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  1. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Burnley (home)

    What are the chances that Andrea Bocelli will sing 'Time to say goodbye' tomorrow. He is in the UK doing concerts at the moment.
  2. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    I demand we thrash Southampton in the Carabao Cup by a score greater and in a far more classy, emphatic footballing fashion than Man City did yesterday. Otherwise he should go. 😏 Seriously though, we should back him this season. We have had enough turmoil and if we get the blend right with the young players and the style we are trying to develop, then we might be very pleasantly surprised.
  3. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Just got back from working all day without any internet access so yet to catch up on everything. Listened to Radio Wales and Radio Cymru reports on way back in the car. Very complimentary indeed of everyone concerned with Leicester City, fans for their support and the team for what they called a very professional display and a deserved win. So that's highly pleasing indeed. As a Foxes-supporting Welshman living in Cardiff too, was very pleased to hear that Cardiff City as a club and fans were very welcoming and respectful too. My son, a Bluebirds fan just back from the game says Mendy and Chilwell were really excellent.
  4. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    This at a local children's match near to where I come from originally.
  5. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    Both my sons are Cardiff City fans as are a lot of my friends. You can be sure that our Foxes travelling supporters and the team will get a very warm, supportive welcome on Saturday.
  6. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Condolences To other 4 victims

    May all those friends and family of all those on board who perished so sadly and tragically find peace and solace in the difficult days ahead. RIP Nursara Suknamai Kaveporn Punpare Eric Swaffer Izabela Roza Lechowicz Heddwch i bawb.
  7. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    RIP Vichai. Thank you for your generosity in deed and in spirit as a remarkable owner of this club that allowed us all not only to dream but to succeed. Let's take forward your legacy in the same manner as a club collectively and as Foxes supporters individually. And RIP too to the others who lost their lives in Saturday's tragic events. They too will have grieving loved ones whose lives will be affected terribly by what so sadly happened. Heddwch i bawb.
  8. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Helicopter crash

    Can't get to Leicester to pay my respects but this forum has been a godsend since last night's awful tragedy, just to feel there's somewhere to share this feeling of utter sadness. Thank you all for your posts which have helped me and I am sure countless others. Still can't believe it. Heartfelt condolences to all affected and devastated by this. Of course, we mourn for our wonderful owner and his family and friends, and hopefully we can somehow go forward. But also our thoughts will be with the others on board and their kith and kin. Diolch Vichai, Ymlaen Foxes
  9. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Helicopter crash

    Looks really awful. Terrible news. Hope there has been what looks would have to be a miracle for anyone to survive that.
  10. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    West Ham Home 1-1 thread

    I thought 1 all was a draw nowadays?
  11. Some are forgetting those truly embarrassing performances post our PL win when the players treated the ball like a hot potato. We could not string a pass together never mind two in many games. As Monday, at least for 35 minutes, showed we are developing as a passing side that can now play some flowing football at reasonable pace. We looked a very good footballing team. That seemingly has come through Puel. Never once was that apparent under Shaky who - understandably perhaps bearing in mind his experience - tried to revert to the almost wholly counter-attacking style of the PL winning season. However without Kante and a fit Drinkwater that wasn't possible and other sides had sussed us by dropping deeper anyway. Puel's 'problem' seems to be getting the team to remain concentrated and disciplined in keeping their shape throughout - perhaps that is tactical at times in changing formation? - and to retain confidence, especially when there has been a setback. We lack on field leaders which was all too obvious after the break at Arsenal when we fell apart and looked lost. He does also appear stubborn and a bit slow to react at times. I still think we need to persist with him for now and give him time to develop a team. His track record in France shows he is capable of that. The constant off field pressure can't help him. Yes, he too needs to develop to address his own deficiencies and poor buys haven't helped. But I think some of our expectations are somewhat unrealistic at the moment.
  12. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Arsenal Post Match

  13. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Arsenal Post Match

    You've mellowed since the last post.
  14. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Arsenal Post Match

    Other than the first sentence - I don't think it was inevitable... another top post.
  15. Cadno'r Cymoedd

    Arsenal Post Match

    Top post.