, surely?