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  1. Man united getting absolutely hammered here not seen such a one sided game in a while.
  2. Remarkably he seems to always get these correct (bar one I believe)
  3. It’s absolutely pathetic to slate King and shows both a very short memory and huge lack of class. Hope he does well there and gets his career back on track.
  4. Thanks guys, I have actually applied or the virgin one as it seems good for travel and that is all I need it for.
  5. No I’m not a virgin
  6. Need a credit card for my holiday in New York. Haven’t had one before does anyone have any advice? I am thinking of getting the virgin travel one.
  7. Great stuff. Hoping my old barely worn Billabong jacket goes to a good home.
  8. This. Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing and hopefully the Pearson yellows get a few more.
  9. Remember the comments from neutrals when they appointed Pearson? Idiots
  10. I would have taken a loss today if it meant the end of that shit
  11. Will do mate, after my period off it anyway,
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