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  1. 2 pretty tough fixtures back to back and we are still shaking off the cobwebs. Not bad at all to take 2 points from that. Think it's our steadiest start to a new season since winning it 3 years ago.
  2. Is this ok to stick here? Article (with a trailer at the bottom) about a film shot on a shoestring, without the shoe or the string about Bownessie and a missing Canadian television crew... Dark comedy, with some nods to Monty Python, Jaws and The Wicker Man... Take anyone's fancy?? :/ https://www.thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk/news/17834611.film-mythical-bownessie-released-kendal-musician/
  3. I just don't see what he would gain from slagging Eddie off all the time. They clearly have a history as he was even doing it when he was with Mick Hennessy, who's one of the worst promoters out. Like he is with Wladimir, I just think if Fury doesn't like you, he really doesn't like you. Not that it matters, but it is strange, these weird attacks he likes to make on people.
  4. Wonder how his mate Tyson will react to that?! Fury's not exactly a fan of Eddie!
  5. I know. And this was when he had hair!
  6. Exactly!!! Going forward, the new signings are going to need some time to settle in and Soyuncu looks like he's starting to come on. I can only see things getting better for us. Good, sensible start and as you say, broken the 3 year losing streak.
  7. Yeah, brilliant stuff from Pac. Was rooting for him but was concerned due to his age - At 40, even though he might have a great body and look good in training videos, there's always that chance age catches up on the night. Thankfully it didn't though he had to work for it! Of course some people will say Thurman's problems with injury, inactivity and his lacklustre win over Lopez had some bearing. But the fact is he was undefeated, the longest current reigning welterweight champ and much younger than Manny. Having the chance to defeat a legend, one would imagine would have bolstered him somewhat. If Keith comes back better from this it will only enhance Pac's legacy as well.
  8. According to Chris Evert and Sue Barker, Konta only lost because Strycova wasn't on her level and Jo only plays well when the level of her opponent is equal or above her! No credit to Barbora at all!
  9. It's not just about the interrupted serve if you read the whole thing. And like I said, you can download the whole match. Kyrgios also spoke in general when he complained about the length of time Nadal took between serves when he said "He takes 40 seconds between serves..." and he was wrong as Nadal did not go over the time limit. That's what I was pointing out where Kyrgios was at fault. Let's agree to disagree. Some people hate Nadal yet I'm sure don't like it when someobody voices hatred of a player that they like. I could care less about Nadal, I don't know the guy. But at the same time, Kyrgios has not won a slam and probably will be lucky to win one or two before he retires. So he just looks like a fool when he doesn't back up his smack talk. Sorry, but that's how I feel.
  10. Well, after Nadal won the first set he says about him taking 40 seconds between serves. The other comments are not far before and after that, by the 3rd set, he'd pretty much stopped moaning. here's a transcript from the NZ herald in which you can find most of his outbursts in quotation. - https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12246791
  11. Well, if you have access, you can download day 4 at Wimbledon if you have the SKY+ Box.
  12. Well she did it. But man, can someone nip down to SW19 and bottle some of that Wimbledon home crowd energy then release it at the KP next season please!
  13. Phew!!! And well done to the club insiders for making it happen!
  14. Whilst we're at it, Konta is taking an incredible amount of time between serves against Kvitova. Also, stopped several times and reset herself before resuming serve, definitely a way of circumventing the time limit. And needs to be pointed out in the interests of balance.
  15. Sorry, but he did complain about the comfort break, which Nadal was perfectly entitled to - "I'm serving next and he happens to take a toilet break now. Why? "What's going on bro? What's going on? It's bulls***." Also the time he was taking between serves - "He takes 40 seconds between every serve, is that within reason?" Even though Nadal did not go over the maximum 25 seconds!!!!?? Kyrgios completely embellished that to try and get his point across and clearly to try and rile up Nadal. Again, that is not to dismiss your perspective on Nadal employing gamesmanship. But in these instances Kygrios referred to, he was unfairly criticised and acted within the rules.
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