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  1. Dont be stupid, Messi is the original one trick pony, not a patch on our Jamie.
  2. This Gray kid sounds alright, can we sign him and get rid of his crap brother?
  3. That's bloody obvious, unless your real name is Ian Stringer!
  4. What? Can you tell us what's happened? I' m trying to watch Emmerdale ffs.
  5. Millwall v Bochum in a pre season FRIENDLY was an education as well, I'm sure the Leicester lads that were there will never forget it, I certainly won't.
  6. Seen a couple of FB posts, no reported issues.
  7. Just watched them, enter aek Athens Vs leicester city, gets all of the available highlights.
  8. YouTube mate, plenty of extended highlights there.
  9. If I can find a stream that doesn't show the embarrassing kneeling before kick off - nah, still won't bother, Premier League has gone to rat-shit, I'll watch Top Gear instead.
  10. I don't agree with this at all. Unless we have White Lives Matter on shirts for 12 games as well, football itself is being racist. Keep politics out of football.
  11. Best fkin match thread ever. Can we do this every week, so much better than real life.
  12. Same here, we were going to buy today, decided not to for the time being, see what the weekend brings. As I posted yesterday, spoke to the TO, they said nothing to worry about at the moment - although obviously things have now potentially changed.
  13. Just posted some non-information from the Ticket Office in the Chelsea tickets thread
  14. Just spoke to the ticket office regarding game being played behind closed doors. At the moment they expect the game to go ahead as advertised, ie with fans admitted. They could not confirm tickets will be refunded IF it is closed doors. They said there will be a press release if we can't attend. Make of that what you will, but as someone said to me, if they don't refund there will be riots! Just putting it out there, don't have a go at me please, of course it will go ahead as planned, but........
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