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  1. What a joke of a decision. Keeper rushes out, fails to control the ball, hits the attacker - and somehow that's a foul ON the keeper? And I want Brazil to win, but that was a perfectly good goal for France. VAR is ruining this tournament, football will soon be a non-contsct sport As for Cameroon earlier, they should be banned for the next world cup, disgraceful. Thought Phil Neville's comments were spot on - and I don't often agree with a Man Utd player EDIT: Thanks to the previous poster for pointing out the actual offence.
  2. Really? I'm sorry, I died last year so missed this. Bet we got thru to the semis, then threw it all away against a team we should have beat. Am I right?
  3. Not at all, I've probably seen more women's footy than most of you, and there's no doubt in my mind we were crap tonight. Mind, I've not seen a really good performance yet - oops, USA 13 was quite good. Still, as you say, last 16, game to spare, if only the men could do that. Maybe we'll do a Germany and improve thru the tournament And was just about to watch the cricket, not knowing the result, now you've spoilt it. Dickhead!!
  4. That was bloody awful. Pearce and Smith banging on about how brilliant Fran Kirby was - she was dogshite, as were most of the England team. Only Lucy Bronze and Jill Scott performed at anything like the level we need. The rest I'm afraid seem to believe their own hype. As for Parris, never rated her, and tonight I saw why. Cmon England, you're so much better than that.
  5. That China v S Africa match was abysmal, Sunday league kick and rush at its very best.
  6. What a shocking VAR decision for a penalty. Defender plays the ball then catches the diving frog. You can see the ball ping away after the Norwegian kicks it. Proves one thing, VAR won't stop 'homer' referees.
  7. Rick Parfitt, close thread
  8. Girls Aloud have not aged well have they?
  9. Juno beach I think mate, Courselles Sur mer. Spent his first night ashore at Beny Sur mer. Went in with the Canadians for some reason, shame he's not still around to ask.
  10. Don't know if it's been mentioned, but how 'Spursy' are England? Never fail to disappoint. And who can spot the common link? Clue, first name is Harry, nickname is Serial Loser
  11. Should have asked Foxestalk, there'd have been 10 different answers for every question.
  12. Player of the year question did me. I thought they meant PFA player so went for Mahrez. MrsH said Vardy, wont hear the end of that for a while.
  13. Surely not the same Liverpool fans that openly mock Man Utd about the Munich disaster? Liverpool fans really are the scummiest in the country by a mile. "Offended by everything, responsible for nothing" should be their club motto.
  14. But Liverpool have an extra 30 minutes home advantage - you were joking weren't you?
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