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  1. They never put it on the big screen from memory, whilst they did with the Praet handball. If they did check it then the lack of consistency really is alarming.
  2. I don't get how De Bruyne's handball was any different to Praet's. Both were facing side on with De Bruyne making his body bigger to block the ball like Praet did. I was at the ground and it did not look like VAR checked anything but can anyone confirm if they did. If there was no check, then the lack of consistency is a disgrace.
  3. Yeah he made some great runs. He beat their defenders to the ball virtually every time. Unlucky with his finish to hit the post. I'll give you that he lost the ball a few times but the support at times took ages to arrive. Worst performance you've seen from him in a long time? I think the scoreline is clouding your mind. Do you remember how he played under Puel? Even Vardy in his current form is ten times the player he was under Puel.
  4. I thought he was good today. Certainly looked a lot better than Aguero.
  5. I have to say if we play like we did today in our remaining games, we could go and win the majority of them. Today makes me feel more confident. Man City are probably in the top 3 teams in world football at the moment, so to go toe to toe with them which we did says a lot about how far we have come. A bit more luck in the Vardys finish and VAR officials actually doing their job then we could have been looking at a totally different scoreline.
  6. We did well and we limited them to only a small number of clear chances but a bit of Mahrez magic really was the only difference between the two sides. Fair play to them but I couldn't really criticise our players today. They did everything they could.
  7. Uefa, woah, uefa, woah They came from Switzerland all the way To take Man City's European hopes away Uefa, woah, uefa, woah.
  8. Look we are foolish to think we can outplay them over 90 mins. Based on pure football ability and if we went toe to toe with them, they win 9 times out of ten. We were naive in the first game to try playing that way and made it very easy for them. This time around I'd like to see De Bruyne man marked and us to be more compact and cut off the spaces. I'd like to see Barnes and Vardy up front as we will need that pace in behind and directness that both of them can offer, which means a 5-3-2 with our ball players in Praet, Maddison and Tielemans in midfield. I'd have either Fuchs or Bennett in as a LCB or RCB.
  9. There is something in the air tonight, You set the game alight, Ricardo. You take the ball past you and me Indefinitely, Ricardo. To the tune of ABBA fernando
  10. I think Ricardo benefits defensively from having Evans next to him who knows positionally where to be all time. Soyuncu has been fantastic this season but sometimes his positioning has not been so good. I think the Villa second leg demonstrated this when for some reason Soyuncu and Evans swapped sides and both goals came down our right hand side. Chilwells form has dipped the last few weeks but he is still a fantastic player and definitely not overrated. I think he's more of a confidence player and needs the support of us and the team. He's got great stamina, pace, aerial ability, etc. but experience will help him to cut out the mistakes he makes.
  11. He's a good signing on a free transfer. He was also a key part of the Liverpool team even under Klopp in the early years and he may have still been in their team if he hadn't had the injuries he's had. I think it's a no brainer as a free transfer. We wouldnt be taking much of a risk.
  12. Think we have to go 5 at the back with either Fuchs the left sided defender or Bennett the right sided one and Evans and Soyuncu shifted left. De bruyne and Mahrez outnumbered Chilwell last time so we have to stop that this time round, and Barnes and Vardy played a great counter attack last time which really was our only bright spark in that game which led to our goal, so I'd have those two up front. Having no Wilf is probably forcing our hand into playing 5 at the back.
  13. Well there are more yes votes on this thread than no votes for people to welcome Mahrez back. Also I could argue that your selective memory about him throwing his toys out may make you overlook that in his last season he got 12 goals and 10 assists in the Premier league. Take the emotion out of the decision and hopefully you can't argue that he would improve us massively. Call me cynical but I've accepted there are no loyalties in football. I want our team to be the best it can be and Mahrez would improve on what we currently have.
  14. Apart from Vardy who has really been loyal to us in recent years. Yes Mahrez kicked and screamed more than others but at the end of the day he wanted out as did Kante, Drinkwater and Maguire. He probably did more for us then any of the above and gave us some unforgettable moments. Too many people make decisions emotionally and not logically. If Mahrez wanted to come back he would improve us massively and that imo is the main reason for going for him if we had the chance. Even when he sulked, when he was back in training and games he gave 100% and his performance levels didn't drop.
  15. You can't fault Mahrez's ambition. He wanted to play at the very top and we couldn't provide that for him at the time. We are now a very different club and one of the most attractive places for players to play. A new training ground, potential stadium expansion and a really talented and young squad that will only get better. If Mahrez was still here in this squad I'd doubt he'd want to leave.
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