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  1. Traore bullied out of that one. Got one on one against Tierney a few times but apart from that kept completely quiet, hence Wolves completely quiet too. Come on Watford
  2. Sadly you're wasting your time trying to convince this particular poster to stop whining about Chilwell and Maddison, no matter the circumstances
  3. Superb, basically single handedly stopped us getting penned in and two good assists to boot. More of that please Harvey lad
  4. Him and Perez are made for one another. The dream team 😍
  5. I never want to see Perez out wide again. So much more effective central
  6. Unfortunately that would require us getting players into the box
  7. You'll have to forgive my complete lack of faith in this team of total, total shitehouses
  8. Can you be arsed watching 60 more minutes of us slinging in crosses to their centre backs? Not convinced personally
  9. Delighted to read that Everton are the only team in the league who haven't won a penalty this season
  10. Suppose in a way it's comforting that at this rate it won't go down to the final day because on this evidence and that of the last few games, they would absolutely bum us.
  11. I can understand people getting wound up about it to a certain extent but the proper foaming at the mouth "get him out of my club" stuff deserves mocking in my opinion. I think the worst you can say is that he's a bit thick for not realising how it might come across, though I can see how it would be easy not to think of that when playing to an empty stadium.
  12. Play a system without wingers, start Iheanacho, apart from that I don't care
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