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  1. Colour me shocked, the way he played last year no surprise at all, all the best to him.
  2. Someone described mahrez as world class some are seriously deluded. Probably one of the most technically gifted players leicester will ever have, world class though, STFU. He doesn't want to be here he'll be gone and I'm sure will see the best of him again.
  3. Some new players in this photo, assuming they got a car too?
  4. Stop moaning ffs.Am certain they enjoyed the gig. Off tonight myself I'll post a two hour video for you later, mwah x
  5. Indeed Kante is one of the best midfielders we've had and if fit should start ahead of king, Kante's form as always consistent, no brainer.King will no doubt still be here once Kante has gone and I love the bloke he's simply doesn't start ahead of either Kante or drinky unless form dictates otherwise.
  6. It must mean he's possibly trying to be balanced but fails as he comes across as a bit of a bell in the article - listen to Drive Time everyday he usually bums Leicester and in all fairness was giving us the credit and praise where half the media just couldn't bring themselves to do.
  7. Arsenal want to replicate our system am sure Ben will succeed in doing so. Arsenal will gain massively. Leicester will simply loose a talented analyst that can be replaced - unless he has some kind of brilliant algorithm he hasn't used we won't loose our competitive advantage. The system still requires the right guidance and the right people that make footballing judgements after statistical analyses presents the best options. At present we still have SW. Liverpool use a similar system, as introduced by their American owner but again their transfer committee a seemingly clueless. Who knows how it'll shape out at arsenal but am fairly confident it's still business as usual for us.
  8. Ben W has announced he's off to arsenal on Twitter.
  9. I bypass it altogether for the various reasons that have been listed or highlighted countless times previously. Fans perhaps rightly feel nonchalant or sarcastic to well meaning but pointless processes like this. Good luck with your quest but the club just need to realise how bad the situation is and take action, not like these things haven't been said by feedback groups like this in the past. Perhaps with Premier League riches they now have budgetary room to implement change...
  10. Can.Not.breathe. Got to be a troll
  11. This guy sounds completely insane
  12. Great thread Unfortunately he is possibly the reason we could afford to let Nugent go. But an upgrade in every sense of the word. Very impressed with him already.
  13. New road inn, at least they did last year. Or Google kodi and you'll be watch in the comfort of your own living room...
  14. Offendatron doesn't like something shock horror and yes they've done it before, all of a sudden something trivial like this matters - clearly one doesn't get down much not to have noticed before
  15. Maybe it suggests he is listening to existing staff who were at the club last year, just a thought...