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  1. They are expensive and it took a lot of debating with myself until I went for it. I see it as an investment and it will last for years. So I would say it is worth it. I got mine from beer hawk and it was a Stella bundle so got the machine a keg of Stella and 2 glasses. They also have some very good beers available on it and hopefully they keep adding to it. I’ve ordered a hertog jan lager and leffe royal cascade ipa for the weekend both of which I’ve not had before and looking forward to try.
  2. Unabomber


    Good shout Ruby’s is class. Also has anyone been to the cinnamon tree Indian? That place is ****ing unreal
  3. Are you aware Pearson is managing them now?
  4. Weird how Norwich just seemingly gave up.
  5. I want Bournemouth west ham and villa but won’t happen as Norwich are ****ed. So I’ll take villa Bournemouth and Norwich.
  6. Unabomber


    What’s everyone’s order at the chippy? As I have them rarely I tend to go for the textbook fish chips and mushy peas. Although I am partial to a pie and battered sausage.
  7. The Stella was absolutely great. Now have a franziskaner and it’s perfect like you’d get from a German bar. This is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased.
  8. Unabomber


    Yeah I second Nicks although only have it about twice a year.
  9. That was handball wtf Newcastle should have had a pen
  10. Does anyone remember there used to be a lucozade that was in a silver bottle. I think it was lemon and lime flavour but I know it was absolutely world class.
  11. Didn’t think I’d be a fan as not a big raspberry man but I like it. Tesco do a cherries and berries cordial, a splash of that in Coke Zero/Pepsi max is fantastic.
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