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  1. Why go to the papers though? It gives every cynical bastard opposition fan a stick to hit us with. An annoying act of self indulgence.
  2. I'm not so sure. I don't like to dwell on painful losses to much. A 2-1 slips from memory more effortlessly.
  3. Oh well, if your gonna lose 2-1 is the best result to lose by.
  4. Southampton are draw specialists, 15 last season, more than anyone else. Also, they lack a strong goal threat, in their previous home game against Burnley they only managed three attempts on goal. I can't see past a nil nil draw but live in hope.
  5. I remember an interview with Ranieri where he said that when he arrived at the club he didn't implement his own tactics, instead he told the players they'd been playing well under their previous system and just to carry on doing what they'd been doing. Similarly, I remember an interview with Sam Allardice where he said when he goes into a failing club he gets the players into his office individually, tells them what their strengths are and tells them to do exactly that. Sometimes you need to allow players the freedom to do what they do best.
  6. It takes far too long to buy a beer at half time. Always end up having to neck it far to quickly in the time available.
  7. A very hard team to break down, this Wolves team. Expect them to sit back first half. Last season only 4 occasions where they went into half time behind. COYB.
  8. Acquiring a new manager is rarely as organised as this, even the biggest clubs aren't always able to have their choice of manager and have to have whoever is available when events lead to a sacking. It's like buying a house, you only have short window to buy whatever's available once you've sold. I can't actually think of an occasion where a manager has been sacked simply for the reason that another better option has become available.
  9. Agreed, I quite like the corporate identity 'King Power,' it sounds majestic, and well... powerful! There's a lot worse out there we could be linked to. Also I like the inference, intended or otherwise, to King Richard.
  10. Good to watch a world cup game where everyone's not rolling around in the floor feigning injury for once.
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