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  1. Exactly this - he doesn't have the confidence or ability to take on a defender 1 on 1, whereas he's fine running in behind or onto balls against a winger who is less defensively adept. Big mistake not to change up that left flank at half time last night, as it was completely ineffectual all game.
  2. Gray was fantastic again yesterday coming off the bench. However, I feel like I have seen him do this before. He plays well off the bench for a few games then gets put into the starting 11 and puts in no where near the same performance. I hope we don't change the starting 11 quite yet as we keep this run going, but I hope that Gray has finally turned a corner and when called upon will start and play a full game in the same manner as his substitute appearances.
  3. Great signing. These reveal videos sure are getting weird, though.
  4. I've seen a lot of people complaining that they can't view the availability of seats for games unless it's their turn to buy tickets, so I thought I'd post this work-around to help out. Mods, let me know if this should be elsewhere or isn't acceptable... This will work for all browsers, but I use Chrome. Go to the ticket section and right-click the greyed-out button, then click 'Inspect'. Find the onclick event in the HTML and double click the URL that begins with 'en-GB'. Copy and paste the URL to the end of https://tickets.lcfc.com/ like so https://tickets.lcfc.com/en-GB/events/leicester city v liverpool (carabao cup)/2017-9-19_19.45/king power stadium?hallmap and you're done. Use the seat selection as you normally would, but obviously be aware it won't let you add tickets to your basket. Hope this helps people buying tickets in the future.
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