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  1. Bugger off , bugger off , thank you very much, that was fair play and respectful
  2. Midfield players were flashing and the helping and combining with mahrez dropped , with top quality players around him if he creates two or three chances his job is done as Ozil , messi doing Do with arsenal or Roma this season mahrez will be in a different level I senses this is hits last week as Leicester city player ( 22-29 th July ) since the CS conference press and vichai declaration who set the minimum fee of 40?m is a message and answer to Roma next bidding
  3. Not true many arsenal fans asking AW to sign even with selling sanchez as they understood that mahrez is playing without quality around him and the match against liverpool is a proof
  4. Exactly even reports about AW had a three hours dis ussions in june with kylian mbappe ( monaco striker ) But one cannot help be an admirer of leicester owners dealing with such matters No real bids ( 40-45 m £ ) mahrez will stay
  5. Chris Wheatley @ChrisWheatley_Replying to @ChrisWheatley_ As mentioned in this article, Wenger spoke to Mahrez on the phone a month ago. Leicester yet to receive an offer.… 3:47 AM - 22 Jul 2017
  6. Ryad mahrez was imagined saying about all these transfer rumours - barca are selling neymar to psg and rafinha to arsenal, so many positions open for me, but no offer, no call, so painful to know, - liverpool had place in my position ,and I thought after klopp s praises last year and after each match we played against them, so, no call, he took the speed runner fora record fee, man that's hard to take, -arsenal and AW showed interest with words and caught on camera , and no bid, no call only as back up and with a fee of nothing that's a lesson from people you know and your country man - tottenham coming in the dark asking to be update , but no real call no bid, they want a back up and a substialy cut in the price tag, man that make hate ffootball - Roma that Italian club mean I have to leave England me and Rita, even bidding for the first time, they are not serious to up their offers and the pace of bidding it will take many weeks when the transfer window will be over, that's strange man - Leicester by the mood and environment within the team I will finish a back up of D Gray and M Albrighton and booed when I come to play, that's a bad turnover, I better switch to Leicester Tigers to play rugby Or call claudio ranieri to pay for him at french club Nantes
  7. A.H.N @anassouri 2h Richard, where do you think Mahrez will be next year? Leicester? Roma? Spurs? Or Arsenal? Thanks.… View details · Richard Keys @richardajkeysReplying to @anassouri I still believe Arsenal. 6:43 AM - 21 Jul 2017
  8. Andy king knows that CS is the boss when it come to apply rules, but kingy as a decent person player , and professional man told us with his own words how much he wanted mahrez staying , and since he is very close to him uses both ways to get mahrez happy and concentrated if he have to leaves ( when offers come ) or he has to settle if no offers coming, fair play from andy king
  9. By James sharpe, Tottenham asked Leicester to be updated on mahrez situations , hoping the price tag will be lowered by the time , so tottenham can lodge a bid PS: there is no sense in tottenham approach since Roma is already bidding from low and upping as the time goes and is the first to have mahrez services CS : I want him to stay with us
  10. I put it in a finnier manner by phrasing CS answers to mahrez on the players that replace Kante ( Ndidi Iborra, Drinkwater And King ) Just a cool amswer to the previous post
  11. Mahrez answers : so where is Kante? CS answers : euuuuuuuuuuh, euuuuuuuuuh, indeed , ibooooora, let me drink a glass of water , mmmmmmmm, man i m a king You are right mahrez , you get me , just gooooooooooooooo
  12. Italian journalist trying helping mr Monchi , the SD of AS Roma , to get mahrez in a good bargain as the itlalian clubs not spend much money on players But mr Vichai is keep his word against all odds, wnds, rains, thunders, storms, cry, loudness, noises, laiugh, the asking price is 50 m £
  13. Absolutely Man If kante dudnt move last season it would be a different story and mahrez would have a different statement
  14. Mahrez and kante : the one more season Kante was revealed to the world of football on the Leicester scenery , got with trophy , shoed real top qualities and got a big club call and a new manager new project He is happy and football is happy and leicester got praises for his POTY award In the meantime big 7 top clubs in the EPL tottenham showed consistency Liverpool got new project with new manager with new signings as Sado Mane RW is a regular first team starter ( bought Salah for his pace ) Arsenal already have their attacking positions filled by stars like Sanchez or ozil, need strengeting with CM positions to allow their winning formation 343 to be applied mostly this season ( they are heatedly after Thomas lemar not as RW but as a versatile player ( CM R/L W , this is why AW is looking for mahrez as second choice un nvestment because he came one season late ) Man city s guardioua second season has attacking positkions filled ( sterling Leroy sane , mahrez cannot be targeted as a back up ) Mahrez one more season ( 2016/17 ) has came after all top clubs have their formation settled , and from the EPL only club that is ready to change the formation for him that can have mahrez services , Chelsea may be tottenham may be, and arsenal may be if Sanchez leaves ( as he said he want to play CL and win it ) or Roma or stay at Leicester since CS is strengeting many positions and mahrez has to earn his first team place because no player is bigger that lthe club , but the club is bigger than any player , and no player own the club , but the club own the plsyers , and no player can blame the fans , but the fans can blame the player, So mahrez can leave leceister but in Leicester terms and it's benefits , do if Roma came with any offer less than 40 m is considered as an insult to Leicester and its fans even if mahrez agrees
  15. Discredited by leicester fans, are you sure You are 10 in this forum plus 89 from outside plus matt elliott that makes 100 100 is 0.001 % from thousands of leicester fans