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  1. Agree not sure why they pressure kids so much on it
  2. Yeah most watched show on Netflix. I think it’s amazing best story I’ve seen probably
  3. Had a meeting in Kent today and all day on the radio all I could hear was stuff about GCSE results. They literally mean nothing who the hell cares. Look at me I got shit GCSEs and I’m spending 7 hours driving for a 40 minute meeting listening to the radio discuss 2019 GCSE results. Living the dream.
  4. Love Stoke failing ever since they essentially relegated us and their freak fans invaded the pitch. In hindsight that was the best thing that could’ve happened to us as we got Pearson. Will never forget my flat mate at the time in Sheffield. We watched the game and us get relegated, we had all had a drink. He proceeds to throw his lcfc shirt out of our 8th floor flat balcony (it landed on the 7th floor balcony) and then rings the club shop to complain about Holloway...... and we then won the ****ing prem mad times
  5. When was the last time anyone chucked a tenner in a drain and won a car?
  6. I had been seeing this girl from tinder for about 7 months and it was amazing. (The first date with her was world class but that’s a different story). Anyway it started to go abit quiet with her and she was being slightly weird. This other girl was really bugging me to take her out but I wasn’t bothered. One Monday I had arranged for the cool girl I was seeing to come round on the following weekend so that was something I was looking forward to. Anyway got to the Tuesday and again she was being quiet so I thought **** it I will take eager beaver out for some drinks. We were going to go out that Tuesday evening. However later that day I realised the tigers were playing so I decided we would wait until the Wednesday. It gets to Wednesday and I have made my way to Leicester and I message girl 1 asking what she’s up to. She replies that she is just chilling but can’t wait to see me at the weekend. That was nice. Anyway I then get to Brewdog where I meet the keen girl. Date is going Ok I think, after about an hour or so the other girl walks in to Brewdog on a date of her own. Man how awkward I thought to myself while I finished by drink on a date a few feet away from the other girl.
  7. How do people know that Soyuncu has a big cock? I take it they are using the old racial stereotype that all white men have big cocks? Simply inappropriate in this day and age.
  8. Yeah he is pretty dodgy tbf. Just don’t know who we can get instead
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