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  1. It is debatable- but in a game that means nothing and for a player so special for England, personally I think it is deserved. Had he not retired and with his form atm - he would be 5th/6th imo in the current line of strikers so not too far away from a call up anyway.
  2. Rooney is one of England's greats. Everyone has this illusion that he failed at international level - yet no one talks about the teams he played in. He was at his peak when no one around him was anywhere near his level. To be a record holder for England and United can't be bad. He deserves to be sent off playing in front of the fans.
  3. We were the better team and very unlucky not to score. But all in all I am proud of the Leicester fans - what an atmosphere. It was almost like what the KP sounded like in our title winning season. And for Top to come and do a lap of honour after what his family have done for us is incredible.
  4. shailen

    Burnley (home)

    I think we will put on a show purely based on the emotional aspects of the game. We have some great leaders (Kasper, Morgan, Vardy...erc) who will pick the team up today to go full throttle for 90 mins. I'm going 3-0 Leicester.
  5. At the moment we need to stick together and that includes the manager. We are in a delicate situation and too much change could ruin the season and the future of this club. Regardless of what you think of him give him a couple more months - before judging him.
  6. shailen

    Kasper Schmeichel - 32 Today

    I couldn't believe when we signed him as I always thought he was a class above watching him and Hart at Man City as youngsters - but he has been even better than I could ever have imagined. Hope there are many more years to come at the top level with Leicester
  7. shailen

    New chants and songs

    His name is Kun Vichai Forever in our hearts He only won the league With Ranieri taking them all apart He bought us all beer and scarves Whilst putting us on top of the world We will never forget you Or the free kicks Mahrez curled. Allez, allez, allez
  8. I know where you are coming from - but big games are all relative. When we were in the championship Burnley was seen as a big game - now I wouldn't even look twice to see when we are playing them. If you get used to playing the same calibre teams week in week out the appeal of those teams will fall. The best thing about the champions league is that when two titans play each other it is a one off game where both teams go for it. It makes for a great spectacle. I think money wise this will eventually dry up as the fans will disconnect from the club given the impractical nature of following the team especially away week in week out.
  9. Champions league is a treat - but that's because of the few games that these so called big teams get up for it and play to their max. If this was week in week out it will take this element out of the games. Fans would not bear the expense of travelling away every fortnight to all over Europe. I don't see this idea working.
  10. shailen

    Cardiff Match Thread

    What a team this is. Vichai would be proud
  11. shailen

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    Whatever the result today and for the next few games, please can we have no negativity and applaud the players week in week out as no one can imagine how hard it must be for them.
  12. shailen

    How are you feeling about the Cardiff match?

    Vichai would have wanted us to win and keep climbing up the table so that is what I want - however I understand the situation and so whatever the result I think we applaud the players for their bravery to play so soon after such a big loss to the club and to them.
  13. Not sure if it could happen but I think it would be fitting if Bocelli could sing time to say goodbye
  14. Biggest tribute I can pay is someone at work asked me who I supported a couple of weeks ago and I said Leicester. His response was glory supporter - this is Vichai's legacy - he has transformed our club from going nowhere to a global level. RIP
  15. Absolutely tragic. Met him after the Everton game and although we did not speak he seemed like a genuinely humble guy who shook my hand and was happy to take time out for photos. RIP to the man who has written the best chapter in our history.