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  1. I reckon both will play, both can defend are quick and can be very effective going forward, will interchange brilliantly I would say, what say you ?
  2. My guess would be a couple of weeks yet before they move in, massive inspection tomorrow but theres a lot of snagging to do yet.
  3. Not that I have seen, it`s only a short walk though :-)
  4. James Milner would perfect for the job I reckon.
  5. What someone is worth is only relevant if they are for sale.
  6. He`s already at a "big club" buddy !!!!!
  7. Plan is that the office staff will move in on Saturday and all the football / playing staff will move in on December 7th.
  8. Am currently on holiday in Cumbria, am a BT customer, is there any way of getting the game via a lap top, tablet or even a phone ? if not can anyone recommend a decent stream ?
  9. This has to be a go er, as you say the mighty String would be happy :-)
  10. Agree 100% mate, I hadn`t missed a match, home or away for 50 bluddy years, in fact the lockdown games were the first time I had ever seen LCFC live on tv and I HATED it ! just can`t get myself up for anything to do with footie :-(
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