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  1. Agreed but the way the modern game is going - you have to invest massively to keep yourself in the league. We look like we are getting closer to Spurs, Arsenal...etc and are going further away from the Brightons (no offence) of the league. Of course any club can get relegated - but the way our football club is run and the committment of our owners I cannot see us going down for a number of years.
  2. This happens with all clubs. If the managers go through a sustained bad period of form they will be the ones ultimately sacked. Even Jose Mourinho couldn't escape this. I hope we give Brendan time even if it gets sticky for a while, because ultimately I feel he is the right fit - much better than Puel imo.
  3. Win, play attacking, direct, fast football
  4. It wasn't the worst game weather wise - but I remember playing Swansea at home (Think 16/17) where it had been raining and the pitch became waterlogged. The ball was just stopping on the bounce.
  5. Don't want to curse it or anything but have we got to the stage where we are almost too big to go down. Obviously every team can, but the investment we are making in youth, our new training facility, the managers and players we are attracting- I think we are getting closer to that top 6 and hopefully there for years to come.
  6. I don't understand the criticism over Chilwell. He's proven to be a great outlet and he's very direct which scares defences. If his final delivery was better he would have so many assists by now.
  7. It's going to be tough to get seventh but I'm sure that's going to guarantee Europa league. Man City will win the FA cup. However as others have said momentum and that feel good factor is important to carry over into next season. Plenty of teams have ended seasons badly and struggled the following season.
  8. For me he's been the catalyst to our successes. His second season he stepped it up and was one of the major reasons we got promoted, he was a major part of our great escape with that last minute winner against wba; don't even need to mention his contribution in our title winning season. Other players have come and gone - but he's been through it all with us. I think he's still bordering on being in that world class bracket.
  9. What are the best goals you've seen at the KP either by a Leicester or opposition player? For me my top three are: Vardy vs Liverpool (15/16) Drinkwater vs Watford (13/14) Di Maria vs Us (14/15)
  10. He'll be an England regular soon enough. Actually the one type of player that England missed at the world cup
  11. For me he's our best defensive option from the bench. Gives no one time on the ball and the energy he gives causes the opposition to make mistakes which can lead to counter attacks.
  12. Agreed and he's more than that - his movement, aggression and work rate will make him irreplaceable. He's definitely border line world class in my opinion. However what mahrez did for us and some of the things he did on the football pitch I don't think we will ever see again in a Leicester shirt.
  13. £40 mil for a 21 year old with so many years at the top will pay itself back. Just sign him whatever the cost
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