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  1. Bit of a Danny Boyle thing going on there! Thanks for this though. "Sunshine" was a great film. Have also heard this music in a trailer for the computer game "Civilization"
  2. bit harsh calling Phil Neville a prat! But actually that was a really bad challenge. Cameroon's shithousery was off the scale. Great performance from England to see the game out and not allow themselves to get wound up by it. Norway next....
  3. Cameroon losing their shit in a big way!
  4. Greenwood really has impressed me this tournament
  5. The Bridges of Madison County Gran Torino Couple of Clint Eastwood classics
  6. big outcry on Fivelive this morning about the penalty but although it is harsh, I doubt they'd be moaning if it was Scotland who scored a twice taken penalty against Argentina
  7. If we're allowing adverts I'll raise you this...
  8. Now you know it is Saturday night.....
  9. I've always been a bit "meh" about Star Wars. I've seen some of them and they're ok but not my cup of tea I guess The other genre of film I have zero interest in is anything remotely super hero related - Spiderman, Avengers etc - I'm sure there's some great movies (judging by colleagues etc going on about them), but I'm just not interested
  10. Can't believe I forgot Rocky! I really, really enjoyed Rocky Balboa - it was like an homage to the entire series.
  11. Apollo 13 United 93 Both these films remain gripping until the end even though the viewer knows the outcome at the start of the film
  12. Great Father's Day today. Had the old man round for a nice brunch, which he really enjoyed. We've never had the closest of relationships but I think we both love each other really! Then, the best Fathers Day gift - the missus took the kids out for a few hours (to see her dad) so I had some chill time. Took the dogs for a walk and a cheeky afternoon doze in front of the cricket. Perfect!
  13. Forgot: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
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