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  1. If we are trying to copy the Man City model, you've got to appreciate the way all their players move constantly. They keep possession well but so many players offer different options. We look as though we keep possession well on the whole but there is very little movement and so our attacks become quite predictable.
  2. They'll probably lose 3-0 in it most weeks.
  3. Sheff utd remind me of us in 15/16. Well organised, hard working and highly effective use of the ball. Mcburnie is their okazaki.
  4. We had some right beatings under Shakey and Puel!
  5. Bournemouth must be deflated after seeing today's results. Could be a good chance for us to capitalise tomorrow.
  6. We still have a good chance to get CL football. We need to go into the final game vs United not needing a win to get there. I also think they'll be a few surprising results yet. United won't win the next three, nor will Chelsea so I think its still well in the balance.
  7. Not a dilemma really. They win today and we win tomorrow, we need one point from the remaining three games and they won't be able to catch us. We should be looking for the likes of Chelsea or United to slip up as they're more our rivals than anyone else.
  8. If it is overturned, to be frank, its an outrage. Not because we may miss out but because they've broken the rules, been found guilty and they're not going to get in trouble for it. Does anyone know if the overall ban will be overturned or the two years ban which may change to one year.
  9. He's one of the best shot stoppers, if not the best in the league. He does struggle a little with playing out from the back, but like when he put Vardy through against Palace from the goal kick, he has that ability in him. I like the fact that he's willing to mix it up and go long if there is an option.
  10. I don't think you really believe that. United look like a different team at the moment and Fernandes has been the catalyst for all that. They are a devastating team on the counter. We have been poor in thos calender year so the swing in points is justified. You can believe that VAR has played some part, but for me there is no doubt if we are to blow this then we have to only look at ourselves. Some performances have been poor in the second half of the season and I would go as far as saying I don't think there was one game pre Christmas where I felt we looked clearly second best. I can probably point to 6/7 in the second half of the season where its felt like we have been clearly outclassed.
  11. It's part of the marketing of the Premier league. They want the bigger teams to win as their players are more recognisable and those clubs have the most fans globally. It allows the popularity of the Premier league to grow and hence the revenues. Imagine if Sean Dyche and Burnley won the PL two or three years in a row, with his charisma and the likes of Jay Rodriguez competing for the ballon d'or. I guarantee the interest in football globally would decline. Whilst our story was incredible and generally a great win for the Premier league as everyone loves the underdog story, if we had done it again the following season it would not have been as well received.
  12. I'll retire from watching football if they defend that. There is no way that is a peno.
  13. The lack of consistency of those making VAR decisions amazes me.
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