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  1. I’ve seen so much racist crap from verified accounts, this isn’t the answer. A blue tick to a SJW means they think they can say what they want, even when what they’re saying is as racist and ignorant as the faceless accounts that post nothing but racist rubbish.
  2. He did fine against a quite relentless pace of Liverpool early on, a lot of our players made some frustrating mistakes but like Dan kept in there and we won. That’s all that matters. He is versatile and has his strengths that the club believe he can do well as a CB and RB. Been unlucky with injuries and game time is sporadic never seems to get the chance to build his confidence. Not done too bad against two of the best teams in the league. While I’ll be more confident once Castagne and Fofana are back fit, I’m glad we don’t have to rely on Big Wes and like last year Ryan bl
  3. It’s it’s almost like we have a good squad and play a good style of football, lots on here go into an irrational blind panic too much. 2 nil up and 3rd in the league
  4. Balance zero, but he pulled off a very good Borat impression.
  5. How incredibly sad, such a positive influence when here and while at other clubs. A nice guy I hope he can recover
  6. Feels like I’m having a stroke trying to read that post.
  7. The rising of the sun almost symbolic of Vichai watching from afar. The rising of the club going forward, in this absolute ball bag of a year Can’t believe how far this club has come on and off the pitch. We’re so lucky to have the owners we have and continue to allow us to continue the dream.
  8. Hopefully you’ve installed a secret listening device in Brendan’s room, so you can get the inside track in transfer rumours
  9. Another good win, looking better defensively than we have all year with injuries and we’re second. Second. Sure the usual bores on here will find something wrong.
  10. I wish him the best and maybe a team he can walk into and get game time will help him kick on, the lad does have good technical ability. Completely failed to produce any consistency, that goal against Cardiff though Dimi’s problem is himself, he thinks he better than what he is.
  11. They can justify their negativity in their own head all they want. As much as we’ve been frustrating to watch recently, inconsistent and Rogers has made some mistakes - we’re in the mix and qualified for the next stages in Europe. Any sane individual will see that as a great start. A fully fit team will likely see improvement, Fuchs starting every game should say it all. Room for improvement but the vapid hot takes from some on here is so boring.
  12. I’m sure our recruitment will adapt around this, with long term planning already in place, like we know the club are good at. Elite British clubs will also adapt, readily available youth players and their development just might be the future for success. Good thing we’ve just invested into a world class training facility.
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