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  1. Well, an excellent start to the season regardless of what follows. But surely a psychological boost to run out deserved winners at the Etihad as it's the mental toughness side of things that we've failed largely since winning the league. Despite the injury concerns, this could be a very good omen!
  2. I know. I'm surprised Wilson hasn't been criticised for his lack of class there. As you and someone else pointed out, Soyuncu was wrong but Wilson was essentially rewarded for dishonest behaviour.
  3. Cheers. not that I'm happy of course!
  4. I said it at Christmas time, when the warning signs appeared, that we looked like O' Leary's Leeds United in the early 2000s. In a really promising position the first half of the season, with genuine world-class performances then a few slippery leaves in the middle of the road just derailed us.
  5. I hope they don't get relegated now so we can smash them 10-0 next season!!!!!!!!!!!! Smug fvckers....
  6. After their 2nd and the sending off of Soyuncu. I thought we were lucky to be at 1-0 for as long as we were as Justin aside, we seemed content just staying in 2nd gear. But yet again we let Bournemouth torment us. Oh and Calum Wilson is a cheating fvck by the way.
  7. Agreed. Also, until fairly recent, Bournemouth seemed to have a psychological hold over us. To the extent that teams with less talented players than us would beat them only for us to draw or lose most times we played them. They'll try to frustrate us in the hope the old "Bournemouth Bogey Team" demons resurface, with a view to counter attacking. A point wouldn't be the end of the world all things considered.
  8. I sketchily remembered it being something like that, thanks for refreshing me. Only 1 game remaining would surely end his chance of the Golden Boot. Yeah, there's no way he did it intentionally as others confirmed (as I didn't see the match last night) he clearly showed good spirit in his concern for Mustafi straight after.
  9. Hopefully this is correct though it is the Mail - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8501903/Jamie-Vardy-escape-punishment-kicking-Shkodran-Mustafi-head.html
  10. Exactly. There's a difference between a player clearly fouling/hurting another player and then putting his hands up, acting as if he did nothing wrong and not even checking on the opponent - Think Arsenal and Tottenham players - and a player showing immediate concern and being magnanimous which Vardy obviously was. I hope this is taken into account but being Vardy and that he is on the Golden Boot, I'm not so sure.
  11. If he is hauled up (and banned) on violent conduct charges, does anyone know if the decision is made behind closed doors? Or will he get a chance to explain himself?
  12. I can't understand why that has been omitted by Arsenal fans?? All the clips they posted cut before we get to see that part. There's been plenty of times Kelechi has been clattered without the opposition even acknowledging they were harsh for instance. Unbelievable if he gets banned now.
  13. It would be convenient that he get banned with him being in pole position for the Golden Boot.
  14. Did he appear apologetic or visibly concerned for Mustafi? All the clips I've seen just show the immediate clash and then cut before we get a chance to see if Vardy looked sorry. What Arsenal fans omit is that he was actually falling and with his back to Mustafi at the time.
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