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  1. Anybody looking for a stream, go on Footybite and click on our match when it's live.
  2. The remake is absolutely fantastic -- combat is a bit wonky, but the graphics are incredibly and the atmosphere is even better than it originally was.
  3. Already asked this, but any ideas if they're showing this anywhere in Paris?
  4. Weird question but anyone know where I can watch this in Paris?
  5. We weren't even losing at that point. This forum has a strange tendency to claim any criticism is scapegoating. I'm not, Ghezzal is just a bad player. He never does anything of note in a match, his pacing is atrocious, and he plays without a brain
  6. Does it have to lmao? I was just asking if there's any reason he stopped starting him. Nothing to do with the goal, it's just a question
  7. When did Sol Bamba become ****ing world class
  8. Here is my invite link: https://initiativeq.com/invite/BbKB72Thm I wonder if this could actually take off
  9. Can't believe we're a club that sacks managers every season or two now. Not that he doesn't deserve to go but I'd almost gotten used to stability.
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