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  1. Yep, 60+ years for me as well, never seen better. We couldn't could we?
  2. You'll be fine now you've got Sir Nigel. Might have a fiver on you to win the league!
  3. Jeez, how shit are Bournemouth? Hope they're heading back to league 2 where they belong.
  4. And Big Dunc is a bit too friendly with that ballboy for my liking - just saying 😁
  5. WTF is Rashford wearing on motd? Is he off on a drugs run or what?
  6. Don't see what it's got to do with Leicestershire Cricket Club, are they playing as well?
  7. RT? VD? JS? OP? RU? Anyone else want a go at posting random 2 letter combinations?
  8. Could be the start of Sheffield's decline.
  9. Would love to be at the Emirates tonight, I don't like crowds 😁
  10. Sorry mate, I take full responsibility for this 😁
  11. No penalty was a penalty, penalty wasn't. I'm fkin confused, if only we had a video replay system in place we could avoid all this shit.
  12. Let's see what the 'neutral' MotD lads have to say. Coming up next......
  13. Rashford penalty is identical to Vardys yellow card!! How the fook?
  14. Its a river in South America - basically a large stream.
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