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  1. That was some moment. That's what makes us so special I think. It wasn't rehearsed or sucking up to the boss (like it might be with other clubs) - it was genuine, heartfelt, moving. The interactions between the players, manager, chairman and staff were so warm and just genuine respect. I've had messages from friends and family all over the place - my cousin is a die hard United fan of many decades (all the way back to George Best) and she says she wept tears of joy. Family who support Leeds and Liverpool sending congratulations messages with just the kindest words. It
  2. I too have only just seen this Very sorry to hear about Ken passing. I hope that everyone's kind words here bring some comfort to Ken's family and I think it shows we're not a bad old bunch really! Hope you enjoyed yesterday Ken wherever you were watching down from.
  3. there's a reddit sub called "watchpeopledieinside" I think this qualifies.....
  4. Looking back now, I can see how it added to the drama, but at the time I couldn't believe it. Was hard to tell if there was any infringement from where we were standing but I looked at the reaction of the players. Didn't seem like any of the City players were protesting or appealing. No Kasper running up to the ref. We just looked done. They even flashed up Chilwell as the scorer on the stadium screen. My thoughts then were that there would be no VAR reprieve this time. Then when the ref pointed for the free kick. Amazing. "Scenes" I believe they call it!
  5. Just got back home. What a day! I felt oddly optimistic yesterday morning and lots of fans I spoke to said the same. Seemed like it was just going to be "our day" Even the Chelsea fans I spoke to (before and after) didn't seem to begrudge us it. Glad the atmosphere came across well - I don't think I've ever celebrated a goal as much as that one before! Lots of tears at the end, I was sat with an older chap (probably 60's), and a younger lad (late teens maybe), and then me in the middle (mid forties). None of us knew each other but each one of us had
  6. Queued for about 40 minutes at the stadium. No more than the most fleeting glance at my covid test message by the steward and no one asked for my coach confirmation email.
  7. Fast falls the eventide Off to bed Cup Final day tomorrow
  8. or deliver the most awesome Christmas present ever? Who knows? For now, I'm optimistic. The Vardy final. Let's do it for Vichai
  9. Yes I thought this. The checklist says you need your "coach booking confirmation" but fails to point out this is the email when you brought the tickets. I only know this becuase @UniFox21 has been doing a sterling job of posting stuff on here. But it really wouldn't have killed the club to add this information to the email.
  10. Unbelievable. I've been to a few FA Cup preliminary round matches over the years. Some good entertainment there but you'd never in your wildest dreams think that one of those lads getting changed in a portacabin and playing in front of the proverbial 20 people and a dog would go on and play in the final one day. 2021 - The Vardy Final
  11. just a couple more hours at work and then can start really getting excited about this. Cup Final day and we're in it! Can't wait to hear "Abide With Me" - every time I heared it at the Cup Final, I always dreamed one day it might be us. Fantastic. Getting my stuff sorted tonight - you know - ticket, covid test result, mask, sanitiser, silver dagger, rabbits foot, clove of garlic Buzzing!
  12. Stringer on FiveLive now talking to Adrian Chiles Apparently he is running to Wembley...
  13. Having been wearing a facemask in public places for the last year or so, my conclusion is that it is entrirely possibly to freely breathe whilst wearing one.
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