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  1. deccers

    Marcus Rashford

    Agreed with the above. All they will do is stick a lowball buy back clause in like Iheanacho, and effectively we just have a player on indefinite loan again. However there is no chance of us signing him anyway...
  2. deccers

    James Maddison

    I guess they'd just look at the rest of him - as long as his injury was just a short term thing and not a sign of anything chronic e.g. Ledley King's knees I'm sure he'd pass. As much as this guy is a talent, is he just another young player we will just suck the potential out of? The list goes on - Kramaric, Lawrence, Kaputska, Gray (jury out) etc.
  3. deccers

    The second transfer IN. Who and When?

    23rd May - Jonny Evans
  4. deccers

    Home Form - last win 20th January

    Tell us where it is then?
  5. deccers

    Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Remember this fixture back in January? We were absolutely fvcking hopeless and deserved to get well beaten. We are the complete opposite of that now, fluid passing, meaningful buildup, applying pressure where it counts. We even seem to have fixed some of the defensive errors, judging by the way we caught Austin offside with a flat back 4.
  6. deccers

    Home vs Bruges UCL

    I have a few but they are probably not print quality. I would go on GettyImages or somesuch and see what the professionals took that day, you can then pay for the license to use the photograph.
  7. deccers

    EFL Cup 4th Round Draw: Wednesday Night

    We could probably create the Spurs away thread now...
  8. deccers

    Ulloa new contract

    Please no. Why would we offer this guy a new deal? He's been a great servant for the club throughout his time here, but his time is done. Even with Slimani maybe going, I thought it was basically nailed on that Slimani was a clear upgrade.
  9. deccers

    Arsenal post match 4-3

    While I'm probably repeating several other comments, I think while there's much to learn from this performance, especially defensively, we can at least take heart from knocking 3 past Arsenal. You could argue that it wasn't a strong defense but it's probably on a par with the rest of the league. I think if we were playing any other team outside of last season's top 6, we'd have won yesterday. Our defense clearly needs work though, and Shakey probably needs to give Nige a call to share some wisdom from the fabled 'Big Nige School of Game Management'... Lesson 1, don't sub a midfielder to play two strikers when you're winning away from home.
  10. deccers

    Club Shop Fiasco

    'Fiasco' boils down to not checking opening hours. Can hammer the club shop/ticket sales about many things, but probably not this.
  11. deccers

    Out of Contract Signing

    I hope it's Lucas. By all accounts a great bloke and would improve our side.
  12. Agree with this too. If we sign Adrien Silva I think this issue will resolve itself. We do lack a 'quarterback' to carry the ball forward, and Shinji hasn't got the centre of gravity to even attempt this role.
  13. As we've seen in the first 2/3rds of the season, our game overall suffers when we lose work-rate in the middle third of the pitch, whether that be through the lack of Kante early on, and then no Okazaki. I think there's roles for both Amartey and Albrighton in our late game tactics, potentially with Ndidi sitting as the deeper man in a midfield 3 of Amartey, Drinky and him. I can see the forward two screening effectively to their left and right and Ndidi protecting the CBs. Albrighton can easily apply himself on either wing to defensive duties as well as giving Slimani something to work with if he came on too. I reckon though that some of these issues will (hopefully..) be resolved in the summer's recruitment if we square centre back away. I think you can almost tell sometimes in late game that Huth/Morgan are running on empty, and if they require an extra 10% of effort each from other players, this will have it's own knock on effect.
  14. deccers

    Xbox One Issue

    Has the buyer swapped the innards? on the 360 at least you could swap the insides into a different casing.
  15. While I don't doubt the ability of our coaching staff to adapt methods to long haul pre-season tours, the benefits are obvious from a low-key austrian pre-season. We were clearly off the pace against Hull first off and while there's no way you can blame the pre-season for results 2 months in when you've caught up, it was definitely a factor in those early sluggish games.