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  1. To be fair we don't know if he is actually avoiding quarantine, he may just be enjoying the use of a private jet! Alright for some! I certainly wouldn't mind flying to Ibiza, Greece and then Croatia all in a private jet! What a life.
  2. Exactly! They can't help it if clubs come in for them! Neither seems the type of person to kick up a huge fuss and cause problems if they don't go. Both seem nice lads. How do we know either want to go actually, it's silly season with the media 🤷‍♀️
  3. I think maybe Barca will be playing hard ball. We want their player so they are going to come in for Cags?! If Cags go surely Chilly won't then? This transfer window is stressful. I know its early days but I wish they would announce a signing!
  4. They said he isn't for sale so we should be making it high. If they want him they pay it or goodbye! That's definitely not enough. It also makes us look like pushovers if we are pressured by the "top clubs" At 23 he hasn't hit his peak for his position so will only improve. I would be disappointed to sell him but even more so at that price.
  5. I can't imagine Chilly is happy about that post! All over social media now. What an idiot. Trying to make yourself relevant Danny? 🙄😒
  6. There was talk of him having an op on his foot so maybe that's why but people are quick to judge and think the worse! An op on his foot would mean he couldn't walk well for a bit so maybe he went and stayed with family? They were all there the last game.
  7. So the consensus is we are happy to sell Chilly and buy a new left back or some are happy for Thomas to play after 3 games or JJ who is in his first season too? Now we are also talking about Amartey! Madness! Do people really think that little of Chilly? I'm a little shocked to be honest 🤷‍♀️ I think realistically Ricardo will probably go next as he wants Champions league and has been vocal about that. I would hate to lose both our first choice full backs in potentially a year.
  8. He is mates with Madders from his Norwich days. I can imagine a few of our players doing this with him! He can teach madders to plait his hair too 😂
  9. I know its early days but I'm getting impatient - sign someone!
  10. I like him and always feel hopeful something will happen when he comes on. Not sure Brendan is a fan though given his game time and the comments after the game recently?
  11. Justin Chilly Gray Vardy Apparently these are the most rapid according to the other players in training.
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