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  1. Give me Hummel for some sweet sweet chevrons
  2. It would be very interesting to see what he can produce working with a group of players who don't shit themselves every time they get into the box
  3. Sign him up sign him up sign him up
  4. That is lovely. The perfectly weighted pass, the look of resignation on Dunk's face as he realises it's gone straight through to the best finisher the league has ever seen, the audacity to make the keeper step to the right and then dink it into the top corner. Unbelievable
  5. Well it's such a great question, I suppose it really does need asking
  6. I think the argument was that he was one of the worst players to ever wear the shirt, which isn't quite the same as whether or not he's in our top five right backs in the Premier League era
  7. You're really letting yourself down if you're not changing "it's raining men" to "Israeli men" at every available opportunity imo
  8. Well it's not tantamount to that. By going man-to-man you are committing yourself to a direct physical battle with your opponents. Our regular starting line up has, I would say, three players who are quite good in the air - whichever two centre backs start and Wilf. That's it. Against any team with a bit of height about them we're going to see mismatches whichever system we use. Neither system is flawless, because if it were, every team in the world would use it and there'd be no debate. I'm not saying zonal marking is the right way to defend set pieces and I won't pre
  9. The ideal compromise is that we just win every game. Hopefully this is something Rodgers and his team can look into for next season
  10. I don't think there are too many deficiencies in our game that you could put down to poor coaching but it's a fair question, especially where set pieces are concerned. I can't remember another period when we've looked so vulnerable defending them and so toothless attacking them. Even when we take one short (which I know gets some people rattled but I personally quite like) it's painfully obvious that there's nothing even vaguely resembling a plan or strategy in place, we're just making it up as we go. I guess the obvious counter argument is that with less time between games we're prioritising
  11. Thankfully, at the end of the season they will also take into account the previous 24 games, as well as the next 11
  12. Who do you think has looked the better footballer tonight between him and Vardy?
  13. Mistake and miss aside, the positions he takes up when our defenders and midfielders have the ball are really something. It's like he's deliberately trying to make it as difficult for them to keep the ball as possible
  14. Fingers crossed Hamza gets hooked early in the second half and launches into a reducer on Dyche as he's leaving the field
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