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  1. We need to play with more intensity and press as a team which we did in the closing stages today. If we play like we did for the majority of the game today, then your 4-4-2/3-5-2/4-3-3 make no difference at all.
  2. He scores goals and for that reason he has to play every game.
  3. I think we are overachieving as I wouldnt say we have the third best squad in the league but I agree tonight was poor whichever way you look at it and we are far better than Newcastle. But if you look at it on the basis of budgets, then Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal are all looking at us in the dame way we're looking at Newcastle. I think we're all hurting as this was our opportunity to almost seal champions league and it's become a hell of a lot harder, but take a step back and think about where the club is at the moment. Not qualifying for champions league feels like failure
  4. But we have to accept that we are overachieving compared to the other clubs in and around us. It won't be as easy for us as it will be for the Man City’s of this league, because quite simply we don't have the same quality or experience. We're still in the driving seat for Champions league so until we give that up I won't say we've bottled it. In terms of us this season, we've done well in the games against the big 6 in the high pressure games and we've got to a FA cup final so we have performed okay in the big games. Tonight was poor and everyone takes blame for that,
  5. He gets some of the blame too absolutely, but its the players that take the stick today imo. We lost today because the players were shit. If they can't make three yard passes then how could Rodgers have done anything differently? Formations, personnel put that down to Rodgers but attitude was shite from the lads today.
  6. If you watched the game tonight, Pep wouldn't have won us the game. What can any manager do when the team played with no intensity, couldn't make a pass to a player within 3 yards and played in one gear all game.
  7. He looks poor after the covid incident and his confidence looks all over the place. Drop him for Perez as he looked far more lively imo. He doesn't seem to be in the right frame of mind atm.
  8. We looked comfortable against Bournemouth till that Kasper mistake then we collapsed. We were horrible all game bar the last 10 minutes tonight.
  9. I don't get the criticism of Mahrez whilst he was here. He clearly wanted to go after the 16/17 season due to where we finished and we managed to keep him for another season in which he was sensational again. Yes he threw his toys out in the Jan transfer window but he always gave 100% when he played for us, despite what was going on. We were never going to keep him without being able to offer him CL football year in year out which we couldn't.
  10. Took being a goal down to really see us play with any intensity. Could have won it, but probably a fair result in the circumstances. Let's move on.
  11. Yeah that is very true. 3pm Saturday games were never shown and I believe it's because it would impact attendances at games but I think most who go to games at any level would prefer to be at the stadium then watching it on TV.
  12. I have to pinch myself and smile whenever I see clips from that season. But I think it's starting to sink in since BR has come in and we're now looking to consistently be amongst the big boys
  13. It seems like Mandaric wanted to make him a frontman for certain signings and that he was never really in control of the team. Probably just about summarises the craziness of the Mandaric era here.
  14. I'd be shocked if BR left us for Spurs. We're a better side then them and can probably match them in terms of finances. United would be the only team in the premier league that I'm realistically worried about losing him too.
  15. I'm all for the Premier league having it's own streaming service but don't want them to have a monopoly over TV rights. Inevitably they will charge people whatever they want and it'll once again price people out of football. I think competition is good for the game or some sort of regulation to ensure football on TV is affordable. Right now you need to have BT, sky and amazon prime to be able to watch all games which is ridiculous.
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