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  1. Almo-Fox

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Leicester win 3-2 or 3-1 with whu scores first one goal from magrez obe goal from benny one goal from ( vardy or ibora or diabate )
  2. Almo-Fox

    Burnley Away 14/04/2018 - Pre-Match Discussion

    our chances to get leveled with burnley and hit them with the goal average are this game on Saturday and Chelsea best them on the 19th of April 49 points for both and we beat them with the goal average
  3. Almo-Fox

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    it's written its a win if burnley lose , we will be 7th, but it's likely they will win or draw
  4. Almo-Fox

    Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    Leicester win 4-2 vardy 3 and ibora 1 mahrez with assists vardy will go this summer ndidi will be pivotal in taming Chelsea midfield
  5. Almo-Fox

    Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    this is a stroboscopic capture of mahrez position when moving to the left . i unfixed what you fixed you can't play with other s post ( don't mess with the zohan )
  6. Almo-Fox

    Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    mahrez was , lately , floating in the midfield ( right and left ) this is a stroboscopic capture of mahrez position when moving to the left .
  7. Almo-Fox

    Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    barca outplayed Chelsea with class velverde outplayed conte with a very strong team as he seemed to have abondoned the tiki taka znd come to the old classic way of football chelsea were touched in their moral and honor , and Leicester can beat them if they will be clinical in their finish I wonder who will be messi in Leicester ( vardy gray or diabate ) kasper simps Morgan macguire Fuchs ibora ndidi silva gray mahrez vardy subs albrighton diabate oka
  8. Almo-Fox

    Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    lcfc to travel to marbela in southern Spain from Tuesday to Friday. training and preparation of the fa cup against Chelsea next Sunday at the KP . Chelsea will play the second leg at camp nou and Conte will have his head occupied by barca and Leicester matches ( I think puel by chosing Spain meant to occup conte s head and mind , good strategy ) for the team I prefer same formation
  9. mahrez want to go and stay at the same time going to a top European club staying in the fans hearts
  10. Almo-Fox

    West Brom away pre match thread

    Simpson Morgan macguire Fuchs ndidi ibora silva mahrez diabate vardy quality team quality results
  11. Almo-Fox

    Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    lei 3-1 bou on the final whistle
  12. Almo-Fox

    Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    it's a must win burnley has just win and got to 40 points and Everton at 34 points
  13. Almo-Fox

    Stoke post match 1-1

    We were unlucky Poor puel , sometimes bizare tactics Happily burnley stayed at one point ahead of lLeicester Why is silva and iborra not starting
  14. Almo-Fox

    Mahrez being booed?

    what counts is the majority. the few fans, bothered by mahrez saga, have the right to be unhappy
  15. Almo-Fox

    Sheffield United Pre Match

    kasper simp macguire dragov Fuchs silva ibora mahrez gray diabate vardy