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  1. !00% this, he and Kane got MBE`s for achieving the square route of fcuk all !!!!
  2. I wouldn`t wager what you can`t afford Mr positive :-) when the fun stops ........ STOP !
  3. This is a my dicks bigger than yours thread now :-) especially Lestuh ! to take the time and trouble to research and type all those grounds is laughable :-)
  4. Absolutely not, not a chance, NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Anyone remember the song Johnny Reggae ? there must be something in there for Evans surely ? Jonny Jonny Evans here comes Jonny Evans Jonny Jonny Evans beating you sure someone can improve on that and add the vital swear words :-) also thought something like he put Kane in the stands he put Kane in the stands Jonny Evans put Kane in the stands
  6. I think we`ll here a lot of "massive cocks" today, all of them twats in our end singing the most idiotic embarrassing song we`ve ever suffered :-( ffs please grow up and ditch this crap !!!
  7. We HAVE to ditch the ridiculous twattish embarrassing ending to Cags song, the beginning is now fine, not singing Slabs name as much but that end, really ???? an alternative ? "and he`s ****ing rapid" Yep that works and it has the vital swear word everyone loves to sing :-)
  8. Straight to pens no extra time isn`t it ?
  9. mad biker

    Papy Mendy

    Yep a walking final score, defending a lead get him on = 3pts :-)
  10. Complete and utter codswallop !
  11. It absolutely not to be believed buddy he wouldn`t "like" to leave, is not agitating for a move in any way, IF the club decides to sell he`ll move if not he`ll be more than happy to stay !
  12. Ah, he`s being a miserable pessimistic git then ?
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