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  1. No it did happen for a few years but this has stopped, they’re not contractually obliged to, it’s all goodwill. Steve Parrish talked about this yesterday, he confirmed from an accounting point of view it’s signed off it’s just up to the authorities to decide where it goes.
  2. This should be distributed to the pyramid below the premier just my opinion especially due to Covid fallout.
  3. True they’re all as bad as each other it’s easy to see. And Ed Woodward and Cummings all part of the same deceit both expert fibbers.
  4. Yes so it seems completely insane why anyone pays it in the first instance. The prices are too high. I don’t think you have to be too tech savvy either, my 70 in law has it all, with an initial helping hand but he hasn’t missed a match in 3 years.
  5. I pay £8 a month and can watch every 3pm kick off, who’s getting better value for money?
  6. So true. They consume more football orientated media than I ever did, it’s a complete fabrication to say kids aren’t interested. It’s all about monetising how they’re watching it - which is usually Facebook/ YouTube / streaming sites - so they hardly make money out of them - FIFA 21 aside! Football governing bodies know this it’s all about the money. And the game shouldn’t be changed to suit a global audience. Game going fans have to be the centre point of any strategy the rest of the world already buy into that.
  7. Ha ha as if the ESL going ahead isn’t the death nail already, now that’s naive. Uncompetitive league with no incentive for any of the teams and decreased demand across the globe. Yeah Fecking brilliant long term stability that is.
  8. Agreed I won’t be watching but anyone that wants to should watch by the way of a stream that is easily accessible with aforementioned services and a good VPN.
  9. I’d encourage anyone that wants to watch this is to stream via Kodi or IPTV services. Never give them a penny.
  10. All that extra money will mean even more inflated prices for players when they attempt to buy from teams not in the Super a league. National FA’s and Uefa could sanction them. Imagine a national team full of hungry players not seemingly picked due to thy team they play for? Will have to see if the local FA’s do what is right for what should be a competitive sport. Teams and football will survive in the long term without these teams.
  11. I would rather our club stick with the statistical analysis process driven recruitment policy that has held it in good stead. While the club invests with the future in mind (the squad reflects this) it be silly to discount the likes of your Johnny Evans who are older but can add to the squad and it’s success. Don’t know enough about the player in question but it would seem we’ve been watching him for a long time.
  12. Looks like we maybe signing a young Israeli lad.
  13. The current owners will have spunked more on the team than it’ll cost to build such a stadium. A team that’ll be far inferior to the stadium they’ll end up play in.
  14. Great post. When you think about the above and the moaners that consistently come out of the wood work whenever we have an indifferent period or at their worst a poor half of football, you have to laugh. We have so much going for us and I’m so lucky to have witnessed what I’ve witnessed over the years. Our owners and Brendan are managing this club so well on and off the pitch that continued success is a real possibility.
  15. Remember this game, Nuge chased a squirrel off.
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