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  1. john ridley

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I don't hate him , would just rather he fvck off and sit on the bench like Drinky did . It'll then prove their perhaps not as good as they thought they were.
  2. john ridley

    Retained List 2018/19

    And that's without the 2 new signings.
  3. john ridley


    Take no notice ,thanks for the info.
  4. john ridley

    James Maddison

    Anyway thought he wanted to move nearer home.
  5. john ridley


    If its not his style and we revert back to the crap from Christmas , at least we know he'll be gone by November at the latest.
  6. john ridley


    Surely there's a cut off point , after which we're stuck with him for better or for .worse
  7. john ridley


    Still got cabbage coming back also.
  8. john ridley


    At this point I'd take 9th next season.
  9. john ridley

    Puel - what about now

    If it means he goes ,then yes,not felt like this since Peter Taylor fvcked us up.
  10. john ridley

    Puel - what about now

    Got a horrible feeling he's going to ride this out and be kept on ,only hope Wednesday's performance was a one off and normal service for him returns tomorrow.
  11. john ridley


    Dail Mail match report states Top and his dad have reached a decision before today's match.
  12. john ridley


    And white socks .
  13. Milne did a good steady job , only thing that pissed me off was swapping Jim Melrose for bloody Tommy English , also could never work out why Gerry Daly wasn't signed when we went up .
  14. john ridley

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Yeah 9th at the minute, wouldn't be so confident next season.
  15. john ridley

    Crazy Stat Time!

    Don't worry , under the present manager the chances are pretty good.