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  1. I had assumed that Villa would rightly be relegated. 😉
  2. I am happy with any right minded solution that ensures Leeds don't come up.
  3. Danny Ward is a very good keeper, probably too good to be a back up.
  4. Chuffed with that. OK, Villa were crap after the first 8 minutes but once we got into our stride, we looked good and improved as the confidence came flowing back.. Great that Vardy and Barnes got braces. Harvey was excellent in particular. Ndidi and Praet bossed midfield whilst Johnny Evans was rock like at the back. Big shout outs to Albrighton, who was very good indeed too, and Justin who was really fantastic. Deserves his chance now.
  5. That would have been a great goal.
  6. Great work by Evans and Vardy does the rest with bit of luck!
  7. Ricardo has not really been at the races this evening.
  8. No penalty? Am wrong. It was harsh. Please now Vards!!
  9. If Ricardo and Maddison could find their form too, we'd be looking very good.
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