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  1. Vardy

    I think we all know that Leicester are holding Vardy back, its tremendous credit to the man he has remained loyal.
  2. Burnley away match thread

    he didnt quite head the ball down enough, good effort though
  3. What did we learn today?

    that puel lives in a another universe, where Silva who would get into almost any other team in the PL usually starts on the bench or has a day off My God
  4. cannot be too dificult to mark a seaon ticket in some way
  5. why stamp peoples hand, and not the ticket?
  6. why not offer 10million

    I bet you lot havn't got a bitcoin between you
  7. why not offer 10million

    Why not?, nothing wrong with aiming high, its how things are improved, bow to no one, stick it to the bigger clubs. Owners made a point with Man city.
  8. why not offer 10million

    you got that wrong. think he is doing ok, Simeone though would be a different level
  9. For Simeone?, we spent 28 on slim, god only knows what we spent on Musa and the nacho man. A toatal of 40 over 4 years, who know what the man could achieve? Having said that I am happy with Puel, but if, and its a big if, the owners are even more ambitious than we think, it is the next logical step.
  10. Europa League

    Wellbeck is absolutely sickening, how can you do that to fellow professionals?
  11. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    City will buy Rondon, whether Wba get relegated or not.
  12. Jamie Carragher spitting

    Wonder what his children think of their dad spitting at a 14 year old girl?
  13. Jamie Carragher spitting

    Will the police pursue this? Would imagine he is guilty of battery, and if the child's age is considered could be even worse for JC
  14. how does 5 gate receipts from CL= 42% rise in ticket revenue