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  1. 100% agree, as good as Maguire is he's replaceable and the money is too good to say no to.
  2. Why are people even talking about Ziyech. He has a 25m release clause and will get to choose from basically any club, we will not be high on his priority list
  3. de Ligt is all but confirmed for Barca, I can see Maguire going to United to be honest but as others have said he is replaceable. Don't get me wrong I would rather keep him but the money we would get would cover an adequate replacement plus Tielemans.
  4. How the hell can Bale command that money with his injury record, he should be on a pay as you play deal!
  5. Re Eriksen, the big link was Barca but with De Jong and Griezmann they have no need for him in that current team. Not sure if Real would be interested but I hope he stays at Spurs otherwise could see them push for Maddison/Tielemans. Also on Tielemans, he is literally in zero photos on that holiday so not convinced he is there, it was just one poster that said so.
  6. We must keep these lot together. Genuinely could have a crack at the top 6 if we do
  7. Why would he wanna sign with this shite
  8. Can we start a Mahrez without Leicester thread too? Think that will be worse off for him!
  9. Agree with Bowen, think he would be a decent upgrade on Gray. Tielemans is a must signing, would be huge but I don't agree that Pope is a better option than Kasper. Finally, would like to see Che Adams or Sturridge (on a pay per play type contract) come in. If we lose Maguire or Chilwell, Tierney would be a perfect replacement and would like to see Benkovic given a shot alongside Evans.
  10. He raises some good points here, refreshingly honest. I think it was the right thing to get rid but he has definitely built a decent base for progression just a bit too stubborn in his methods and didn't do enough to get people onside. http://sportwitness.co.uk/resentment-claude-puel-quizzed-player-power-leicester-city/ Speaking to L’Equipe this week, Puel has been asked how he felt about being sacked by Leicester, and told the French newspaper: “It’s part of the job. When I sign in a club, I invest in a project and I try to bring it to an end. There are sometimes incidents of course or misunderstanding. Or simply, at some point, the results are not good enough. The Premier League is very demanding on the results, the concept of construction does not exist there. I am ambitious and I do not understand my function without the development of a team and players. It needed a minimum of construction. Afterwards, these concepts are shared or not.” L’Equipe then asked the manager if his will to change things at Leicester had been met with ‘some hostility’ by senior members of the squad, with them naming Vardy, Schmeichel and Morgan, Puel replied: “When I arrived, they had won the title, a year and a half earlier. It was something exceptional, which will remain exceptional. They did it with a high performance style: a low defensive base, a very direct counter game, second balls. But this team soon found themselves in trouble with opponents who had evolved. “There was a lot of work to be done on group balance and player profiles. It was necessary to integrate more technical elements to perform in placed attacks and the game on the ground. That’s what we did and yes, there was resentment. In Southampton, Leicester, Nice or in Lille, I put myself in difficulty knowingly. I took teams with a style of play that needed to evolve and I’m proud of what I achieved in these clubs. “When we change, it hurts players who have been there for a long time. But it must be done, I have no regrets. I’m happy with the job done at Leicester. It was an ageing team that needed to be regenerated. Today it is the second youngest team in England with great players for the future.” Puel is clearly proud of some of the work he carried out at the Premier League club and believes the changes will benefit the Foxes going forward. When asked if he feels he had enough support from those in charge at Leicester City, the manager explained: “When you take players out of comfort or ask something else, there are tensions. It can affect two or three players, but after I left, I received about fifteen messages from players that I did not expect. I got on very well with players who are now in Espoirs Hopes – how the French refer to the national U21 team), or holders in the England team. And then the results were not bad: after the first half we were seventh in the Premier League.”
  11. With our last 4 top 10 is nowhere near a given
  12. The lad is absolutely stealing a living at the moment, glad albrighton is back
  13. That pass to vardy was utter filth but other than that he did us a favour tonight
  14. Spurs the "title challengers" behind arsenal once again 🤣🤣🤣 They are the gift that keeps on giving
  15. We apparently paid £9m in compo to Celtic for Rodgers and his staff, just shows how much we wanted him right now as imagine it would have been far less in the summer.
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