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  1. It's decision time, we all know at times Demari is brilliant, but wrong decisons and a little selfishness is massively holding the kid back. I think Demari's future, and chance to become a really great player, is how our manager see's him. Does he think he is worth persevering with, or is he a lost cause?, its a big call come season end for all concerned.
  2. yep, the titles and cups he won us was phenomenal,. miles better than Vardy will ever be
  3. went to that match, stood behind he goal, there was a tree in the middle oft the terrace
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/04/16/wes-morgan-the-making-of-the-leicester-city-captain/
  5. "stop to tell the bullshit" best ever
  6. In the modern era, has any club, ever unearhted, a bargain as good as Jamie, especailly when you include a PL title? The only only can I think of is Eric Cantona. Take a bow Jamie, THE Leicester City legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Are you having a laugh? Jamie's goals won us the premier league Jamie's goals made sure we stayed up in the great escape. And the best ever for me, was his goal against madrid, which to this day, the way we were performing, if we had got a bit of luck and got the second, we would have gone on to win the tie. Can you please tell, what Arthur's goals ultimately achieved for us? Thinking about it, fair play to you, your suggestion is obviously fishing, and you definitely caught me.
  8. I dont agree with people posting lists from bookies, quoting next manager odds. The odds are outrageous and akin to theft of inexperiened punters money, just the kind of person to bet on the next manger. If you want to bet on the manager the only palce for fair odds is betfair For example from the above list rogers is 11/4 betfair instead of 2/1 appleton 11/1 instead of 6/1 rafa 12/1 instead of 9/1 Do fellow forumite's, who like a bet a ,favour and post the correct odds(or nearly) from betfair
  9. Its no good getitng on the roundabout of failed managers, if we do we are just like any other team. We must remember we are special, there are not many other clubs that are havn't already won the Pl, going to win it in the future. The one we need is , all the others will be stop gaps and last no longer than Puel. Marco Rose, all the others will be stop gaps and last no longer than Puel.
  10. If we beat Utd today, then it will go a good way towards proving we can play with the best, and that the Chelsea Man Cty wins, and Liverpool draw, were less than a fluke than people think. It would leave us with just the problem of winning against the lesser teams, solve that, and we are on our way again. Short term it will also give the players sky high confidence in so many ways, so I think today, more than most, is MUST WIN.
  11. kick started the great escape, last minute winner against West ham. priceless goal for what followed
  12. You are so wrong it is possible to watch any 3.00 pm prem league game via a satellite feed , mostly the motd feed , all you need is a motorised satellite dish. Granted some times the feed is encrypted where to watch could be classed as illegal, but there is no way you could brought to account. Maybe 50% are not encrypted so no problem what so ever. Best bet is to google satellite forums and learn the techniques.
  13. i wonder if they used terroism laws as a reason to search him?
  14. you can bet 4/1 city bottom 10 at the moment
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