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  1. stripeyfox

    What's in the news?

    did you used to drink down my local too then?
  2. stripeyfox

    What's in the news?

    she irritates me, but I entertain her on the basis that she looks like the barmaid who used to work down our local 20 odd years ago who allowed me to a have a "romantic encounter" with her....
  3. stripeyfox

    What's in the news?

    Everyone has known for decades it was sailing away, and on the whole, no one gives a shit. We were at war (or technically in conflict) and we sank their ship. They would have sank us if they could. It's no biggy really. Unless you're trying to score a point against Thatcher
  4. stripeyfox

    What's in the news?

    In other news, there hasn't been any news about anything to do with the redevelopment of the King Power Stadium today...
  5. stripeyfox

    Spurs new stadium has spursy - Delayed

    Spurs desperately hoping the stadium will be ready in time for their Europa League games in the New Year....
  6. stripeyfox

    Racism in Football

    How thick do you have to be to call an opposition player a "black cvnt" when some of the stars of your own team are also, y'know, black?
  7. stripeyfox

    Robert Huth on the LCFC 2015/16 fairytale

    That win at WHL. In the context of how things unfolded, that match was the ultimate six pointer. To come away with a win was massive and kept a good cushion between us and Spurs for the rest of the season.
  8. stripeyfox

    Ticket for Spurs match available

    I struggled to give mine away! Eventually found someone at work who'll take them.
  9. stripeyfox

    Online order problems

    Two weeks since order placed - had a an email saying one of the items is out of stock. No word on the rest of the order... Had a moan about it on email and got this honest response and appraisal of the current operation.... "We advise up to 14 days, sometimes this process can be a lot faster. We advise this time as we received over 7000 orders in this time that, all have to be picked and packed individually. As we are located in a room next to the shop and have only the fanstore staff who have to man the shop as well as organise online sales and we are not a separate warehouse organisation like most companies so this process can take longer than what you may be used to from other retailers. I hope this helps you understand our system a little better."
  10. stripeyfox

    Nintendo Switch

    the kids have asked for it for Christmas. Be worth it to get them off bloody Fortnite!
  11. stripeyfox

    We Could Open Spuds Loo seat stadium

    Rumour is that a test event will take place end Dec with another in first week of Jan with Tottenham v Man United later in January being the first match at NWHL
  12. Probably be Lewis Hamilton so he can bore us to death with another one of his monotone interviews (if he can be arsed to turn up)
  13. stripeyfox

    Online order problems

    yes, but should fine for next Christmas, so you'll be laughing this time next year!
  14. stripeyfox

    Online order problems

    I gave up after trying a few times over a couple of days - rings out then call ends
  15. stripeyfox

    Online order problems

    If you take what they are saying in the email as accurate, it can take up to 14 days to "pick and despatch" the order and then up to a further 14 days to arrive with you. They should have had their "Black Friday" in August!