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  1. Need to change this after the break. No leadership or guts here so far.
  2. This is the sort of game where we lack that dog again, especially in the middle. All too nice and no grit whatsoever.
  3. Mendy backed off three times there when he should have got stuck in.
  4. Who's running to create space up front and in behind? It's all out wide and no threat in the box.
  5. We need to be more direct. Started well but we've become sluggish and sloppy.
  6. It's the f@cking Daily Star not a newspaper
  7. Lack the ability to go forward? You must be watching different games to me.
  8. Sorry, you've made a fatal error in this post. Football expert?
  9. He plays, we win or don't lose at the moment. No coincidence.
  10. I've no more rep but yes!!!
  11. Great, calm display tonight. Adds class to the team.
  12. This guy is just something else at the moment. I can remember some saying he wasn't good enough for us or the PL last season, which was harsh to say the least. But to be honest, I don't think many will have thought he could be this good and there's more to come. Top player
  13. He was absolutely awesome this evening. Just gets on with it and does the right thing almost always when on form. The determination is written all over him. Superb.
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