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  1. Bloody hell, listen to the praise on motd. We are being compared to Liverpool and Man City
  2. Praying for two foot of snow so it gets postponed. Or Schlupp earns a penalty and Ulloa buries it, what are the chances for either?
  3. How was the Ben Mee handball not given? Blatant penalty, even motd agree. And as for Kasper and crosses, I give up. 3 yards out and he stays on his line? Been saying for years, he's a great shot stopper, but a liability on crosses. Oh well, at least I won't need my passport for Europe next season.
  4. Micah Richards strangely quiet on Final Score!!
  5. Reported on BBC website. Derby County have been charged by the English Football League for a breach of spending rules and now face a possible points deduction. More to follow. No laughing please.
  6. I've watched Linekers documentary about us winning the league a hundred times, and Drinky is a standout player. Yes he has made bad choices since, and had injury problems, but don't slag the lad off. We would not have had that amazing season without him, he will always be one of our legends for me.. Such a shame it's all gone to sh1t for him.
  7. Yeah, but you're still a bunch of Ultra knobhead kids who just want to chuck us pensioners out of the seats we've been in since 1884 😁😁😁 Seriously though, great work once again from the hardest working supporters group in England.
  8. Nah, it doesn't suit their agenda to acknowledge there are males and females of all ages wanting to do this. So much easier to label them all as kids. All old people want to do is moan - except me of course.
  9. Hope we get to sing this at an away day on the south coast sometime soon, to the tune of There's a Tavern in the Town. Eddie Howe will take you down, take you down Your team is shit and so's your ground, so's your ground He'll take you back to league division two Eddie Howe is screwing you.
  10. I've been told the lady involved is the head of the disabled supporters group, what a fine example she sets.
  11. Any idea why Maguire isn't playing, are they saving him for the relegation battle? Injured against Wolves apparently, bruised ego.
  12. It's not just 'kids' though mate. Those that know me know I'm no kid, but I was on the front row of the section, 3 'seats' from the drum, and I loved it. It's all about like-minded people wanting to do more than just sit like they're at at a theatre watching a Shakespeare play. And I wasn't the only oldie in there btw, please don't think UFS are all school kids.
  13. That's ok, it's Liverpool, rules and laws don't apply in Scouseville.
  14. Can you just go away with your sensible suggestions please? All I want to see here are mindless rants and insults, it's what FT is for.
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