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  1. There's only one man who can save us... 👉🦊👈
  2. Whatever happens, we'll still be supporters of Leicester City and we'll still love our football. Take the money, take the glamour but they'll never take our passion from the game. Their loss
  3. Can't deny his quality and certainly an upgrade on the options we have from the bench. Big stumbling block would be the wages though and wouldn't really make sense to make him the highest paid player at the club. I imagine the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea would offer those figures.
  4. tHe PrObLeM fOr LeIcEsTeR iS hOw WiLl tHeY kEeP tHeIr PlAyErS
  5. Still think Sheffield United will take it to the wire in that title race
  6. And if they want to play it like that, look at all the BS decisions we got last season. Handball at Villa. Handball/Ederson fouls vs Man City. Brighton handball. Mane dive. List could go on...
  7. Ward Ricardo Soyuncu Fofana Thomas Mendy Choudhury Maddison Perez Iheanacho Barnes
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