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  1. I think he's realised that. Although he could have chosen to sit out pre-season like Barkley and Sigurdsson have done for their clubs.
  2. Riyad putting himself in the shop window. Good showing from him so far, glad he's being professional.
  3. Only reason I can see him staying is that there's no interest in him. He's had since he handed in his transfer request to line up potential suitors, which must not have come to light. It's easier for him to sign a new contract on bigger money and be a bit-part player for us whilst waiting for something to happen in the background. We need depth so it suits us for now as well.
  4. He's 21 years old for Christ sake, give the lad a chance.
  5. Austria?
  6. That's the problem though, he can be wildly inconsistent, whereas Sigurdsson has proven himself time and time again. Saying that, I'd rather still have a happy Mahrez. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be in that happy state of mind where we can get that top 10 world talent out of him.
  7. I don't think it matters too much. I imagine Kasper will likely take the armband in more matches next season, but Wes will still be an important influence off the field. We have a lot of strong characters throughout the squad anyway. Huth, Drinky, Vardy and now Iborra will all have their say on a match day.
  8. This is exactly what I was thinking. I think we're geared up to play 352 next year. If we lose Mahrez, Iborra can come in. Or we splash the cash on Sigurdsson if Everton can't get him.
  9. Hazard v Spurs.
  10. We're really going all out on the marketing/merchandise front this year aren't we.
  11. "And then I left it." YH M8
  12. Robbed.
  13. When did Man City fans become so mongy? Albrighton gets hit in the face with the ball and they complain. He gets elbowed and they complain. Is this what success does to fans? Entitled bunch of *****.
  14. Absolutely no chance we'd get him. Great performer in Germany for two seasons and it looks like he may be in Chelsea's plans next year. If he was allowed to leave, it would be in Europe and not in this league.
  15. I've got a spare ticket for Spurs in SK3. Face value, PM if wanted.