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  1. Slim chance I know but has anyone on here re located this morning to SK2 KK 122 ?
  2. The only slight problem with this is that, as yet, there is actually NO interest in ANY of the above named players !!!
  3. We`ll leave the exiting, exotic stuff to Wolvesalona :-)
  4. Complete clap trap !!
  5. Wasil didn`t get one did he ? he must have played more than 5, was joking about Riyad :-)
  6. Did Mardy Mahrez play enough to get a medal then ?
  7. United a "top six" side next season Ha ha ha !
  8. mad biker

    Papy Mendy

    Really ? I think this is the strongest part of his game, very very hard to dispossess, hardly ever misses a pass and always tries to go forwards, very skillful as well, unlucky not to be a starter for me but he`s a walking final score when we bring him on :-)
  9. Which bit is the "joke" it all seems to make sense to me :-)
  10. I pinched a packet of sweets when I was 11, am 63 now but am seriously thinking of going to the dibble and fessing up, what do you think I should do ?
  11. They do understand Yes, they want him as much as we do and are already working to make it happen !
  12. Just sing it "Yes" it works perfectly !!
  13. To the Anthony Knockeart tune Please sign Youri Youri Tielemans we all know you understand cuz if we sign Youri Youri Tielemans we`ll have the best midfield in the land where did I put my coat :-)
  14. What the bluddy hell are you on about man, you said it`s the Leicester way that young players leave and develop into good players elsewhere, this is total clap trap, then you make snidey little comments like this, it`s not "how I want to think" it`s a fact, unless of course you can in some way substantiate what you are insinuating ??
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