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  1. I think we`ll here a lot of "massive cocks" today, all of them twats in our end singing the most idiotic embarrassing song we`ve ever suffered :-( ffs please grow up and ditch this crap !!!
  2. We HAVE to ditch the ridiculous twattish embarrassing ending to Cags song, the beginning is now fine, not singing Slabs name as much but that end, really ???? an alternative ? "and he`s ****ing rapid" Yep that works and it has the vital swear word everyone loves to sing :-)
  3. Straight to pens no extra time isn`t it ?
  4. Ah, he`s being a miserable pessimistic git then ?
  5. Slim chance I know but has anyone on here re located this morning to SK2 KK 122 ?
  6. We`ll leave the exiting, exotic stuff to Wolvesalona :-)
  7. Wasil didn`t get one did he ? he must have played more than 5, was joking about Riyad :-)
  8. Did Mardy Mahrez play enough to get a medal then ?
  9. Which bit is the "joke" it all seems to make sense to me :-)
  10. I pinched a packet of sweets when I was 11, am 63 now but am seriously thinking of going to the dibble and fessing up, what do you think I should do ?
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