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  1. Champions League 2017/18

    Oh those Sevilla fans, so pleased for them. As for Liverpool....hahahahahaha
  2. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    You are right, you know me, and where I stand, and my efforts this season have been pathetic. I will try harder though next game, if only to show up you young lads! TBF though, most of the older guys up the back do join in, one in particular starts many of the songs. Must just be me, I'm too old and knackered to drive all that way, drink pre-match, walk bloody miles, and then sing for 90 minutes. Now our particular transport arrangements are about to change though, I may be re-energised.
  3. Court case against Vichai/KP

    Thread is peppered with misteaks
  4. 'Kin lost, Beaglehole out. 4 - 2 on penalties
  5. Champions League 2017/18

    From BBC website: How many more teams in England would play 5 English players in their team? Well done Mauricio. Err, lets see, Simpson, Maguire, Gray, Chilwell, Vardy. I make that at least 1 more, you Spurs worshipping cockney twats
  6. New chants and songs

    We're on our way we’re on our way to the Championship we’re on our way how did we get here we cant tell followed the boys and claude Puel pack your bags cuz Leicester’s on their way Sorry, had to be done
  7. Everton (H) Pre Match

    Is Andy King playing then?
  8. Leeds Post Match Thread

    Can we have Bournemouth away next round, a home match for us lot.
  9. Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    Thankyou - got a stream so I can watch it?
  10. Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    FFS can we forget the streams and get some details on the game?
  11. Claude Puel - Contender

    A Frenchman? Oh well, at least we know that as soon as we are attacked by an inferior enemy, we'll be marching defiantly backwards until there is nowhere to go. A bloody Frenchman, sacre bleu!
  12. Pointless

    Poor old Xander trying to pronounce Ulloa ( Uzzoa as we all know) Continually said it as it is spelt. I thought he was saying 'halloa' as they do in Hawaii!! Obviously football isnt his first sport.
  13. King Power To Unite Fans Of Leicester City & OH Leuven

    A coachfull of FT'ers. That'll be a bloody moanfest not seen since Tater Peeler was in charge. Belgium wont know whats hit them.
  14. Shakey Sacked

    Theres only one choice, the dream team. Nigel Pearson, with Was and CAMBIASSO as assistants. Please make it happen, come home Nige, we all love you.
  15. West Brom (H) Next Up

    What? We've scored already, epic! Well done Vards, let's have a couple more before 5pm. COYB.