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  1. James Maddison da da da da James Maddison... to the tune of here comes the sun by the Beatles...here we go; ‘Little Madders, he came to Leicester from the Norwich Little Madders, it seems like years that he’s been here James Maddison da da da James Maddison he’s alright.......
  2. We need to sign this guy if we want to become one of the big guns!
  3. I don’t think I expected to find this on the Hamza thread, but it’s an interesting read!
  4. Whenever you feel negative, please read this thread. This is where we have been for most of my life; scrapping around in the second tier. I can’t believe I am actually thinking we have an outside chance of breaking into the top six now. What is even more surprising is that people aren’t laughing out loud when I say that we’re gonna have a good old go next season!!
  5. Will never forget Nathan Dyer’s winner against Villa. So many key moments in that season, but that was one
  6. What a season he pulled out when we needed him most. Forever a hero in my eyes
  7. His only hope is that he works tirelessly all summer and comes back fit and sharp; like Chilwell last summer. The trouble is, I don’t think he has the desire to make the effort. Even then, I am starting to worry that he just doesn’t have the ability; regardless of his attitude. I don’t know why I keep trying to convince myself not to give up on him. He gives the impression of someone who isn’t remotely bothered by his abject performances. Not quite sure what point trying to make but it’s been therapeutic to get some of my frustrations off my chest!
  8. I was so excited about signing Nacho - I actually get quite angry at how crap he is. I try and be positive about all players, but I think he arrived in Leicester totally unfit and doesn’t look bothered enough to take his opportunity. I’ve had enough and don’t want to see him in a City shirt again.
  9. I’ve always heard the stories of the estates fighting each other in the Kop. Braunstone was always the most feared part of town back in my old man’s era - going back to the 50’s
  10. I remember the famous Ipswich away in ‘91 BS having a row on the pitch dressed as Bhuddist Monks - so funny. The modern world seems so safe compared to back then. Obviously there are enormous benefits to that, but there is something a bit sinister about how closely the state is able to monitor and control things like rowdy footy fans.
  11. That was when it changed for me - when we brought in players who could create something out of nothing.
  12. Now if you want to have a pop at Ghezza....
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