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  1. Forget the stats. He makes defenders sh*t themselves more than any other striker in the world. For that alone, he is the best.
  2. If this happened it would be the end of football. Clubs would have nothing to aspire to and little motivation to finish top. What makes football so great for all clubs, is to dream of your team competing with the big boys. If that was taken away, despite being better then these teams over 38 games domestically, then what is the point? And even if it did get approved and let's say clubs like us, Leipzig...etc got into the champions league and consistently got out the group, they will change the rule again. The champions league is the greatest competition in football for me. The structure of it from who gets in and the eight groups of four is perfect. Don't mess with something that works perfectly.
  3. Exactly this. We are the best option for him to come to a club where he's guaranteed to play week in week out. He won't get into the Liverpool or Man City front three on a regular basis. If we can pull this off, and keep this squad together for a few years, we can challenge on a regular basis.
  4. Ziyech please. We are literally one player (winger) from competing on a regular basis.
  5. shailen


    He's a good defender but more of a backup for Cags and not Evans. Him and Cags are too similar in that they both love to get tight on the forwards and rush out of position and win the ball high up.
  6. Yes. Both teams were struggling at the time and they battered us. He made some strange decisions like playing Logan, dropping Fryatt who at the time was our main man. Reminds me of a poor man's Claude Puel tbh.
  7. If Vardy scores one goal in each of the next four games, not only does he break his own record of scoring in 11 consecutive games but that would be the goal to take him to 100 PL goals. This from a player who most Leicester fans wanted out after his first season in the championship. What a player.
  8. Agreed that Klopp wouldn't let them think that way, but they must be thinking like that subconsciously. Their main rivals at the start of the season were Man City and they are 14 points in front of them currently. It's really human nature really that when you are so far ahead in anything, very few people will keep the intensity up to keep going at the same rate. I think they will do things like rotate the squad, rest important players and maybe change tactics as well. Hopefully a bad result follows and the momentum they've built evaporates. I'm encouraged by their squad rotation the last few games because whilst they've picked up results, I think continuing that will be their downfall and upset the rhythm when the main men go back in.
  9. Truth is, that we are in a title race but the media still believe that Man City are the only ones who can stop Liverpool. They will never consider us to be challengers unless we are ahead with 5 games to go. All I've heard is how good Leicester are to be this high up in the league, but no mention of us being able to win the league. 8 point lead that Liverpool have could quickly become 5 if we beat them and a draw and a defeat for them more than us will see us in the lead. Obviously it's not an easy thing for them to drop too many points and secondly for us to keep winning. But we are in the title race as an 8 point lead with not even half the season played is no way near irreversible. I think Liverpool players probably unconsciously think with Man City miles away from them, they've pretty much done the hard work. That mentality will hopefully see them relax in games more and drop points in important games. Then to lose momentum and that ruthlessness, hopefully is our chance to close the gap. At the end of the day, I want us to win the league ofc, but I'm just so pleased at how we are doing and if we don't do it then so be it.
  10. Just wanted everyone's thoughts on how many goals Vardy will score this season. The way we have set up this season is almost perfect for him to get plenty of chances and if we keep making the chances we have been this season and barring injury there is no doubt he will keep scoring.
  11. He has got to be world class. He's consistently a 20 a season striker in the Premier league in a side which haven't created the number of chances a more traditional big team would have created for him. (This season being the exception) He's played and adapted to two different styles of play. The counter attack and possession football. He can go large periods of the game without touching the ball and his next being a goal. The most clinical, aggressive and fastest striker out there in the world for me. Lewandowski, Suarez et al, play in sides where they get loads more chances a game, so their scoring record is a little false. Jamie must have the best or one of the best conversion rates out there amongst the top strikers in the world.
  12. We're gonna win the league..... (when Liverpool f**k up ofc)
  13. The records he is setting is beyond a joke. If he does do it, and breaks his own record, he must get his own statue of him doing the eagle celebration.
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