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  1. 4 minute walk from Duffy's, suppose we'll be joining in then, as it's on our way.
  2. Marvellous, England are now officially shite. Thank fk there's no Leicester players involved.
  3. Being German Having ridiculously white teeth - and too many of them Being German Managing Scumpool Being a two-faced German Did I mention being German, and a tw*t to boot? (Apologies to the Bochum lads obviously)
  4. Wtf just happened in the mens 4x400 relay. Ffs guys, all you have to do is pass a fkin stick to your teammate, it ain't difficult. How much money wasted on training camps for those Muppets to screw up? Disgraceful performance.
  5. Damn, missed the first game, who was it?
  6. Someone mentioned Mendy, had totally forgotten about him.
  7. Have we kicked off yet, my stream is a bit laggy.
  8. Wtf, is it me or did the Arsenal guy win the ball there? Jon Moss again, shocking decision.
  9. Yeah, George mentions Hound Dog at the start of The Sky is Crying track on the 30 Years album I've just bought. Will give that a proper listen at some stage, cheers mate
  10. George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Why has it taken me 45 years to find these guys? Proper blues/rock like it should be.
  11. 3 hours each way with no traffic issues.
  12. Probably for his diving and cheating in the away game last year. Hate the tw@t (but he is a good player)
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