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  1. Unabomber

    Love Island

    This has been very shit the last week hope it picks up again. Been liking the lack of that weird **** eyal though. Also thanks to Stan for all the nudes (of the birds not him)
  2. Unabomber

    Thoughts on WC 2018 so far?

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the so called England team being leaked? Seen loads of shit on Twitter slating journos not sure on the story?
  3. Unabomber


    Only women lie about their age man we all know that
  4. Unabomber


  5. Unabomber


    Huh I just said he looks old wasn't in the loop on the rumours.
  6. Unabomber

    Elliott Moore

    Not read too much of this thread but deffo agree with everyone saying Pearson made Kane Alli and Lingard the players they are. I'm sure he will do the same for Moore, top man!
  7. Unabomber


    How old is he? Looks pretty old prob have him past his prime like yakubu when we had him.
  8. Unabomber

    Pedantry Central

    People who say straight away as opposed to straight the way. Does my head in. A girl I used to see always used to flag me up for saying straight the way. Had to bin her.
  9. Unabomber

    Love Island

    Please share
  10. Unabomber

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    After seeing some posts on here I have decided to go to Annecy next year. Will get the train down but does anyone have any hotel recommendations? I am thinking of Airbnb atm
  11. Unabomber

    Real Ales

    Anyone who likes Belgian beers aldi are selling grimbergen blond for £1.30 atm it’s great.
  12. Unabomber

    How Was Your Day?

    I live in ashby and haven’t seen the car before so I assumed he isn’t local
  13. Unabomber

    How Was Your Day?

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking like what does he do if someone actually says something to him.
  14. Unabomber

    How Was Your Day?

    Yeah I think I will do that mate.
  15. Unabomber

    How Was Your Day?

    Yeah not sure what the police would do though. Yeah that’s what I am hoping but it is still making me worry. Should have got his reg but just wasn’t looking as to not aggrevate him.