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  1. stripeyfox

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Remember the 3-0 up lost 4-3 game at Wolves. Was up in the Lake District driving back across the Hardknott Pass. It's very remote and you lose radio signal. We were 3-0 up when the radio crackled out. I thought "even we can't fck this up". As we descended back down towards Ambleside the signal came back and we'd lost 4-3! Ruined my whole weekend!
  2. stripeyfox

    Potential Problems With Selling Tickets On

    Yeah this is about right and obviously the club must know people lend their season tickets to friends and family etc and this is fine most of the time. It does kind of annoy me when people sell their season tickets for a match they can't attend but try and get the "full" ticket price in return. So my pro rata price per game for my ST is around £20 I think. But the match ticket price may be double that. So if a ST holder can't go, there's no way they should sell it for more than £20 - but I've seen people try exactly that on this site. I tend to just give mine to friends or family if I can't make it.
  3. stripeyfox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Good shout!
  4. stripeyfox

    Strange neutral venues

    It was Carl Shutt, yes. I thought it was 1-0 to Leeds, but could be wrong. EDIT: no, you're right mate. it was 2-1 https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football-leeds-celebrate-open-and-shutt-case-1556637.html
  5. stripeyfox

    Potential Problems With Selling Tickets On

    Not sure about away tickets but season tickets should not be sold, transferred, loaned or otherwise assigned to any other person (except with the club's express permission). I assume similar T&C's apply for all tickets. I suppose if i loaned my ST to a Wolves fan (for example) who ends up acting like a nob and gets chucked out then the club would probably punish me as the ST holder?
  6. stripeyfox

    Strange neutral venues

    Leeds v Stuttgart, Champions League 1993 / 4 ish - played at Camp Nou, Barcelona 3pts if you can name the scorer of the only goal in that game....
  7. stripeyfox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    How would you feel about a fried egg on there? This could be a deal breaker....
  8. stripeyfox

    Season tickets

    Maybe it would be easier for everyone if you just moved back to your old house?
  9. stripeyfox

    Season tickets

    It does make you wonder. I have three ST, one for me and one each for my two sons. One of my sons has the same name as my dad. Last season they managed to send his ST to my dad's address - which is impressive considering my dad has never had any association with the club whatsoever - never brought anything from them, never been a supporter - nothing. Yet they managed to post my son's ST to his address - which he'd only been in for a few months!
  10. stripeyfox


    This. I see a few of these when I'm walking the dogs. Some are barely running any quicker than walking pace - but you know what - it doesn't matter. They're out there, they've got off their arse and are doing something.
  11. stripeyfox


    Mate I tried that. It normally works! I see Davie has bailed me out now!
  12. stripeyfox


    Not sure why the image didn't work in the post above but hats off to Barnsley for doing this by reaching out to this supporter and by raising awareness of the EFL partnership with the charity MIND.
  13. stripeyfox


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45185521 Barnsley write supportive letter to fan who spoke of depression on social media Barnsley have written a supportive letter to a lifelong fan who openly discussed his depression and anxiety on social media. Chris Ryder received the letter from the club's chief executive Gauthier Ganaye and posted it on Twitter. Mr Ganaye said his "office door is always open" and the League One club would be "returning the favour" in support for his loyalty as a fan. Ryder told the BBC he was "shocked" to receive the letter from the club. "Initially when I saw the badge on the top of letter, I thought 'uh-oh, what have I done?'" said the Tykes fan, from Barnsley. "I've been known to be a little bit cheeky, all in good fun, to the guys who run the social media page [at Barnsley], so reading it I was really shocked." He posted on social media to thank people for getting in touch offering their support. The club said it "wishes Chris all the best and offers its full support going forward". The tweet of his letter, which he captioned "Best football club in the world", has been widely shared across social media. The English Football League, which works closely in partnership with mental health charity Mind, described the letter as "a touch of class".
  14. stripeyfox

    Season tickets

    You'll be fine. Strictly speaking, according to T&C's they can't be transferred to another person without the club's permission but in practice this can't be enforced. However the lights on the turnstile flag a child or senior citizen ticket so an adult trying to enter on a concession (opposite way round to your example) could land the ST holder in trouble.
  15. The amount of gambling advertising in and around football has got to ridiculous levels. I'm not against people having a bet but it's everywhere now and even my 10 year old son picks up on the adverts on shirts, around grounds and on tv. It can't be healthy (other than for the clubs and the bookies of course).