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  1. Pretty much this Fofana seemed to slot straight in only 19 blimey. Missing Maddison, Vardy and Ndidi is a huge loss and shouldn't be underestimated. But BR made the mistake of not bringing Under on for a sub par Perez while bringing on Hamaza.
  2. Can't wait for this bad boy to be back, him on right and Timothy on the left will be frightening.
  3. I've totally lost any interest in the national team, while Barnes is at the beginning of his journey and at least he's actually been picked, the fact remains Grealish has been left out over Mount. I'm a Leicester fan through and through but Grealish should be in, I'm sure if he was a Chelsea player he'd be in. I'll be tuning in to see how our boys get on. X
  4. IPTV, VPN. Fight the power. ✊🏼
  5. Are you seriously suggesting Puel was responsible for the above listed player's and not via long term analysis by our recruitment team?! Stop giving Puel responsibility via the revisionism in your head for the player's he clearly had no real input in. Possibly Ricardo, but jeez
  6. While not wrong, a forward pass wouldn't go a miss.
  7. Definitely formats better on a mobile
  8. Played the way we wanted play, kept calm when we conceded but our counterattacks superb. Man City then looked there for taking and bam. Felt Man City would have enough to win but goes to show we have some outstanding players. Castagne is superb.
  9. Spot on, it’s against Man City who will have the ball more often than not and their pressing is second to non. Our tactic will be to break that press and counter attack, we did and this led to the goal. While this may ‘look crap’ it’s tactical against the superior side. We didn’t panic once conceded and got on with our game. Better pressing from us mind...
  10. While im not really convinced with womens football yet, it will be interesting to see how this club progresses, KP seem too achieve relative success with their sporting investments. Did read this article interesting management structure but I hope they can be a success there!
  11. Absolutely makes sense Castagne can play left back / LWB absolutely fine
  12. Pinpoint summary With the window still open hopefully we can add depth and with the likes of Ricardo and Evans due back we actually do have a lot to be positive about, regardless of what the bedwetters say.
  13. Three players all playing for the number one rated team on the planet. Youri MOM.
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