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  1. He improved second half. Could have done more, but did play a massive part in the goal though.
  2. If you want specifics then the carpet adhesive is pretty hardcore.
  3. Just because Chilwell can get forward from left back doesn't mean he would be a good left mid. Big mistake if we play him there imo. Just look at the Derby performance.
  4. I agree, other than that pass he just kicked out of play he did well.
  5. Sterling got past him like once or twice. Other than that he reads the game well and knows when to shepherd the ball out or blast it. He's a better LB than a LM that's for sure.
  6. Well sure, that's obvious. It happens every game though, and refs do nothing about it. Until the rule is properly enforced it will keep happening.
  7. No, you can't touch it with both feet....
  8. It's annoying really. He had a good game I thought, had clichy on toast. Unlucky to slip.
  9. GOTG 2 is on par with the first, and I loved the first.
  10. Benny **** me what a lad
  11. Vardy must hate West brom fans.
  12. Looks like Huths about to slog Musa in the jaw.
  13. Thank you. I'm here till Slim leaves!
  14. You're* an idiot.