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  1. I fully agree with you mate and have no idea what the **** happened. I think loads of closet racists voted leave without knowing what they were doing and turns out there must have been shit loads of them!
  2. Why did people vote leave?! Absolutely mental 😔
  3. Unabomber


    Hopefully first week in April mate
  4. Unabomber


    Commercial manager
  5. Unabomber


    What does everyone do for a living?
  6. What a strange thing to say
  7. I don’t get everyone on Twitter all like “this is the best thing that Gervais has ever done!” I mean hello the office?
  8. Unabomber


    Where are you based? I used an independent guy who was brilliant
  9. Unabomber


    No offence to her but ignore the wife’s friend
  10. Unabomber


    Rescue dogs are fantastic I had two that my parents now have and they have both been amazing. One who we got when he was 9 months old (lab collie cross) was just found walking round leicester. Absolutely mental thinking about it but as soon as we brought him home he was already toilet trained and very clever. Unfortunately he got attacked when he was about 5 by gypo **** lurchers who were off the lead and it took him another 5 years to gain the confidence to go on walks again. He is now very old and sick but he has been the best dog ever and all for a donation to the RSPCA. Here they are in the pic. I now have a miniature dachshund called Nigel Pearson and he is class but still much love for rescue dogs and you are literally saving their lives @The People's Hero
  11. M and S southwold blonde beer. This is a fantastic beer brewed at Adnams brewery anyone who likes blonde beers must try. 89/100
  12. Watched Get Out on Friday on Netflix absolutely brilliant film definitely recommend. 88/100
  13. Who cares tho this is football things like this happen. The fact we won that game today is class let’s just enjoy it
  14. And to think some of the bandwagon leicester fans wanted big Wes to **** off. He is a hero and we should all love him. Thank you Wes.
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