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  1. Obviously he's not Living for the City - more to follow once I've been thru the SW song list
  2. Who TF was in goal against Leamington - Stevie Wonder? Hope we dont have to rely in him anytime soon.
  3. Oi, leave me out of it, I never said a word. All I can confirm is, he wasnt at Winchester walking football this morning - read into that what you will.
  4. What about Mobdro, is that illegal as well? Just asking as I know someone locally who uses it all day and night - allegedly.
  5. So fking boring though, just finished watching the Confed cup final, had a job to stay awake. Chile were ok -crap but ok- Germany could seriously make me stop watching football. Dive,dive,dive, like watching their U-boats
  6. Done
  7. Samuel Pepys or Anne Hathaway I reckon.
  8. If he wears a Forest shirt, thats a good enough reason
  9. Then why dont the Leicester based lads deal with him - be a start at least
  10. I'm with you on that one
  11. Genuine answer mate, nothing I want to post here. But just imagine for one minute that this was in India/Pakistan, and it was the BNP or similar doing it. I suspect all British nationals in those countries would possibly be targeted. Early days, and quite emotional, and very angry. But I hate seeing my country fked about like this, with the official response being the usual stiff upper lip, carry on regardless mantra. We are at war, and the war has arrived on our shores, so its time to fight back. And if innocent people become victims, so be it. That may come over as uncaring, its not meant to be, but we have to defend our country, and if the enemy is within, we have to target them where we know they are. Sorry if this comes over as racist, its not meant to be, but we know who they are - not all Germans were bad in the 1940's. Dont lets fall out over this.
  12. Totally agree, time we - the public - took our own actions
  13. In the article, Wes says "Some fans turned against us, lots of pundits, it was difficult.". Sorry Wes, no fans turned against the team, true fans supported Leicester, not the out-going manager