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  1. We are playing them on weds, why would that have any bearing?
  2. We are right back in this ffs. Our run in is far worse than swans and hull
  3. Why are people still going on about Kramaric? He is average, doing ok at Hoffenheim but there is some dross in the German league.
  4. Would hate to see him go to ****ing Liverpool, they are almost as bad as Florist for living in the past. United I could just about handle due to his dad and him being a fan but no other prem club. Everton would be a disaster!! I do have a feeling he is a loyal guy and loves the club, we are already paying him a wedge so he may stay, it depends on the clubs in for him to be honest. But he certainly found his level with the champions league.
  5. So much wrong with this post it's unreal. We couldn't go to Madrid and go gung ho to score goals, we would have been ripped apart by their counter attacking style. At half time Griezmann was having a field day and shakey noticed it and made a change to nullify that threat. Atleti are one of the best defensive teams in the world and just don't concede multiple goals at home. Not sure how you can say the tactics in the first half last night were negative or wrong, it was the same team that ripped Sevilla to shreds at home but we were up against a much more disciplined team who were taking the sting out of the game. He then saw what was happening and changed the formation. Gray cannot defend to save his life so chilwell was the right sub and he had alot of joy attacking that left side. He can also cross a ball better than Gray can. Ulloa was also a brilliant sub as his hold up play helped us put them under even more pressue. Mahrez may be out of form but no manager would have dropped him for a game this big as he offers too much. He ran like a man possessed and although his end product was lacking you can't say he didn't try. Gray is a great prospect but people get far too carried away with him. He can be great but he as ALOT to learn about playing in a team and needs to work on his tracking back and end product. I do actually agree with the Amartey point as we had nothing to lose at that point so Gray should have come on as a last ditch throw of the dice.
  6. I genuinely think he is world class and would improve almost any side. Some of the finishing this season has been unreal. I can't see him handing a transfer request in and without that 20m clause he would cost alot of money. Would teams pay it for a 31 year old?
  7. He is the biggest cvnt on the radio.
  8. Absolute man possessed, brilliant performance. He was hyping up the fans right in front of where I was sitting and the noise was deafening!
  9. That's down to the players surely? It was the same team that smashed Sevilla off the park. Shakey saw it wasn't working and made a bold move that completely changed the game. Exactly like in the first leg when griezmann was taking us to the cleaners and he made a change which completely nullified him. That is what great management is all about.
  10. We aren't safe yet so yes.
  11. Frustrating after being 2 nil up but with other results that is a great afternoon. Just praying Benny isn't serious.
  12. I don't think he'd have started with Benny if that was the case
  13. Haha we are ****ed for Tuesday then
  14. Does Benny injury look serious?