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  1. Last summer I would have been very reluctant to sell Chilwell, but I'm fine with it now if I'm honest. He's obviously still young, but he hasn't shown any sign of progressing further in his development this year. In fact I'd make the case that he's the only one of our younger players who has failed to improve under Rodgers, which in itself is a bit of a worry. His weaknesses are still the same, and his end product/decision making is the same if not marginally worse that last year. Even his goal against Chelsea was the unintended byproduct of a bizarre cross that Ricardo managed to rescue and put back in. Like Maguire, he is overvalued because he is young and English. And like Maguire, if a club pays a decent price I think we could do worse than sell up to fund improvements elsewhere.
  2. Think we'll need at least another 18/19 points from our final 12 games to finish in the top four. In theory we should be fine but I'm starting to become a bit nervous. Some of the performances recently have been pretty poor, and we really need to get Ndidi back. Our fixtures against Villa/Brighton/Palace/Norwich/Bournemouth will be key. Win all of them and we're pretty much there.
  3. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Fuchs Perez Tielemans Praet Maddison Barnes Vardy
  4. Can’t see what the scandal is. The officials made the correct decision, using the technology available to them. Yes it’s pedantic but ultimately that’s what VAR is. It’s what the clubs have voted for. Hysterical to see all the TV pundits laying into VAR - the only reason we have this bloody thing is because they pushed for it over years. Fans certainly didn’t.
  5. I'd be genuinely interested in how many of our home crowd would actually want to go in a standing area. It's true that LCFC have been in the rearguard of this, but is there anything in the argument that that's just because at the moment there are only a few hundred people who stand in front of their seats persistently at the KP, even for European/big games? It's a massive contrast with the situation at Man Utd, where you have thousands doing it every game.
  6. This game has had absolutely zero flow. Feels like play is stopping every few seconds.
  7. Bit dispiriting that even a Championship club is resting players for the Cup tbh
  8. So many injuries. The game ain’t going to end till 10pm at this rate... Very soft penalty. But how stupid was Ndidi? Albrightonesque
  9. Let’s be honest this one had ‘tits up’ written all over it. The positive slant on it is that the players were tired after so many games (although some, such as Vardy haven’t actually played that much recently). The negative way of looking at is is that we’re over halfway through the season and teams have worked us out. Difficult to know what to do really, I was pretty happy with the team & formation.
  10. He seems to have this reputation as a brilliant attacking left-back but I’m not so sure. He’s athletic, but if denied space (like against Villa) he doesn’t yet seem to have the confidence to get past his man - and his crossing from deep is mostly dreadful. I feel he would benefit from playing behind the same player for a while though. Needs to build a relationship with one of the wingers.
  11. A fair number in our squad have seen themselves unable to get a game during our unbeaten run. I don’t want to see wholesale changes, but given recent performances and the number of fixtures it seems sensible to make a few changes. Can see Hamza featuring, with one of Praet/Tielemans/Maddison dropping to the bench. Can see him sticking with Barnes but moving him back to the left, with Gray given a go on the right. Won’t be popular but I can see him resting Vardy and giving Perez a go up front. Would be an interesting move, I’m intrigued whether he’s any better when played in that position...
  12. Liverpool were brilliant, but our team never really looked right on paper. Maddison has never been as effective on the left; Barnes hasn’t played on the right all season. Bizarre tactics really but it just underlines the lack of faith he has in Albrighton/Gray/Perez as wide options.
  13. Embarrassing. Should never happen again. I have no idea what on earth the club were thinking with that.
  14. Terrible idea. Place feels less and less like a football ground every year...
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