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  1. Bright spark in a lifeless game. His leap is immense and he's so quick to get tight with his man. Him and Soyuncu could become an extremely good partnership.
  2. That pass from Iheanacho sums us up.
  3. League Position : 9th Europa League : Round of 16 League Cup : Quarters FA Cup : 6th Round Top scorer : Vardy (don't think he'll get to 20 though) Most Assists : Tielemans POTY : Ndidi YPOTY : Barnes
  4. Is he? While I agree Barnes was poor tonight he literally got two assists just last game as a sub. Barnes and Gray are both decent players that have good and bad games, and usually have better impact against tiring defences so I think Rodgers is right to just hope one of them comes on and does something brilliant. The only thing both of them show is that we are desperate for a new winger that is more consistent.
  5. Bit nervous now after their Wolves win, thought they were very good. We need to exploit their obvious weakness in their back line, so keep Vardy and Iheanacho up top and get them playing in between and on their shoulder and force them to make mistakes, a la the Man City game.
  6. Take Vardy off for Praet, put Perez up with Iheanacho and push Youri forward. Need to encourage playing the ball through the lines as currently it's just getting passed back and recycled with no purpose.
  7. Slow, plodding football. What the hell has happened to us...
  8. Felt bad for Chilwell tonight, barely ever had a good option down the left to link up with. Bloke is playing on his own down there at times.
  9. Exactly this - he doesn't have the confidence or ability to take on a defender 1 on 1, whereas he's fine running in behind or onto balls against a winger who is less defensively adept. Big mistake not to change up that left flank at half time last night, as it was completely ineffectual all game.
  10. Gray was fantastic again yesterday coming off the bench. However, I feel like I have seen him do this before. He plays well off the bench for a few games then gets put into the starting 11 and puts in no where near the same performance. I hope we don't change the starting 11 quite yet as we keep this run going, but I hope that Gray has finally turned a corner and when called upon will start and play a full game in the same manner as his substitute appearances.
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