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  1. Rashford out for 3 months. Ole with a cheeky bid for Slimani?
  2. Woeful first half and the crowd will be on the case again. Could just lose this
  3. Daily Mail have always been scumbags
  4. PLEASE win tomorrow! We'll be nine points ahead!
  5. Of all the state funded promises that get thrown about in manifestos, the railways would be one I'd whole heartedly support. Absolute disgrace how the prices keep going up for a proportionally worse service
  6. *Subject to Vards going on a mad one tonight
  7. Last min problem so can no longer go tomorrow. 1 Adult ticket and travel on Ausden Clark. Will need to collect tonight though.
  8. Still feel he has unfinished business with England. But reality under Southgate is Vardy would get benched for Rashford I'd rather he stays fresh for our Champions League campaign next season!
  9. Primarily to put them away and keep them safe. But not too disorganised so I can actually access them if I ever wanted to look back.
  10. It's been a matchday ritual for as long as I can remember to buy a programme before the game. Built up quite a collection over the years but the bottom shelf in my cupboard is filling up! How have others gone about storing theirs? Any space efficient tips you can share?
  11. There goes the clean sheet bonus for Ederson & Co
  12. Didn't even play the full minute either. VAR dither
  13. This is gonna be a totally different game when we go there for the second leg
  14. At home we're expected to put on the Greatest Show and be Kings for the Day
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