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  1. Should have sold Mahrez

    I do agree with this but I'd still be pissed off if I were him and this happened several windows in a row
  2. Should have sold Mahrez

    Because we promised him that we'd sell him the next year and then several windows have passed without us doing that?
  3. Watford Away Match Thread

    wtf was that, king
  4. I mean, we were exactly that since we won the league. I'm surprised by how well we've managed to change our style successfully as well
  5. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Puel probably put this team out just because he knew how shit Southampton are after managing them
  6. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    lmao it's THE ****ING HAIR IT ACTUALLY IS
  7. Rap & Hip Hop

    The new Big K.R.I.T album is INCREDIBLE
  8. Wes Morgan's Indian Summer

    Agreed. Every summer there are people wondering (hoping sometimes) if he's played his last season for us as captain and every year he comes back and he's still amazing
  9. A club in crisis

    Exactly this. I remember when we were in the Championship and being proud of all of our facilities and thinking we were on the cutting edge, and reading articles about us that seemed to confirm it. What the **** happened?
  10. The "do they mean us?" thread

    They'd think that if they had followed our club since we won the league as well tbf
  11. Riders Partner with #NoFuchsGiven

    Have you seen the clothing line tbf
  12. Ahmed Musa - Possible Loan Move

    lmao no it hasn't been
  13. Adrien Silva

    'Sky Sports News understands Leicester will only complete the Adrien Silva deal, IF Danny Drinkwater leaves for Chelsea before tonight's 11pm deadline.' WHY????
  14. Adrien Silva

    15 fcking million euros what the fck is he playing at??? we bid 30 million last summer and got turned down fck sake