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  1. I don't agree with this at all. Unless we have White Lives Matter on shirts for 12 games as well, football itself is being racist. Keep politics out of football.
  2. Best fkin match thread ever. Can we do this every week, so much better than real life.
  3. Same here, we were going to buy today, decided not to for the time being, see what the weekend brings. As I posted yesterday, spoke to the TO, they said nothing to worry about at the moment - although obviously things have now potentially changed.
  4. Just posted some non-information from the Ticket Office in the Chelsea tickets thread
  5. Just spoke to the ticket office regarding game being played behind closed doors. At the moment they expect the game to go ahead as advertised, ie with fans admitted. They could not confirm tickets will be refunded IF it is closed doors. They said there will be a press release if we can't attend. Make of that what you will, but as someone said to me, if they don't refund there will be riots! Just putting it out there, don't have a go at me please, of course it will go ahead as planned, but........
  6. Overall we are having a brilliant season, one that 89 other teams in the Football League can only dream of. Just such a bloody shame we had a crap winter. But, 2nd place and an FA cup win is still on, which we would all have settled for back in August.
  7. Well, if we don't win with that team, its time to pack up.
  8. Can't agree mate,I know what you're saying though. I hate these "taking one for the team" fouls, even if we do it. It's cheating, pure and simple, and is another nail in the coffin of our once beautiful game. Fouls happen sure, mistimed tackles usually, but deliberately fouling to stop the other team doesn't sit well with me. Probably because I'm an old tw*t!. I did similar things years ago in local football and was happy to get away with it, but to hear pundits condoning it in the PL just seems wrong to me. I now play walking football, and was awarded a free kick in a tournament. You should have seen the look on the refs face when I said to him, no mate he never touched me, I fell over my own feet! Then again, I'm too honest for my own good.
  9. Just watched the highlights, I give up. Stephen fkin Warnock commented, "that's a brilliant foul by Rodrigo (sp), brilliant", No it's not you cheating Scouse twat, it's fookin cheating to stop Villa attacking. Football is full of cheats nowadays, I hate it. Same as Gundogan claiming a corner prior to the City 2nd goal - the cheating **** knew it came off him and should be a goal kick, but they are programmed to cheat.
  10. Watched it at Eastleigh leisure centre with @Sol thewall Bamba, he was only 6 at the time!. Seen some stuff since then mate ain't we?
  11. Is that right that Jon Moss actually scored Liverpools 3rd, and VAR reviewed it but saw nothing wrong?
  12. Well, the good news is, unless Norwich beat us on Friday, they can't catch us. That'll be one ticked off, 16 to go.
  13. I can see your point, I'm feeling the same. National League may be a bit much, but the love is slowly ebbing away
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