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  1. Yes I can see where maybe some of us went wrong....
  2. It's a tough time for sure. @Izzy sorry to hear you're having a tough time mate.
  3. The behind closed doors thing can't happen at the moment, or in the foreseeable future. Even with no fans, how many people would be required to stage a PL game? Probably 20 - 30 players and staff per team (minimum), Match officials TV technicians, cameramen, commentators. Stadium staff, coach drivers etc etc. There is no way it can be argued that football is essential so gathering these people together is madness
  4. Trump "that's a beautiful table. Really great! America is NUMBER ONE! Everyone else - losers! Believe me!"
  5. My wife works in intensive care and just got back from a day shift at the Royal. Bruised face from wearing mask all day and so tired she could barely drive home (although she was still ok to moan at me about the house being untidy). So to you and @z-layrex and the others - fair play to you and thank you
  6. he did say right at the start "self employed who are affected by the corona virus". So yeah, if you're still earning your usual wedge, or close to it, then you don't need government help - I think
  7. wasn't expecting may in our street to take part but it was phenomenal. My neighbor (who is in her 70s) was out there clapping like she was at a Queen concert Lovely stuff
  8. @Izzy's alright anyway. He can afford to buy 48 bog rolls in one go!
  9. it's very complicated. I think they said if you'd filed one tax return you would be eligible. I guess they'd average the 19 months rather than 36? Who knows?
  10. yes I think it is backdated to 1st March (need to check, was listening on the radio)
  11. Posted at 17:0717:07 BREAKINGSelf-employed help capped at £2,500 per month Rishi Sunak says self-employed people facing financial difficulties will be able to have 80% of their monthly wages covered by the government. He says this will be calculated using average monthly profits over last three financial years. He says support will be capped at £2,500 per month, and will initially last three months.
  12. Yes, and I don't think Driving Instructors can be regarded as key workers really.
  13. I'm reassurred! I would be shocked if she had any other kind of phone!
  14. yeah. It seems to be the case of just leaving them to get on with it! Yesterday a nurse told me "he's absolutely fine". I thought, but didn't say "well he can't be absolutely fine otherwise he wouldn't be in hospital"
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