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  1. Just happy Rogers figured out immediately that playing to your strengths was the obvious thing required, wasn’t rocket science. Now playing a consistent team barring injuries and building momentum. While Im aware of the changes we needed to make I won't look back at Puels reign with any fondness and I'm just enjoying watching my team again and couldn't care less.
  2. It’s not why they’d be buying him, it’s his potential of how much better he could become, a current England international no less. With the threat of a ban, even if they delay the ban this would only further inflate what we’d try and get. We don’t need to sell. Plus they have now seen the emergence of zinchenko who is developing into a good deputy for Mendy at left back (not natural position). This guy was being shipped out but within the last week it is reported they’ll be offering him a new deal. At at present this seems less likely, Mendy likely back for the start of next season too.
  3. Bloody heck, an unchanged team! Not used to this, what is Brendan trying to do, build consistency? What a stupid idea that is.
  4. It’s a typical measly mouthed response when an individual who doesn’t like a player is presented with opposing facts that don’t match their viewpoint. Facts that suggest he hasn’t been that bad. Watch these stats continue to be stupidly high but see a more tangible outcome in a better system that plays to our strengths. It’s his first season and his stats speak for themselves. He’ll get his chance. As far as Chilly and Harry are concerned, unlike some on here, Southgate knows what he’s doing, he isn’t stupid. He’ll not have suddenly thought they’re crap no thanks. Whether they start is one thing, being dropped give your head a wobble.
  5. 81 – No player in Europe’s top five leagues has created more goalscoring chances this season than Leicester City’s James Maddison. Rising. https://twitter.com/OptaJoe/status/1105094298704510984/photo/1
  6. And he IS consistently the one player that provides the most key passes in the team. If you watch highlights from yesterday it’s like a reel of Maddison through balls to Vardy, something at the start of the season we’d expected. I guess he was doing exactly what the manager wanted but now we see the no brainier central centric distribution under a different manager, just a simple tweak to play to your strengths then one of your most talented players doesn’t ‘look’ so negative. Im sure he’ll improve under the new system.
  7. That live feed on twitter was hilarious. Celtic fans Christ, zero class. BR spoke well
  8. Well balanced post, while I'm not gonna dwell on Puels time here he deserves credit for the much needed changes he started, he put us on the right track. A similar manager but with better communication and man management skills seems the logical improvement. I like his attacking philosophy too. We have a lot going for us as a club !
  9. Looks though they had a plan all along. Crikey.
  10. Based on the recent poor choices of managers I’m a little apprehensive about them getting this right, very important decision for young Top. However, I am looking forward to going down and watching them now, haven’t felt like this in a while. Whether we start picking up wins only time will tell..
  11. Don’t care what they say, they don’t have to say anything, they don’t have to announce something on social media anytime something happens. Just because some tin foiled hat wearer on the tinternet believes there something more to it. I just want want a positive reaction on the pitch. See a bloody win at home!
  12. I’ll mirror the sentiment he did oversee important changes, that needed to be made. And the use of youth to the extent is something that is unrivalled at this level in this day and age. Something to be proud of and I hope a legacy that continues. However, it was painfully obvious that his system didn’t work, he was far to cautious and inflexible in his approach to adapt with the players we CURRENTLY have, no plan b, poor man management skills non existent. I hoped he’d of adapted implementing his own changes and in time his true system would have eventually evolved but alas he wasn’t gonna change.
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