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  1. I unexpectedly ended up selling my PS4 to a friend this week so I'm out of this, sorry guys.
  2. Lost my connection in the game we were 2-1 down in at HT. Still in shock I scored a goal despite not doing much else of note 😊
  3. Cheers mate, well played.
  4. Up for a game if I'm not too late... PSN: gaz3000
  5. Real Madrid have never really had to play by the rules throughout their history!
  6. Where are these weekend league prizes then?
  7. It just seems so hit and miss these days for me, used to have less laggy games on Fifa 13 when I had a fairly rubbish connection (and you could beat Gold teams with a Bronze team!) Seems a lot better later at night but that's not really my ideal time to play. Weekend league is a bit of a joyless experience anyway, especially with a team including the likes of Curtis Davies, Fabian Delph, Keiran Trippier etc. Had more fun playing seasons with the might of Barnsley and Partick Thistle
  8. Servers are completely awful
  9. Same here really, I'm an old git with no mic who works too many weekends...but would love a game sometime.
  10. Just had this in Div 7, was already promoted so whatever...just have to try and stay above all the silly nonsense online with this game Get sick to death of people pausing so much, swear it didn't used to be so bad!
  11. Will be around tonight if anybody is around.
  12. Does everyone play with a mic on here? Picked the wrong weekend to join as I've now ended up working nights this weekend, I will try to be around as much as possible most after Monday. PSN is gaz3000 or I'll add anyone who's put their name already.
  13. Sent a friend request
  14. Can't find this team either
  15. Just the once when we beat Derby 4-0. By the time the third goal went in I had to totally hide my face from view to keep from laughing at the home fans going mad