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  1. Unforgotten is good on Netflix if anyone he after something to watch
  2. No worries mate glad I could help.
  3. I only know one person from Enderby and if I wanted advice from them it would be about leaked lcfc teams.
  4. I can’t believe how bad wolves are. I know they’ve become abit of a meme with how boring they are but wow they are awful.
  5. So good to have a second team. The Bristol city fans seem to really get and love Nigel. I really hope it works out for them both.
  6. Currently drinking Vocation love and hate from Tesco. It is nice but I think I have ruined my taste by having the likes pollys, verdant, Pomona, Deya. They are just on a completely different level and you can taste the difference. Now everything just seems to lack in flavour. I might stick to decent beers from the aforementioned breweries and then just standard lagers/Belgian beers when buying from supermarkets.
  7. I was thinking the same too. I dunno maybe he got banned or just sacked it off
  8. Blows my mind when people post proper long posts on here. No need I like punchy one liners.
  9. She is also missing the s off the end of Tielemans. Annoying
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