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  1. I can't see how he could manage Watford AND still pick the team here at the same time...
  2. A lot of what you say has some merit, but it is worth remembering that Mr Duckenfield's predecessor managed the Semi Final at Hillsborough between the same teams the previous year and that game passed off without incident. He had ticket checks and cordons around the ground to control the flow of people to the stadium. If Duckenfield had bothered to read the plan, or attempted to familarise himself with the situation then perhaps he might have done the same. That said, I think it was inevitable that there was going to be a major incident somewhere, even if it had not been that day at Hillsborough. It seemed that football was barrelling headlong into an abyss throughout the 70's and 80' at the time. Even Bradford and Heysel didn't alter this downward spiral. Hillsborough was a watershed moment.
  3. I think the whole of Freemens Common sits on where the northbound curve was (or would need to be)
  4. well they're definitely on the ropes at the moment, and don't appear to have much in the way of bottle or guts to fight it out. They have a pretty torrid month coming up too: West Ham (A) Man City (H) Everton (A) Bournemouth (A) Chelsea (H) Man Utd (H) Sheff Utd (H) Chelsea (A) And a cup game against Leeds too
  5. Arsenal were abysmal last night. Would you swap any of their first XI for ours?
  6. This is a great suggestion. There's always loads of people watching the screens downstairs. Switch them off! If you want to see the game, watch it from your seat. If not, then fine, but just bugger off home - not hang around in aisles or in the concourse!
  7. I took the latest offer - worked out at £20 for the year. Like it so far, although could be the initial novelty factor. Read the story about Brian Clough which was recomended here and some stuff with Steve Walsh (the scout) about his recruitment at Leicester and working with Pearson. Hopefully will spend more time reading interesting articles on my phone than scrolling through shite on facebook etc...
  8. I watched on my Phillips TV (via installed Amazon app) and it was ok - but not as good as Sky. Lag was niether here nor there as I wasn't following the games anywhere else so could have been 5 - 10 minutes behind and wouldn't have been an issue for me.
  9. The thing is that our club structure is pretty amazing and I think that even if we lost our manager, we'd survive it. We'd recruit another great manager and move on. On the other hand, clubs like Arsenal will still struggle regardless of whether BR became their manager because of their deficiencies in the club set up. Having said that, I think it is too soon for him to jump ship and he has said as much himself
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