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  1. Lesta Legend

    Jack Grealish

    Nope, we have incredibly moronic posters
  2. Lesta Legend

    Stefano Sturaro

    Yes.. strange one this
  3. Lesta Legend

    James Maddison

    I hear you, I got offended even reading your post. So I'll rest easy tonight knowing the police have done their job.
  4. Lesta Legend

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    But we know the Dildo brothers would never get that and it be hilarious when 'Arcrotchnavic' starts kicking up a stink (if there any truth to the rumours) like we know he will as he's a temperamental S*d. As for Mahrez, i genuinely think some on here need to see a psychiatrist. He's off, although he had his moments he'll leave having been pivotal to a feat that'll never be bettered (imo) and goes with my admiration and thanks. His small indiscretions aside, I couldn't hold it against him for what he actually did for us. One of the greatest ever to wear our shirt. Just get the transfer quickly done now
  5. Lesta Legend

    Samuel Gigot / Tom Bayliss

    Tom Bayliss is Friends with J Maddison ..
  6. Lesta Legend

    Tom Cairney

    Had a great game tonight. If Fulham get promoted he'll not be coming here.
  7. Lesta Legend

    Adrien Silva

    Gonna get done lads
  8. Lesta Legend

    Ahmed Musa - Possible Loan Move

    We might see movement on this now
  9. Lesta Legend

    Tom Lawrence

    We can be disappointed all we want, he is a good prospect and will no doubt go on and have a good career. But isn't currently getting into the team, his contract is running down and he obviously wants to leave to get the footall he needs. The club will always maximise their return on a player that wants out and by the looks of it we will make good profit on a yet unproven player.
  10. Lesta Legend

    Mahrez to .......................?

    We're not [emoji23] he's our player, I'd worry about not embarrassing yourselves further by making yourselves look like a small two bit club by offering such low amounts..
  11. Lesta Legend


    What's that put a good ball into the box and he scores. Shocker.
  12. Lesta Legend

    Mahrez to .......................?

    Yep the low ball 20 / 30 million bids are clearly not what they value the player at and won't even consider - great to hear. But also he is insistent that it is Mahrez that needs get on with his job should we not receive the bids we deserve. Good on Top.
  13. Lesta Legend

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    Nothing you didn't already expect from this lot, half the fun is watching the gorms go into irrational melt downs if a transfer takes longer than 48 hours to complete.
  14. Lesta Legend

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    Ndidi has been here since Jan, also Nigerian. We'll likely move one maybe two out, Ulloa already unhappy about game time..
  15. Lesta Legend

    Kelechi Iheanacho

    Stan clearly isn't ITK. FRAUD.