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  1. Thanks for posting. Pmsl. Brilliant. Pat Butcher! 😂😂😂👌
  2. Comedy gold. Much like us on here with the Villa game. 😂
  3. Worst player I've ever seen for us. That's what some of the 'geniuses' were writing him off with a few days ago on here. Glad the guy set up the goal and he looked willing and able tonight. Will be an asset I think.
  4. The lad is 19. But he played like a seasoned International. His awareness, timing, his maturity in winning challenges and free kicks is stupendous already. A really class act. What a signing.
  5. You said he was shit the other day. So well done. 😂
  6. I don't think we'll get much analysis here at the moment which is fair enough as we should celebrate. Was a great win the end although I think we must honest, we rode our luck very early on. But the second half was much improved even before Vardy's crucial entrance. Great goal amd pleased for him and Under too. Fofana was superb and Mendy again did the dirty work. Really chuffed with the result. And above Dirty Leeds 😂
  7. Looking more confident but no cutting edge as yet
  8. That was 47 minutes of cack football by us, sadly.
  9. WTF is this negative bollocks from Rodgers re tactics?
  10. Big problem for me is we sound like we are playing shit on 5live
  11. My experience too though I've copped off with Karen apparently. I just have to give my bank details
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