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  1. Are we worried by the bookies odds? I remember some team or other being 5000-1 and they did a little better than expected.
  2. I like that. Doubt it but not impossible and I like it.
  3. If it's true, then agree but for the figure we say, which should be £80 million minimum. Think it would be a bad move for Maguire. OgS is at the very least an unproven manager who had the bounce effect when he went there and many, me included, think he will fail to have the impact they want. The club is in turmoil still and they hardly have a world class squad. Suspect many of us will experience schadenfreude if he goes when United continue on their dismal trend.
  4. Not many players are irreplaceable. There are some obvious exceptions such as Kante. Maguire isn't one though. I don't think we know enough of Soyuncu or Benkovic as this time to know whether they are capable replacements. So we may need to spend though the likes of Dunk etc. don't really inspire me. For £80 million plus, and I mean plus, I'd sell if it looks as if it could get toxic amd trust in the manager and others to make the right decisions around replacements
  5. I can get off my phone now. Yes!
  6. Decent start for us I think with the opening four games. Could have been worse.
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