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  1. I love seeing young players like him just desperate to get on the ball. He looks strong and quick, but he has that body shape that can easily slow you down after the mid-late 20s. Bit of Knocky about him??
  2. No, but we have the combination of a ball winner and a good passer. We’ve looked v good on the whole with a resurgent Wilf and the added class that Tielemans as offered. Similarities to Kante - Drinkwater for me.
  3. Absolute legend. What a signing he proved to be; and what a season he had when we needed him most. I would love him to finish his career with us, but I reckon he’s still got a good 3 years of Championship love football in him, so I wouldn’t begrudge him playing out his days elsewhere. Cant help but love the guy.
  4. It’s got to be Lineker for me. Local lad who won the golden boot in ‘86 World Cup. He’s always kept his love and affection for us as well. I love Vardy, Muzzy, Walsh, Joachim, Kante and Mahrez too...Morgan and Kasper also very high need my list. i think Maddison and Ricardo are top of the new crop, but we have such great players now it’s hard to pick faves. Maguire, Chilwell, Wilf! I think I love em all
  5. How many more superb performances does Wilf need to put in before you retract this crass post?
  6. So just to succeed you need to be a combination of Xavi and Vierra. Let’s be realistic mate - you’re not going to get the perfect midfieler, but Ndidi is fantastic in his role as a screen to the back four. That’s why he’s been used relentlessly by every single manager and why we miss him so much when he doesn’t play.
  7. I didn’t think the formation was the problem under Claude P. I think it was the pace of play being so slow and deliberate. I think a 4-2-3-1 could be much more attacking if the players are encouraged to move the ball much more quickly and play with greater intensity.
  8. You sound like Sarri! Ndidi’s job is to break up play and he is very good at it. The stats clearly illustrate this. He needs to be accompanied by someone tasked with transitioning to attack, which is why we got Tielemans in.
  9. I really hope Wes finishes for us this season with his head held high and moves down to the Championship. He’d be a great signing for someone (possibly florist).
  10. I am hoping he brought Wes into the team to help deal with Troy D (which didn’t work for the 1st goal..), but I fear he’ll stick with the big man in a back three.
  11. He had a great game. Anyway he won’t be dropped because I am sure Brendan will see the enormous contribution he makes. His distribution is improving now as well.
  12. 4-2-3-1 the formation against Brighton - that was Puel’s preferred formation - he just always picked someone like Ghezzal!
  13. Ndidi was our best player v Watford - absolutely zero chance he’ll be dropped.
  14. Dominated the half and conceded a desperately unlucky goal. Come on boys - big 45 mins
  15. He dominated the midfield. Puel was foolish to drop him
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