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  1. Almo-Fox

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    a must win 3-1
  2. Almo-Fox

    Bournemouth v Leicester - Pre match thread

    difficult match, but a win for Leicester 1-2
  3. Leicester were the better side and many missed chances by Madison ( always learning ) and gray ( not lucky and we miss vardy ) i don't understand why albrighton and Okazaki are still playing football it's a bitter outcome
  4. Almo-Fox

    Liverpool ( H ) Pre Match

    Fuchs has to start , it's not a game for Ben chilwell a draw is good result and a win is possible bcz Leicester has done it before
  5. Almo-Fox

    Southampton (A) pre match

    tough match , Southampton with only 1 point and as or Leicester puel want a win to avoid pressure from the fans and against Southampton , his previous club , must know the path to win but with the abscence of vardy , puel must overcome any obstacles to show that he has quality in his team like gray and albrighton and may be diabate and ghezzal and suitable tactics will end up wining ( I think nacho is a limited player he has the same output as Okazaki in controlling and holding the ball ) a narrow win 1-2 or a draw
  6. Almo-Fox

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    a good performance but unlucky to finish the many chances there is no thing to be ashamed of nice future ahead
  7. Almo-Fox

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    come foxes you can do it
  8. Almo-Fox

    Manchester United Away Match Thread

    why keeping Morgan as a starter you have Evans ?
  9. Almo-Fox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    good signing seems that vardy is only suited to crosses coming from an Algerian winger so welcome Rachid
  10. Almo-Fox

    Udinese Match Thread

    it's a friendly game the score dosent matter and it's better lose than win as the bad result push towards strengthening the squad
  11. Almo-Fox

    Riyad finally gone

    it seems that mahrez move is adifficult to swallow for some but thanks to the majority of lcfc fans they wished him the best by knowing that the club is always bigger the a player
  12. Almo-Fox

    Riyad finally gone

    mahrez will be presented Thursday a 6 pm
  13. Almo-Fox

    Riyad finally gone

    thank you mahrez for the best moments of football and wish you all best we come to understand that your transfer request were not aimed at Leicester city as such but proof that the club couldn't cope with the high demands of top six with the existing squad after winning the title glad that you moved when Leicester city have strengthen defense midfield and attack with talented players and a promising season ahead ( lcfc will play man city later in December and in May )