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  1. Need to play Barnes on the left, Perez/Albrighton on right and Maddison in the centre I think. One of the things that infuriated me with Puel was his stubborn determination to stick with his favoured system even when it was obvious it wasn't working. Hoping Brendan takes a different path.
  2. I’m cautiously optimistic. But there’s no getting away from the fact we’ve had 5 shots on target in three games. For me, the formation clearly isn’t working. I hope BR changes it soon instead of digging in. Yes the results have been OK but can you really say we look better than last year?
  3. Piss poor from them they couldn’t sell out for their second home game back. Looks like there were loads of empty seats in the tier above us too. Especially when it was a 3pm KO, blazing sunshine, etc.
  4. Will be very frustrated if he starts with two DCMs or keeps Maddison on the wing again. I’m happy with our start to the season so far but I’m not 100% convinced BR knows yet what his best team is. I’ve attended both games and to be honest I still don’t know what the formation is or where people are meant to be playing half the time. The lesson from the first two games is we need to do much more to ensure Vardy gets on the ball and isn’t isolated.
  5. Won’t happen but I’d go for: Kasper Ricardo Soyuncu Evans Fuchs Perez Tielemans Ndidi Maddison Barnes Vardy
  6. I didn’t want one, never asked for one and left mine under my seat. If the club want to give me something back for my support they should just subsidise the tickets. They don’t though, they just want the PR from giving everyone some cheap tat.
  7. In practice the VAR is not an ‘assistant’ referee, because the on-field referee is never going to reject their decision. The VAR is, ultimately, the match referee - with far greater access to technology than the on-field ref but the ability to officiate only in certain situations.
  8. ‘Cult hero’ is obviously a bit much, but he did have a good game against Wolves. The main advantage he has over Maguire is pace, and he passes the ball out quite quickly from the back instead of making pointless forays into midfield. However his heading isn’t as good, his positioning is a bit iffy and he has more mistakes in him. He will benefit from more game time alongside Evans though.
  9. Would make more sense to play Hamza & Ndidi together at this than against Wolves. Personally I wouldn’t play both but I can see Brendan doing it based on how he set up against the bigger teams last season. Need to start with a recognised wide man though, preferably Barnes for me.
  10. Thought the communication on the decision was clear enough but walking out the ground I still didn’t know why it had been ruled out. They should forget video clips and just have someone announce the reason in a simple fashion, e.g. ‘goal ruled out because of a handball’. The basic problem with VAR is that it means fans at the game actually have less of an idea about what’s going on than people say watching it on TV on the other side of the globe. Did the business for us today but I still don’t like it.
  11. Pretty underwhelming performance really, you could see it coming as soon as the team sheet came out. Far too narrow, Vardy isolated, needless duplication with Hamza & Ndidi. In summary - Chilwell and Perez were both rubbish, Maddison’s set pieces were abysmal, Soyuncu had a good game.
  12. I still don’t really understand what our formation is this season. Is it 4-1-4-1, 4-5-1, 4-2-3-1? What about about the ‘4-4-2 diamond? Or are these all basically different names for the same thing?
  13. Brendan knows what he’s doing, but I do feel we are bloated in midfield and lack depth up front and in the wide positions.
  14. I can’t decide what’s more embarrassing, the fact the club are doing this or that a decent number of our fans will wear them with pride and praise the club to the rafters.
  15. Ndidi playing at the AFCON could be a big chance for Hamza. If he gets the nod for the first few games and does well, I reckon Ndidi could find it harder to get back in the team than we might think. It’s not that Ndidi is a bad player, but Hamza always struck me as more of a Rodgers player in terms of his sheer energy, closing down, etc.
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