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  1. Blooming auto correct I meant to say fvcker,.
  2. Mmm wasted 2 yrs on 100 grand a week ,poor decker.
  3. Southampton 27%possession, that's how good we've been.
  4. Anyone got the Watford ones from a few years ago .
  5. Agree with all that's been said ,first class appointment and praise must go to Top ,JR etc for acting quickly .
  6. Think this is just what we need ,new ideas and approach ,and the fact he's bringing 2 coaches with him can only be for the good.
  7. On page 906 on the Celtic forum ,well bitter
  8. Its a pity there wasn't the net when we nicked Jock Wallace from Rangers after they'd won the treble ,which was harder to do then.I expect the Rangers fans were just as unhappy ,so now we've done both ,get in
  9. The Celtic forum arnt happy their board have took the compensation carrot serves em right for taking Oneil.
  10. New line in blue n white chapsticks coming soon .
  11. Bet Vards and Kasper will be celebrating ,be interesting to see the vibe on Tuesday night.
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