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  1. It is very encouraging to hear this sort of thing. I just hope that everything carries on going so well with the vaccines etc and we can follow the "roadmap".
  2. I read (somewhere) that there are companies who specialise in supplying books to make you bookshelf look sexier/cooler/cleverer in the background of your zoom calls! Yvette Amos didn't get the memo though....
  3. no evidence of drugs, medication or alcohol present in Tiger Woods at time of the crash (BBC 5 Live)
  4. Will be a shame to see another one of the "old" grounds go, but I do like the design and location of the new Everton stadium. Looks fantastic Is good to see clubs being more adventurous with stadium designs - we definately don't need any more identikit bowls
  5. My take - 1) definately don't view it as a chance to "repair all the damage". If you win / don't win the money then great, but it doesn't change how much you lost in the past, nor how far you have come in giving up gambing since 2) unless you are putting up some of your own money on the show then I wouldn't view it as the type of problem gambling you've encountered in the past. 3) I can see how some people might view it as gambling and might fear that the "buzz" you get from playing on the TV show might reignite that desire to start again - but if you're con
  6. Stringer is already irritating me. I don't think I can listen to it
  7. I walked home one Sunday evening after an all day boozing session (sunday league in the morning, the pub all afternoon). Went upstairs, thought I'd best have a shower and get ready to go to bed. Stepped out of the shower, heard banging on the door. Looked out of the window and saw two coppers stood there. Thought to myself "this doesn't look good". My immediate concern was for my mother who had been in ill health and I thought they were here to deliver bad news. Answered the door gingerly in my dressing gown and at which point policeman pushed me into the room while his mate shouted "get hold
  8. You could make a case for all of them but I guess the important thing with a January signing is the impact they have immediately. Huth wins it for me. Instantly transformed us
  9. 42 years is an incredible shift in any job. These laundry ladies and tea ladies seem to be part of the fabric of many clubs. Rest in peace Sheila
  10. that's the decent thing to do mate....
  11. The pitches look ok to me. But then I grew up watching football in the 80's when games weren't played on a beautifully manicured putting green. By this time of year places like The Dell and Maine Road didn't have a blade of grass to be seen anywhere.
  12. I could listen to Jim Maxwell all day and night. He always seems pretty fair and balanced. He is easily my favourite commentator in any sport I think
  13. I went for a week in July but I normally make great efforts to avoid the crowds anyway. I certainly wouldn't say it was full of chavs but it was very, very busy in the towns and main beauty spots. But as always, if you get your boots on and a creative with your walking plans it is easy to avoid the crowds.
  14. I would be all for sport stopping for a month or so. Much as I enjoy watching the football as much as anyone, it doesn't seem right that they can carry on whilst the rest of us are being told to consider if any of our interactions are "essential".
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