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  1. stripeyfox

    Nintendo Switch

    It does look good but the current "special offer" still makes is £ 33.49 which is a big chunk of cash for a port like this. For £10 - £15 i'd be all over it but the price point is just too high for me
  2. stripeyfox

    Nintendo Switch

    played the free download tetris last night. Haven't got a clue what is going on, but hey - it's Tetris so what's not to like?
  3. stripeyfox

    Nintendo Switch

    I remember the old DK Country on SNES. Me and my mate sat up for hours trying to finish it. There was one level with the minecarts which was an absolute bastard to do! Brilliant game though. Not played this one. My only gripe with the Switch is the price of some of the games!
  4. stripeyfox

    Nintendo Switch

    Absolutely loved the Advance Wars series. It has a massive following so I don't understand why they haven't released a Switch version - it would be perfect for it
  5. stripeyfox

    Retro Gaming - Remake Suggestions

    you can get Championship Manager 2001 / 02 for free from champman0102.co.uk Bit of a faff to get it working (although I managed it so it can't be that difficult). The website has lots of help and mods to run it with present day teams and players. I think there was a thread on here about it some time ago. I'll have to take a look and see if I can find it EDIT
  6. stripeyfox

    Retro Gaming - Remake Suggestions

    Thrust was brilliant. So frustrating. Used to sit in Computer Club after school on the BBC Model B (or might even have been a BBC Master). Anyhow, the mention of Thrust got me thinking about Superior Software - a real golden age of games for me with my Acorn Electron. Some absolute corkers including Repton (series) Deathstar Citadel Ravenskull Palace of Magic Strykers Run Syncron Pipeline Spycat and probably loads of others which I've forgotten about. SS used to have full page ads in Electron User. Remember pestering my mum to send of the cheque or postal order for £8.95 to get the latest release on cassette - then having to wait days or weeks for the postman to deliver it!
  7. stripeyfox

    Nintendo Switch

    Am tempted to get Civilization VI, even though I have it on PC. To be able to play it "on the go" (or on the bog!) is very tempting. Only thing is, it doesn't have the updates (Rise and Fall / Gathering Storm) - yet.
  8. stripeyfox

    Also in the news

    maybe she should just ditch trying to be a vegetarian. It really doesn't seem like shes cut out for it!
  9. stripeyfox

    Nintendo Switch

    i've picked up and put down BOTW several times. I can see that is is an amazingly accomplished game and I really want to love it, but the "shrines" in place of traditional dungeons really kills it for me. I just want Zelda, with dungeons and torches and chickens and bombs and stuff.
  10. stripeyfox

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone got Wargroove yet? Looks like a re boot of Advance Wars. Also, the new (old) Zelda looks awesome. More of a "Zelda" experience than BOTW maybe?
  11. #prayforvardy #jesuisvardy
  12. stripeyfox

    Civilization VI

    I quite like playing as England. I tried Eleanor of Aquitaine last night. I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes to me, as I don't really play an aggressive style, more just I get the enjoyment from building my empire and science output. Don't tend to start wars unless attacked first (although there are exceptions)
  13. stripeyfox

    Civilization VI

    It may or may not affect your decision at the moment, but Gathering Storm expanion (currently £28 on GMG), also includes Rise and Fall
  14. stripeyfox

    On This Day Thread - On Going

    Yeah, great day for them. Winning the title at home with a last minute winner - must have been absolutely brilliant for the Gooners
  15. stripeyfox

    Civilization VI

    Brought the Gathering Storm expansion this morning (£27 on GMG). Seems a bit pricey for an expansion but I do get tonnes of play out of it. Will have a look at it tonight (missus on two night shifts - result!)