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  1. Dele Alli has gone backwards - literally for most of this game.
  2. Sorry but no sympathy for Brighton. Boring tactics getting what they deserve. Brighton v Newcastle should be exciting.
  3. With these tactics, Brighton could guarantee themselves 38 points next season. Shite.
  4. If we don't have or get a deep enough quality squad, I think the Europa League will likely be detrimental to our PL chances next season. So winning a place could be a poisoned chalice.
  5. Spent a lot of time working with Belgian colleagues in Genk. Great place. Great people. So let's get him signed!!
  6. So it begins... Cascarino can foxtrot oscar https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/weekend-talking-points-arsenal-should-sign-james-maddison-to-replace-aaron-ramsey-36g3l9n82 "Arsenal is your (Maddison) team." Disgraceful bilge.
  7. Antihistamine cream, sudocrem, E45?
  8. Am bollocksed on a all day Real Ale Trail. What a great result. Hope yo be able to focus on MOTD later.
  9. We are going to have win 5/6 to get a shout of that 7th spot, I reckon.
  10. I am very happy to say we've improved. I was a Puel inner for much of the time when others were outers but could see it was going to end as it did and ultimately that was for the best all round. He did make improvements in some key players and got us more comfortable on the ball. Whether Rodgers will realise his status as the great new hope remains to be seen, as often there is the new manager bounce we've seen before. Imo Tielemans has made a great difference on the field which has been the biggest factor. But if BR can continue to instil confidence and get improvements in the team then that's great. And I'll be very happy with that as should everyone be.
  11. We still don't know all the details as I posted earlier in the year in view of all the complications. But I have to say that Cardiff don't now seem to be covering themselves in glory if they are going on technicalities over the transfer itself. I was never blindly defending them despite some thinking I was. The circumstances over the flight still remain unresolved and that might be another aspect with implications. But the transfer issue itself seems like stepping on dangerous ground even if it is legally sound.
  12. Schmeichel at fault. His kicking is awful at times.
  13. One more goal and hopefully two more points.
  14. At last! Great ball, great run, great finish.
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