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  1. Right, I dont reckon our players want Europa league. Imagine you are at work tomorrow - for those of you daft buggers still working! - and your boss calls a meeting. "Look" he says "if you lot work really hard, we can pull off this European contract. It'll mean you lot missing half your summer holidays, and you wont get a penny more for it, but it will reflect really good on us as a company" Now convert that to our players. Instead of going on their holidays on 13th May until half way through July, they get a couple of weeks off, then start training again for some qualifying game in Lithuania. And as they are paid an amount per year, it doesnt matter to them if they are playing or not. What would you do? After all, to most of them its just a job. Cant blame them for jacking the season in now, I bloody would.
  2. Harsh doesnt come close, all to accommodate that overrated Slabhead bloke. If he dont score at least 3, I'll be demanding another Brexit vote.
  3. Charged for daring to win 4 games in a row, and threatening the natural order of the PL. Bloody FA, bunch of clowns.
  4. If we sang it in Welsh would it help?
  5. Cant even see the bloody hill from here. @Bayfox, @Sol thewall Bamba thanks for your support!
  6. I'm sure you've said that more than once on here 😁
  7. When its sunday evening, you're watching the Goodwood Members Meeting on ITV4 (motor racing for the ignorant amongst you), and the best race is for 55 year old Minis - and you remember you had one as your first car - and still remember the reg. number. 8764JW, I still miss you buddy!
  8. Wolverserlona doing their best Spurs impression
  9. Can we have a walking football section this year, so us older chaps can participate?
  10. We cant get relegated now, phew! Cardiff cant catch us.
  11. Final Score saying it was offside - who cares!!
  12. That Villareal Barcelona game was absolutely brilliant. Villa 4 2 up, 90th minute Messi free kick, then Suarez equalises with the last kick of the game. Made our PL look stale and boring. And, Iborra, what a player. We thought he was a defensive midfielder, how wrong were we? Played as a 10, and got man of the match i think. Loving La Liga live, more to come saturday evening, will be so much better than our FA cup semi final.
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