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  1. Lesta Legend

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Indeed, they play some good stuff - they played Man U off the pitch IMO - and they'll not struggle in a relegation scrap by any means, but as far as their attack is concerned it is their one glaringly obvious weakness. So a good team yes, the best team ever to come out of the Championship - I'm sure Mr Neville is mildly embarrassed by the fact 'his' team (Man U) failed to really test Wolves on home soil - so by default, he makes an ill thought out comment and as a relatively good pundit - everyone hard of thinking jumps on and the creaming section commences. The bear seems a well balanced guy and has been round these parts many years, but there are a lot of extremely vocal delusional Wolves fans on social media who quite frankly seem to spoil the image of the balanced few like Bear. As far as the game is concerned, a few changes for the fringe players to come in and Soyuncu I hope gets a chance. You never know with these games as both teams usually field weakened sides at this stage.
  2. Lesta Legend


    Mendy is doing Brilliant at the moment and has felt like a brand new signing. Says a lot about him to come back from being injured and written off by our fans to making the place his own. However he is NOT better than Wilf in the defensive midfield role, Wilf's stats are still higher and saying that his form has dropped so he can improve. But I like Mendy so deserves all due credit.
  3. Lesta Legend

    Expected Goals

    Thank God we'll get our top striker back soon, so kinda makes worrying about such a stat pointless, just yet....
  4. Lesta Legend

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Someone mentioned something about development of the water front, will they finally build that bridge (foot path) across the canal ? i think it was intended to be near the Weir so you come out on raw dykes road, or did i dream that.
  5. Lesta Legend

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Indeed, a huge chunk of their fan base are quite frankly hilarious & delusional, with an unearned sense of self worth. Why they think this way is baffling. And when they inevitably get beaten this year some opposing fans will react to this condescending attitude in kind. I'm sure they'll stay up, they have a good squad but won't score enough to really push on this year. Neves for me will be playing champions league football next season he is a class above. We were poor early on, but went down to ten men and kept a good shape. Can go up a few gears.
  6. Lesta Legend

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Just scored
  7. Chilwell and maddison are a shoe in's... Get the feeling Puel favours Iborra over Silva.
  8. Lesta Legend

    Simpson- Not in Puels Plans

    It's probably time for Simmo to move on. I like the fact he was written off (which some on here love doing) and proved his doubters wrong by being an essential cog in winning the premier league. No surprise if true.