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  1. How the hell are we meant to know about the women players? I voted for youri player, Iheanacho goal, Fofana young player. Just left the women’s as the default ones as I assume they are the best.
  2. Yeah it goes without saying every leicester fan would welcome Nigel back. Think Bristol city would be asking for too much though
  3. Yeah I agree. He isn’t elite by any stretch yet. These idiots wanting him gone and saying the squad would be higher under a different manager, exactly which manager is this?
  4. Can’t argue the points and can’t be arsed to argue the points are very different. You are prob the most reactive person on here. Did you not slag mendy off after we beat Man City 5-2 away for example? I get tonight was disappointing, annoying and abit of a joke but we haven’t not got top 4 yet.
  5. Also tbf I did just mention the bald bastard myself
  6. Do you really think Rodgers playing castagne in a back 3 tonight will be talked about in 15 years from now? How many years ago was it since Holloway played Harry Worley in CM cos me and my mates ain’t talked about that one for a while.
  7. It is beyond belief man. Did they start supporting us at 7:59 tonight?
  8. That is a seriously embarrassing post. I hope you wake up with a very sore head and apologise for that complete nonsense. Also aren’t you the guy who was slagging off Mendy as if he shagged ya wife even when he was doing a great job for us? Apologies if that was some other moron.
  9. They don’t actually want him gone I assume they’re just trolls who have never been to a game
  10. He got it wrong tonight and I see the usual weirdos calling for him to leave. What other manager would have got us to 3rd with this squad at this point of the season apart from Pearson?
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