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  1. "Thou shall not chat shit, if thou does not wish to get banged"
  2. And he shalt telleth the Red Devils "it's mine, all fuching mine".....
  3. haha it's funny you should say this. I play Civilization VI quite a lot and as part of you civs progress you can adopt or create a religion. Being distinctly non religous myself I alwyas create a new one and call it "Vardyism" and have my apostles spread the word of "Chat Shit Get Banged" across the world!
  4. Skyrim and Zelda Ocarina of Time That is all
  5. Watched the first three episodes of The Queen's Gambit after seeing it recommeneded on here. Quite compulsive viewing, not quite sure why but it looks great and the soundtrack is very relaxing too. Will finish it this weekend
  6. Have got through all 10 episodes of S4 of The Crown already. Very good, now a long wait for S5 absolutely splendid stuff. The girl playing Diana was brilliant and Gillian Anderson did a great job as Margaret Thatcher
  7. This guy has been redesigning logos for Football Manager to avoid the clampdown by some clubs etc on using their own logos in the game. He uses a fairly uniform shield format and then reimagines the logos.I think a lot of them look really good (perhaps it appeals to my desire for consistent design) Not overly keen on the Leicester one as it happens, but it's better than the one in the first post!
  8. Family legend says when I was about 6 I managed to break one of these and spill the contents on my sisters head. My mum reckoned it took weeks to wash all of the grey stuff out of her hair
  9. yeah could be going off on a tangent but if we're talking classic football computer games.. Brian Clough's Football Fortunes. Part board game, part computer game. Like football Monopoly but with weekly "football results" generated by inputting your squad star value into the Spectrum. And "Chance" cards which would deliver gut punches like "Your best midfielder leaves on a free to the player on your right" or "your two highest value players are killed in a car crash - remove them from the game" My mate and I played this all summer holidays one year and it led to some leg
  10. yes, looks like a step up from previous version, have pre ordered
  11. This bad boy. Like most toys it didn’t quite live up to the Tv advert
  12. I used to play a bit at school and taught my son to play. We still have the occasional game now and then
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