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  1. stripeyfox


    Not been up Burrough Hill for a long time, but it is lovely up there. Took our dogs round the Country Park this morning, The oldest one goes bananas this time of year when the leaves are blowing about! Weird weather though, crazy wind but dead warm!
  2. stripeyfox

    Football Manager 2019

    I don't think they've mentioned anything about Touch yet but from the video I saw last night it looks like great effort has been made to make the full version more accessible than before.
  3. stripeyfox

    Football Manager 2019

    watched the livestream tonight with Miles and the other two guys (glad they binned the shouty guy from last year). Looks very good this year. Lots of enhancements and refinements.
  4. stripeyfox

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    As regards the current stadium, to call it "soulless" is a little unfair. Yes it certainly good be more adventurous architecturally, but the glass facade of the West Stand is very nice. I think the facilities and concourses would have been much better had we not run out of money during construction. Also factor in that we probably moved the shortest distance possible by any stadium move meaning that everyone's pre match routines (pubs, cafes etc) could remain unchanged, unlike say Bolton who moved right away from their town centre or West Ham who got decamped to a stadium totally unsuitable for football. Then you can see how things could have been a whole lot worse for us. But ultimately any stadium is just bricks and mortar and the "soul" comes from the team, the fans and the memories. The stadium certainly wasn't lacking any soul when we beat United 5-3, or when Vardy's volley flew in, or when we lifted the Premier League trophy, or the Sevilla night. I'm really looking forward to seeing the plans for the expansion. I would definitely welcome better facilities and a pleasing design would be great!
  5. stripeyfox

    Spurs new stadium has spursy - Delayed

    Yep. It also has dedicated NFL changing rooms, media areas and tunnel. tbf it does look shit hot - easily the best new stadium anywhere, but the price is crazy!
  6. stripeyfox

    New training ground announced

    christ it's like turning night into day, How on earth will anyone sleep through that?
  7. stripeyfox

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/45754723 Nuneaton Borough 8-9 Halesowen Town: Incredible comeback in FA Youth Cup From the sectionFootball Sharethis page Even Nuneaton Borough's graphic couldn't quite believe the score We've all heard it said that leading 2-0 can be a dangerous scoreline. Concede, lose concentration and before you know it it's 2-2 and your opponent is in the ascendancy. A scoreline that's probably not thought of as being quite so tricky is leading 7-2. Nuneaton Borough's youth team proved that even when you are leading by five goals with 28 minutes to play you should still be wary of a comeback. In a remarkable FA Youth Cup second round qualifying tie, Halesowen fought back from trailing 4-1 at half-time, 7-2 after an hour and even being 8-6 down after 85 minutes to progress to the next round. The visitors were still trailing 8-7, with Borough striker Luis Corcoran scoring five times, in injury time. An Emlyn Tudgay double, however, gave them a scarcely believable win in front of a presumably very entertained crowd of 83 people. How the 17-goal thriller unfolded... 1 min: Nuneaton Borough 1-0 Halesowen Town (Corcoran) 4 mins: Nuneaton Borough 1-1 Halesowen Town (Danks) 7 mins: Nuneaton Borough 2-1 Halesowen Town (Jones) 22 mins: Nuneaton Borough 3-1 Halesowen Town (Wanjohi) 43 mins: Nuneaton Borough 4-1 Halesowen Town (Corcoran) HT: Nuneaton Borough 4-1 Halesowen Town 49 mins: Nuneaton Borough 5-1 Halesowen Town (Jones) 51 mins: Nuneaton Borough 5-2 Halesowen Town (Love) 52 mins: Nuneaton Borough 6-2 Halesowen Town (Corcoran) 57 mins: Nuneaton Borough 7-2 Halesowen Town (Corcoran) 62 mins: Nuneaton Borough 7-3 Halesowen Town (Danks) 70 mins: Nuneaton Borough 7-4 Halesowen Town (Griffiths) 70 mins: Nuneaton Borough 7-5 Halesowen Town (Mutasa) 80 mins: Nuneaton Borough 7-6 Halesowen Town (Danks) 83 mins: Nuneaton Borough 8-6 Halesowen Town (Corcoran) 86 mins: Nuneaton Borough 8-7 Halesowen Town (Beard) 92 mins: Nuneaton Borough 8-8 Halesowen Town (Tudgay) 96 mins: Nuneaton Borough 8-9 Halesowen Town (Tudgay) Full-Time: Nuneaton Borough 8-9 Halesowen Town
  8. stripeyfox

    Football Manager 2019

    The UI looks better than ever, good work @Ricey
  9. stripeyfox

    The Apprentice 2018

    Measuring how long the hose was on a real octopus was the low point I thought.... EDIT: just remembered the girls unable to work out how many 200 gram bags of salt they need in order to make 1kg.
  10. stripeyfox

    What grinds my gears...

    Just nipped to the McDonald's drive through to grab a quick coffee in between meetings. In front was the obligatory Fiat 500 with three young girls in. They placed individual orders, rather than pooling and then when they got to the pay window spent ages individually offering payment for a total combined bill of probably less than £15! As a result quick detour for coffee ends up taking 10 minutes!
  11. stripeyfox

    First names on shirts.

    no names on shirts, and numbered 1 - 11 please!
  12. stripeyfox


    Wow Thanks for sharing this mate. I cannot imagine how you must have been feeling. That's a lot of shit to deal with in a short period of time so no wonder you were lost. Amazing that a combination of seeing the memorials to others and that member of the public "pulled you back". And your sharing of this experience will help others I wish you all the best my friend
  13. stripeyfox

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Newcastle's "rough patch" is about fifty years now...
  14. stripeyfox

    Back button at leicester Mercury not work?

    Mercury website is absymal. Don't bother even clicking the links anymore Bin!
  15. stripeyfox

    Child Gaming. Saftey & Equipment - Advice Needed

    My ten year old plays Fortnite online and I do worry a little bit about him communicating with random people, but in general he (and his friends from school) are only generally interested in playing with each other. He's made a couple of new friends - some kid in Denmark for example and they tend to stick together.