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  1. Rogers also said that last minute bids won't be considered, we won't be left panicking and spunking £45 million on Dunk. Rogers played a blinder last night.
  2. Don’t think he’s a bad player, but with one year left and possibly another player coming in (Praet) and Hamza then this may make sense.
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9504235/man-utd-world-record-80m-maguire-transfer-leicester-defender-medical-tomorrow/#Echobox=1563107625
  4. Fee agreed apparently, where's Percy when you need him
  5. Don't do it to yourself mate
  6. That's the spirit even Babylon is on board
  7. The fact you still did support city after that season Well worth it in the end eh?
  8. What is most amusing is the absolute melt down of United fans on twitter. They arrogantly believed they'd get him, with Newcastle's longstaff on their radar and Pogba wanting out, you almost feel sorry for them
  9. What a whirl wind, few beers tonight
  10. I'm definitely of the opinion that this would be a good acquisition. He is an improvement on that right side (which is where I'm guessing he'll be deployed) with good versitility across the front. What's impressed me about him is his progress and gradual improvement over the last few years, with last season showing a great level of performance in what was a defensive Newcastle side. We'll be getting a much improved player who'll fit into our ethos in a position where we need to improve at a price which while high is IMO good value in the current market.
  11. Percy just confirmed this too x
  12. I can see you’ve signed up to red cafe. Please wind them up a little more, some are ready to jump.
  13. In fairness the SQUAD could be better Tis was the holy trinity of Kante, Vardy and Mahrez 📿🙏🏼🕋🛐
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