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  1. Neymar punches like a six year old girl....
  2. With some regret, I had to let my season tickets lapse. I've had a significant change in domestic circumstances which meant I was wavering anyway. Missed quite a few games last season anyway for various reasons. Couldn't justify the combination of family stuff, apathy, the £75 retainer fee and then having to pay full whack to see games in a watered-down environment. Day after the "deadline" I got a call from the club saying I could still renew if I wanted, but I've stuck with my decision. Left with the lingering "fear of missing out" feeling but in reality I'm not that bothered. Gives someone else a chance to get a ST I guess.
  3. I'd not heard of this series before, but I do quite like the look of it. Is there an "end" to the game, or can it just go on and on like in Civ?
  4. Pringles are the perfect hangover snack. Even to the point that the tube can be retained for vomiting in, if required (based on a real world example on the coach back from Faliraki back to the airport after a bender many years ago)
  5. Are you thinking of Bob Geldof? Only it was Mondays he didn't like...
  6. do I have to wear a mask while masturbating? Asking for a friend....
  7. Nailed on for Best Artisan Cheese Bar .....
  8. I'm quite happy working from home but I would also be happy to go back. Ultimately though reluctance doesn't come into it for me. It is not my decision. When they tell me to go back, I'll go back.
  9. Well that's enough evidence for me. I mean being a Chelsea fan automatically likely makes him a twat anyway.
  10. the only thing missing from that brand is a child's face - perhaps a face of Kinder?
  11. I went out to eat in Melton with the kids last night and it was very well organised in Montero Lounge. Tables very well spaced, food and drinks ordered via app, sanitiser on entry, contact cards, staff wearing masks and wiping down tables after customers leave Had steak and chips and a beer, kids had a meal each and a coke and it came to £20!
  12. Thanks mate. I'm really not confident to build my own and I accept that I'm probably going to have to pay a premium for a custom built model but that's ok. I tried building a PC years ago and it was a flipping disaster, and even when it worked, it didn't work very well. I'm not quite ready to buy yet anyway so I've got time to shop around. If you or @adejo92 or @Wet Trump or any of the other FS enthusiasts see a decent PC for sale capable of handling FS at a decent lick then let me know please!
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