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  1. Why would he be? Not having a pop at you or anything and I like the guy, but he's not as good as the players being picked ahead of him.
  2. I can get right behind criticisms of Dier but Henderson really isn't a bad player at all. He's basically had to reinvent himself under Klopp as well from an all-action box-to-box midfielder to a much more disciplined one in a holding role. Played very well tonight and all things considered he's probably the best all-round centre midfielder we've got.
  3. It would, but the stat in reference to Maddison was "goals directly from free-kicks". If we got a free-kick in a wide area, crossed it in and scored, you could reasonably describe that as being a goal from a free-kick, but not a goal direct from a free-kick. I think. Similarly a header, volley, scramble etc. is a goal from a corner but not a goal direct from a corner. Direct to me implies it goes straight from the boot of the first player to touch the ball into the goal - allowing for deflections and so on. It is a pedantic way of looking at it but in my mind at least there's a clear distinction. I think it's more mud than water at this point.
  4. The ball is passed to him and he shoots. Doesn't matter how far the pass travels, it's a pass and therefore it's not a shot direct from the free-kick. With reference to the post above about corners, if you take a short corner, the player receives it, shoots and scores, it's not a goal direct from the corner.
  5. Any player who shows any sort of self-confidence or doesn't spend all game sprinting around the pitch like a lunatic must be lazy and arrogant unfortunately. It's the Leicester way
  6. Guest


    I like him and hope he's still got a part to play. He's unremarkable but tidy, was excellent at the beginning of the season and has made a positive impact when coming on recently. Think views of him are coloured a bit by the perception of him being "Puel's man", so to speak.
  7. I imagine there's an awful lot that's beyond you. He clearly isn't a prima donna? So his attitude's fine, then? Your opinion of his attitude and supposed ego is also about as far from being a fact as is actually possible, which is impressive.
  8. If we bring in a winger on a similar level to Ricardo then we're pretty much set in my opinion. It's the one glaring weakness in our starting lineup. The team that started at the weekend with the addition of a top quality winger to play on the right and possibly Benkovic would be a genuinely exciting prospect.
  9. I know it's in vogue to slag off our young players because they're not already the complete footballer at the age of 22/post too much on social media/care about their appearance but even so I'm quite surprised by the continued criticism of him. Quite aside from the "he's one of our own" factor, he's been one of our better players this season and is probably one of the first names on the team sheet. He's not the finished article by any means and there are some areas of his game he needs to work on, but how many 22-year-old left-backs (or players in general) in the world is that not true of?
  10. Grim isn't it? 1-13 on aggregate over the last four games. Not sure what's worse, that or failing to beat Bournemouth in the top flight in seven attempts
  11. Finish 7th or 8th, have a good go at one of the cups, don't get battered home and away by Palace
  12. It's one of the most blatant red cards I've ever seen
  13. In his first season he contributed either a goal or an assist every 113 minutes. He certainly wasn't worth the money but equally he wasn't an awful player by any means. We overspent on an effective but limited striker without giving any real consideration for how he'd fit into our team and style, which wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't then done the exact same thing the next season with Iheanacho
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