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  1. WE WON THE FVCKING LEAGUE! Damn, beat me to it :'(
  2. Implying Ndidi isn't the second coming of Jesus?
  3. Is that caveman Vardy?
  4. Always rated Rudkin.
  5. Clearly people just don't like him for some reason. He says something completely normal yet people take it the complete wrong direction.
  6. I don't really know, just think that having two fullbacks would make it a bit lightweight.
  7. Bales fookin rapid though.
  8. The 3 at the back need to be centre backs don't they?
  9. I can see Chilwell at LBW but a winger he is not. Doesn't have the pace nor skill.
  10. Buyback clause
  11. How many buyback clauses have you seen in the premier league? They use it a lot in Spain where the lower teams have little money but for the premier league teams don't need to sell. I'll be very surprised if we buy him with a buyback clause. Although, it is Rudkin, so anything can happen.
  12. He's obviously a moronic oaf. Edit: Can't spell.
  13. Everton