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  1. Man City only bloody lose when we you need/want them to win.
  2. Could anybody please share a stream? Always go footybite and not sure where to go for one.
  3. One of those big 750ml bottles of Leffe Brune.
  4. Had some beers delivered yesterday and I'm currently enjoying my first taste of Titanic Plum Porter...thanks to this thread for the recommendation
  5. Anorak

    Corona Virus

    No real thought or effort was put into proper planning for us to carry on safely. It's been a complete shambles really, work will inevitably dry up as international orders are cancelled/less new ones placed so essentially it's futile effort anyway.
  6. Anorak

    Corona Virus

    Similar situation for myself, unfortunately the door was left open last night for companies like ours to simply say 'business as usual'. They have introduced distancing measures but it's totally impossible to implement properly in a building the business has completely outgrown (we were due to move to a much larger site in a couple of months) Being owned by Americans doesn't help either, that's why it was so gutting that the decision wasn't taken out of their hands with the announcement of a proper lockdown.
  7. Anorak

    Corona Virus

    Who still has to go to work tomorrow? I'm on a shorter shift and have to keep my distance from the other 5 or so people who will be there. How long that will last I have no idea.
  8. Yeah, terrible decision. Glad Villa ultimately didn't benefit from a second dodgy call inside a week.
  9. Bournemouth in danger of throwing this away, first a red card and such a soft goal just now.
  10. They only won it because all the usual top teams were rubbish
  11. Can't find one that lasts today, very frustrating!
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