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  1. Meh! Can't be any worse than England fluffing their lines and getting booted out of their own World Cup at the first stage like last time. Not really into Rugby but I assume this one will be even harder to get into with unsociable kick off times etc It's a No from me I'm afraid but hope that the egg chasing fans enjoy it!
  2. I'm not sure if the link worked or not? But apparently they don't pay the referral anymore anyway. But cheers anyway!
  3. I think you can have £1000. First £20 is free then 50p a day after that, so maximum of £15 or so a month (doesn't matter if you're £100 or £999 in the red. But I haven't activated it for my account, don't plan on using it!
  4. Well I'm a Monzo convert (sort of). Signed up last week and started to use it yesterday. Am still getting wages paid into main high street bank and all the bills etc come out of there, but then I transfer what's left to Monzo and use that as my spends. Like the instant notification and running totals (rather than waiting a few days to see the transaction in your bank). Love the rounding up and the savings pots!
  5. Started this last night and brought back all of those memories of playing it on my SNES way back in 1992 - 93. Fabulous stuff!
  6. Loved Last of Us. Brilliant stuff. But I think it's a one play through type of game as kingcarr says. Definitely one of the best games I've played
  7. OMG! Can't wait for this! Hardest job will be prising the Switch away from my son!
  8. Well done mate for helping out in something like that, fair play
  9. Club legend and all but literally the worst possible person to be on the mic on match day. I can barely hear a word of his incoherent rambling. And it's not the PA system as the pre match announcer is crystal clear. Only met him once, parked next to him at Victoria Park on a Sunday morning whilst taking my son to a game. He was polite and was nice to my son.
  10. I can only hope you're right.... But more likely all out by lunch?
  11. I take Aldi noodles to work - 65p. Have some fruit and some of their pea snacks (99p for 6) instead of crisps. I'm usually forking starving but it saves me money and calories!
  12. So it's like an app version of a wife?
  13. That's good. I have joint finances with the wife and the monthly bills are fine, they don't vary much and most are paid from the joint account. But it's the left over money which is hard to keep track of!
  14. sort of tempted to give it a try. Do you have to pay a salary in every month? I think we would like to keep our joint finances with our main bank but could I say transfer shopping, fuel and spends money to Monzo and use that for day to day spending?
  15. When is this happening? Can't see them yet? EDIT - found it - was looking in the NES "app" rather than downloading the SNES one!
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