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  1. Haha I was as it happens! I think in the vast majority of situations it's more than adequate. There will be situations like today where the margin is incredibly fine but they're definitely the exception rather than the rule, and I'd sooner rely on the technology as it is than guesswork, which a lot of offside decisions historically have come down to. Think we'll agree to disagree on this one. I'm broadly in favour of VAR and though I agree there are problems with the way it's currently implemented, I'd rather stick with it and see if we can resolve them than chuck the whole thing away because it's not perfect.
  2. Can't agree, you're just changing one set of arbitrary distinctions for another. It's as clear as it can be - you're offside or you're not. Moving the goalposts and adding minimum distances, thicker lines etc is only going to muddy the waters further and I don't see that it would reduce the amount of controversy or uncertainty. If Son is visibly past the defender but still within the thick line and therefore given onside when he actually isn't, that's not a solution, it's a new problem. No matter how inaccurate the technology may be, it's still much more reliable than an assistant making split second decisions with the naked eye from the opposite side of the pitch.
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    Thought he did very well defensively especially considering the amount of times he was left 1v1 against Aurier. Still looked a bit hesitant going forward but I thought he linked better with Barnes than he has done previously. I remember him putting in a superb cross in the second half that nobody could get to. I think if we didn't have somebody as good as Ricardo on the other side, he'd be judged far less harshly.
  4. It must be very different for him going from playing off a proper target man in Rondon to trying to support a completely differerent type of striker in Vardy. I'm with you in that I don't think he's really a winger, though I wonder if it's worth trying him on the left cutting in as opposed to the right.
  5. I thought he was ok. A few loose touches and passes but he held the ball up well and played a part in a few good moves. Thought he was more effective overall than Barnes.
  6. There's no apparently about it, is there? It is a fact. Thicker lines wouldn't solve anything because you'll still be giving offsides for incredibly fine distances. All that changes is now you're giving offside because he's 1mm ahead of the magical thick line, not because he's 1mm ahead of the defender. I don't see how that's any fairer, or any better an application of the law.
  7. It would be alarming if he did say that but as far as I can tell he's not said that at all. The full story on the Mercury site (link) reads: "We played our way into the game and when we changed it, with the winger and putting James inside, we got a better link between the midfield and the front-line. I think it helped us but we couldn’t quite make the final pass." I.e. he says we were better when we brought Barnes on and moved Maddison back inside, not that playing Maddison wide gives us a better link/helps us.
  8. I think you might be surprised, there was definitely some of it the first time he came back here for Chelsea. Football fans are broadly quite thick and tribalism means a lot more to them than logic or reason
  9. I find it quite difficult to believe we didn't go all out for a good winger to be honest given that it's still the one obvious massive weakness in the squad. Perez was presumably an effort to solve that issue and the lack of backup/competition for Vardy in one convenient package but from what I've seen there's absolutely no chance he's a winger and I don't think he's got the physicality or skill set to lead the line on his own if Vardy gets injured. We hamstrung ourselves badly when we half-arsed replacing Mahrez last year and it's frustrating that we've essentially done it again, especially given all the talk of our supposedly massive ambition. (RE: Evans I agree completely and forgot to mention him.)
  10. If we're talking last season, could be any number of reasons - players getting to play under a manager they don't hate, Tielemans coming in and absolutely walking it, I've no idea. I don't think that run of form under Rodgers at the end of the season is representative of where we are as a team, just like the run under Shakespeare in 16/17 wasn't. I think if you see that run of form as the baseline then you're setting yourself up for disappointment. I also hope we go back to the 4141 sooner rather than later, I just don't think it's going to have as profound an effect as people seem to be hoping. If we play that formation from the Spurs game until the end of the season, there are still going to be games where we're too passive, where we show the opponent too much respect, where Tielemans and Maddison can't get into the game, where Vardy is isolated. I'd say it's more than a couple, personally. There seems to be a perception that we've a top six team on paper but I'm not sure how many of those teams above us would be queuing up to take anyone other than Ricardo, Tielemans, Maddison or Vardy. Choudhury and Barnes are two that stand out to me as having a reputation that exceeds their current ability, though as you say Chilwell could do with sorting himself out fairly quickly.
  11. Could it just be that we aren't actually that good? We're still a team with a lot of young, inconsistent players and a handful of very average ones. In reality, I don't think we're far removed at all from the dross you talk about. In the second half at Utd we went to the setup basically everyone agrees is our best and didn't have a shot on target. Maybe this is an overly negative assessment but so far this season we've looked intensely average and I just can't see that we're a change of formation and mindset away from strolling into the top six.
  12. The core gameplay is very fun but the story and world aren't particularly interesting. Basically when you're shooting something it's great and when you're not it's a bit dull. I bought it because I'd played a few too many 100+ hour epics recently and wanted something straightforward to blast through and it did a job in that respect.
  13. And what exactly do you think we are?
  14. Class how Walker was apparently left out because Southgate wanted to look at some different options, and then up steps Trippier. Real outside of the box thinking there, Gareth, hope you learned a lot from that bold experiment.
  15. How have you worked that out? He was first choice last season and there's not really any reason for that to have changed considering his competition is Luke Shaw (injured) and Danny Rose (shit). He was awful against Wolves but better against Bournemouth and created the opener. I know you have a personal dislike of him but I can't agree that he's a complete liability at all.
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