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  1. Exactly. People saying that Chelsea and Liverpool were always going to finish above us are saying that very much in hindsight. And it wasn't anything to do with what those teams did, it was very much us blowing it because we couldn't keep it together mentally, for whatever reason, some of it being inexperience of course. Let's not kid ourselves, other teams with less talented players would have held on to that lead yesterday, knowing the significance of what it would have brought.
  2. Despite injuries to key players throughout the year and to Fofana yesterday, it would have filtered through to the ground that Villa were winning and they were in a winning position against Spurs and couldn't keep it together for less than a third remaining of the last game of the season. I'm sorry but that is unacceptable. We might still have Albrighton, Smeichel and Vardy. But collectively, they don't even have 25% of the mental toughness of the 2015/16 title winners.
  3. But financial disadvantage or not, we should have had enough to drive us over the finish line to the Champions League. And that would have helped forge a financial pathway to us attracting some elite level additions to the squad. I honestly believe we blew it more than it simply being us not having the finances.
  4. But we shouldn't have to say this in hindsight. These things should be anticipated beforehand and after the mistakes we've made this past 2 seasons, I'm disturbed that we keep repeating them.
  5. Yes, but if we had strength in depth that wouldn't have been an issue.
  6. Well obviously I don't want that to be the case and I'm hoping we win and Villa hold or beat Chelsea.
  7. If Villa hold Chelsea to a 1-1 draw and we are able to win 1-0......Sounds so simple I know!
  8. Well, perhaps some of their fan are a little over-zealous, but I still think they might have the edge on us at least. But when you put it like that, I feel a little more confident!
  9. That's a little unfriendly. Just fearing the worst and you can't deny Arsenal have been watching BR. I hope he stays, and he might do. But if a club with the 3rd biggest trophy haul in English football history and with the financial muscle to easily negate us makes him an offer this Summer, would you be confident he stays? Had we clinched CL football (which would no doubt have led to Tielemans renewing) as well as the Cup win, I'd be far less anxious.
  10. Ultimately, it probably does. Although it's the 2 fingers up to the football establishment bit by virtue of us not having the revenue the big clubs have that I think gives our campaigns much more meaning than the usual suspects if we do finish in the top 4 or like when we won the league. Yet we get jeered by fans of those clubs, who fail to take those considerations into account. Just that bit more effort against the likes of Newcastle would have done it and like TrentFox says, it's bitter-sweet to not be able to have done both the Cup and CL qualification in one go especially when
  11. Oh absolutely. I just feel we should have had enough to drive ourselves over the finish-line to CL football. this time. And whilst the team is 60% plus different to the title winning side of 2016, it is very worrying to me that we don't seem to have even 25% of the mental toughness we had that year. I really thought we'd turned the corner earlier this year but no. Nobody is more angry about the almost illegal amounts of money that the bought teams are allowed to get away with, the obvious bias in favour of them by the media and referees, etc. It is so unspontaneous when they fill the
  12. My bad, I've acknowledged my satisfaction with the Cup win on several other threads if you want to check. But I'm just not sure that Cup win won't be a slight consolation/excuse for Brendan to get out if the likes of Arsenal offer him a huge deal, with the kind of financial muscle you allude to that we don't have. As for what people had in mind, I'd say at least a sizeable amount thought that if we spent 90% of the time in the Top 4, 2 seasons in a row, we'd at least have the drive to get ourselves over the finish line, the 2nd time of asking, especially with Rodgers at
  13. Well, you get the feeling the fans want rid of Arteta and I'm sure they've been bandying about BR's name for a while now.
  14. Yes, but with the history of a club like Arsenal, who you have to believe will be able to not just offer him a better financial package, but more money to make exciting signings, is he going to ruminate over the Deja Vu scenario with us, knowing we just don't have the strength in depth to compete with the bigger clubs and certain players just not being up to it mentally, and the possibility of being the next Arsenal manager to deliver them glory again after Wenger?
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