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  1. Lots to be positive about, and what a journey our young team are on. A bright future ahead 🥰
  2. I think we were unlucky to lose kelechi yesterday after he was nearly decapitated by ederson! I think he always seems on it at the moment. We need him up front with vardy.
  3. Exactly. He gets blamed for everything it seems. Vardy was worse yet no-one says a word? I really dont see he was that terrible. I thought he and the others worked their socks off and showed grit and determination. Their heads didn't drop either when poor decisions went against them. I think they have been brilliant this season and people need to look at the bigger picture and how far they have come. They are on a journey too and unlike man utd, spurs etc. they are sitting 3rd on that journey! The future is incredibly bright and I think this team needs to stay together and grow and improve. They are facing pressure and expectation they haven't before. Chilly hasn't been great but has shown his class before so to say he is just useless is ridiculous! He has improved over the last few games and with support and the right team behind him he will be great! Lay off him!
  4. It's so frustrating that he is constantly blamed for everything that goes wrong. He played no worse than anyone else. There is a great player in there. He has had some fantastic performances for us and England. He is clearly a confidence player and has struggled with this the last few months. If your confidence goes your mental health suffers and you make poor decisions. They are clearly working with him and Brendan said they were providing a pathway for him and his performances have improved. I hope he flourishes at the euros as he normally does for england and comes back tougher next season. Physically he is strong and fast so clearly it's more mental. They are a young team who have been mid table until this year and have been amazing to get to third and champions league. I hope we can keep the team together and they continue on their journey as there is a bright future. They are all experiencing new challenges, pressures and expectations which is challenging for them all but together they will be fine. They seem a tight group and the main positive thing I took away from yesterday was how they worked for one another and as a team. I'm proud of them all!
  5. I disagree, he worked his socks off. He was everywhere - back helping in defence then pushing forward. He didn't stop! Total team player today 👏
  6. 👏 kasper. He looked up for it in his face. He looked 😡 😂
  7. Well done lads, they all worked for one another. If they keep this going for the rest of the season they will be fine. So proud of a young team for working their socks of and showing grit and determination. The future looks very bright 👏
  8. Well done Dennis 👏 should of stayed on and youri subbed as he was clearly tired.
  9. Really? He worked his butt off! He was back helping in defence then in midfield. They all worked so hard for one another!
  10. He worked his socks off. Yes he lost the ball sometimes but so did every player. Great to see him getting forward and showing confidence!
  11. Gutted but proud of them! Not worried for the rest of the season, the boys are back! They all worked their socks off 👏
  12. Well that article is really going to help his confidence! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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