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  1. Adam Armstrong looks a very similar player to Vardy whenever I've seen him. Plays on the shoulder, decent pace and great finisher. Can also play from the left which would give us some back-up to Barnes to begin with.
  2. Huge difference this season compared to last at this stage with us coming into good form and having nearly a fully fit squad. Last season our form faltered and injuries hampered any revival. Really excited for the rest of the year.
  3. Shame his defensive partner was Jack Stephens. He was at fault for both goals.
  4. Really nervous about how high a line we’re playing whilst continuing to dive in to tackles.
  5. That’s what I’ve noticed, clearly their plan Is to have someone sat on him at all times so he can spray the ball about. The one time he gets some space he picks a great pass to Maddison for the goal. We are doing a good job of competing to be fair but need to cut out mistakes caused by their press.
  6. I think the difference before was that we didn't have someone else good enough to fill in at RB. JJ's improvement and form now makes it a possibility.
  7. 6 days till this game then a full week till the game after, so I’d expect a strong team to help keep the momentum up but still rest a few to manage those that have been injured. Ward Ricardo Fofana Soyuncu JJ Mendy Under Praet Tielemans Barnes Iheanacho
  8. These commentators are awful, are they even watching the game? When Fofana got trodden on by Wilson they said it was a fall impact then he's on about a foul when he's clearly flagged for offside.
  9. Vardy on, can't stand watching Nacho miss any more.
  10. Every home loss has been exactly the same. Bad individual mistakes, crap from set pieces and unimaginative going forward. Very poor.
  11. Soucek and Coufal, while not extravagant, are both really solid signings. Coufal reminds me of Zabaletta and Soucek is just a beast in the air; Moyes's new Fellaini. They definitely have that similar feel to his Everton team which was full of hard working players that were well drilled with a sprinkling of attacking flair.
  12. What's the point in playing with wing backs if you don't use them? The whole play has gone through the middle which is swamped with players. If we're going to play 3 ATB at home we need width and intricate play on the wings to break down defences, instead we pass it between our back 3 and 2 midfielders and inevitably give the ball away.
  13. Need to whack a few past these.
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