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  1. He's not comfortable with playing out from the back imo. He looks a lot better when he's in the N'didi role and looking to break up attacks but nowhere near as good. He'll do well somewhere else in the Premier league but not really a fit for us right now.
  2. Demarai Gray wouldn't be a bad option right about now 😒
  3. We pay him loads already, and he could be worse off in the long term by getting a little bit more money in the short term. Think David Moyes for example, he's only just about recovered to where he was before, after his time at United.
  4. Rodgers has done a top job here, but we've got a capable squad and we're probably in the top 4/5 squads in the league, so personally don't feel like we're overachieving massively. Rodgers usually does very well with young players and we have loads of good young players so feel like we're a perfect blend. If he was to take up jobs at Spurs, United, etc, he'd have a massive rebuilding job to do, so can't see him wanting to do that. I can't see him leaving us for any other PL team atm.
  5. Not sure why we decided to sit deep after the start we made to the game. Should have kept the emphasis up.
  6. That is truly incredible and not what you'd normally associate Man City with. Our result there really is an anomaly for them but it just highlights more how good they've been
  7. I personally disagree. They have so many potential games, probably more than any other club, and a couple of bad results and they'll be sucked back in. Not saying we'll win it but far too premature to say the title race is over.
  8. Everyone points to the Man City game and quite rightly but this was just as big imo. The confidence it must have given after the Arsenal last minute defeat must have been immense and we didn't lose again that season.
  9. I never understand how tyres end up near the central reservation on motorways. Surely a hazard for drivers travelling at 70mph.
  10. I'm glad we did lose on Thursday as the Europa League has the most number of games in terms of cup competitions left and it has given us a sense of normality after the media have been raving about us for a long period of time. There was a real arrogance (the bad kind) that we could just turn up on Thursday and because we'd been playing so well recently, we'd have no problem in turning over Slavia Prague. The loss will hopefully give us a real sense of perspective and we will work much harder in games. That was the worst intensity I've seen in a game from us under Rodgers. No press
  11. Easy to blame the team selection tonight, but when the guys couldnt even make 5 yard passes then we could have had Messi on the pitch and we would have still lost that. Team selection not the problem, just a bad performance from too many tonight.
  12. I trust Brendan to make that call when it's time. He did it with Carragher and Gerrard at Liverpool so he'll drop Vardy when its time. I just think its too early for that call to be made.
  13. He will decline one day, but I think he's still got way more than he's shown recently. Just in a bad patch of form right now, but he's always a threat with his runs and finishing abity. The way he was playing earlier this season was sensational and that was not too long ago.
  14. How many times have we been here before and how many times have we been proven wrong. Form is temporary class is permanent
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