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  1. Yes. But hey, he'll always be remembered for dribbling the ball 25 yards only to be completely blown off of it to the commentator's OTT yells of "McManaman.....ohhh" when playing for England. And never winning a PL title. He's just jealous.
  2. Yes!!! That's what happens when Leicester play on either my birthday or anniversary!!! Sorry there's only 2 a year! More importantly a gritty home win against a side on the up in Southampton. Hopefully gives us the momentum for a string of decent home results to go with the great away form. If Vardy can get his finger out, can't see why we won't be in the race for some time to come.
  3. C'mon Foxes.... A win would be a nice anniversary present for me and the Mrs please!!!!
  4. Good points. Also, as many doctors have said, positive tests are NOT infections unless the individuals are actually falling ill and due to false positives - I personally know this as just this Boxing Day, my cousin was hospitalised with a blood clot on the lung but it was initially diagnosed as Covid 19, then changed to blood clot with none of his immediate family having to go into quarantine.... Also, have they said how many of these 50,000 positive tests have resulted in hospitalisations? That should be going hand in hand with cases when the media report on it now.
  5. When you look at the history of disproportionate punishments towards Vardy during the 2015/16 season and beyond, coupled with the lack of acclaim by the pundits towards him, it's easy to see why people might think this way.
  6. I agree - "Dubious Goals Panel"! I'm sure Beglin knows what he is talking about and I'm sure if it was one of the big clubs, it would have stood.
  7. I think he was being a little self deprecating/modest. SKY credited the goal to Vardy with Jim Beglin inferring that the deflection simply helped it on its way. It def looked on target.
  8. In the post match highlights, when watching it back, Jim Beglin clearly says "the deflection helped it on its way into the back of the net ", that would suggest it was still going in and neither commentator said it was an OG.
  9. It was very close to my eye. Even SKY credited Vardy with the goal in the post-match highlights. As an example, I'm sure there are several Kane goals that literally deflected in by several degrees that he was still credited for.
  10. Seen plenty of goals with blatant deflections still credited to the attacking player. Wonder why they'd take that off Vardy's goal tally? Even SKY are crediting it to Vardy!? - "Vardy snatches late draw to keep Foxes in second!| Leicester City 2-2 Man United |EPL Highlights"
  11. Certainly doable. And I forgot to mention he had a goal drought during the last third of last season, probably should have had 30. I can see him at least equalling Owen anyway.
  12. Yes, but based on his strike rate of the past 2 seasons and assuming he equals or gets close to last season, he'll be on course to go past both in the next 2 years anyway. Probably getting close to Hasselbaink or edging him by the end of this season.
  13. I can see him getting another 12 or so this season which would take him to 125ish, regardless of where we finish. So as long as he stays fit and injuries are kept to a minimum over the next 2 years, you have to believe he'll finish up around the 150 mark, maybe even 160.
  14. Well, an excellent start to the season regardless of what follows. But surely a psychological boost to run out deserved winners at the Etihad as it's the mental toughness side of things that we've failed largely since winning the league. Despite the injury concerns, this could be a very good omen!
  15. I know. I'm surprised Wilson hasn't been criticised for his lack of class there. As you and someone else pointed out, Soyuncu was wrong but Wilson was essentially rewarded for dishonest behaviour.
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