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  1. Argh the stupidity of Brexit, it’s like some with a straight face trying to sell you that it is an intelligent idea to start a winger up front with the striker that scores for fun against the big teams. I’ll defend Puel if when he does the right thing for sure, some always defend him no matter what, confirmation bias.
  2. Its beyond me why it takes an anti Leicester player to state the obvious yet to be shot down and then some on here use ad hominem to get their ‘point’ across. Puel came out in the press and said there hadn’t been words between the two but still punitively dropped Vardy. Great management that while at the same time limiting our capabilities in one fell swoop, tactical genius.
  3. And that Martin Cocksure chap, definitely giving Fin and Bert a run for their money.
  4. Great post Balanced and pragmatic!
  5. Because of Puel I don't mind reasonable arguements on both sides but some people on here make Puel to be the second coming of Christ.
  6. To suggest we created more without, Jesus wept. Vardy should start simple as that. Tielemans was the difference let's not over complicate this. Maddison created the most chances again...
  7. While I agree with your sentiments about man management skills, or clear lack of, under no circumstances do I believe will get relegated. Bored to death maybe, but not relegated.
  8. It was Ndidi that bizarrely was dropped. So without meaning to, Puel has figured out our best CM pairing.
  9. Good performance we looked good in the middle too what with been missing all season - and all because Mendy got injured, masterstroke. We created better clear cut chances
  10. He’s our most creative player by a million miles is continually dropped and played out of position and yes this has led to a drop in form. But still he’s heads and shoulders above any other player that continually replace him and fail to even achieve Maddison’s stats and influence on our game. As as much as Puel plays with youngsters and has been a great success in this respect - should be commended without hesitation for this - but he has mis managed Maddison IMO. As a young lad he needs his confidence and positive forward play encouraging, to play without fear and not worried about making mistakes. We did see the player we expected at the start of the season but that has been steadily sapped out of him and his confidence looks very low, he’s not the only player too. While the myopic keyboard warriors on here can’t connect the dots and seemingly feel Maddison is some kind of egotistical big head who isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Jesus wept. The premise that footballers can’t go through the same mental imbalances like the rest of us and they should accept it due to their privileged occupation is complete nonsense. The same people even ironically call out the booers (against Puel ) and highlight how stupid and counterproductive this is. Get behind the lad and know that if he ain’t gonna make it here he’ll no doubt go into to achieve elsewhere in spite of the boo boys. I hope with with a player like Tielemans alongside Wilf this may bring out the best in Maddison’s game, one can hope and try and be positive.
  11. One Goal away from Claridges record tally of 20 league goals in a season (25 total) and some questioned why we would buy him. What do they know. Not the finished product but top young hungry Leicester lad, no brainier. I know he’d love to come here too but not sure the club have really pushed on this one - but they should IMO.
  12. Most times possession won in the midfield third in the Premier League this season: 🥇 W. Ndidi -- Leicester (113) 🥈 Jorginho -- Chelsea (112) 🥉 D. Rice -- West Ham (110) http://wscrd.co/PremierLeague https://twitter.com/WhoScored/status/1092837758983237633/photo/1 Tielemans could be a game changer for Puel. Let Wilf get on with the job is evidently so brilliant at and actually play a Dynamic partner that’ll do the job going forward.
  13. Maddison most key passes in our team by a long long long margin. When chasing a game to bring on a player that's creates less than the player being replaced doesn't usually end well. Maddison had the most key passes in that game, Ghezzal zero! At one point (November) Maddison had the most key passes across all the five top leagues in Europe for players under 21. His confidence evidently is low and will be less effective when played out of position. While booing is stupid and nonsense in itself the reasoning why people doing it is understandable. While I see people say give Ghezzal more time, get off his back - (while true) I would argue it's more in our interest to show Maddison this support he'll come good, his ability is there for all to see already.
  14. He'll get in ahead of Tielemans no doubt
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