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  1. But you have to admit the numbers being reported are exponential. How is that "low"? As for emotional response, when you have medical staff themselves saying they can't believe what they are seeing, how is that going to make for a positive response? Moreover, they aren't saying the rate is low themselves, they are saying it's the opposite.
  2. The statistics and text say we are experiencing "unprecedented scenes" with mortality rates leading to makeshift morgues needing to be built. You think that is a low rate?
  3. How am I being pedantic when we've had medical staff saying they are being brought to their knees with how infectious the disease is and it is like a "Warzone"?? Can't I be forgiven for finding it very confusing at the least?
  4. Not sure. But why haven't they addressed this to the public to clear things up? And again, how does something so "contagious" get downgraded so quietly?
  5. So "mortality rates (low overall)" correlates with frontline medical staff saying it is like a "Warzone" and "like nothing they've ever seen before..."?? You really think this is consistent?
  6. Maybe it will also take the Government to re-grade the virus back to an HCID no?
  7. Again, something nobody is talking about - This is the criteria necessary to class a virus as being a "High Consequence Infectious Disease" - Definition of HCID In the UK, a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) is defined according to the following criteria: acute infectious disease typically has a high case-fatality rate may not have effective prophylaxis or treatment often difficult to recognise and detect rapidly ability to spread in the community and within healthcare settings requires an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely So why did the British Government downgrade Covid 19 and say it is no longer classed as an HCID? We have medics saying the hospitals are like a "warzone" and they've never seen anything like it before? How can a virus that is not of "High Consequence" be bringing hospitals and staff to their knees in "unprecedented" scenes? Surely those on the frontline must be asking that same question, no? But we never get any of the mainstream media and very few members of the public asking these questions??
  8. I've thought about that too, but just seeing these numbers with words like "Confirmed" and "Exponential" seems to underline how bad it is. If that's the case and you are close, I wonder if it will be similar in Italy and Spain in the long run?
  9. I just don't get why they are threatening to fire medics when we are in the grip of a pandemic. If true, it is only going to increase the death rate which makes you wonder just how much of this, when it is all said and done, could have been avoided... Just astonishing.
  10. But if they have no way of knowing the accuracy, just how do they get confirmed?
  11. Something else that is very disturbing is the percentage of deaths in the UK which is at 8% from just under 30,000 confirmed cases. On the other hand the US has just 2.2% from over 200,000 confirmed cases, which means we have an almost 4 times higher death rate than they do. It's just so confusing as to why the Government downgrade Covid 19 from a "high consequence infectious disease" just before we went into lock down when you look at the figures, assuming they are correct.
  12. This is what confuses me. They started off saying most people have it mildly, but then they changed gears and there's hardly any mention of that now. Also, it was downgraded from a high consequence infectious disease by the Govt 2 weeks ago, with some explanations being that it was so regular hospitals could treat those infected with it. But that has proved to be untrue as there are accounts of numerous hospitals up and down the country not treating people who have it, with only certain hospitals designated. And they are building specialist units to treat coronavirus which would suggest it IS a high consequence infectious disease. But the last time I checked the GOV.UK website it was still listed as not being "High Consequence"? I mean, both can't be true but we are all just thrashing about in the dark whilst the mainstream media and Govt fail to address any of this.
  13. It's also interesting that the reported public figures who tested positive have either had mild symptoms or were ill for a few days before recovering. Is that just a coincidence or did they receive the care that so many regular members of the public have reported not being given? Even 3 weeks ago, several people mentioned hospitals refusing to treat them, despite the fact we weren't overwhelmed then. There are just so many unanswered questions...
  14. But the countries that closed their borders weeks ago, such as Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, New Zealand, Poland,etc, have much lower fatalities. Surely there's a pattern there?? And there is nothing in the mainstream media (or anywhere online) as to why we haven't closed our borders yet? All we hear about is the exponential rate of the virus in the UK now but nothing on how international visitors are still allowed here and that there might just be a correlation with lower rates of infection/mortality and countries shutting their borders!? What am I missing here?
  15. It's the lack of honesty though. Both sides need to hold their hands up and admit they've made mistakes. Democrats are in charge in New York and they've made mistakes.
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