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  1. Junior Lewis and one from the past Roger Davies and most from Mclintocks reign
  2. Not sure if it's been said ,but had no trouble with vola sports ,used to be wow tv.
  3. Blimey 18 pts better off than liverpool
  4. Ashley Ward that's a name from the past ,and he was crap also.
  5. Was there that day ,brilliant, remember Malcom Macdonald getting well mardy cause we caught em .
  6. You thought that was bad ,good old Frank Mclintock took it to another level,fvck that was bad even if it was only a season.
  7. Plus we've got a far better goal difference which worth a point
  8. Really everyone else ,sometimes one team might get me interested for abit ,like Watford now under Pearson but that's it .
  9. So we weren't the only team outclassed this weekend ,it happens to every team at some time .
  10. Yeah he's there today doing corporate .
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