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  1. If it gets to a stage where they have to start next season, why can't we just merge the current season into next season so you play all teams 4 times (2 at home and 2 away) and cut one of the cup competitions and international friendlies to accommodate for finishing this season. We cannot completely scrap whats happened this season.
  2. End the season as it stands if people want to end it. It's not fair to write off a season which is over 75% complete - it's not like we have played 5 or 10 games. The most unfair outcome would be to scrap it completely, followed by finish it as is and finally the fairest being finish it when it is safe to play again. Teams that have not had the season they wanted are now coming out with noises about cancelling the season. Its a nonsense - are they gonna return the money to all fans and even TV broadcasters who have bankrolled the season to date, all for nothing if it gets cancelled. It might seem biased from a Leicester fan, but even if we were fighting relegation you can't just undo what has gone on before.
  3. I'd say that usually, but a world Cup is something as a player you'd compete in a max of 3/4 times if you're lucky, whereas you can have up to 20 or so chances at the champions league.
  4. He'll probably be playing by the time the football is back 😂😂
  5. Let's settle the club vs country debate, would you rather.... Score the goal that wins Leicester the Champions league or Score the goal that wins the England the World Cup
  6. The integrity of the Premier league and all lower divisions is at stake. As funny as it would be to see Liverpool not get the title and having to start over, you can't ignore what has happened this season and start afresh. There are too many ongoing situations to just cancel the season. Promotion, relegation, European qualification, etc.. Its not fair on clubs that have invested heavily to achieve their goals - are they all going to be compensated for this amount and how far does this go. We could argue we went ahead with the new training ground on the basis of champions league football so if we are denied it do we get compensated legally? It would be devastating to cancel a season with only ten or so games left. When football returns it must be finished first before we think about next season, etc - whether that means a shift in when the season starts from now on, so be it. We can start next season in January for all I care and gradually shift it back towards August over a number of years. The point is this season has to finish first.
  7. Tbh I'd rather wait until it is safe for us all to be at games for the PL to resume. Football without fans is pointless even on the TV. I remember an England game behind closed doors which was sh*t to watch as there was no atmosphere in the ground, even more so than usual.
  8. Definitely apeshit and go full strength. If we don't like the result at 89 mins we can always switch it off and start again.
  9. Is Ricardo a doubt for this one? Sure Geoff shreeves will announce that his ACL injury is a bad one but he is a 'tough cookie' and will play on.
  10. I think our players including Ndidi know that there is something special growing here and we've nurtured some great talents into top players in the past and have continued to do so. We've also not been afraid to splash out on players when needed so I think there is a lot for players to consider if they want to leave us as a move to a so called bigger team won't necessarily gain them greater success.
  11. The season that allowed us to get rid of all the deadwood and get back on track. We had too many players that didn't want to be here and we brought in new and hungry players that did want to be here on a very limited budget. Pearson motivated them all to play within a system that was free flowing in attack but also solid at the back. Pearson did it again after Sven had spent a large amount of money in those days and got rid of the likes of Beckford and Mills and brought in the likes of Vardy and Morgan to replace them.
  12. My team of the season would be: Henderson TAA Evans Van Dijk Robertson Ndidi Henderson De Bruyne Mane Vardy Salah
  13. If we play like we did today for the rest of the season then I fear relegation, but if we can win one more game then we will get champions league.
  14. Weighted towards the top scorer in the Premier league of course
  15. It's mad but had Drinkwater stayed with us he would have been in and around the first 11 but selling him has allowed us to recruit the likes of Maddison and Tielemans who are well above the levels Drinkwater got to with us. He did fantastically well for us, but he wasn't anywhere near as dynamic imo as the players we now have.
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