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  1. Think the primary effect will be loads of people throwing their hands in the air and screaming about the game being ruined every weekend
  2. Not sure if this is the right place for this but it seems a US sports site called The Athletic is making a big play for the UK football journalism market. Subscription-based, recruiting a few big names from the big papers as well as a host of local journalists. More info here. I assume this is the opportunity that Rob Tanner left the Mercury for. Any of our American members know much about the site? Anyone interested in a subscription model for their football coverage?
  3. Isn't that exactly the situation as we already understood it? He'd quite like to go to either club but until they pay the asking price, he's not going anywhere
  4. Guest


    £40m for Dunk is a better deal than £80m for Maguire imo. Our method this window seems to be identifying targets early and stumping up whatever it takes to bring them in, rather than haggling or shopping about for a better deal elsewhere. If he's the one Brendan and the gang want in, then pay the money.
  5. Reporting restrictions were in place until the end of the trials, so either his research wasn't especially thorough or he somehow believed that live streaming himself confronting the defendants as they were about to enter court would not constitute a breach. Can't say I've seen the videos but the judge said the confrontation was aggressive in nature and that he was encouraging "vigilante action" from his followers, which I imagine was taken into account. Whatever his motive, it was a pretty stupid thing to do and the type of thing an actual trained journalist would know not to do.
  6. As far as I can see it's the one glaring weak point in the squad. We've had a superb window thus far in terms of bringing in exactly what we need but our wingers don't produce enough in terms of goals or assists. Rodgers is obviously a good coach and improver of players but I seriously doubt he's going to suddenly turn Gray and Albrighton into regular goalscorers or Ghezzal into a reliable top half winger. I think it's also a pretty big ask for Barnes to shoulder the burden alone in what will be his first full season at this level. Get a good winger in, sell some of the unwanted fringe players and we've had as close to a perfect window as possible for me.
  7. Guest

    A. Perez

    It means the club has another £20m to spend on players, staff, wages, whatever. What's not to get?
  8. Guest

    A. Perez

    Both right and it's definitely good to have players who are genuinely effective in multiple roles as opposed to someone like Gray, who can at a push play central but never looks natural. Having thought about it more I think this is the only sensible route to go down with regards to signing a striker - someone who can complement Vardy and play alongside/behind/wide of him as well as step in for him if necessary, rather than bringing in an out-and-out no.9.
  9. Guest

    A. Perez

    Whenever I've seen him he's been playing just off the striker, which makes me worry that our solution to our winger shortage is to move Maddison wide permanently and have Perez behind Vardy. Might not be the case but he's not an obvious first team winger signing, nor is he going above Maddison in the no.10 pecking order. All conjecture on my part and he's a tidy player, but I don't really see where he fits in apart from as a bit of a jack of all trades rotation option.
  10. Guest

    A. Perez

    Wouldn't mind this, never struck me as an outstanding player but it can't be easy to stand out in a negative team where your job is basically to collect knock-downs from hoofs up to Rondon. Gets a few more goals in the team which can't hurt. I've always had him down as a second striker in the Okazaki mould rather than a winger, but if he can play both then great.
  11. If we sell Maguire and get Dunk/equivalent for less than half the fee then that's outstanding business
  12. They do if you know where to look - Ricardo would be the obvious example of a player who satisfies my criteria of being an established quality player and yours of being relatively cheap and young. I'm not saying we suddenly start spunking hundreds of millions on galacticos, but I'm absolutely convinced that we could use that money to leave the squad in a better overall state. That doesn't mean we stop buying young talented players on an upwards trajectory - if anything, it means we can buy more of them and we don't have to rely on hoping punts for players like Ghezzal come off. We buy a Ricardo for every position, if you get my drift. I should make it clear - if Maguire stays I'll be very pleased. I love watching him and it'd be a shame to see him go. I still think it'd be a mistake to turn down a massive offer when there are areas of our squad that could really use the investment.
  13. We need to spend regardless though. If Maguire goes for £80m+ then we can budget for a couple of genuinely quality players in addition to Tielemans, rather than having to penny pinch and try to bring in a bargain here and there. Just keeping the squad together isn't enough, you have to keep moving forwards and improving it season after season. The bigger your budget, the more straightforward that ought to be. I could understand it if our squad was already blessed with great depth and balance but it really isn't.
  14. Guest


    He wasn't our worst signing that season, let alone of all time. He might not even be our worst Algerian signing ever.
  15. Based on the Forest job alone, no, but the last job of his I think you can consider an unqualified success was Celtic and he left that nearly 15 years ago. Villa he broadly did well but the level of spending (not necessarily all his fault) harmed them in the long run without anything tangible to show for it. Sunderland he started well but they collapsed the following season and he was sacked after 8 winless games and a point above the bottom three. Ireland he did coax some great results out of a pretty limited bunch but him and Keane ended up souring the atmosphere and some of the stories about training and match preparation made it sound pretty amateurish. His man management capabilities aren't in question but it could be that he's finding, like Mourinho has to an extent, that he's now having to deal with a totally different breed of player and his methods don't have the impact they used to. Combine that with the apparently very turgid football his teams have been playing recently and it does look like his best days are well behind him.
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