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    Wolves (A)..next up.

    Yeah and they're all a lot better than the ones we have. By that logic every game would end in a draw unless someone was sent off. Why should we have expected to beat Newport? We only played with 11 players, just like they did. One of the most illogical arguments I've ever read
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    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    He's almost certainly a better motivator and man manager but I still don't see that it would be anything more than a sideways (at best) move on our part. It'd be totally underwhelming - I can't see how the people slamming Puel for a lack of ambition could be happy with appointing a man who's left his (admittedly shit) team bottom, 8 points adrift of Neil Warnock's Cardiff. I don't think he's a bad manager by any means and he's done wonderfully well at Huddersfield, and I'm also wary of turning my nose up at potential targets as I don't think we're anywhere near as attractive a proposition as many think. That said, when Puel does inevitably move on I would hope we would be able to come up with a more impressive and imaginative replacement than Wagner.
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    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    You must agree that that's a very tenuous argument for replacing a manager currently on course to achieve successive top-half finishes with us?
  4. Guest

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    I'd happily wave goodbye to Puel in the event that we lined up someone who represented a clear improvement but this would categorically not be that.
  5. Irrespective of his performance as manager I think he's absolutely spot on with regards to the reality check. It may even be subconscious for some but the title win has massively distorted our perceptions of what our club is and what it should be achieving. It didn't suddenly transform us into a trophy-chasing top 6 team - maybe we had the chance to do that with the extra money and allure of the Champions League, but we didn't take it. We're a mid-table club in almost every way - acknowledging this isn't a failure of ambition, it's the reality. I was thinking about this the other day - what is it exactly, if not the title win, that makes people believe we're entitled to be finishing above the likes of West Ham, Watford and Everton? Our squad isn't markedly better, our stadium and facilities aren't any grander, our financial capabilities don't really dwarf theirs. There seems to be a perception that 7th is rightfully ours and to finish lower is unacceptable - why? Do you think fans of those clubs think the same? I'm not saying we should accept mediocrity forever and be content with finishing 8th-12th every season for all eternity. I want to see us progress and show ambition to better ourselves, to achieve things more than just treading water, but that ambition needs to be tempered with realism.
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    That Vardy dive

    What happened to taking retrospective action? Vardy's and Valery's were both so, so blatant but since they made an example out of Niasse I can't remember anyone being punished for it. I can understand to an extent referees and assistants being hesitant to give them because it's a big call, but there's no excuse for not punishing players retrospectively.
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    Wolves (A)..next up.

    These are basically the same as us in that they're effective on the break but don't really know how to crack the more defensive teams when they have to take the initiative - their solution is basically give the ball to Coady or one of the centre midfielders and let him thump a diagonal ball to the wing-back, rinse and repeat. It's going to be a shit game.
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    James Maddison Confirmed

    These bloody modern footballers with their selfies and tattoos. Back in my day they'd come off the pitch with concussions, go home and sink ten pints like real men
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    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Haha I suppose I am, really. He's certainly not the most well-rounded footballer I've ever seen. I just think if you're going to criticise him, criticise him for things that he's actually done wrong. Lack of movement, poor decisions, wasting chances - fair enough, that's on him. But there's no point having a go at him for not winning flick-ons against centre-backs - he's just naturally shit in the air, that's not really something he can change. It's like moaning at Albrighton for not beating his full-back for pace, he just can't do it. You'll be glad to hear I've now officially run out of ways to defend him. I just want him to do well. He's a young lad who got to come on and score tap-ins playing with some of the world's best players and winning trophies, and now he's second choice behind a 31-year-old with a dodgy groin and gets booed when he comes on. I imagine it's not just us who are disappointed with how it's gone.
  10. Guest

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I do largely agree with you even if my post may not have come across that way. He could clearly do more and there are times when he's stood still in the box just waiting for the ball to come to him, probably a remnant of playing with the likes of Silva and De Bruyne who could pick him out every time. It's frustrating but there's a general lack of intelligent movement throughout the team, from front to back. My point regarding Vardy was that I think most strikers, with the exception of players of his calibre, would struggle to make too much of an impression in this team playing alongside these players. With regards to the aerial thing, he's just not good in the air. I don't know why given his stature but he isn't. Wood and Slimani were similar - big lads who would routinely get beaten in the air by centre backs and consequently get moaned at. It doesn't help that our defenders seem to see a striker 6' or over as an open invitation to thump the ball towards their head repeatedly. He's not a target man, he wants the ball to his feet in the box. If we wanted an energetic, well-rounded forward to run in behind like Vardy does, we should have bought one. I completely accept that so far he's been a failure here bar some rare flashes of promise. I don't accept that it's all down to an absence of ability or application on his part. If we move him on - presumably at a sizeable loss - and replace him without bringing in e.g. a quality central midfield passer and a creative winger, I don't think we're really solving any problems.
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    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    I'll continue to defend him despite his increasingly underwhelming record here because his main attribute is his finishing and he's rarely presented with anything resembling a clear chance. I can only remember one against Newport and even that was the ball dropping out of the sky on the turn after the defender made a mess of it. The extent of his involvement in that game was getting the ball pumped up to his head by our brain-dead backline and getting bullied by the centre backs - I'm not having that as his fault. If he was consistently wasting clear chances then fair enough but he isn't. Like Silva and Iborra, he's obviously not a bad player but we play in a way that exposes his deficiencies. He doesn't have the attributes to go chasing in behind or bullying defenders but that's interpreted as him being lazy. We don't provide service for our attackers and it's testament to Vardy that he scores as regularly as he does. A striker who can reliably score goals in a team as creatively impotent as this will a) cost more than we can afford and b) not want to sit on the bench behind Vardy.
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    Iborra Joins Villarreal

    He was ok and came across like a nice bloke. Good to see he's already being rewritten as a creative genius who scored from every corner
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    Newport away match thread

  14. Guest

    Newport away match thread

    Between them I don't think I've seen him, James or Simpson successfully control a ball all game. Pinging off them into the air every time, incredible
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    Newport away match thread

    Makes you wonder why Simpson and Morgan persist in clipping high balls up to him when the centre back is better in the air than him