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  1. I suppose I should clarify that I’d rather not have even an “improved” VAR. Ultimately professional football is a spectacle (both at the game and on TV) that will be slowed down by any attempt to use technology to check decisions. And given the choice of marginally more correct refereeing or a quicker game with worse decisions I’d still rather have the latter.
  2. The whole point of VAR was to overturn clear and obvious refereeing errors. If you have to watch the bloody thing twenty times in slo-mo and still can’t decide then almost by definition the ref has not done that. We’ve gone from rooting out the clangers to shooting for perfection. VAR should get in the bin now.
  3. Doubt there's any prospect of King Power paying more anytime soon tbh. But generally I think you are right, the fact shirt and stadium sponsorship have not really increased much in recent years shows that keeping them in-house (if you like) has arguably been a drag-anchor on commercial growth. I was also slightly surprised that we have prioritised the training ground over a stadium expansion - but I think it at least shows original thinking and a laudable attempt to improve the team via young players and development. Overall I'm pretty happy. Also although Covid-19 will no doubt impede our growth, it might also act to level the field for a time because it will rob clubs like Man Utd and Arsenal of the advantage they have over us from matchday income, etc.
  4. Firstly they are recommending against non-essential travel - it is not “banned”. Secondly, even at the height of the pandemic, there were never any legal restrictions on travel for work purposes. So although the details are yet to be published, I very much doubt this will have any effect on our games at all.
  5. Yeah it’s interesting - if we do miss out on CL I wonder whether they’ll rue not strengthening at that point. Having said that - I’m generally not a fan of January recruitment. Also although we’d fallen off during December, we’d been on a brilliant run just before that. I won’t blame them for not signing anyone. But it’s interesting to ponder what we might have been.
  6. Total shite. No urgency at all. Too many players happy to play safe sideways passing. How many times did Vardy touch the ball? So frustrating.
  7. I don’t think the formation is the problem. 4-2-3-1 hasn’t delivered the goods for a while either. The problem is we aren’t pressing high enough up the pitch, plus the Mendy/Ndidi combination, which I have to say I find bizarre. Also we are badly missing Ricardo, obviously.
  8. "We" are quite good as fans - the club however is pretty terrible to be honest. I expected they would use it as a chance for wall-to-wall promotion of King Power and that's exactly what they've done really. Oh, apart from that awful "then, now, again" marketing crap which they have predictably spewed everywhere.
  9. Two up front tonight please Brendan.
  10. Difficult to know what to make if it. The generous interpretation is that it’s the first game back and we need time to get up and running again. The slightly more pessimistic take is that we created very few good chances and some of our problems post-January are still all too evident. At this stage I think we should maybe consider a switch back to two up front, certainly against the lesser teams at least. Vardy looked surprisingly sharp but apart from hopeful punts from Albrighton and the odd pass from Maddison he had very very little service.
  11. By your definition anyone who scored a goal in a retrospectively important game is a club legend then? I would agree he played his part in getting us out of League One, but that's the lowest-raked season in the club's entire history. In the Great Escape season, he started 16 games - he scored two goals, with zero assists. In the title-winning season, he started only 9 games - contribution two goals, and two assists. Since signing his FOUR-YEAR contract in the summer of 2016, he has only made the first XI not much more than a dozen times. Any rational assessment shows he's been nothing more than a makeweight for years. I repeat again - he has been stealing a living.
  12. Been stealing a living since we’ve been in the Premier League. Been a lucky beneficiary of the club’s culture of sympathy contracts, would have been cut adrift anywhere else a long time ago. Legend my arse.
  13. Think they kept some for a new wall for the stadium expansion (which is a nice touch). Personally I’d rather they didn’t do Vichai stuff for this though really
  14. The banners/flags on the seats are a nice touch. Are we doing similar? Knowing us though it will just be a load of King Power adverts...
  15. Forest’s expansion ‘plans’ were never more than a computer mock-up. I doubt anyone below the PL is going to be building anything anytime soon tbh. Even with us though, I doubt there will be much progress with the expansion given the corona crisis. I had expected to hear something concrete (so to speak) over the summer but doubt that will happen?
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