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  1. Mobile Phones

    Are these online third party sellers ok? They're a bit of a nightmare to deal with. Call centre is India based I think and although they try their best, they are all clearly reading from the same script and don't actually listen to your questions!
  2. Mobile Phones

    Thanks. Apparently they can't issue a PAC code for the same network. It's not that I'm desperate to stay with Three but the signal is ok where I live, and the offer is cheapest on Three. I guess if I was going to EE for example I'd just pay up what I owe Three and they'd give me a code, right?
  3. Mobile Phones

    So, my HTC has finally deteriorated to the point that I cannot be arsed with it any more. I have just over a month left on my Contract (Sim Only, £9/month with Three). Quite fancy the Galaxy S7 Edge as a replacement and seen it on mobilephonesdirect.co.uk for £26/month, again with Three for 4GB data, Unlimited minutes etc, no cost for the handset. Phone Three and they could only offer me the same for £42/month. So it seems my best option is to cancel my existing Three deal and pay off the £13 I owe them and then take out a new Three contract with mobilesphonesdirect. But Three say I won’t need a PAC code, but it will take 30 days to “end” my contract and then they can transfer the number? I suppose in the meantime, I could just swap the sim from my current phone to the new one? Thoughts? Help?
  4. Paper persons

    Same. Used to do the Sunday round on my estate and had to walk to the paper shop and back twice as I couldn't physically carry them all in one go. If I'd have asked my old man for a lift he'd have laughed his bollocks off and told me do one! Sometimes, the paper boy on our estate doesn't show at all - his old man does it for him!
  5. Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch

    Is this any good? I'd sooner pay a fiver for the entire game rather than having to keep shell out for transactions in the game!
  6. Paper persons

    Haven't brought a paper in years, but usually see the "paper boy" when I take the dogs out in the morning. The lazy bastard gets driven round the estate by his mum or dad and just gets out of the car at each house! WTF?
  7. Lukaku song - racist or banter?

    It's definately at least as racist as our "does your boyfriend know you're here" chant was homophobic against Brighton
  8. Ashtons Journey

    Sounds a nightmare. The LRI is good - my missus works there, not in A&E but childrens cancer ward. But we've been in A&E with our son when he was a baby and the high depenceny unit and the fact it the nurses are working under incredible strain. Sometimes the standard 12 hour shift can overrun with no breaks and having to look after loads of kids. It's no wonder they end up making mistakes. Glad he's making progress with the mobilty. Hope the speech comes soon mate
  9. Mobile Phones

    I'm very much an android person. All of my phones in the last few years have been Android and have never considered buying an Iphone. But a few months ago, my company gave me a Iphone 6s. Initially sceptical, I've grown to like it and tend to reach for it first. My HTC is, in fairness, a couple of years old but is slow to do just about everything - make calls, take photos, use apps whereas the iphone does EVERYTHING first time. I'm gonna need to upgrade the HTC soon as it has about had it's day and until this year another Android would have been a shoe-in but now i'm not so sure!
  10. Ryanair

    If their crew are deserting them in droves then there is something really wrong with the company. They've treated passengers like shit for years, always trying to squeeze more money out and hitting people with punitive charges for simple mistakes. If they treat their employees like shit to the extent that they are leaving in such huge numbers, then no wonder they're in the crap!
  11. Ryanair

    They've lost 150 pilots who've left for Norweigian Airlines this year which is why they're in this shit!
  12. Quiz questions needed.

    Dead right! Was a strange old game. I think about 10,000 Leeds fans went but the Nou Camp was basically empty. 1-0 if I remember rightly. Can't remember why UEFA had it replayed? Either Stuttgart broke the rules (out) or didn't (result stands)?
  13. Quiz questions needed.

  14. Quiz questions needed.

    I struggle to hit the white ball, let alone any of the others...
  15. Quiz questions needed.

    Tennis: Which players have won the "Golden Slam" - that is winning the four majors and the Olympic Games?