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  1. Some seriously misjudged over reaction here. We didn’t do enough to win, but were good value for a point. We go to United are unlucky not to get a point and people decide we are massively overrated. It was never going to be easy at United and we had a spot of bad luck with the early pen. The fact that we can go away from home to one of the top 6 and effectively control the game is actually evidence that we are on the right path. We do lack a bit of creativity from wide areas though and I think that might ultimately hold us back from breaking the top 6.
  2. Not having that. Players develop in different ways, the Vardy was a late developer!
  3. Massive game for us. United have been better than their results suggest and despite what the media would have you believe, they have good options going forward. However, I do believe we will create chances, so if we defend and finish well, we have a decent chance of at least a point. Still a tough game, but this is the only time in the Premier League era to date that we are sending at team to OT that is arguably stronger than United. Will be massive if we get a result here.
  4. That’s the side I predicted at the start of the season. Albrighton is pushing for a start on the right.
  5. Very well said. I completely agree with this, he’s been a little underwhelming to date, but I believe he will become a very important player for us.
  6. I agree with this. we need a number 4 (Wilf or Hamza) a number 8 (Youri) and No. 10 (Madders). Playing Madders wide never seems to work. I don’t think we need to set up with two defensive CM v the non top 6 sides at home.
  7. I get that - but it is good to have different options to be able to switch too. Could be good to go 3 at the back when we are defending a lead away from home for example. whether 3 at the back is defensive or attacking can depend on the tactics and opposition. If you push the wide players right forward it’s actually more attacking than 4 at the back as you effectively deploy more players in the opponents half
  8. I’ve said it before - we have to sing ‘james Maddison do do do do James Maddison to the tune of hear comes the sun by the Beatles. have you seen him? He came to Leicester from the Norwich. Have you seen him? It seems like years that he’s been here .... james maddison do do do do James Maddison he’s alright....,
  9. I agree. We’ve played our best as far as I can see with a number 4, number 8 and number 10 as the three in midfield; with two wingers and a striker ahead of them. I wish we’d experiment more with 3 at the back as well, but it seems to be written into every manager’s contract that this is forbidden since the Great Escape!
  10. On his early displays I’m not yet sure Perez is a significantly better option than Gray? I know he needs time to settle, but at least Gray looks like he might do something! I hope he finds his feet sooner rather than later - because Mark and Harvey will rightly be feeling like they deserve a chance to start. I genuinely feel that Gray has great ability and I think dropping him is part of Brendan’s master-plan to get the best out of him! Perhaps I’m posting more in hope than expectation, but a little optimism isn’t a bad thing!
  11. James Maddison da da da da James Maddison... to the tune of here comes the sun by the Beatles...here we go; ‘Little Madders, he came to Leicester from the Norwich Little Madders, it seems like years that he’s been here James Maddison da da da James Maddison he’s alright.......
  12. I don’t think I expected to find this on the Hamza thread, but it’s an interesting read!
  13. Whenever you feel negative, please read this thread. This is where we have been for most of my life; scrapping around in the second tier. I can’t believe I am actually thinking we have an outside chance of breaking into the top six now. What is even more surprising is that people aren’t laughing out loud when I say that we’re gonna have a good old go next season!!
  14. Will never forget Nathan Dyer’s winner against Villa. So many key moments in that season, but that was one
  15. What a season he pulled out when we needed him most. Forever a hero in my eyes
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