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  1. Superb. Looked so much more confident and linked very well with everyone around him. Go on lad
  2. I'm no master lip-reader but I think I can just about make out what he mutters to the ref beforehand as well what a bloke
  3. I'm hearing Man City are in for him as their long-term De Bruyne replacement
  4. Why are those the only two viable options when the third option i.e. a back four with one holding midfielder has seen us to second in the league?
  5. I thought he was completely anonymous at West Ham, can't remember him doing anything all game
  6. Guest

    Jarrod Bowen

    He strikes me as essentially being the winger version of Jordan Rhodes. Much rather we brought someone in who can carry the ball and reliably beat a man. I'd be happy to take a punt if we were looking for a rotation option to fill out the squad but like you say, I would hope we can aim a bit higher
  7. In no particular order: Red Dead Redemption 2 Mass Effect 2 Bloodborne Divinity: Original Sin 2 Borderlands 2 PUBG Stardew Valley The Witcher 3 The Last of Us Battlefield 3 Sure there's plenty I've forgotten or missed out as well!
  8. He's a bellend. One of the best things about us getting promoted was that if we were away or you couldn't get to a home game, you no longer had to rely on him and his inane, pointless rambling about sandwiches or haircuts and could instead find a way to watch it yourself. It's a shame that whenever we become a national news story he seems to be every media outlet's go-to "Leicester man"
  9. I love the guy. There's something about his constant deadpan expression and his weird jerky running style that I find very endearing. Glad he's turning things around as I imagine I'm not alone in thinking we'd seen the last of him and he'd be gone in January. Not the perfect player but we don't need him to be, we need him to work hard, link play and score goals and that's exactly what he's done when given the chance. Long may it continue
  10. Very proud watching that. Kept the ball much better than I expected us to. Don't think anyone let themselves down really but Evans, Justin, Mendy and Perez were particularly impressive, Gray took his goal very well and Albrighton looked a threat throughout though waned a bit in the second half. Good performance, great result.
  11. I was questioning the suggestion that Perez isn't a goal-scoring winger but Zaha is when their scoring records over the last couple of years are very similar. Is that OK?
  12. What have you seen from Zaha to suggest that he's any more of a goalscorer than Perez?
  13. In all probability these will end up finishing within a few points of one another, but I know which team I'd sooner watch every week
  14. He is beginning to worry me a bit. It seems like if he comes up against a defender who's vaguely quick and decent in 1v1s he's unable to really affect the game. His off the ball movement doesn't look great and he wasn't any help defensively yesterday either. If he's not given space to break into, I'm not entirely sure what it is that he offers the team, especially when his finishing seems to have completely deserted him. There's usually an occasion or two every game where the ball will drop loose in the box and he won't quite have read it in time, and you'll see how frustrated it makes him. I understand that might be a pretty harsh assessment and I don't dislike him at all, he looked superb at West Brom and was a breath of fresh air when he came back last season. I hope Rodgers and the coaches can help get him back on track sooner rather than later, for his good and the team's.
  15. As @henrik_62 says, I think we probably look a decent proposition at present for young players, whether from the academy or bought from another club. I certainly can't see that we're particularly bad at giving opportunities to our academy players in comparison to other clubs. The chances of progressing from the academy to regular first team football at any Premier League club are incredibly slim. I seriously doubt that any of them will ever be anything like regular goalscorers in the Premier League. That's not a slight on them, on our academy or on our coaches, it's just probability.
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