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  1. I wonder if they have factored in how we have been playing the last month or so. It is all well and good being 11 points clear but based on every performance bar the Newcastle one, we are on a downward spiral and need to strengthen.
  2. If he could stay fit I would take him all day long. He is a talented young player who was bullied mercilessly by Mourinho. He is at a poisoned club with huge expectations, genuinely think Brendan could get the best out of him and he would shine here. It all goes back to fitness though, his injury history is horrible.
  3. 3 points each is all the matters
  4. Been shit for weeks now, spark has gone
  5. Why? If he's offside then pen shouldn't stand
  6. We have lost the plot a bit recently, maybe we were just spoiled in the first half of the season but not looked great in a while.
  7. They are going to be up for this, we completely embarrassed them in front of the world. This won't be easy
  8. The guy is keeping De Ligt out of the team, he isn't coming here.
  9. We have literally forgotten how to play football in the last 10 minutes
  10. He's not getting in ahead of Cags or Evans initially so what's the point of a loan? Lowers our risk but not sure we will see him play enough. Unless 3 at the back is here to stay....
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