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  1. What's the point of a back 5 if you get done by one ball over the top
  2. Whether it's audited or not doesn't make a huge amount of difference. Every big business is audited and still dodgy accounting goes unpunished every day thanks to creative thinking. And with regard to the media, different media spins things different ways. I get both sides of the argument. I also agree the big clubs are trying to protect their position but equally I still don't believe your route to the top is any more legitimate. That's just how I feel about you, is all.
  3. I appreciate the well wishes and all but I don't think you have a leg to stand on with regards to the oil money comment. The poster only mentioned you yet you went on the defensive about Man U and Chelsea, and I don't think you'll find another person on here who detests their dubious funding any less than yours. I hate Man United with a passion, but can at least concede they grew their revenue organically through continued success under arguably the greatest manager of all time. Your revenue is still questionable at the very least, with your latest attempt to undercut the rest of t
  4. Exactly what we needed. They were awful but those goals should give everyone a bit of confidence for the upcoming games.
  5. Why can’t Schmeichel just kick the ****ing ball straight. So much unecessary pressure comes from losing the ball from his stupid kicking.
  6. There’s absolutely no movement off the ball. We just stand there looking at each other hoping someone will do something with it.
  7. He'll end up scoring against Arsenal and tonight will be a distant memory.
  8. How the **** have we won that 3-1. Absolute dirt for 70 minutes but 3 huge points and it’s only the start of the weekend!
  9. What the hell are we doing. So slow on and off the ball, just asking for them to score.
  10. In an attacking sense, Castagne is very similar to Chilwell in that he looks for one-twos to free up space to drive in to. His end-product and defending is much better though. Ricardo coming on was a reminder of what he is capable of, in that he is good at driving both inside and outside, which gives defenders a much bigger problem when trying to deal with any overload. It will be interesting to see how both are used and against which opposition, as they both carry a different type of threat. Might be a good time for Ricardo to get a run in the team to give Timmy a rest.
  11. Don't think it was an awful performance by any means but you can tell Perez just isn't an out-and-out 9. He came short and got involved with play well but in the box he just doesn't have that edge to him which you need in a goal scorer.
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