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  1. Enjoyed both of these, the Buxton was especially nice. Good value for money atm with the £2 club card price on a few, plus the 4 pack option on some.
  2. Time & Tide - Atomic Space Bear Chocolate Stout
  3. Tiny Rebel - Tropical Fruit Bubblicious A fruit and bubblegum flavoured dipa. I don't often drink these kind of zany sounding beers, but maybe I should more often as I really enjoyed this.
  4. Got 10/10 with a second remaining, last one was just a guess. Good quiz.
  5. Sunshine Mountain DIPA - Time and Tide Localish brewery near me in Kent. Usually good stuff and this is was decent as well, although not quite in the same league their slightly lower % Captain Twinkletoes IPA. Drop Project Double Set NEIPA - This was excellent, might have a look at some others from these guys.
  6. Enjoyed the same earlier today. Also had Donatella's Disco Night, a New England dipa from Pressure Drop, which was splendid as well.
  7. Siren Scene Stealer, a nice west coast style ipa.
  8. Being this lame is borderline weird.
  9. Final beers of the year - Finished early so I could watch Tangled on Disney+ and have an early night. Pressure Drop - Lunar Park (very nice neipa) Orval (As good as I remembered) Burning Sky - Shake Some Action (named after the song, I knew it!) Happy new year
  10. Deya - Your bad luck has saved you Ayinger Winter Bock
  11. Reminds me of Dembele for them a few seasons back, took about 6 fouls to even get a sniff of a yellow.
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