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  1. The league cup ties we should have beaten them at least the last two years...consistently playing a weaker side when we had no other real committments. At the end of the day though they are a fantastic team who have earned their success. Yes, it could have been so different but you could say that about every club who have had success.
  2. I've accumulated potentially enough points for a season ticket next year, but I notice that memberships are already out. Do I risk not getting either if I wait to see if I can get a ST?
  3. Tielemans is worth £5m max. We may as well be generous and bid £10m for him.
  4. Teams literally put 3/4 players on him. This should free up other so called world class players who haven't done anything in two legs. He was the only one who turned up for Barca in the first leg which is why they won that leg
  5. In the end, the better team over two legs went through. Barcelona aren't anything special but have the most special player that raises them to another level. What Liverpool did well tonight was stop the supply to Messi, through the really aggressive press from the front and took their chances when they came. A complete performance and well done to them.
  6. Anyone else sees him in the Eden hazard mould. He has that quick swivel in him, very good on the ball. Maybe he can't yet dribble like Hazard but he's the closest player I've seen to him in the premier league.
  7. Think man city penned us in more in the second half. The wingers were virtually full backs and the midfield was tucked in. No point in making runs in behind as he knew the ball wasn't coming his way. He did make a great run the first time we got through when Nacho had his chance to take two defenders with him. Overall though that's the best performance I've seen a team give Man City for years at the Ethiad. Did they even have a decent opening all game?
  8. We played ridiculously well. Take that Kompany strike out and we had the better chances and limited them to shots outside the box. They were desperate. I have never seen Man City like that even under pressure and we did that to them. We keep this side together and next season we can do some real damage.
  9. I've defended him but he clearly isn't good enough and doesn't have the work rate or desire to make it for us. He needs to go in the summer.
  10. Yeah but they've sold Coutinho for £140m which paid for Van Dyjk and Allison. I can't think of any major feee received for Man City players - on a net basis they far exceed Liverpool's spending. I'm not saying Man City are not worthy because of their spending. You still need to spend that money well and have a competent manager - they have all of those things. They've barely built to get to where they are now and have shortcutted their way to the top. I'm not saying it's wrong but it's just why i dont like them more than the scousers .
  11. That 04 - 09 period was an absolute nightmare. I remember going mad at a Barry hayles scrappy goal vs Palace in the last minute in what I think was the season we got relegated to league one.
  12. Cannot deny them that if they win it. They are a phenomenal team that has spent their money well. I just like the gradual improvement and more organic growth Liverpool have shown. Embedding youngsters such as TAA, Gomes...etc Some absolute bargains in Robertson, Shaquiri...etc. It's more satisfying when a team does that. Although money doesn't buy success, it goes a long way towards it and Man City now have two top class players in every position. You cannot say they don't deserve it, but for me the way they've got to the top is not so satisfying.
  13. You have to give these two teams credit - Liverpool are the most efficient users of the football in the league and Man City are the best side at sustaining pressure and choking you into your own half. I don't like either team, but this Liverpool team deserve it this season - although they've spent big money, on a net basis it's nowhere near as much as Man City.
  14. Does anyone know if you need to buy membership for 19/20 to have a chance to apply for a season ticket for 19/20. Don't want to be left in a situation where I have neither.
  15. Man City were a similar club to us before they had their investment - yo-yoing between the top two divisions in the league. They did nothing of any note really until the billions came pouring in. At least Chelsea had won some domestic cups in recent times and were an established top division side before their takeover. I think Man City are lucky because of their neighbours success. The name Manchester is football royalty given what their neighbours have done and that is half the marketing work right there done. It feels as though Man City are only relevant because someone wanted to challenge their neighbours success. They have spent more in the premier league era then most clubs which has all come in the last 10 years really - somehow getting away with FFP as well.
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