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  1. I don't know where you have been buying your tin foil but you need to take it back and have a word.
  2. I hope he stays, I just wish he had a bit more class about him and not come out publicly saying he wanted to leave, If he has been told he can go after last season his agent could have done all the work behind the scenes and got him a club if anyone is interested. Now the situation we have if he goes is less time to get a replacement at a much higher price the nearer the deadline it drags on, and if he stays and doesn't start well fans will be on his back saying he doesn't want to be here
  3. The Thread is titled "Steve Walsh Snr" Where do you want to talk about him?
  4. Yes it did mate, it was a midweek night game there were quite a few tickets left, I got me and the 3 kids 2 rows from the front in the west stand all sat together. We got on fan cam and kids gave filbert a high 5 they loved it.
  5. Im not really sure that is the case. I was a gold member last year and never had any trouble getting a ticket and I took my son (silver member) and 2 daughters who are just members to the Sunderland game because they went to general sale. So I'd have to say if your brother hasn't gone for 3 years then he must have other reasons
  6. Musa maybe if someone will stump up what we paid for him but I don't want slimani to go anywhere, Thought he was adjusting ok last season and I think he will really push on this year
  7. I think the point is the scout not Walsh. I dont think Merseyside is that much closer to Scandinavia than Leicester.
  8. Anyone with young kids will know the answer to this, get Mr Bull in from Peppa Pig to "DIG UP THE ROAD" 🤣
  9. He should take most of the Shite he brought in for us last season too.
  10. You can keep your boxes and prawn sandwiches well away thank you!!
  11. I believe when the seats are locked up it then becomes a rail and you can stand along it as if the seat is non existent. There will obviously be a minimum space requirement as to how many you can stand along each row but it's far less than a seat and gap in between take up meaning you can fit 40-50% extra in. It's not linked to one for each seat as the seat no longer exists
  12. That's ok mate I generally agree, I thought for a minute you were going to say start with the east as you wouldn't miss them as opposed to the west. I sat sat in the west a couple of times last season and it was awful, im so glad I managed to get my season ticket in the east.
  13. Why would it be less likely to affect atmosphere if you extend east stand?
  14. More like the best strikers in the worlds agents are using the threat of coming to the premier league to get a new contract and more money where they are already. If he comes to the premier league this season I'll show my arse in Tesco window and post the evidence on here.
  15. I was with Merson doing a line. 😜