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  1. He's got a little bit of eden hazard about him. The quick turn and low centre of gravity and being able to pick a pass out. Gonna be world class
  2. A lot was made of Puel and rightly so but I want to see what Brendan has got and how he gets this team to respond second half. His tactics first two games of the season have been poor.
  3. This is the perfect team away from home vs top 6. We are probably not gonna have a lot of the ball so need the players that can hold possession. Bring on the wingers as the game opens up second half. Assume Chilwell has picked up a knock as that is a blow.
  4. I'd want to see albrighton come in for Hamza for the defensive cover on the left and the ability to ping an early ball on the counter in behind.
  5. Should have been a similar case with wolves last week after their travels but if anything they were unlucky not to win.
  6. Yeah but my point is no one can say Gray has a bad attitude from a few fines if the same doesn't apply to other players including mahrez when he was here. I'm not saying no one question Grays performances which haven't been up to standard. But to say effectively that he's not performing due to his attitude is a bit shortsighted imo based on the fines. The pep reference was to do with sterling. Gray reminds me a lot of Sterling from a few seasons ago. He gets into a lot of good positions and either does too much or is very rash. A lot more composure in the final third would transform him.
  7. People can correlate fines with a lack of discipline. But I didn't hear people saying that when mahrez was here. Everyone is looking for an easy answer to why Gray has not performed. I think it's more to do with confidence. He's very much in need of a Pep type figure as to how to improve his game and he will get there with some extra coaching.
  8. An okay United team made them look mediocre last weekend. Add to that the travelling to Istanbul, and playing a tiring game out there. Look we were poor last week, but I think this Chelsea side are average. No hazard for that spark and no David Luiz or rudiger to martial the defence. We have more going for us then them I feel, so if we turn up we will get a result.
  9. He's a centre forward and one of the best in the world in that position. What we should be working on is getting our wingers and midfielders to create more for him, as we know he will put them away. That tielemans ball across was the only chance he had on Sunday and was feeding off scraps and very isolated.
  10. I would genuinely like to see Chris smalling here. Think he gets stick for the performances of his other half, Phil Jones. Everytime I've seen him, he looks good in the air in both boxes, doesn't get turned so easily and wins the ball high up the pitch like Maguire did. Surely we can pick him up on the cheap, although the way we priced Maguire they're gonna push his price up. Worth a punt surely if we can get him for £15/£20m.
  11. We had a lot of possession but created very little with it. We need someone like albrighton/barnes in the team who is willing to be direct more often, otherwise we are trying to play the ball through an eye of the needle.
  12. It was a poor performance but we all know he is not a poor player. Luckily it never cost us any goals or points. He wasn't the only one. I thought as a team pretty much everyone was off it apart from Riccy P and Kasper, so major improvements needed before we go to Stamford Bridge next week.
  13. Lucky to get a point. Very sloppy on the ball today giving it away all over the place. We overplayed as well and it was a little bit like a throwback to Puels era where Vardy was completely out of the game. However, its only the first game and plenty of time for improvement but most importantly we didn't lose.
  14. Maguire had a good game, but never MOTM for me. The United forwards were devastating and excellent imo.
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