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  1. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    It used to annoy me when people would criticise him or comment on his personality (I guarantee anyone commenting on his personality never even met the bloke). He is a top top bloke and always had the best interests of the football club in his actions. Now I pity people who can't see the impact he had and acknowledge his legacy. I just feel feel sorry now for people who don't rate what he did, it's pretty sad when you think about the 5 or so years prior to his appointment. For a man to come in and do what he did for our club both on and off the pitch is absolutely outstanding. It put us in a position to win the premier league. I guess I agree with people commenting on the correlation between appreciating what Nigel did and general intelligence, it's a pretty good measurement tool. Saying that, all of the above does not take away from the appreciation I have for what Claudio did, now that was truly unique and a complete 1 off. For that to happen to our club is something I only dreamt of while standing on the terrace at Hereford watching Nigel Pearson work his magic. I guess I just just love them both.
  2. The Tinder Thread

    Is that guy tincy
  3. Lukaku song - racist or banter?

    How does the chant go
  4. Lunch at work

    Is that available in U.K.
  5. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    You're getting confused mate as those Belgian and German beers are craft beers. The hoppy American beers are just a style, like you I much prefer tripels wheat beers etc. craft beer noun a beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery.
  6. Food glorious food (The cooking thread)

    No one was sick on my plate. I understand you think the dinner I made looks like dog/human sick though so thanks for your feedback.
  7. Food glorious food (The cooking thread)

    No I eat off of plate which is on a table and my dog is a miniature dachshund so he wouldn't be able to climb up onto the table and then be sick on my dinner. Thanks for your concern though, it's very strange but appreciated.
  8. What grinds my gears...

    Take it you guys haven't been to America? Pretty much all craft beer cans are that size and UK supermarkets are just importing their beers for people who appreciate a good drop as opposed to 440ml cans of Carling.
  9. Food glorious food (The cooking thread)

    Once yeah about 2 weeks ago when he ate cat shit. So that's not too bad considering he is only 4 months. Strange question, why do you ask?
  10. Food glorious food (The cooking thread)

    The flatbreads were brilliant. Plain flour water salt pepper and oregano and some oil. Rolled fried and topped with the butter.
  11. Food glorious food (The cooking thread)

    Yeah man if I was aiming to impress I could've made it look better but it tasted so good. Need to make a note as I was winging it. Had a decent cab sav from Aldi
  12. Food glorious food (The cooking thread)

    Made a right legit dinner tonight. Deboned and deskinned some chicken thighs then cooked with chorizo onion peppers garlic thyme paprika red wine passata and chicken stock. Added king prawns towards the end. Served with homemade flatbreads with garlic parsley butter, and paprika potato wedges.
  13. How Was Your Day?

    I went to hallam, Sheffield is a brilliant city. Some great pubs
  14. Sky Q issue

    Thank **** that was resolved