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  1. Heartbreaking to watch, thoughts with his family and friends
  2. Tottenham haven't managed an away clean sheet since January either
  3. That's another England start for Barkley
  4. Don't know about the England team but how the hell did he make this happen?!
  5. Prefer white shorts but until this thread I hadn't actually realised we were in all blue even though I was at the game I guess I've got used to it the last few seasons.
  6. Expected Villa to be the most entertaining of the promoted sides. Don't look much better than the team that went down at the moment!
  7. Feed the Yab and you won't score
  8. Cheeky Paddy Power style marketing stunt for Sure Men
  9. We've got to go out with some intent to win this game. Shown far too much respect against the bigger sides. Let's not give them any
  10. Guenzouzi...another s*** Hamza Choudhury
  11. Time will tell I guess. I actually don't think Tottenham is a good game to go by as we do tend to be more fluid at home. Liverpool away will be the acid test. Taken a safety approach in all 3 top six trips under Rodgers so far (Man City last season, Chelsea, United). Let's see if we go there with a bit more emphasis because we can play.
  12. Frustrating having gone to the game with so much optimism . But hope it's a kick up the backside which channels into a performance against Tottenham.
  13. Tbf with Jorge Mendes, they could probably get Mourinho. But daft suggestion calling for Nuno's head at this stage of the season. Always tough when you've got to navigate the Europa League scheduling.
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