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  1. He didn't really commit to anything and was a bit stand off ish which is understandable given its his first game back. Nothing to really note on his performance imo.
  2. People need to get a grip and realise where we are in the league and how good our European campaign has been under Rodgers till now. Before the season started, a lot of people were fearing relegation and we're sitting 4th in league and have qualified for the next round of Europa league with top spot in our hands. We're able to compete with the so called bigger clubs without having the same financial muscle more consistently then any club has ever done before us. Rodgers is a huge part of that.
  3. This is the problem when we don't have Vardy. No threat in behind. Nacho is good getting it to feet and like most of our players he is a good technical player. Barnes and Vardy look so good for us as they are direct and run in behind.
  4. N'didi looking good so far. Ricardo hasnt been involved much so far but expected after so long out.
  5. The old saying take one step back to go two forward. The relegation to League one was needed to do a complete rebuild and form the basis of the club which could then go one and regrow to where we are today. We're now close to becoming a real powerhouse.
  6. Cags played too much football recently 😂
  7. His tactics aren't wrong imo, it's the right way to play and control a game. I blame the selection tonight. Praet and Maddison as our wide midfielders allowed them to close in and stay narrow when we really needed to start with Under and Barnes and really stretch them. We tried to play through them all game when there was no space at all and we got done on the counter twice by losing possession in this manner.
  8. We've got too many players who want to keep possession and pass it 100 times before we shoot. We need more players like Vardy, Barnes and Under who want to drive and be positive at all times. Obviously there is a balance but we overpass and overplay too often.
  9. I still can't believe Villa didn't offer him a deal as they were in a worse state at the time than us probably and you need consistent performers who will give you a solid 7/8 when you're that side of the table...ah well he's been a great asset for us and probably is one of the best free transfers we have ever got.
  10. Great player but I'd be worried about his attitude in all fairness. That spurs documentary didn't make him seem like he had a good attitude and we have players like Maddison and Tielemans who will be ahead of him at the moment. Plus his wage demands will be too high for a player we probably don't need.
  11. Klopp's done a proper Fergie there, no one is even talking about the last minute penalty but all attention is on him
  12. But still a foul imo. He didn't have to go down like he did but its a foul.
  13. Why is that not a peno. Welbeck gets the ball first and Robertson kicks him. Right decision by the ref.
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