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  1. This Rashford guy is AWFUL! No end product at all so so bad. When you compare him to Vardy it is mad the difference in quality and impact on games.
  2. Her boobs look good on it tho
  3. This one has really pissed me off. I don’t mind if our players are playing really well then clubs have genuine interest, it’s a compliment if anything. However SKY making shit up like this is so ****ing annoying! Soyuncu? Yeah ok I get it but to literally tout both our starting cb’s is ****ing infuriating. Whoever invented this article should get beat up
  4. Cheers also that three monkeys place looks right up my street. Now can anyone recommend things to do in NYC that aren’t the usual touristy things?
  5. Thanks booking.com offered me 10% off so I just booked it
  6. Looking to finally sort my hotel out and this place looks good value. Is it near decent bars/restaurants? Also would you stay there again?
  7. How come they refer to Man City as “city” when there are many and that are a city? Like us for example
  8. Wow some are saying AWB over Ricardo and also Maguire over Evans **** me hahahaha
  9. Imagine if Mane had been on the end of that Mane push, he would’ve gone ****ing flying
  10. Exactly imo the best striker in the league is the one who has scored the most goals
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