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  1. Normally I am tamping after a defeat especially of the sort we saw today along with the Covid riles breach. But despite that, for some reason, I feel unusually calm. I get this sometimes. We will finish top 4. 👍👍
  2. It's two from 4 now. Everton might sneak back into contention yet but hard to see beyond current 3rd to 6th teams. I think 10 points in our next 4 games is needed. See some are dismissive of West Ham but they are getting the points despite their closing out wobbles so I think they are definitely in it with a great chance. The other three teams definitely have momentum for now. We need to wrest some back.
  3. And Marc deserves every plaudit he gets. He transformed our attacking intent again.
  4. With some more ambition earlier in the game, we'd have at least drawn today. We allowed them to dictate and formation wise we were all at sea first half. Poor set up by Rodgers. Great to see Kel on form again. Least said about Maddison, Perez and Hamza. Let themselves down but more importantly let their team mates and fans down.
  5. Fair play to Marc, he has tried hard and injected pace.
  6. Beaten up physically like we were at the KP. And by their lightweights too this time.
  7. It's roofless. Nothing up top unfortunately and no guts either.
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