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  1. Why don’t you post your bets before the result?
  2. FFS I thought I was getting a good deal on 50% off some moderately dry items.
  3. Was it originally going to be more than 3 house holds could meet? Three isn’t many really is it.
  4. Freddie asked to comment on Leicester’s injuries and he just goes on to say that VVD is the best cb in the world and will be really missed.
  5. Beavers just in the middle of Quebec City. Saw a racoon on Vancouver last year. In terms of local I have seen 2 snakes in Ashby.
  6. Fully stocked now for December. Not drank since the Leeds game but will make up for it next month. Got some mad stouts in @Miquel The Work Geordie
  7. Not sure how you’d wrap that
  8. I have one they are great and the beer selection is always growing. I think there are some decent deals about atm for them too.
  9. Can’t believe the morons on Twitter getting mad about this it’s like they are just gagging for something to get cancelled or changed so they can flip a lid. Absolute helmets.
  10. Money Heist is class looks like it goes over a few peoples heads though
  11. Anyone know it I can keep a fridge for drinks in an unheated conservatory? I’m concerned it will be too cold.
  12. Placed an order with rad beer today, they have a great selection and good prices too.
  13. We went in April, the weather was pretty decent.
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