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  1. Welcome aboard Brendan! It's the first time I can remember us being linked to a manager proven at elite level (OK, almost elite in the PL and very much elite in the Scottish PL), and at the very top of the list, and then getting him. So I'm personally delighted. For this season forget about 7th, getting to the 40 point mark should be the focus, with however many points we go over that a bonus. And as far as Brendan's style having much in common with Puel, it has to be remembered that he has a good track record of integrating younger players sensibly, not just dropping them in for the sake of it with no plan b. I don't see why we can't, given time, execute his style as effectively as Swansea, Liverpool and Celtic. I think this really could be the rocket up the players backsides that was needed and they know, based on the results Rodgers yielded with the likes of Liverpool finishing 2nd and Celtic breaking all sorts of records amongst winning multiple titles - using the same approach, that there will be no excuses if they are seen to look lacklustre. It's the very beginning and I'm optimistic things will slot into place for us. Exciting times.
  2. Oh I agree It's now undeniable that Federer and Djokovic have carved out a better all round game over time. But for however brief a period as you say, Nadal picked up multiple Slams in a very short space of time and perfected a virtually impenetrable game in which Fed, Novak, Murray and the rest could just not adjust to. I can't believe it was simply the others figuring him out as it's not as if they were significantly lesser players from 2008 - 2011 than they are now, and they were of course in their prime then. It might sound a tad outrageous, but I really do wonder whether Rafa has developed some sort of psychological problem over the last 7 or 8 years that he just can't get out of.
  3. Sorry to not be clearer, I meant their total head to head record in Slams at any stage.
  4. Well, he did beat Federer at his absolute peak in the '08 Wimbledon final. Also was unlucky in the same tournament final a year earlier in which he won both his sets 6-2, 6-4, with Federer needing to win 2 of the 3 by tiebreak. This was also after Nadal had played several back to back matches due to rain heading into the final. Federer obviously was much more rested. I agree that Rafa has had the luxury of the French to bolster his Slam record, but there's still 6 other Slams that he's won outside of that. Still way more than the likes of Murray's total slam record. If I remember rightly, he also won the French, Wimbledon and The US in the same year. Like I said earlier, During this period he was beating the brakes off of Novak at the majors. I don't know, was it just that extra level of physicality he had then that made the difference?
  5. I take it you're not the biggest fan of Novak?
  6. I might be wrong but I think Nadal still leads in Grand Slam head to heads.Or maybe it is level now? Though these days, regardless of how good he has looked against over opposition, Nadal seems to be so intimidated when playing Djokovic and mentally falls apart. A real contrast to the run from 2008 - 2011 in which he always had an answer for Novak at the majors.
  7. That's cheered me right up. All I can say is "Goodbye top half of the table" for the forseeable future then.
  8. Well, with the exception of us and their away win vs Watford (funnily enough), they benefitted from an extended run of very winnable fixtures and took the points they were supposed to. It's no coincidence that they've dropped so many points since playing the better sides. There still might be a twist in tonight's game though. I hope for our sake, anyway!
  9. Well, you made them work for it and had a little bad luck. Still, there's a very good chance you'll win vs Newcastle but good luck all the same.
  10. Tough luck for Watford but thanks Chelsea for the 3 points and for keeping us in 7th place!
  11. As delighted as I am, I have to have a bitch and moan about the media. The BBC were reporting our win as "Man City lose", then I turned on Sky Sports News, in anticipation of a Puel post-match interview only to ultimately get an interview with Pep, with the introduction along the lines of "What went wrong for Man City?". 2 wins on the spin vs 2 of the best sides - one of the challengers, the other, current champions warrants more acknowledgement. *Rant over and back to being chuffed!*
  12. Absolutely delighted! 2 frightening fixtures consecutively and 6 points! Puel deserves some respite and credit for his tactics, beat Cardiff and we'll be in a very good position, regardless of the result at Goodison. Merry Christmas Foxes!
  13. Pleased for Vardy and even more pleased that we got the 3 points. Still not sure what I think about the Puel situation but it's stopped the rot for the next 4 days at least. Really hope we get something vs City.
  14. What a poignant message and such class even though he is going through such an unbelievably difficult time. I watched a lot of the coverage of the tributes at the King Power on SSN this last week and you could literally feel Top's pain every time the camera's focused on him. It will be a long, long road but I sincerely wish him all the best in honouring his Father.
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