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  1. We are going to continue to miss targets whilst they mess about with the manager situation.
  2. It's going to be another summer spent talking about who is leaving rather than joining isn't it. This must be what Southampton fans feel like
  3. Is there an actual link with us? I wouldn't bother now, especially at 35m
  4. They haven't signed him as they can't sign anyone currently. Appealing the ban but it's not a cert
  5. Would be a bit strange as just a year ago he said he wouldn't go to PSG as the league is poor, maybe he has changed his mind after a tough season in the prem. Either way would expect him to favour PSG over Monaco given he is from there.
  6. Zabaleta going to west ham so it's not him!
  7. But that's because Zieler isn't as good a keeper, nothing to do with style of play. Also our defence was a complete shambles at that point.
  8. Does a keeper really need to be suited to a style of play?
  9. But they didn't score 3 and second half we battered them and should have won 3-1, with a genuine goal incorrectly ruled out for offside. Are you also forgetting we had 3 starters missing in what was a nothing game anyway?
  10. One thing you can't say about slim is he is shit in the air although that header today was horrendous
  11. Just shit refereeing as ever. Seems like football is more about refs and poor decisions than footballers these days.
  12. 100% onside. So frustrating
  13. Because of a release clause
  14. Totally agree although there were probably a few that went in our favour that shouldn't to even it out a bit. From my seat I wasnt sure if vardy was offside but having watched it back that is a ****ing joke. That lino not being able to do his job cost us £5m and 3 places in the league. Utter shambles
  15. Be interesting to see how Mahrez leaving will affect him. Could go either way, may want to also go or it could force him to integrate with his teammates more and bring the best out of him.