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  1. No I’d rather a Chinese
  2. Why would anyone eat a bat anyway? Wtf is wrong with people!!
  3. It’s amazing. I watched it dubbed so just stuck with it in hindsight wish I’d watched it with subtitles.
  4. I know so so weird. It’s a class show. As is the office.
  5. That Scottish woman is a joke. What is the ****ing point if the people giving the advice can’t follow it themselves!
  6. Oh look FIF has put a pathetic little confused face. Imagine my shock the little weirdo
  7. Pretty sure money heist is the best thing I’ve ever seen after the UK office
  8. The thing is that in the takeaways the guys cooking it are all very close to each other and not distancing st all. But I guess the heat kills any virus anyway so it doesn’t matter? I had a curry the day after the lockdown and collected it fine. However now where I am (Ashby) I think most are closed apart from a kebab place. All the Chinese places are completely shut, walked passed one earlier that even had a sign confirming that they were closed and no one in the family had a confirmed case of Covid 19. Makes me think that they have been receiving some grief.
  9. Currently drinking a duvel I bloody love this golden nectar.
  10. Done a big order on beers of Europe hopefully it arrives soon. They barely had any beers I’d heard of left so ordered a load of new ones to try.
  11. Thanks mate but it’s just not working I give up
  12. I’m wondering if anyone can help me. I’m trying to log online on fifa but it is asking me for a verification code, however when I say send via email it just isn’t being sent so I can’t sign in! Anyone have any idea?
  13. Thanks guys. I guess it is a necessity so just need to be as careful as I can. I have no symptoms but still concerned.
  14. Need some advise please. My dad is being discharged from hospital today following quite a big operation. I haven’t been in contact with anyone besides my girlfriend who I live with since the lockdown. However I have to go and pick him up and take him to his house. I will then have to go over maybe once a day to help him. How does this comply with the current guidelines?
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