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  1. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/europa-league/aeltestetorschuetzen/pokalwettbewerb/EL
  2. I instantly thought of dean hammond, it seemed like we had to play him because we were desparate, players getting injured and no proper back up when we got promoted, but he was pretty good until he got injured himself if I remember correctly.
  3. Thank you, it saves me a trip!
  4. Hi, has anybody been to the fanstore today? I was wondering if there were any old kits left that have been reduced? On the website it says they are £55 which is more than they were last week! 😂 I'm assuming it's an error. I've tried calling the shop but can't get through. Thanks 👍
  5. Of course I'm disappointed that we're not in the champions league next season but just think, it was only a few years back we had the likes of elvis Hammond and josh low playing for us!
  6. Let's try and be positive here, we've had a great season until coronavirus intervened! Just a couple of months ago we didn't know if the season would even end (maybe it would have been better if it hadn't!) but here we are, the second most successful season we've had in the Premier league, even with lots of injuries! Roll on next season ⚽
  7. Genuine question, with who we have available, who would you have in defence? Surely it's this or youth team?
  8. Just out of interest, how old are the people saying Rodgers out? Just seems a bit, you know, immature 🤔
  9. 2-2 today against Charlton, it was a good game 👍
  10. If leicester win they will play man City who are full of internationals, including England captain steph Houghton, and half the England team! I hope they can get through against reading!
  11. Haha I think I'm a bit too old for all that now! 😂
  12. Thank you, that's great 👍
  13. Hi, does anyone go to see the under 23s play? If so I just wondered where they play, how much tickets cost, and do they get many first team players playing? Years ago (mid 90s) as a child I used to go to filbert Street quite a bit to watch the reserves, I think it was a monday, it seemed the reserves were mainly the first team as well! They had some decent crowds and I think it cost £2 a ticket, and I think they had the foxy ladies dancing as well!
  14. About 4 metres away from her when she said it!
  15. It was Lachante Paul, number 11, but there were a few really friendly ones, one of them gave her a big hug as well
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