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  1. steveherbe

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Preferred Pegguy myself, proppa keepa
  2. 35+, got 2 together in SK1 for both Wolves and Liverpool today. TO said plenty left, but expect that to change tomorrow once P2. All I can suggest is to get on early.
  3. steveherbe

    Change of career

    Racing driver, GTs preferably. Or I could just stay retired.
  4. steveherbe

    Formula 1 2018

    I'll take back my comment regarding Hamilton from last week, still think he's a dick, but what a driver. Brilliant performance today, and I did cheer when he went 2nd. Great race, wonderful entertainment, better than that World Cup thing thats going on??!!
  5. steveherbe

    Formula 1 2018

    Ooops, your mistake!!
  6. steveherbe

    Formula 1 2018

    What a horrible little sh1t hamilton is. Ok, his team made a misrake, but no need to air it all in public. I used to be a 44 fan, but he can feck off as far as i'm concerned now. Spoilt ****, hope he doesnt finish another race.
  7. steveherbe

    England v Belgium

    Them Spurs lads ars bloody good - if you're Belgian,. Rose was dogshit Dier was fookin dire. Loftus Cheek useless. Trouble is, they are all playing for themselves, not the team.
  8. steveherbe

    Yohan Benalouane

    And he doesnt get a game for us because......... he's bloody awful.
  9. steveherbe

    Who from our 10 at the World Cup will make the biggest impact

    Corrected for you!
  10. steveherbe

    Denmark v Australia match thread

    Penalty my arse, ridiculous decision. Nice of Kasper to dive out of the way though.
  11. steveherbe

    Safe standing - time to act

    I recognise that handsome bloke on the 2nd E of legalise - its me!!
  12. steveherbe

    Formula 1 2018

    F1 is dead. Watched The British GT race from Silverstone this afternoon instead, 3 hours of absolutely brilliant motor racing. Roll on the Silverstone Classic end of July
  13. steveherbe

    Safe standing - time to act

    Labours statement on safe standing was a feature on Planet Rock news earlier. Ok, its only Planet Rock, but the message is getting out there, so it is progress. Shame I'll be too old and knackered to join in by the time City get around to allowing it.
  14. steveherbe

    FT Bingo

    Anyone using 'of' instead of 'have', as in 'I would of gone to the game, but I'm too illiterate to buy a ticket'. Really boils my piss.... oooops.
  15. steveherbe

    Samuel Gigot / Tom Bayliss

    Did they not tell the good people of Coventry? Theres no f****r there!