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  1. That is the directive elsewhere and should be here, but in their infinite wisdom Mike Riley and his boys have decided that we're going to do it differently. That said, it will have been drilled into the players before the season started that this was going to be the case and they should play to the whistle above all else. If I were Wilder I'd probably be more worried about how his defence and goalkeeper have seemingly forgotten a piece of advice that basically every kid who's ever played football knows to follow.
  2. The Xhaka, Luiz and Sokratis triumvirate is absolutely hellish
  3. Like watching Brighton. If Rodgers does leave in a year or two then Potter is someone I'd want us to be looking very closely at
  4. Same here. He's absurdly well-rounded. Rapid, strong, great tackler, great dribbler, two footed, good at passing, good at crossing, good at finishing, good at everything. Always makes me laugh when we're coming to the end of the game, everyone's knackered, he receives the ball and just sprints around breezing past players like he's only just come on. I think I'm in love
  5. It worked really well for me. My connection's not exactly rapid but the stream didn't buffer once and only occasionally dropped down into lower quality, and even then it was only ever for a few seconds. Wasn't massively innovative or anything but they've obviously tried to focus on providing a really solid core experience rather than trying to wow everyone with gimmicks
  6. If you're concerned at all about having your match day experience spoiled, I recommend you never go anywhere near the godforsaken match thread
  7. This is interesting to see as I thought during the game that Iwobi and Sidibe seemed to be receiving the ball on our left hand side and immediately being in a 1 or 2v1 with Chilwell. Barnes playing high up the pitch and Maddison drifting well inside would explain this
  8. What's wrong is that a worryingly large proportion of this forum is suddenly in the grip of a massive persecution complex and for some reason interprets every article or headline that doesn't read "LEICESTER ARE THE BEST EVER" as a disgraceful attack on our great club
  9. It does happen in every game yeah, but managers don't typically make a point of mentioning it. If Guardiola or Solskjaer came out after a game and publicly said to the fans "don't leave early" it would 100% be reported. Besides that, the article frames it as more of a compliment about our energy levels and commitment to an attacking mentality than a criticism of the club or fans
  10. To be fair it's not as simple as "contact = foul, no contact = dive". I don't think you'll ever see VAR give an incident like that as a foul, but Holgate doesn't get near the ball and then essentially puts Chilwell in a position where he has two options - get out the way or get his legs kicked out from under him. In hindsight he should probably just do the latter and get the penalty but if someone tries to kick you, your instinct is to move.
  11. And if he'd said "I'm not prepared to discuss the terms of my contract or any potential clauses in it" you'd be saying that's a definite indication that there's an exit clause in it and he's definitely leaving. He's said he's committed to the club, his focus is very much on Leicester, he absolutely loves it here, he wants to continue here and he's got no possible reason to leave or look elsewhere. What about that is unclear?
  12. There was a very good article about a month ago by Ken Early that, among other things, talked about how fan attitudes in general have become more negative over time. There was one passage in particular that immediately made me think of some of the criticisms made of Maddison ("thinks he's better than he is", "show pony", "Beckham wannabe") and Chilwell ("brainless", "only cares about his hair and clothes" etc.): "For many the football club has assumed a grossly inflated importance in the construction of their personal identity. The result is a lot of stressed-out people, simmering with latent anger, who take what is happening out on the pitch far too seriously. Then consider the changing relationship of the fans to the players. There has always been a complicated love-hate dynamic to that relationship, because at some level fans can never forgive players for living the dream they couldn’t live themselves, for being the ones who are out there under the lights while they, the fans, huddle in the shadows with all the other nobodies. But at least in the 1970s and 1980s, the fans on the terraces and the players on the pitch still had important things in common. On average they were about the same age, and they lived more or less similar kinds of lives. In 2019 the average Premier League supporter is a man in his mid-40s, thickening in the middle and thinning on top, while the players are 20-something millionaires. Young, fit, beautiful, famous and rich – it’s hard to imagine a more offensive combination of qualities in the eyes of a middle-aged man."
  13. Would you be more happy if he said something along the lines of: "Why would I want to leave Leicester City at this time? I am very happy so would have no need to look elsewhere." Or maybe: "I am happy here. Very happy here. I feel I want to continue with that."
  14. Yeah absolutely, I'm not saying I'd drop him necessarily or that he doesn't deserve to be starting. He's probably our best option in that position at the moment unless Gray's upturn in form continues, and I hope the experience of being a regular starter helps him to keep improving.
  15. I'm inclined to agree. I like him, he's got a lot of ability and I'm sure he'll carry on improving but there are too many games where he's ineffective at the moment. I think his pace and directness make him an ideal impact sub and in time I can see him being a terrific player, I just don't think he's ready to be a starter for a team challenging for Europe yet.
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