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  1. Jake Humphrey is an arrogant **** Always felt he was a MOTD reject anyway
  2. I don't think we'll be getting into Europe anyway. But those who believe playing in the Europa league is not a positive, seriously need to question their support.
  3. how did we lose to these s***houses
  4. Has anyone noticed how bad Leuven's social media page is?! Must wind people up repeatedly seeing "ready to get 3 points" and "we will come back stronger" posts every single game. Needs more imagination
  5. Don't think we can even download the post horn gallop. Would love to have that one
  6. Miss the white shorts and white collars. They will be back...one day
  7. wow we have spectacularly blown this
  8. James Maddison is often the next player they pick out when Vardy isn't playing. Actually amazes me how many opposing fans were saying he should have taken the penalty on Sunday. Have they seen his last two penalties?!
  9. Absolute criminal that he wasn't knighted. But as with his personality, he doesn't need the title or fame for people to know what a great man he was. An absolute icon. I hope something is planned before the game when we play Palace
  10. I know he gets slated at times by watching the game today, Chilwell is so much better than Luke Shaw. Offers a greater threat from the left. It's remarkable really the improvement he's made in a short space of time. it's just run to the byline and sidewards with Shaw
  11. Season ticket holder but have had to miss the United and Spurs games for family reasons. Was incredibly gutted at the time knowing I couldn't make either of them. But now somewhat seem glad! We had some truly horrendous days in the Championship I won't lie but I don't remember leaving grounds feeling dejected as frequently as this season. I guess it's the expectation that kills you of where we are as a club now. We've witnessed the undreamable but how we're barely a top half side anymore is difficult to watch.
  12. Can't remember the game vividly as I was only about 4 years old. But I have flashes of Filbert Street against Man United. It would have been the 1998/99 or 1999/2000 season.
  13. Defend defend defend defend defend
  14. What annoys me the most is despite positive aspects of the performance, haven't we seen this time and time again? I really want Claude to succeed as would I with every manager in charge of our club. But what baffles me the most is the consistent crippling of our side before a ball has even been kicked. If we can NEARLY beat Liverpool at Anfield, NEARLY get to a cup semi final, NEARLY come from 2-0 down against Spurs at Wembley today...all without putting our strongest XI out, imagine what could happen if we DID!!! Fans of other clubs will never understand our frustration of having to witness these mistakes every single week. We've proven we are capable of going toe to toe with the best in the league. But giving our opponents a head start every game will ensure our league position never reflects that!
  15. He looked good but our problems seem much deeper than any impact he could make
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