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  1. you are little behind the times, we are already challenging for top 4,current odds are 3.6 (27%)
  2. you will be even more more angry if you watch this link,go the 85minute when it is still 1-1 http://fullmatchsports.com/liverpool-vs-leicester-city-full-match-highlights/?tab=second-half
  3. They are briliant, their knowledge and stats are superb, all they have to do is bet against Leicester with the bookies. If they are right they will clean up, if it is bullshit they lose, so simple.
  4. It is against uefa rules they were repimanded and warned not to, but still they did. Uefa need to do something, but it wouldn't be disgusting to the Turkish culture per se, unlike the Bulgarian behaviour, which would be seen as disgusting to the vast majority of Bulgarians.
  5. by the sound of it, they would be in a right mess if they had
  6. At this rate, in about 18 months when Utd realise how good Cags is, City will be in line for £200M
  7. yes, but by that time Liverpool had scored, so the full four minutes were not needed.
  8. treer


    This is what you get with weak referees, too timid to give the push on Soy, Hamza has seen this, and done something about it. Unfortunately it ended with him being booked.
  9. Ok I cannot spell, and you repeatedly spout garbage about rules of the game , even though you have been pointed to websites pointing out your mistake.
  10. you 're advice is great, but I am still pssed off with the ref . He was biased, soft pen, not making them retake, and calling a foul over in Peroz, when Vardy would have been through on goal in the 86 min cost us the win. i forget he also missed the push on Soy, but decided to book Hamza instead.
  11. why do you keep going on about VAR?, the ref should have seen it
  12. I don't think you understand the issue, it is not really that difficult. Here is a summary of what can happen( taken from the fa website) " If the outcome of the penalty kick is a goal, encroachment by an attacking player will result in the penalty being retaken" The referee missed or didn't care because it was Liverpool at Anfield in the last minute.
  13. More twaddle, that article makes no mention of encroachment, it is about goalkeepers.
  14. the thread is about the penalty goal, not the decision to award the customary anfield pen
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