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  1. Vardy deserves to win one. Has carried the team time and time again. Lot of the players have stepped up this year but he's still our main man
  2. This flashed up on my timeline. Enjoy
  3. I'd rather Chris Sutton was doing this
  4. I'd be gutted if the rest of the FA Cup is scrapped. we're one game from a Wembley trip
  5. At least Vardy would win the golden boot by default
  6. The season needs to be finished. Delay the next one if we have to but any other outcome would be unfair.
  7. Going from bad to worse
  8. Sean from Enderby will know. world exclusive
  9. We need to win tomorrow. The pack are catching up
  10. TK95


    Turned down 2 big opportunities a few years ago to stay and help a company where I was only a temp who were seriously short staffed. Today I found out from a colleague that I am soon to be sacked. Done everything I've been asked, worked my socks off and to find out behind your back. Loyalty gets you nowhere eh
  11. Have to say I quite enjoyed the Birmingham fans tonight. Great effort from them. Lots of banter and slagging off Villa
  12. Outplayed them in both games this season but couldn't get the win. Third time lucky!
  13. This is painful to watch. We should have been there
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