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  1. I make that a fair appraisal of Ben. I thought he really grew into the game after a tentative start and he was driving us forward 2nd half. The goal really seemed to give him the confidence - It seems to me that he needs to be slightly more resilient mentally....?
  2. Harvey put in a good performance again today; great battle with the equally promising Reece James. However, that late chance was a a great opportunity to really announce himself and put himself in contention for a spot at the Euros. I know it’s harsh, but I really feel that the key moments separate the top players from the decent pros. Harvey is at a bit of a cross roads for me; bags of potential, but not yet the player we all hope he will become. On balance you have to say he is really maturing this season and it is perhaps a reflection of his progress that I feel he d
  3. We. Need. To. Be. More. Clinical. Thats the Villa (both legs) Burnley and Chelsea games where we have failed to win when we have been the better side. In every case we created the chances to win the games.
  4. I think he is a great attacking asset - intelligent runs, good ball retention and generally a very good outlet in our impressive away games - particularly v Brighton and Palace - less so at Villa...
  5. Yeah as they paid over 50m for Davison Sanchez about three years ago. Anyway - I contend that Chilwell’s end product is not woeful. Good luck for 2020 - over and out x
  6. Another poster said disgrace you said woeful - both are utter nonsense and helpful to no one
  7. I contend that if agents became aware he was available at the right price you would see firm offers from Chelsea, Spurs and City. That is my opinion and I’m comfortable with it. I don’t think that would be the case if his end product was either woeful or a disgrace. I love watching Chillwell and the rest of this side and unwarranted levels of criticism irk me!
  8. He is a class act and is getting better and better - I object to posts where people call a player of this calibre’s end product woeful and a disgrace - simply not true. N
  9. You said his end product is woeful.
  10. So all of the top clubs are interested in an attacking full back that is easily replaceable and has a ‘woeful’ end product. Something isn’t adding up for me !!!!!!
  11. So we have a player who is an England international and would be a target for the largest clubs in Europe....and I responded to an absurd post saying his end product is a ‘disgrace’ it’s clear this kind of overly negative comment is pointless in my opinion.
  12. This is the same conversation I had about Mahrez with various posters. I think Chilwell is a superb player as do the England selectors and Rodgers. World class was probably a daft choice of term as it is impossible to define, but trust me Chilwell will only leave us for one of the so called big 6 or a European Titan. If you disagree then fine.
  13. I’m pretty sure he would fetch serious money in the transfer market - based upon the opinion of elite coaches and scouts.
  14. Exactly - we have a world class LB and we have fans determined to be negative.
  15. The focus of football has to be about watching live in the stadiums. I live in London and have 4 kids so I usually only make 10-12 games a season. I love it when we’re on TV, but I wouldn’t like every game to be shown if it reduced the number of people watching live football throughout the leagues/pyramid. What makes English football so special is the attendances at the various of the game and the atmosphere it generates. I used to watch my local side Barnet at times as a kid and some of the atmospheres at non-league level were superb. The game has to move with the time
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