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  1. 23 goals and 20 assists for a bang average team over the last two seasons isn't bad for someone awful, is it? Must also be imagining the goals he scored against Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs. Fair enough if you don't like him for whatever reason but those criticisms are just plainly not true
  2. Guest

    Söyüncü Signs

    Part of me wants to point at Fabinho and Robertson at Liverpool - and perhaps Albrighton for us - and make the case for players being introduced slowly, but for him to only make the bench once in the cup and have played no minutes at all is odd. I'd be hugely surprised if the language thing was the real issue, he went straight into the Freiburg team after signing there so he can't be that bad at adapting to new languages/teams/cultures. Granted, he only arrived on deadline day and apparently had a knock about that time but Puel reckoned he was "fit and ready" in mid September and it'd be nice to see some evidence of that. If he's not in the squad during Wes' suspension then I think we can officially start to worry.
  3. He's having a word with his mate, what do you want him to do? Deck him because his team had the nerve to come and beat us? Give him the silent treatment? A lot of people seem to have a problem with players covering their mouths. They do it because they know there's an army of sad acts on the internet who think they can judge a player's character and motivations by their body language and things they appear to say on the pitch. Have a go at him if he spends the game pissing about with his arms folded, not when he has a chat with his mate after the game.
  4. Looked good again and a real shame that shot of his didn't find the top corner. For him and Mendy to be two of our standout players this season so far is pretty remarkable. I worry about the amount of responsibility he's being given on the left though. With Maddison essentially still playing as a 10 he's always got so much to do when he gets the ball. Too many times he got the ball in their half on the left but had to check back because there was absolutely nothing ahead of him.
  5. Guest

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    I don't understand why he insists on getting so tight to his man right on the halfway line. Whether that's his decision or Puel's instruction it's ****ing stupid. He's nowhere near mobile enough to get away with it and the amount of times Richarlison spun him was embarrassing. I've been a staunch defender of his and think he's come in for some unwarranted criticism but his sending off killed the game for us when we were well in the ascendancy. 2 reds already this season is unacceptable from someone whose responsibility it is to lead the team and set an example. Evans has got yet another chance to secure himself a place and I really hope he takes it.
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    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Rocket League is the tits, so simple yet so entertaining. Considering it was free at launch I've had so much fun with it
  7. Guest

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Barring an absolute disaster (e.g. a long term injury to Maddison) I'd leave him there for the season. He's playing well and obviously enjoying himself. He's never had a proper full season at one team as far as I'm aware so a full season starting in a successful team ought to do him the world of good. If he's in double figures by January it's obviously tempting but all it takes is one or two below par games for us and then he's back in the U23s for 6 months.
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    Time for a Puel in thread.

    Mate I've not said anything about the style. I like Puel and what he's trying to do. We are steadily improving but off the ball movement is still an issue and the reason why we sometimes look so ponderous in possession. By intelligence I quite obviously meant in a footballing sense, as in knowing which runs to make and anticipating where your teammates will be. Why you think that's retarded I'm not sure, feel free not to clarify because I don't care
  9. Guest

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    Genuine question, do you think that's an issue with coaching/tactics or the players just not having the intelligence and vision to make the runs off the ball? You're right that it's been an issue for a while and needs to improve, but I think it predates Puel. Obviously at the height of our powers in 15/16 we looked very fluid at times but prior to and since then, we've had the same problem with breaking teams down. Either way it's going to take time to rectify. It could be that as the team continues to adapt to Puel's tactics and methods and the likes of Maddison and Iheanacho gel together, we see an improvement. Alternatively, it might just be that we need to recruit more intelligent and dynamic players. I've no idea.
  10. Guest

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Full credit to Morgan for that win, he picks the team after all. Amartey, Maguire and Mendy superb, not much came off for Ricardo or Iheanacho but they ran themselves into the ground. Good performance, good win.
  11. Guest

    Newcastle Away Match Thread

    Probably the team I'd have gone with to be fair. Ideally I don't think any of us would have Morgan starting regularly in the PL but it's not as though we've got Beckenbauer and Bobby Moore waiting in the wings is it? Soyuncu by all accounts isn't quite ready and Evans hasn't exactly made himself the first name on the team sheet. Please please please start the game well lads.
  12. Well we've won a couple of games so the usual stuff about his tactics and us keeping the ball can't be trotted out, hence why we're back to his language and media skills
  13. Guest

    Adrien Silva

    I'm so desperate for him to succeed here but every time I see him play he doesn't seem any closer to doing so. Things like his wayward passing and occasionally dwelling on the ball too long might be ironed out through sustained runs of matches but there's just absolutely no reason to give him that at present. Not going to write him off altogether because somewhere in there there's obviously a very talented player but it's very difficult to see him becoming a regular in this team.
  14. Guest

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Guess everyone, including the commentator, missed the ref giving the foul on Ricardo then? Clearly heard the whistle go, well tracked
  15. Guest

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    It's more adventurous maybe but not sure it's better exactly. Case in point both of them trying to play the exact same forward pass and failing in the space of about ten seconds