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  1. steveherbe

    Tifo Donations

    The Seville one for me, Let Slip The Dogs Of War, loved it.
  2. steveherbe

    Claude Puel’s personal tribute to Vichai

    Wow, well done Claude, lead us to greatness.
  3. steveherbe

    Helicopter crash

    No, never. Been in the ground when it both arrives and departs, never concerned me. Now, have I had concerns on the M40, you bet. Helicopters are safe, go to an airshow and watch a Chinook get chucked around the sky in front of 100,000 people. This was simply a freak accident. Next you'll be telling me you cant stand on a railway platform - trains have killed moe people in the last 50 years I'd suggest.
  4. steveherbe

    Daniel Amartey

    Do we know what the actual injury is? I saw a report saying he'd be out for 6 to 8 weeks, which suggests to me it was a dislocation rather than a hortible break. Anyone able to update, as I dont know what to write on the get well card
  5. steveherbe

    Formula 1 2018

    Think you may have missed my point. No doubt the Mercedes car is the best, but their strategist gets pit stops wrong with alarming regularity, hence my original comment. Perhaps I should have said Lewis is winning despite the Mercedes teams best efforts to gift the championship to someone else - or so it would appear, in my opinion.
  6. steveherbe

    Formula 1 2018

    Great race, but yet again Mercedes get their strategy wrong. Lewis is winning the championship DESPITE Mercedes, not because of them. LH should move to Mclaren and start their revival, paving the way for Norris and George Russell, dream team.
  7. Dec 5th, a wednesday. Apparently I'm going, so f**k knows what will happen.
  8. steveherbe

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    'Leicesters finest', Wes Morgan, just been interviewed on red button coverage of the game at Wembley. I cringed, nuff said. And for those asking, turn your tv to channel 601
  9. steveherbe

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    That Simpson kid at right back looked ok, but wasnt impressed with the trialist - think his name was King, Welsh lad apparently.
  10. Cant remember which day/game this weekend, but a pundit either on 5live or motd was encouraging a player to go down to get a free kick/penalty. Totally unacceptable, pundits should be actively discouraging play acting. While I'm here, my pet hate is the shirt pull when a defender has been beaten, usually happens in the middle third of the pitch, and is done solely to stop play so teamates can recover to a defensive position. First noticed it years ago in the AFCON, they do it as simply a part of the game. Its cheating, as much as diving. Rant over, back to Countdown!
  11. steveherbe

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    You should have moved to the back row against Saints. We had bags of space to STAND in, even though me and wife are officially old. Yesterday I had a ticket for SK2, but still managed to stand at the back of SK1. Basically, your ticket is just an entrance, once you are in go where you want - well, it works for "someone I know" anyway.
  12. steveherbe

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    For those suggesting resting Kasper - wtf? He did diddly squat yesterday, he's a goalkeeper, he should be able to play a game every day of the week. My guess is, he works harder in training than a match day. Play him, he needs the practice!
  13. Morgans first yellow was a joke. If thats a booking we may as well start playing netball. Pawson has had a mare today, thought so at the ground, motd has just confirmed it for me. Starting to think Jon Moss is a decent ref.
  14. Get a divorce mate, obviously the whole family are criminally insane
  15. Ok, we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I fervently hope you are right and I'm wrong, and he goes in to be a City legend.