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  1. Am chuffed with our result. Think Turkey are poor though. Anything from now on in is a bonus. Ramsey was majestic.
  2. Was impeccable in his behaviour today as almost always. Huge pity about about his goalkeeping error but that can be forgiven as he transcended that with his humanity
  3. Don't think Turkey are any better than Switzerland, certainly not on last night's showing.
  4. Very pleased with the point in the end. Switzerland were far better than us for an hour or more. Embolo was excellent Then we picked up our game, got the Moore equaliser and looked the better team for the last 20 odd minutes despite the VAR non goal. Danny Ward was simply immense. Should raise our confidence for the Turkey clash.
  5. You really think that? Also I said for HIS own sake. With Kasper here he won't get a first team spot for another couple of years.
  6. Stand up Danny Ward. What a superb performance again. Needs to move on now for his own good.
  7. That went well....
  8. He was lucky not to be booked twice and was shaky throughout despite midfield being largely absent after the break. I hope it continues until at least Wednesday. 😉
  9. Caglar was awful sorry to say. He was bit of a bombscare again and lost his head once they were trailing.
  10. Get her to contribute to Soumare's transfer fee
  11. Think it was harsh, but the penalty was right. Pity as the card spoiled the game really. Great save by Ward though.
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