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  1. Well maybe his teammate Jamie vardy has done him the biggest favour with the antics between his wife and coleen which is a far bigger story. I think stories like this have no substance and are only leaked to generate interest after the dentist chair incident at Euro 96. If he was caught drunk or causing trouble that is different, but he was just at a casino as far as we know ffs.
  2. This is the biggest example of being a snake that you can be if this is true. Cannot see anyone throwing such accusations if it isn't, especially two famous footballers wifes like them.
  3. I think playing full back is now one of the hardest positions in any team. They are for a lot of teams asked to go forward and defend and are left isolated with forward players flooding the box. Chilwell has suffered as a result of that imo and he is being asked to take the ball from LB to LW and deliver with very little support. Last season it was similar, but Maguire used to feed him the ball higher up the pitch and so he was more potent in attack. I don't think there are many better LBs with potential to be great other than Chilwell and whilst he has a lot to learn and improve on, it would be a massive blow to us to lose him. He would improve Man City without a doubt and that should mean he's good enough for us.
  4. I said exactly the same thing in the match forum yesterday. From memory didn't Ranieri come out and say we are in the hunt for champions league after that game or something to refocus the players.
  5. We've played 4 out of the top 6 from last year already. Agreed that yesterday's result makes it a tough task, but all it takes is a couple of results to go against liverpool which could easily happen with them being in Europe. They are a great side no doubt, but I genuinely feel like this season will open up like 2015/16 and we are the best of the rest after Man City and Liverpool to take advantage of this as we have no other commitments.
  6. Anyone actually think we have a slight chance of doing the impossible again? Liverpool will go through a dodgy patch, they're not as good as they were last season, Man city dont look as good either. We will need a lot of luck along the way but I dont think the standard to win the league will be as high as the previous 2 seasons and maybe 85 odd points wins it this year.
  7. He is class on the ball. He may cost us the odd goal but his composure is fantastic. He wins the ball back high up and sets so many attacks up. Definitely an upgrade from Maguire.
  8. Clumsy by albrighton but we improved with him on and his ball to get Vardy in was exceptional, albeit that Vardy's touch was not great and the chance fizzled out.
  9. Yeah but that side of the pitch, he was isolated on. Imo he really misses Maguire as he used to pass Chilwell the ball quite high up the pitch but Soyuncu passes it deep and it's a fair distance to get it to maddison who does not like receiving it down the line. I think Albrighton playing there would be good for him as he always gives an option but it's not necessarily the style we are trying to play.
  10. Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Praet Maddison Tielemans Vardy Perez Tielemans is definitely better out wide imo and maddison better through the middle. Burnley are going to park the bus so we need to get as many creative players to get on the ball and open them up with width provided by the fullbacks.
  11. Reminds me of someone in Manchester who was a brilliant manager but loved to moan about trivial incidents. It was a professional foul but Hamza did not go in to hurt the player.
  12. It's not enough to overturn VAR, it's as simple as that. Silly by albrighton, but once the referee blew for the penalty, it was never going to get overturned by VAR.
  13. It feels like Arsenal in our title winning season when Danny welbeck scored in the last minute, but how did we respond in that season and I think this is a great mental test for our lads to see if they can overcome results like this because if they want to be top 4 then you have to put these kind of results behind you and move onto the next game as if we carry on playing like we have this season, we will win more games then we will lose for sure.
  14. He is not the reason we lost today.
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