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  1. Im quite interested to hear all the conversations between players and managers!
  2. I think Chilwell definately if thats the rubbish he has to listen too!
  3. Doubt it, they never mention us 🤦‍♀️😂
  4. I'll be interested to see if it's the same clubs that have already had positive players?! I'm sure we will know tomorrow!
  5. I think Chilly will be glad the boo squad wont be there!
  6. Hales

    Adam Lallana

    I'm happy to remove if it causes offence? It was a second search online and all clubs are available from what I could see. I get data protection but I understood for transparency reasons figures are available? When a player signs a new contract it is widely reported the length of contract and salary involved too. I get what you are saying though 😊
  7. Exactly, Ben is young and not at his peak yet. He is still learning his trade. If we sell I think we will really regret it. He needs to stay!
  8. I would love a ST too but cant get one, really hard to get a ticket too for most matches. I manage but would go more if I could actually get in 🙂
  9. Hales

    Adam Lallana

    This is what I found online for 19/20 season.
  10. If he has rejected us, oh well we move on! His loss! 😂 He can enjoy Arsenal and not playing in Europe 😉
  11. Hales

    Adam Lallana

    I agree, he should absolutely not be on 100k a week and above those players mentioned who are regular first team players when essentially he will be a squad member. To be on 75k he would still be above Chilwell, Maddison, Caglar and Ricardo. Depends what his demands are I guess? Money can cause unrest especially wages! I know there is talk of new contracts for some of our players but if Lallana has essentially been on the bench this season he should not be demanding those wages and hopefully he will realise this too. I dont think Fuchs will stay much longer as I should imagine it was hard to leave his family after his extended stay during lockdown, so another senior player, especially a midfielder, would be great for the young squad. He seems friendly with some already on social media and should fit in well? I have a strong feeling we will sign him up! 😁
  12. As much as I really dislike Grealish I would not mind having him here! He wouldnt have to move house and his best mates are here 😁😉 I think he will go to Man Utd but I think he would be a statement signing and could also be a signing that would attract other young players. I think we should also try for Cantwell.
  13. Thank you! I too have watched the highlights and have come to the conclusion I must be seeing different things to most on here! 😂 The last highlights I watched he linked up great with Harvey and both full backs ran the show. He also delivered great crosses and took a brilliant free kick. I really dont understand the constant slating he gets. I glad I'm not the only one that supports him on here. It feels a lonely place being on Chilly's side at times!
  14. So I guess Pep, Lampard, Southgate, Rodgers etc... are all wrong about him? Yes he has had poor form recently but that has not been the case previously. He has been brilliant for us and England. Too sell him is madness. We have an exciting young team and to sell a regular first team member is crazy. We need to build on this squad not sell it off. He is young and will keep improving. Brendan can certainly get the best out of him. He also seems to love his teammates and seems very popular with them. I guess our "fans" know best though and will keep calling him useless! You couldn't blame him for wanting to go. Jeeez! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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