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  1. He will be thinking what more do I need to do for these clowns
  2. And that's why he needs to be on the pitch
  3. How the **** did he miss that. Barnes that is embarrassing
  4. We don't, we look better because we have a midfielder that wants to play forward.
  5. Sorry but Vardy would have scored that, Barnes was probably shocked by the forward pass to be fair
  6. I love vardy but his finishing has been horrible this year
  7. Seems very strange to transport a footballer in a one engine propeller plane with only the pilot as company. The owner's have private jets. Either way this is devastating for the club if true.
  8. Get the **** in Wes you shit bastard
  9. Yeah he has been awful again, so many sloppy errors
  10. What's happened to Maguire? Think he peaked at the world cup
  11. We can't defend so we do. Some decent stuff going forward though
  12. Does anyone genuinely think Top is in any mindset to sack him and go through a hiring process. I'm not convinced at all, think he will just write this season off and look at a change in the summer.
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