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  1. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    So so disappointed, the 2nd minute Vardy through on goal , cynical foul, bad for leicester, but shows ManC want to win at all costs. Their 2nd goal DEBRYNE 40 yard pass, should have been challenged by gray, who gave up, instead of clattering into the back of debrynee, and allowed debryne to run accosted and get on the end of a cross, and score unchalleged. They just wanted it more than us.
  2. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Maguire position looks to be in doubt, seems Puel has banned him foraging forward, without this, he is only average defender and nowhere near Morgan, Huth. Also Mahrez, would nearly have won the game had he passed in the first half. wonder why he didnt?
  3. Everton Fans Throwing Objects into the Family Stand

    how do you know he was 10?
  4. Decent restaurants in and around town?

    Anyone remember L'aperitif, just off the London Rd? They used to have a starter some kind cabbage and other in a dressing, served with pieces of bread. What was the starter called?
  5. Leeds Post Match Thread

    after slims miss, I was praying him to score for his confidence . as I think he thrives on scoring. SO pleased when he netted Also a word for Hamer his distribution was perfect and set up a lot of City possesin, just hope pep doesn't notice!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Leeds pre-match thread

    match is on eurosport2 denmark 4.8e novasport bulgaria 16e viasport norge 5.0e liveonsat lists all european football daily tv
  7. Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    opera browser has a built in vpn, is a paid vpn any better?
  8. Next City Manager?

    is it the same Giggs, that shag ged his own brothers wife? If so it is really is scraping the barrel.
  9. Huth

    yes, there are a few opinions about. Mostly the opinions are either morgan/huth or morgan/ maguire or morgan/ drag or huth/maguire or huth/drag or drag/ maguire
  10. City v The Baggies scoreline prediction

    7-3 skybet go 80/1 think it is good odds
  11. Hypothetical situation

    Pilus from the list, but concur with twws and wf
  12. Fosse man

    do you know, Nick Dundee?
  13. 5/4 with paddy POWER to play for leicester in Pl before jan 1st
  14. First goal conceded yesterday was SO SO avoidable. Cannot make my mind up as to why , firstly chilwell misjudgement, why on earth just stand and do nothing, no attempt to clear, must have just has a brain lapse. As for kasper, why is he not screaming at Ben to clear the ball?
  15. Betting Thread

    why does anyone bet in play with anyone other than exchange betfair? if the draw odds in play of 25/1 with skybet would be at least 33 and probablly 40 on bettfair surely most computers are able to have 2 browsers nowdays open at the same time. easy to check you are not being ripped off