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  1. leicesterseddon

    Arsenal away next😳

    I'd question whether it's sensible to hand Soyuncu his first team debut away to Arsenal. Given he hasn't even featured in the league cup games, surely that's more of a disaster waiting to happen? Evans is an experienced centre-half in this division. I'm amazed so many are prepared to write him off already!
  2. leicesterseddon

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    12 points from 8 games is actually not too bad though, is it? Replicate that over the course of a season and we'll end up with 57 points. Over the last three seasons that would see us finish: 7th, 8th, 9th. For me it would be an improvement just to get to Christmas and we'll like we've done enough to feel confident we won't go down, meaning we can field strong sides in the cup competitions. I don't really like Puel that much but you'd have to admit getting rid of him now doesn't really make sense?
  3. leicesterseddon

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Personally I'm unconvinced by talk of an expansion beyond 40/41K, at least initially. There may be "long term" plans to do so, but I don't see an argument for doing it now. Consequently I'd be surprised if any initial expansion involved changes to more than one stand, maybe two at most. Anyway, we'll have to wait and see I suppose.
  4. leicesterseddon

    Leicester 1- Everton 2 post match thread.

    I thought both Mendy and Ndidi were poor tbh and I still struggle to understand why we play both of them. Having two similar players in essentially the same role just seems like a luxury we can’t afford, especially when it comes at the expense of playing Maddison on the wing. Morgan actually looked OKish for the first half but was clearly struggling by the time he got sent off. I hope Evans now gets a decent run in the team so he can actually build a partnership with Maguire. I’ve said it before but by Christmas they will almost certainly be our first-choice centre-half pairing, so the sooner they can actually start playing together the better.
  5. leicesterseddon

    Why does Morgan play?

    He's arguably there on merit at the moment, but I do think it will be Maguire + Evans by Christmas. I can't help feel Evans has been a bit hard done by so far...yes he was rubbish against Wolves in the first half, but it was his first game, he wasn't 100% fit and we did defend reasonably well towards the end. I thought against Huddersfield he did OK. Yes they aren't very good, but neither were Newcastle last weekend. I mean it's probably sensible to phase Soyuncu in gradually because he's young/adapting to the league/learning English - but Evans is 30 with loads of PL experience, so will surely expect to be in the first team eventually?
  6. leicesterseddon

    Newcastle Away Pre Match, 29/09, 15.00pm

    I hope Puel plays Iheanacho and Vardy together again - it worked well last week. No idea what he'll do at the back really. I suspect Maguire & Evans but I could be wrong. To be honest I'd just pick the same side that played Huddersfield. It's the end of September and it would be nice to get a bit of consistency in the team selection instead of constant tinkering...
  7. leicesterseddon

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    For me games like yesterday's just underline how many teams in this league are playing for a point most of the time they are away from home. As soon as they took the lead Huddersfield just sat so deep, hoping to absorb pressure for 84 minutes. It's lunacy really because they were definitely in the game and if they managed to go 2-0 up would probably got something from the game. Anyway - second half performance was good, but we badly need to stop going behind early/conceding soft goals...
  8. leicesterseddon

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Really? Personally I don't think we've taken either cup seriously since returning to the PL. I'm expecting lots of changes from both sides, just hoping our B team is better than theirs.
  9. leicesterseddon

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Oh I agree with you, I don't think we should share facilities with other sports teams (and I don't think we will either...). I only mentioned the Ashton Gate thing because the general idea of it (arena + hotels, etc) sounds similar to what some have mentioned on here. Personally I don't have a problem with other stuff being included in the expansion plans, but I would worry about it causing problems/delays... Tbh I'd be happy with a bog-standard expansion to one stand, although I understand that given the investment required there may be a need for other sources of income as well in order for it to make sense financially...
  10. leicesterseddon

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    Interesting to see the plans announced yesterday to build a 4,000-capacity "sports and convention" centre behind one of the stands at Ashton Gate: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-45550549 Includes an indoor arena for the Bristol Flyers basketball team, along with housing, a car park and two hotels... All part of wider plans for a "city quarter focused on sport and entertainment". Maybe we will see something similar in Leicester? The plans have been put forward by Ashton Gate Ltd. (an events company - not sure what their relationship with the club is?). Also funnily enough Bristol City are also planning to build a new training ground with a 500-seat mini stadium - their planning permission was approved last week...
  11. leicesterseddon

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    I’m sceptical about how long Puel can persist with the 4-2-3-1. Particularly when we’re playing at home it’s clear a lot of fans just hate it, believe it’s negative, etc. But I doubt he will change it just yet - so I think he will bring in Evans as a straight swap for Morgan. Personally I’d bring in Iborra/Silva for Mendy (who offers little going forward and does little more than duplicate Ndidi’s role). I’d bring Albrighton in for Gray, who I think has been largely awful this year.
  12. leicesterseddon

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    Went today. Strange to slag them off after a win but honestly we were dreadful. However I would just like to stick up for Amartey - yes he wasn’t great, but he wasn’t that bad either. Much more disappointed in Gray, Mendy, Iheanacho who were all very poor.
  13. leicesterseddon

    Southampton (A) pre match

    Feeling a bit funny about this one. I felt quite happy after the Wolves game but realistically, we played against a newly-promoted side at home for 90mins and only generated two shots on target. I’m hopeful for this season but we’re still far from the finished product. I still think by Christmas we’ll be playing with two up front, at least at home.
  14. leicesterseddon

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Happy with the result but to be honest I don't really think we played that well at all (although we did defend well with 10 men). We started far too slowly again and could easily have found ourselves behind. Evans in particular looked very poor, although I think we should cut him some slack as it's his first game, etc. For me nobody had a brilliant game, but Pereira looked dangerous and I think he'll be a big player for us this year. As for Wolves - they clearly have some good players, and I think they will be OK this year. Onwards and upwards, I think we should be good when the new players have bedded in a bit more...although I really hope CP settles on a first team ASAP, he shouldn't change the team every week like he did tail end of last season.
  15. leicesterseddon

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    Personally I don't think Amartey played that badly at Man Utd (and it wasn't a penalty). However I think he'll be dropped, with Pereira moving to RB. Evans should come in for Morgan alongside Maguire. Vardy will come in for Iheanacho I'm sure, unless he decides to play two upfront... I agree that Ghezzal will probably play ahead of Albighton on the left, not sure how I feel about that.