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  1. That pass by Chilwell was ****ing genius
  2. Much prefer Google Play Music to Spotify. Like the UI of Spotify more but with Play Music you can upload your own music to fill in what's not provided by the service and it integrates seamlessly into your library
  3. Over-estimating Mélenchon slightly?
  4. Starting to become aggressive?
  5. I suppose he did say 'which party campaigns for' an improved NHS, rights for the sick and disabled, and improvement in social care, rather than 'which party will actually deliver on' all those things, so yeah good point
  7. Well goodbye Corbyn at least, I'll vote Lib Dems
  8. We killed them wtf
  9. Leicester legend appearing in the Leicester section shouldn't be too surprising
  10. I've lost my voice lmao
  11. Where's Rachel
  12. It's Shakes amongst the players it seems like and Shakey on here, or they use both but lately I've seen Shakes
  13. Lmao all attacking players. Kanté's easily, easily in the top 10 in the league.
  14. Get him in rn as director of football
  15. He has the worst taste I've seen in somebody above 14 years of age tbh