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  1. Patrick Bamford is a very likeable young man.
  2. Tight game. Albrighton MOM. Important win to keep us in the mix. Fingers crossed for a draw tomorrow.
  3. That is a big loss. Big Wes to step up? Any chance Cags will be fit?
  4. Great to see Albrighton start. He's really underated as a right back. I actually think it's his natural position.
  5. So no Tielemans or Praet pressumambly? Or only two centre halves? Can't see it myself.
  6. I really want Top/the club to have the honour of announcing all this. I'm sure our expectations will be exceeded whatever the plans/capacity turn out to be. Fans shouldn't be disappointed if 48k isn't the final figure though.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/1575077269471329/posts/2733960923582952/ Looks like the rumours have spread beyond this group.
  8. Is it just me that's slightly sceptical about the 48k figure? If I've got my figures right it would mean adding 16000 seats to the east stand to get to 26000+ seats. Similar in capacity to the three tier Alex Ferguson stand, which is just a monster. Are there bigger stands in Europe?
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