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  1. I was quite underwhelmed by the new St Vincent album initially but repeat listens have seen it grow on me
  2. ****ing hell it actually exists?
  3. Oh yeah it's still a positive change, won't deny that, but if the hope is that it's going to prevent marginal decisions then I don't think it's going to do so, nor can I see how it's possible to do so.
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    "Shit" is probably not entirely fair but as has been alluded to above it certainly didn't pull me in. It feels very unremarkable. Like 50% of games on the market it's an open-world action game with some light RPG elements, stealth, crafting mechanics and enemy camps to clear out, and like the other 50% it's got zombies. Early on you get given the reins for about a minute of gameplay at a time after which it fades to black for another cutscene. Worst of all, the main character is a moody cock who grunts every line of dialogue in between bursts of heavy breathing like a telephone sex pest. It ha
  5. It's not going to end armpit offsides at all because if somebody's armpit is fractionally the wrong side of this magic, thick new line, he's still going to be offside and people are still going to be upset about it. You can make the line as thick as you want but there's still going to be an arbitrary point where 1mm one side of it you're on, 1mm the other side you're off.
  6. I'm not getting carried away with any narrative. I hate the widespread use of the word "bottling" to mean anything short of total success. Sometimes teams achieve exactly what they're aiming to, most of the time they don't. They've had a pretty good decade or so punctuated by a few dodgy appointments and signings, so I'm not having that they're some sort of laughing stock because their owner is a melt and they fell away from a title race that they weren't really in to begin with. I agree completely.
  7. Think it's a bit early for the Spurs gloating frankly. We'd maybe have grounds to take the piss out of them for being #bottlers if we hadn't thrown away Champions League football twice in a row, or for being deluded if this forum weren't full of people who are convinced we're an established top four mega club having finished in the top four once. Given a full season without a manager who openly hates all his players, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they finish above us. It's not as if they're lining up Dave Hockaday, is it?
  8. Baked beans are the big one for me. Thought they were horrible mushy shite when I was younger, then tried them again a couple of years ago and saw the light. Less averse to onions than I used to be. Can't really think of anything I've gone the other way on. I used to like mangos, cherries and grapes before I became allergic to them but that's not really that I don't like them anymore, more that they cause me severe physical pain.
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    Got one of these from Game the other week and have enjoyed it thus far. Not got any of the big launch titles yet but the quality of life improvements (much quieter, quicker loading times and slicker UI) and back compat upgrades have made it worth the money for me already. Played Astro's Playroom which was a very pleasant surprise, a bit of Days Gone which was shit, and currently on Control which is terrific. Going to get back into TLOU2 in lovely 60fps next and then it'll be between another upgraded PS4 game I haven't played like Ghost of Tsushima or shelling out the big bucks for
  10. Well as reveal trailers go that was quite the spectacle. Very much looking forward to the gameplay on Sunday. I'm in the minority that preferred V to 1 and 3 to 4 - madness, I know.
  11. I've seen some very odd things on this site but the idea that he's in breach of contract because he's put his mate's shirt on is well up there
  12. I'm sure he worked exceptionally hard by the standards of the time. What that has to do with my argument I'm not so sure. I have watched that game by the way and one thing it demonstrates pretty conclusively is that football has progressed immeasurably since then.
  13. You're probably right and as you say it's a bit pointless trying to compare individuals between eras because the realities of being a footballer now and fifty or so years ago are completely different. Overall, however, I think it's indisputable that the standards today are much higher in a number of areas
  14. How anyone can seriously argue with this, especially the fitness part, is insane to me
  15. If you've watched Mahrez since about 2014 I don't know how you can say he's one-footed. He pretty regularly goes the other way onto his right nowadays and did so in his last few seasons for us as well.
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