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  1. Captain Twinkletoes IPA from Time & Tide brewery. Really light and fruity, would drink again.
  2. I was also reminded of that game watching on Sunday, didn't he score before a Wasilewski forearm smash sorted him out?
  3. That's a great win for them. Had a bet on Leige to win, so did my part
  4. Ditto please, my usual place isn't working.
  5. The imaginary card waving at the penalty incident was really classy as well.
  6. Have many people on here done an English lower league database save and have any tips? I got 2 promotions to get Ramsgate in the conference south but it's a hard slog having such an inferior budget/reputation to other sides The board won't even find me a parent club.
  7. Good comparison, the genuine embarrassment is very similar to how that felt.
  8. Man City only bloody lose when we you need/want them to win.
  9. Could anybody please share a stream? Always go footybite and not sure where to go for one.
  10. One of those big 750ml bottles of Leffe Brune.
  11. Had some beers delivered yesterday and I'm currently enjoying my first taste of Titanic Plum Porter...thanks to this thread for the recommendation
  12. No real thought or effort was put into proper planning for us to carry on safely. It's been a complete shambles really, work will inevitably dry up as international orders are cancelled/less new ones placed so essentially it's futile effort anyway.
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