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  1. Shocking defensively. Away from home we should be setting up solidly and looking to build forward with our passing, but we just get caught out every ****ing time.
  2. Some of his first time touches to move away from players and then drive past them was excellent. He's no Kante and never will be but he's very well rounded which is what we need for that double-pivot.
  3. Another shite start to the game hampered our chances. Completely on top second half and lots to be proud of. The proof will be in the pudding as we play those around and below us.
  4. Why is Maddison marking Firmino... Done ourselves over there. We were looking good for the last 15-20 minutes. No chance we get back into this now.
  5. Good win, both sides were poor. Even though we snatched it we deserved it for Hojbjerg's horrific dive to put them down to ten men. Even with 11 though they didn't look like scoring much in the second half. We didn't have much other than Chilwell driving forward. Missed Vardy's runs.
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