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  1. Is it fully allowed by the club to give up your season ticket for a match or do they turn a blind eye? I assume it's not allowed and I'm was just thinking what reason I'd give for asking for a paper print? sorry if it's a stupid question as i say I'm new to this.
  2. I'm new to this exchanging of tickets etc and I'm just wondering how it works if I sold my seat to someone on here for a given game, would I have to post them my season ticket and trust the buyer is going to post me the cash and my ticket back afterwards or do you do it another way?
  3. Any new season ticket holders got their card yet?

    Cheers mate 👍
  4. Any new season ticket holders got their card yet?

    Yeah that should give me enough time to get through on the fantastic phone system they have before kick off
  5. Just wondering if there are any new season ticket holders on here who have received their card yet? So far they have taken 3 direct debit payments off me totalling over £190 yet I've still not got a pass to access the ground. I rang a couple of weeks ago and was told there was a delay with the cards they print on but it's cutting it a bit fine now. Has as anyone else had theirs or got any more information? Cheers
  6. Iheanacho

    **** 🛎🔚
  7. Iheanacho

    No he means inches 🤣 Bet vardy is hung like a wasp 😜
  8. Iheanacho

    As a father of 4 that has to be one of the sickest stories I've heard in a while and you thought I'll do a wind up?? Hope the mods take it down and anyone who thinks it's funny is just plain twisted in my eyes
  9. Kelechi Iheanacho

    Cheers mate,I'm logging out now see you all in September when all this shit is over. #stickaforkinmeimdone. See you all then 👍
  10. Kelechi Iheanacho

    Yes I am actually, I work night just woke up to squirt Bert and check my phone. When I get up later I won't look I promise 👍
  11. Kelechi Iheanacho

    What a load of old bollax!!! What has football come to? 🙈 I'm bored with this now, I'm going to stop reading this crap and just take my seat at the first home game of the season and see who turns up on the pitch then I reckon. 😤
  12. Zieler gone

    That may say more about you than him 😉
  13. Zieler gone

    He always sounded like he was in the witness protection scheme to me and kept forgetting his name. Er Ron Robert Zieler 😂
  14. Comedy Rumours Thread (HITC)

    I've got a comedy rumour to end all comedy rumours we we are going to give Ulloa a new contract and more money 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WTF is going on?