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  1. We need to ship him out for his own good as well as ours. I can't see that he's improved at all over the last few years and now in the few minutes he does get, he's totally anonymous and looks in no danger whatsoever of making a positive impact. I'm less convinced every time I see him that he'll ever be good enough for this level - let him go and kick start his career somewhere else.
  2. Not a good watch by any means for the vast majority of the game but a win is always nice. Chilwell I thought was much improved and probably our best player overall, not that there was a great deal of competition in that particular field - I'd probably have Praet closest. Gray genuinely might as well have not been there. Albrighton wasn't much better but at least came away with an assist. Wilf looked a bit rusty and Ricardo had a poor game by his standards, with the exception of the goal which was a superb header. Hopefully the knock Evans sustained and seemed to run off doesn't develop into anything more serious. Hopefully the win goes a long way to rebuilding confidence, though I did also hope the goal itself might do that and instead we ended up hanging on somewhat which was a bit concerning.
  3. That fight was absolutely hellish. Think I ended up just repeatedly teleporting him away to relative safety while the rest of my party stood there trying to tank all the fire. Why is it whenever a game asks you to escort or protect an NPC they have to be either completely thick or borderline suicidal? Very much looking forward to BG3 despite having no real knowledge of the originals. Think I read an interview the other day that suggested it'll be ready for early access within a couple of months. The part of me that knows it makes more sense to wait until the full release for a complete/fully functional experience is almost certainly going to be overruled by the inner child in me that wants everything right now.
  4. For what it's worth, I've always heard "when the going gets tough, get involved" which I acknowledge isn't the most likely option
  5. Can't help that none of our attackers can be relied on to take on/beat players 1v1 and actually create things. Gray won't, Albrighton won't, Perez won't, Vardy won't, Iheanacho won't. Barnes has the pace and directness to do it but seems better when he's got space to explode into rather than when he's actually got to face up to his man and go past him. If Tielemans and Maddison both aren't on it and can't get to work dictating the game and breaking the lines then there's basically no risk of us penetrating unless Ricardo runs sixty yards and skins everyone, which is a fairly big ask. We seem reliant on cute and precise passing but if the players we depend on to play those passes are out of sorts and the tempo is way down, it's not happening.
  6. Well, that and the small matter of his having brought us to this position in the first place. If we hadn't had such an outstanding first half of the season then of course he'd be getting a lot more shit...but we did have an outstanding first half of the season, under his management. If this form continues for much longer then I assure you the criticism will be anything but limited.
  7. Which we have largely failed to do since before Christmas. Of course all teams go through spells of poor form but by my reckoning ours has lasted about two and a half months, and you can't say we're offering much in the way of compelling evidence that we're about to reverse it. I admire your unflinching optimism but I don't see how you can look at some of these performances, both individual and collective, and not be pretty seriously concerned.
  8. I don't disagree at all but that last line has got me in bits here
  9. Grim. As against Man City, the reaction to conceding was absolutely horrific. Chilwell for their goal produced the single most half-arsed bit of defending I think I've ever seen, totally unacceptable. Choudhury is nowhere near up to scratch and none of the wingers in our squad should realistically be anything more than rotation options. Champions League chasing team desperate for a goal bringing on Marc Albrighton, **** me. It's a massive concern how mentally fragile we seem and how easily we roll over when things don't go our way. Positives: Wilf is back, Iheanacho took his non-goal very nicely and I don't recall seeing Kasper shank a pass straight to an opposition forward, which is refreshing. As an aside, I can't remember ever watching Craig Pawson referee a game and coming away thinking he'd done anything other than a really pathetic job. What a smarmy **** he is.
  10. Apart from the things he's done well, he's done nothing well
  11. Offside is indeed measured from the very first point at which the passer/teammate touches the ball. Not sure how long that's been the case but it definitely is now. Dale Johnson is worth a follow on Twitter if you're after clarifications on laws and decisions
  12. I'm currently enjoying Fire Emblem at the minute as well. Not sure I've completely got my head around all the nuances of the combat, stats, classes etc. yet but it's good fun and quite rewarding developing your students
  13. Pretty much agree with this. I love him to bits but I'd rather we let him move on with our blessings and get a left back who we can rely on to really challenge Chilwell for his place, or potentially replace him.
  14. It is a bit strange and hardly something worth getting wound up over. I've never lived in Leicester and maybe as a consequence of that I've always referred to us as Leicester, never as City.
  15. I don't know, I've grown to really love the sense of anticipation/rising dread you get when you try to work out whether or not the teams are going to come out in time to beat the coconut shell horse part
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