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  1. I think they can refund via the DD, I doubt they have to collect everyone's bank details individually. But you never know...
  2. Maybe we can stream it and sell it PPV on FT?
  3. it's ok mate, i'd sooner buy you a pint than fight you. I'm 46 and ache like a bastard after doing some painting so god knows what a scrap would do to me!
  4. shit didn't realise @RumbleFox I don't want nae bother like....
  5. but you end every post with a kiss, which makes you sound a bit less hard...
  6. And don't you find that someone being scared of a dog just excites the dog even more?
  7. https://metro.co.uk/2016/08/04/jamie-vardys-wife-assures-everyone-the-leicester-city-striker-did-not-kill-a-dog-by-accident-6048583/ yes so it seems. A Twitter "joker" leaked an "extract" from Vardy's (then) upcoming book about him making a dog drink beer (or something)
  8. Arsenal could have / should have finished us off when they were on top. Kasper made some great saves and we could have been dead and buried. But they didn't and they're pissed off about it - which I get. But that's football
  9. It is clear to me. A red card. Mustafi clearly headbuts Vardy's leg. Use of headbut is straight red
  10. More from Arsenalmania: Vardy can get away with kicking a man in the head. Evans can get away with 2 clear elbows. So ****ing typical. Ndidi is a player who commits 200 fouls per game on us and never gets booked either. Piss off.
  11. some lovely Vardy hating here: https://arsenal-mania.com/forum/threads/pl-arsenal-vs-leicester-city-tuesday-7th-july-ko-20-15-bst-sky-sports.34289/page-78 He is such a little rat. Without his football talents he would be the drunk **** in the pub picking fights with everyone, only to finally go home and beat up his girlfriend. Must have the most punchable face of any PL footballer. Can’t stand that piece of trash! Source has confirmed to me he has been wearing an "All Lives Matter" shirt under his kit, since the restart. Made a dog drink alcohol until it died about 20 years ago too, human garbage imo. Should be in jail, but is instead the nation's sweetheart...the world is a ****ed up place these days.
  12. this, I ordered one at a bar once and they brought it out. It was taller than my pint glass! Like something Scooby Doo would eat ffs! Kitchen gone to all that effort to make it look nice, now I've got to dismantle it!
  13. Exactly the kind of ambiguous advice which has been given all the way through, as you say. I *think* our park has signs up in certain areas saying dogs should be "under control" which I suppose doesn't mean the have to be leashed. If a park sign says dogs should be on leads, then I would abide by that, and anyone who doesn't is a total arse Appreciate that not everyone loves dogs and certainly don't want them running over and jumping up at them. Part of being a responsible dog owner is ensuring that your dog doesn't come into contact with people who don't want it. Same applies when people knock the door or visitors come. I ensure the dogs are kept in a seperate room until I know they are happy for the dogs to be there.The guy who deliveres from my local Indian is absolutely terrified of dogs. One time, I think my son opened the door to him before I realised he was there, and the dog bolted. He dropped the food and ran! I had to profusely apologise and next time he came he phoned from his car outside to make sure the dog was away (I mean, she's only a springer spaniel ffs but tbf he was stood there with a bag of food!)
  14. the only good thing in this whole sorry tale is Stinger's managed to make himself look an even bigger tit than usual
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