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  1. Only singles left in sk4, nothing in 1,2 or 3. G sold out as well
  2. I - and the OP - well remember City selling Allan Clarke to Leeds for 100k. We thought the football world had gone mad
  3. Keane and Dixon slagging us off, no credit. Fkem, going to bed.
  4. FFS,, only feckin English team in the QF, and boring Barca are the main game on the highlights. If Man Utd were in it, guaranteed they'd be first on. Sod 'em, we wont enter next year, corrupt eufa!
  5. The only tantrums and hissy fits seem to have blue tinted specs?
  6. I believe the club are handing out song sheets as well, with a kind of running order they'd like to hear them in. Great idea, so we're all singing the same song at the same time. So bloody organised, ATM will be so impressed.
  7. Refusal was well before the away leg, so nothing UEFA related.
  8. Chris Wood, 95th minute equaliser for Leeds v Newcastle.
  9. Beat me to it, you are obviously very intelligent as well.
  10. 3 at the back,5 in midfield, 2 up front, go for it
  11. Plastic! Joking of course.
  12. Had a dislocated shoulder about 10 years ago, back playing cricket -keeping wicket - 3 weeks later. Soft b@st@rds these footballers.
  13. Took mine when he was 3, Saints away. The rest is history......
  14. Point for discussion in our new 'home' saturday then!
  15. Paul Ince slagging it off, he's a dinosaur, "takes the passion out of the game". Tit, if it won his beloved Man Utd a trophy he'd love it.