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  1. Sheffield United Pre Match

    This has got to be on tv it's Friday night I got the tins in especially
  2. Benefit Payments

    I bloody knew it! It was the vehement denying that convinced me. If anything I thought tince would have sympathy with those who can’t afford to get fed some more.
  3. Decent restaurants in and around town?

    I’d just go to the soar point pretty standard food but loads of tvs with the games on
  4. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    You can understand him?!
  5. The Apology Thread

    Who was this guy anyway? Never heard of him yet seems to have a lot of posts? Is it that moose boy poster with a different name? Sorry not been keeping up to date with resident trolls etc
  6. Questions you've always wanted to ask Foxestalkers

    Always been intrigued by Col I don’t have a specific question though, I think that any answers would ruin the mystique.
  7. Houses

    Working in the industry has had an impact though for example I would not buy a persimmon or Bellway house.
  8. Houses

    Things such as buying one then 6 months later they sell the same house type for less. Snagging issues not getting sorted, extra costs that I haven’t factored in! I’m not sure but I am swaying to the new build way. There isn’t much on the market where I am looking anyway.
  9. Houses

    I think Davidsons provide front and rear turf and all kitchen appliances which is good. No flooring though, however as it is a new build all flooring bought externally will be VAT free. Still concerned about getting a new build...
  10. The dieting thread

    I agree getting nowhere near enough protein for a grown man
  11. The dieting thread

    600cals that’s like starvation diet
  12. Houses

    I sell to the national house builders so am aware to an extent on the quality each build to. Davidson’s will be by far the best out of the three I mentioned, it’s just that fact is reflected in the prices. I viewed one earlier and you could sense the quality. I’d be interested in people’s experience with buying a new build.
  13. Houses

    Currently looking at potentially moving. I am considering a new build does anyone have any experience with particular house builders? The options I have atm are Bellway, Miller and Davidson’s.
  14. The Car thread

    I think because I've never driven an automatic I was just kinda stuck in assuming I'd always drive one, but I definitely need to try it out. Is it weird when you first drive auto?