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  1. Totally agree! There wasn't this much media attention when Ederson nearly took Kelechi's head off or injured Harvey. I feel for VVD but jeez I'm bored of hearing about it. Liverpool have one injury - we have how many! 🙄🤪
  2. On tunnel cam he hit the tunnel on the way back in through frustration I guess. Love that he cares that much already. He was great and has a great mentor in Evan's. The future looks bright with Wes and Cags at the back once Evan's retires.
  3. I think the ridiculous amount of injuries have ruined any momentum we had and have effected morale. Our heads drop when we hear of more so it must affect the dressing room too?!
  4. I don't understand not using Gray, he did reasonably ok as an impact club and he is still clearly training with the first team. Youri and Under have probably suffered from the pointless internationals and travelling. I think Morgan is past it now and so we should definitely have kept Benkovic. Evans hasn't seemed right for a little while and now we have lost Cags. Lots of clubs are suffering with injuries but unfortunately we seem to be one of the worse and also have players playing that are not 100% in Praet and Madders and Evans. I think the next few m
  5. It is ridiculous now - Vardy, Ricardo, Cags, Ndidi, Amertey and also Evan's, Praet and Madders not 100%. Those injuries would massively affect most teams!
  6. We are still 4th and above Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, Arsenal.......... Its not totally horrendous - YET! 🤷‍♀️
  7. Bring him on for no other reason than to flatten Grealish!
  8. The only trouble with listening to the radio is I can't mute the commentary. Grealish love in and good defending for the foul on Harvey. Jeez!!!!! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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