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  1. Yeah, terrible decision. Glad Villa ultimately didn't benefit from a second dodgy call inside a week.
  2. Bournemouth in danger of throwing this away, first a red card and such a soft goal just now.
  3. They only won it because all the usual top teams were rubbish
  4. Can't find one that lasts today, very frustrating!
  5. Not seen many better assists from him
  6. A minor one, but vague memories of being really dejected after a 4-3 home defeat to Wimbledon in the 94/95 season. If memory serves I think we may have been 3-1 up and conceded 3 in the last 20 minutes. Everybody knew relegation was a certainty and it was a meaningless game but after a season of hopelessness that was my breaking point.
  7. Nathan Blake was booed as he came on one match because fans wanted to see Trevor Benjamin instead.
  8. Can't decide which 8pm game to watch! Watched a decent bit of Inter v Slavia Prague. The Czech team played really well, I was gutted for them to concede such a late goal.
  9. Kind of heart warming to see refs not falling for Kane's BS, although seeing a booking wouldn't go amiss.
  10. Not the first time Grealish been caught napping on the ball
  11. I do that as well. Impossible job even if you've spent half your life playing footy manager! Worth watching some highlights of these rounds as well sometimes, regularly more dramatic than the often drab group stage later on. Striker from the Maltese team that beat Hadjuk scored two beauties.
  12. Always some interesting results in the early qualifying rounds and this year is no exception with both Kilmarnock and Hadjuk Split being humbled by minnows.
  13. Had no idea that Gelson Fernandes played for Frankfurt.
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