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  1. Pub for Saturday @ Palace

    Yes, went in there when we lost 2 0, stayed for 1 - see my previous post. Decent pub, more of an old fashioned boozer, reasonable.
  2. Safe standing - time to act

    What we need now is a song to demonstrate our support for standing, something like the following - to the old Knockaert tune, also used in the 'Dont take me home...' song used all over the country. "We want to stand Please let us stand We want to stand up on our feet In league and FA cup We want to stand up Please give me a rail seat" How good would that be, sung at the start of each half at the last game of the season at every ground in the country? Obviously a pipe-dream, but just imagine if a supporters group close to the City could distribute this to other supporters groups and actually make it happen. (I've really got too much time on my hands!!)
  3. Safe standing - time to act

    No doubt we will be the last club to support it. Heard earlier there was a negative response from club, thats all I know, dont ask.
  4. Safe standing - time to act

    100K signatures, well done everyone
  5. Safe standing - time to act

    91K now, should be there this time tomorrow. Then Tracey Crouch can tell us there's no demand. 92K. No, I have nothing better to do!
  6. Mahrez to Man City shock

    When NP comes back, thats a definite, even if its 10 years from now.
  7. Pub for Saturday @ Palace

    Ah yes, the famous incident when @The soup nazipicked up the flare and was running around with it - until the copper told him to put it down. Good day out that one. May have been Simpsons debut, or his first start for us. Think it was the week after the 5-3 humbling of Man Utd, we lost 2-0
  8. Nigel Pearson Twitter Rumour

    We could do worse, I'd welcome him back. May get my interest back as well. Cant stand this Puel 'football' it's so boring. Although having seen the 4 1 wins at Saints and WBA, I know he (Puel) can produce good football.
  9. Safe standing - time to act

    AFAIK, you dont have the option to have a rail seat up or down. It is locked in position - either up or down - prior to the game and stays that way for the duration. So you dont get some people sitting whilst others around them stand.
  10. Safe standing - time to act

    Newsflash - the 40k Yanited fans at Wembley that STOOD throughout the semi final today was actually an optical illusion. According to Populus ( see above ), only 5% of them were actually standing, the rest just had infeasibly large upper bodies and were in fact sitting throughout. Source BBC (British Bollox Corporation)
  11. Safe standing - time to act

    Up to almost 80k now, just needs a bit more push, and Tracey bloody Crouch will be shown up for the ignorant dinosaur she is - imho of course
  12. 24hr in Leicester

    Leicester is a fabulous city, son and I always comment on how nice it is, and we are comparing with Southampton, Winchester and Bournemouth. The locals dont know how lucky they are, it has improved massively over the years - and the footbal, team isnt bad either, despite some of the moaning on here. Hope the OP and family enjoy their visit.
  13. West Ham-Saturday 5th May

    Just got 2 tickets in SK2 for this one, so there is availabilty, single seats only.
  14. Schmeichel injury

    Cant make it I'm afraid, I've got a game thursday morning. Andrea Bocelli may be free?
  15. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Who's that Slimani fella playing for Newcastle? Any relation to the one that had the odd game for us? Looks bloody handy, we should sign him.