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  1. Sorted tickets now but got 2 in Z1 lower. If anyone in Y2 upper wants to swap or vice versa, please let me know. Got 2 mates there already so would be ideal if we could be in the same block at least
  2. TK95

    Jamie Vardy

    Reminds me of the situation with Paul Scholes when playing for England. One of the best players in his position out there, arguably better than Gerrard and Lampard. Yet Sven didn't know how to use him, sticking him LM at times which was utterly ineffective. Wasn't getting anything out of it so retired from international football to prolong his club career. His United record speaks for himself. It's a shame Vardy doesn't get the recognition and gametime he deserves. But it's clear Southgate (and Hodgson before) just can't get the best out of him in and England shirt and will never change. About time he ditched them too and continue to break records for Leicester in years to come where he is adored.
  3. TK95

    England v Panama - Match Thread

    Will Vards get a pass?
  4. TK95

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Are you Puel in disguise
  5. TK95

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Vards isn't coming on today is he
  6. TK95

    Tunisia v England match thread

    F*** sake Southgate change it!
  7. TK95

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Wonder if Danny Murphy will get his lecture on "unnatural finishing" out for these tools too
  8. TK95

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Scenes when Vards is on
  9. ...in a two-horse race
  10. Had to be that c***
  11. How many more Vardy digs can Hoddle get in before half time
  12. TK95


    Absolute steal at £3.5million. That also in two instalments Upgrade on what we have already with plenty of experience. Him and Maguire could become a solid unit at the back, something we've been lacking over the past couple of seasons.
  13. TK95

    England v Nigeria

    Judging by today he's 4th choice
  14. TK95

    England v Nigeria

    What a load of sh*** that was