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  1. And that's that. Good goal but is Mings crap or what?
  2. Would have probably taken a draw before kick off and certainly at half time. Got the formation all wrong at the start. The red card undoubtedly helped, why was there any doubt about it? 🙄🤔A useful point still hopefully.
  3. Tyler and smudger talking shit. Red all day.
  4. Sadly, Youri offers very little and hasn't since before Christmas. He has the talent technically but he's too slow of thought.
  5. Bennett getting a verbal shoeing on here but others have not been on their game. Getting overrun in midfield does not help.
  6. If we can up the pace and be more aggressive in midfield we can get something out of this. Some real leadership in midfield is needed.
  7. Who is leading us in the outfield? No one as far as I can see.
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