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  1. Mahrez being booed?

    what counts is the majority. the few fans, bothered by mahrez saga, have the right to be unhappy
  2. Sheffield United Pre Match

    kasper simp macguire dragov Fuchs silva ibora mahrez gray diabate vardy
  3. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    a left footed player myself, I have mahrez and Ben chilwell as favorites. I was following him since last year and saw in him a Marcelo in the making, but starting in many matches, with different strateg and with different managers, chilwell was learning the hardest way. but dome tactical znd positional mistakes and errors, seemed to put pressure on his development. I gave faith on puel to let him develop znd fill his emptied progress spaces. ( may be a loan to an itslian club ( fiorentina or sampdoria ) will do great help
  4. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    ( I changed the the sofa, I ended changing the whole furniture. happy with the new look, happy with the new life ) dixit a.m Leicester city has a new, a big , a great opportunity in the summer when mahrez will move on. the owners have the opportunity to overcome that move and to avoid its aftermaths, by making a big changes ending in the born of new Leicester ( by making real recruitment of 6-8 top players ( quality and value ) by spending big ( potentially and well established players ) and by selling 5-7 players ( znd keeping some of them to let them finish their careers in lcfc e.g albrighton Morgan Simpson and Fuchs ) and give puel the tools to establish a new fashion leiceste and bye bye old fashioned lcfc ) by being audacious in doing so, it will help ease the change znd nip in the bud mshrez s move ( because bad events recall bad memories , and broken flowers grow on broken hearths )
  5. I propose to change stadium name fro KP to RM it will give a sense if souvenirs and consistency RM : Rhythm of Memories
  6. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    money talks , and our vichai seemed to fear that talk. he replaced top quality with 2-3 m buy. the results a very difficult season , saved the team from chaos, and ended in sacking the main writer of its fairy take story
  7. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    never lose hope ( constrain was the word ) thank you mate
  8. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    Mercury LCFC @MercuryLCFC "It is not the system that makes the difference. It is the quality and, in this game, we didn’t find the solution to play." Puel admits tactical error but says it wasn't the sol reason for defeat. #lcfc puel avoided to point at players. but puel is confident that with his squad can avoid relegation and compete for a 7-10th place for the next 3-5 years if intent to stay and stick with his project. and he may hints from one transfer window to another to push the owners for some better recruitment. but for a place within regular top 6 , he know that he have to sell out ( slimani musa king huth albrighton ( Marc can be kept as sub ) Okazaki ulloa ) and buy top quality players in key positions. with top quality players (5/6) in the ix will put forever the old fashioned lcfc counter attacking formula, that have negative consequences ( long injuries , fatigue e.g Fuchs vardy huth Morgan Simpson DD )
  9. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    Puel admits he got his tactics wrong at man city https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/claude-puel-admits-tactics-wrong-1202946
  10. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    why is Leicester not a top 6 a- the owners vision to develop Leicester city is questionable ( their vision is a ( 7-10 ) th place ) b- the ex managers ( n r s ) were incapable ( Nigel and shakey surely ) but ranieri could have guided lcfc to be a top 6 but mistakes in recruitment and some propsed formation and strategy didn't help c- many Leicester city players don't have the q/v ( I though since lady year that 12/23 should have sold ) d- puel has shown that hd can be the solution to Leicester weaknesses and has changed its style of play ( see macguire interview ) but he might be caught in shortage of top quality players that suit his project PS: my understanding of mahrez wiling to join man city the offer of 65 m was a ideal deal to introduce mahrez on an established team and an ongoing project and will help him settle as a starter ( with sane znd Jesus injuries ) and be a genuine contender ) , but z 80 m would have imposed as a starter and a much valued player at man city ( with already 6 established players ) pep cannot destabilize his team in mid season but can do that in ghe beginning of a season and of a new project . coutinho 142 m value is not the same as he integrate a team with top top players and highly valued ( 200 , 250 , 300 and 500 )
  11. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    always a joy to read Gerbold. And posts are always providing knowledge either about the inside or the outside, the interior or the exterior , the self or the milieu ( philosophy without a subject is psychology ). i was called ( rightly ) to check out the meaning of the used word in the title ( retain ) , and three wee proosed ( prevent , restrain , and refrain ) my answer was : these words can be used by my follw posters. But I deliberately chose ( retain ) since it's has a neutral influence and avoiding the determinism. ps : if you meant your post in the other thread ( I already gave an answer )
  12. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    thanks mates for sticking the word ( retain from ) used in the title to question the 4 factors that ( prevent , restrain , refrain ) Leicester city to become a tegular tpp 6 club. one is free to use ( prevent or refrain or restrain ), but I used retain to avoid any sense of keeping by force. Leicester city has shown capacity to be a top 6 club with class and strength. retain in is an old Anglo- Norman French.
  13. What retains Leicester from becoming top 6

    retain from : keep out , prevent thanks
  14. Every one loves football , stamina , and the fighting spirit , may find all of these in leicester city recent history ( since 2009). But one will be tempted to ask himself what retain the team from becoming a top 6 club in the EPL, because they have shown they can do it ( even yesterday lose to mancity is a game to forget both from LCFC and man city ( man city know that they were lucky ) Could you see some or one of the factors, below, are reasons to explain what retain leicester from ecoming a top 6 ? 1- the owners s vision to develop a top 6 team is questionable 2- the ex managers ( Nigel ranieri and shakey ) were beneath leicester s goals and real value 3- the players ( value and quality ) cannot help this target ( every successful team must respect gauss law in flux distribution ( bell curve ) e.g , the team must at lest have 5-6 top players ( value/quality) to perform as a top 6 . 4- is puel inthe right direction as he changed the style of play , abondonned counter attacking style, ask for more quality players who can hold the ball and increase possession
  15. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    Leicester will be back smarter Puel killed the game in his silva/Simpson switch ( was it his idea or Appleton ? )