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  1. What a difference between and St Mary's. We've lost our mojo big time.
  2. Should have been Tielemans though
  3. Genuinely perplexed by what formation we were trying to play. If you have three in the centre at the back then you'd expect Chilwell and Ricardo to motor down the flanks more as genuine wing backs. But they were often stayed out wide but were stationary. When Chilwell did go forward, his inclination was to pass backwards. Rodgers got our tactics a tad wrong I felt. Tielemans was slow in thought and deed but in his (slight) defence there was little attacking movement ahead of him. All said though, I think we have enough to win the second leg outright in 90.
  4. Rodgers needed to change formation here. Has helped Villa this evening after they scored.
  5. Iheanacho has added pace and movement and a great goal
  6. Nacho addig a bit of pace and movement. We've been like statues.
  7. All these backwards and sideways passes doing my head in. Rodgers is slow to make changes here. Need them.
  8. Too much pussy footing around with the ball. Go direct!
  9. Brendan needs to change the structure this half and we need more bite with Hamza on.
  10. We've been on the valium by the looks of it till now.
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