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  1. We've 4 guys going out, Shinji, Fuchs, Simpson and I'd better be unsurprised by Wes going too... 2 full backs that we don't seem to have the youth the step up immediately to replace those leaving, no major issue with the CB situation thankfully but the striker issue is massive and potentially going to cos us dear in £s as it's already compounded by us being short a man already. Then we need a jiggle to juggle the midfield. All bets are off on Tielemans being affordable If he can perform in this team (fingers crossed in the short-term), though I really do believe our training ground can help us pull the player if we can get past the signing cost of the transfer fee. Again though, it's probably going to be about signing 2 CM's If we can shift Silva (unless by a miracle he turns good in Monaco) and James... if he stays fit. Then a right winger perhaps, Ghazzel perhaps gets the time to adapt but, crikey, you see the lad run? At full stretch he isn't exactly going to scare too many types and... well, I'm biased is the short of it, I just don't think he's all that nor will he be. So, the potential list is: 2 full backs, one for either side... maybe just the left to be fair to Amarty. 2 CM's 2 forward players, a 9 and 10 A winger potentially Financially we're clearing a fair bit off the books in wages, those 4 out of contract... 200k? 250k? We will have... 80m for new players? Maybe optimistic but I think we need all the dollars possible for this summer. Who do we get? Youth? A mix with a key bit of experience? In what positions? What second division leagues in europe have a stand out player we can poach? While we most likely won't be able to afford Loftus Cheekiness as that's probably our budget (unless we can pay in instalments), what player would you go all out for? In my mind we're 3 players from being next level, playing in 7th and pushing for 6th, as admittedly are others... how do we beat them?
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