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  1. shailen


    He's an exceptional player. He's still got a decent amount of goals based on very few chances created for him. Even as a link up player he's really good - the assist for Grays goal and the touch for Maddisons goal against Watford - his all round game has improved massively.
  2. shailen

    What’s happened to ‘our Arry’

    Not saying to sell him or anything but his performances have not been at his usual level. Keep him on his toes a little bit. Evans should get a chance imo.
  3. shailen

    What’s happened to ‘our Arry’

    Needs to be dropped for 1/2 games to stop the complacency. He probably felt untouchable here after the world cup
  4. shailen

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    You know I'm not even disappointed. If we had a competent defence today that would have been a good away performance. Thought we looked good going forward and hopefully we pick a similar attacking line up going forward.
  5. shailen

    Only one man for the job where we are right now

    Anyone remember Ranieris record at Greece before he came to us? Not backing Pearson for the job but not necessarily the only factor to consider.
  6. shailen

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Dont know what to say. Great character to come back twice but that defending was shocking.
  7. shailen

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    This 45 mins will tell us if our team has any backbone and believe in Puels style of play.
  8. shailen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    I'm not a fan of Puel but this goes beyond him. The players do not seem like they are playing for him. There's no excuse for our defending on both goals. We look all over the place at the back. Decent going forward but no final ball.
  9. shailen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    We look great going forward but awful defensively.
  10. shailen

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Pace, pace, pace. I'm happy with our forward line. Still think Hamza over Mendy but happy apart from that.
  11. shailen

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Should have won the league with Liverpool bit for that Gerrard slip....The second best moment in the history of sport. I would definitely take him as he knows the league and would play a style more suited to us.
  12. United playing the way we did in 15/16. The counter attack - making football as simple as it can be.
  13. shailen

    Wolves (A)..next up.

    This is the kind of game we will likely do well in. Wolves will be on the front foot being at home forcing us to go against Puels tactics and attack with pace and counter attack.
  14. shailen

    Who then......

    Oops think I had a few too many at the time. Just desperate to see him being replaced
  15. This is my issue. I think us fans know that 6th place is ambitious but for the manager to come out and say that is showing a lack of ambition and drive. Look what we did 3 years ago. That wasn't realistic and although it was ridiculously hard we did it in the end. The message that Puel is basically saying is that this is as good as it gets. Well, if that is the case why did you play a weakened team in both cup competitions? It's like telling a young footballer at 16 - you're not good enough to go any further. Morale would drop instantly.