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  1. Transfer window opened on June 9 this year for whatever reason.
  2. It's make it really difficult to guess whether a membership is worth it then as without a fixed amount of membership being sold, the ballot is going to be very difficult and it is probably not worth it if you are lower down on the priority system. Umm, probably take a chance on the membership option and hope for the best I guess.
  3. I meant like there will be tiers in the priority system, so people with 25+ points will be able to buy tickets before others with 15+ points. I am trying to find what the threshold will be as with 23 points, not sure whether a membership is worth it. My brother is likely to buy it anyway, just wondering what the threshold ofr tiers will be?
  4. We have gone to 8 games at home last season in Premier league and are gold members, so that will be 23 points? Shame they don't include either away or champions league games as this would go up for me to 30 odd. 23 points should get you to tier 2 of the priority system surely?
  5. I think one thing people aren't considering is that 900 applications =/= 900 people applying. Therefore, for example on my application it was me and my brother so that would be two people applying but one application. Given you can add four people on one application if we assume an average of 2 people on one application, I would think it was around 1800-2000 people applying for 600-700 tickets. I found out I was just unsuccessful now but still didn't get an e-mail. It's a shame but have to see whether I will get a membership package for next season tbh.
  6. Thanks, will get my brother's linked details and get onto it. Thanks for your help.
  7. Still haven't got a reply yet either, should I call tomorrow do you think or wait till I get a response, hope I was in the ballot at least, did it late on Monday night tbf.
  8. I've not got a response yet either, what membership number are you as it seems the earlier membership numbers have got responses so far.
  9. I really hope you get a ticket, best of luck.
  10. I've not got an email yet, but then again my and my brother who are linked are n the 250000 as members. So, looks like it maybe tomorrow before we get a response.
  11. About time it was announced, hopefully can look at getting some signings now.
  12. Snatch and Grab Tbf. not the best quality game but happy to see us score first in this match, Wba normally score first.
  13. Joel robles in Morrisons with some Atletico fans.
  14. Oh dear, Schlupp assist, lol.
  15. Fantastic counter attacking goal ;-)