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  1. Our pre season at Notts County last summer was a good laugh tbf!
  2. And Slimani was basically too s*** so they literally were there for "Mehrez"
  3. We never got no bloody advantage when we were the only English team left in the Champions League (our first campaign!). Had a dead rubber against Everton played Sunday at 4pm Always for the big clubs
  4. The thought of Fryatt and Vardy My two favourite Leicester strikers
  5. Kasper's miles better than Leno of Arsenal. And in all honesty, I don't think Kepa's shown anything of real promise in a Chelsea shirt yet
  6. From a personal point of view, I'm completely p***** off at this game being moved I have long planned family commitments on Sunday, which with a week's notice, I'm not sure I can wriggle out of I do think we can do them at home! But I am worried the ref is gonna give them yet ANOTHER big call which tilts the game in their favour. Barnes has to start, and I'd more than inclined to play Albrighton ahead of Gray. I hope Iheanacho is sent on an early holiday! Woeful all season
  7. I think we would have still been one of the surprise packages of the season, albeit not to that extent. I think we could have managed a top half finish and if consistent, possibly even a Europa league spot. But Ranieri was the right man at the right time to take us to the title. That said, I reckon we would have had less upheavel and consistent finishes in the following seasons with Pearson compared to the mess we've ended up in recent years. All swings and roundabouts but I'm sure every fan would have taken the title win over stability. In Rodgers, hopefully progression will now come.
  8. Wes Morgan's had more Premier League goals than Olivier Giroud this season. What a bloody stat
  9. Vardy, Schmeichel, Tielemans, Chilwell and Maguire based on current ability and stature. Hopefully many more will also be of that standard in years to come.
  10. 110% yes! But why this is being made to look so complicated is beyond me. Absolutely seamless in sports like rugby, it should be straightforward!
  11. Anyone at the West Ham game know what was going on with one of their female fans and us? Heard a lot of Gemma Collins and does she take it up the a*** chants, but was too far on the other side to see what was going on!
  12. Strange to think we actually beat this Everton side
  13. United have really been f****** to us this year haven't they. Beaten us twice and then lose to Wolves and (soon) Everton Double whammy
  14. TK95


    She could easily be biased towards Liverpool as well through her father being an absolute legend there. But she handles her media commitments very well
  15. I can't believe that one chance yesterday where he was through on goal and did not shoot, then made a balls up of his pass. He's already being overtaken by Barnes who's only had half a season. If he doesn't up his game in these last three, one signing in the summer is all it will take to bench him.
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