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  1. Personally picked by director, leader, legend - Rudders
  2. Arsenal don't want to pay more than 30m, why would they suddenly give us 40-50m plus a 25m player?!
  3. I genuinely have fears this will happen so please don't play with my emotions
  4. Exactly. It's like me going in to a shop and walking up to an employee and saying I see your TV for £500 but I only want to pay £200 and then crying about it. I know what I would be told. He is contracted to Leicester so we can charge what we like and if Roma and Arsenal don't like that asking price they can get ****ed!
  5. Italian journalist Paolo Franci wasn’t very happy when reading the latest news on AS Roma’s chase for Riyad Mahrez. Rumours have said that after rejecting a €30m bid, Leicester City would be demanding €46m, a price which Franci believes to be ‘a joke’. In a story on Calcio Mercato, the journalist starts by taking quotes from the Roma director Eusebio Di Francesco saying people must teach values to children, as if in some way holding Leicester’s Mahrez asking price responsible for societal issues. Franci points out that Mahrez is already 26 years of age, only had one great season in a ‘team of heroes’ under Claudio Ranieri, and never proved himself to be worth all that money at a top club. Seriously Roma just **** off.
  6. Yes because this ongoing image rights issue that's been around for 2 years was definitely made up last week to cover for this "injury"
  7. **** off
  8. What's the score? Can't be arsed to go back through 16 pages
  9. Thanks! 19 points FML Had a gold membership for years but only last season is taken in to consideration where I only got to 4 home games (all the champs league and community shield but they don't count!) because of my newborn in November. I assume the points will update as the season goes on so if I manage to get one in the ballot I will move up to 20?
  10. How do you know how many points you have? Nothing on lcfc direct
  11. Genuinely interested to see if Barca look at him if Neymar does go to PSG. Isn't on the same level but for the money he would be a good addition.
  12. Wes and Maguire?
  13. Brit Assombalonga goes to Boro for 15m and Roma think 20m is an acceptable amount for Mahrez. Go home Roma your drunk
  14. Even if Aguero goes to Chelsea (which he won't) they will buy another world class striker to replace him. They wouldn't be entertaining Kelechi leaving if they thought he could challenge Aguero now.
  15. Their defence looks class! My concern would be the goals, Rooney is not what he was and they have too many attacking midfielders.