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  1. Ok, thanks for the advice
  2. Neither actually. The best our national leader can offer us is to pray. And as I said, always voted Tory, but not this time. May should stand for leader of the WI, she isnt fit to lead our country
  3. Its ok guys, Teresa May has issued a statement asking us all to pray to God. And thats as much as this inept cow can manage. Its this belief in 'God' that brought us here. And to think I always voted Tory, no more.
  4. Just to say guys and girls, thanks for this season. Yet again, been a great year with you lot, not always enjoyed the football, but consistently enjoyed your company. The CL home games were magical, hope we can do it all again sometime soon. Have a great summer all, and I'll see you all back in SK1 next year
  5. Jeez, 280 mile round trip for a free beer and programme, bargain. Count me in, see you all in SK1
  6. But but but.... Where are Spurs?
  7. Bochum away, we'd take hundreds and show them German lads what real support is. Or Bochum at home, so they can do the travelling - Julian wouldnt know which end to go in.
  8. Have a look for Mobdro. I watch at least one game free every night. Got bt sport2 on the tablet tonight, perfect
  9. Wish I was bloody going now, rather than ferrying Tom to Heathrow, then heading to Asda. Still, I intend driving over there for an August home game.
  10. Don't worry Ric, all us fans hate you too, so the feeling is mutual - Cnut ( you did start it!)
  11. Ok, can you get back to me asap, waiting to book my holidays
  12. What if we finish 8th, can we qualify for Europe?
  13. Only singles left in sk4, nothing in 1,2 or 3. G sold out as well
  14. I - and the OP - well remember City selling Allan Clarke to Leeds for 100k. We thought the football world had gone mad
  15. Keane and Dixon slagging us off, no credit. Fkem, going to bed.