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  1. What paint do I use on internal doors? Sorry if this is a stupid question
  2. Unabomber


    I’d vote for Chris Sutton
  3. Never been so will have to check it out
  4. I don’t know it was one of the chains. I wouldn’t ever go there but I just couldn’t believe how quickly it had closed down. Seems to be happening to all burger places in Leicester atm. As @Samilktray says Handmade burger is ****ing terrible yet is still there, I can only assume they are buying the spot and not making any money. All of the the above aside I am glad that crafty is still going strong as that is an independent and the best in the city.
  5. I was in Leicester the other week for the first time in a while. Wow this place is getting worse absolute dive again. Also I thought that there was a new burger place next to McDonald’s? Well that wasn’t there anymore.
  6. Favourite ever manager and an absolute gent away from football.
  7. I only stayed up at HT for this game. Could not believe what I was seeing.
  8. There’s a journo Darren Lewis blaming the sacking on race. I just can’t believe that kind of thing, what has his skin colour got to do with turgid uninspiring relegation form football?
  9. It’s pretty bad would rather just be down having a pint but stayed up there today. It’s seems to be a who can floss the fastest competition.
  10. Really? Loads of people absolutely hate Liverpool so not surprising at all.
  11. Yeah used to go in there a lot for Belgian beers a few years back. Like others have said it is expensive. BeerWolf is a good online shop if anyone fancies Belgian/German/American etc beers for a good price.
  12. I don’t remember anything before Leicester won the premier league quite a nice first memory
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