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  1. leicesterseddon


    I take your point - although Fuchs was a free transfer and this isn't. I'm not saying I have a crystal ball, but I don't see why the board would allow a manager to spend £22m on a right-back only to sack him soon after. I could be wrong though, nothing would surprise me with LCFC these days.
  2. leicesterseddon


    The Pereira signing would seem to indicate the board are sticking with Puel then. I'm not 100% how I feel tbh. Up until the last few games I was very much of the view that we should keep him, but I'll admit by the Palace game I'd lost faith. Easy to look at the Arsenal and Spurs games and see the "potential" - but Arsenal had 10 men for most of the game, and Spurs was in any case a defeat. Aside from that the tail-end of the season was woeful, more indicative of a relegation battle next season than a push on the top six. Let's hope with his own squad the vision looks a bit more like reality!
  3. leicesterseddon


    For me, this is the key issue. We know most of the sides we play at home will sit relatively deep and put men behind the ball. The job of the manager is to acknowledge this and find a way round it (and for the players, to carry it out). I'm worried about our ability to do this tbh, as nice as it is to beat the better/more attacking sides.
  4. leicesterseddon

    Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    Could have pointed out that the ground was (pretty much) full yesterday, as it has been largely all season - and almost all away ends. Sold out against Palace last week despite nothing to play for and problems on the trains. Given the lack of effort on the pitch from the players over the last month they ought to be glad we're still turning up tbh.
  5. leicesterseddon

    0-2 Wham theadaodnaijdnjoansdijnasdop

    I know, it's crazy. To be honest though, I'm happy enough with the league finish and I think most feel the same. I honestly don't think the main reason for the anger is heightened expectations. It's because people look at the team right now and see a relegation struggle on the cards next season (and a real lack of effort in the last month or so).
  6. leicesterseddon

    Lap of honour

    Wasn't announced at all, I had no idea it was even happening.
  7. leicesterseddon

    Puel In or Out poll 5/5/18.

    I was 'In' up till the Palace game but it's obvious the squad won't play for him. Aside from that I'm worried by: 1. Playing Albrighton at RB away 2. Voluntarily playing Maguire in midfield 3. Not saying FA at the drinks break at 2-0 down today 4. The double sub at 91mins at home v. Southampton 5. Dropping Morgan then bringing him back 6. Taking Diabate off today I'm struggling to have confidence tbh.
  8. leicesterseddon

    0-2 Wham theadaodnaijdnjoansdijnasdop

    Lots of instensity. The good ingredients. To show freshness. #PuelPhilosophy
  9. leicesterseddon

    Leics 0- Soton 0 post match thread.

    I'm still in the 'Puel in' camp (just) but that was awful tonight. Don't think I've ever seen a side playing at home, drawing 0-0, make a double substitution in the 90th minute. Decision-making is a total mess.
  10. leicesterseddon

    Southampton pre match

    Exactly. Normally I'd be against experimentation for its own sake - but what's to lose? In truth we've nothing to play for, and our internationals have been in injury-avoidance mode for weeks. I'd much rather watch Diabate have a chance tomorrow than endure another 90mins watching Mahrez amble casually around the pitch, out of position, never tracking back, forlornly hoping he scores some wondergoal to justify his presence.
  11. leicesterseddon

    Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    The issue for me is that Puel is a man of two minds. On the one hand, he seems to change the attack constantly and almost randomly (even when there is no need). On the other, the defence stays constant regardless of performance and Schmeichel, Morgan and Simpson seem undroppable. Maybe he's got some difficult politics to negotiate in the dressing room, I don't know. But certainly can't carry on like this next season. There's only one rational course of action in my mind - give him the summer, let him bring in his own players and let's judge him then.
  12. leicesterseddon

    Burnley away match thread

    I actually think we played better just now than the first half at Brighton (although it's not much). To be honest, we've played better than Burnley, who've done nothing since their second. Just terrible defending once again.
  13. leicesterseddon

    Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    I think we'll probably spend a fair bit, mostly because we should bag a decent fee for Mahrez. However it's going to be a tough window - prices are out of control now and it's difficult to get value for money. On the plus side, I still think there's much more to come from Diabate and Silva, so they may effectively be like 'new' signings. Replacing Mahrez's goals/assists is obviously going to be the main priority - can we do it? In addition, I think we definitely need a new left back and a new right back. I also think we need to consider a long-term option for a CB who can play alongside Maguire. If the owners are really ambitious I'd say there's an argument for ditching Schmeichel - but I don't think it will happen...
  14. leicesterseddon

    Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Would be interested in seeing this in action, but I too doubt that we'll see it on Sunday. Highly likely that Morgan will continue to be preferred to Dragovic. I also think it's highly likely Okazaki will start - he'll prefer to keep Diabate as an impact sub. I also have a terrible feeling he'll play Chilwell, although I agree Fuchs is the much smarter choice.
  15. leicesterseddon

    Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    Looks like 4-5-1 at home to Bournemouth...