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  1. TK95


    Been a real challenge during this period. Overwhelming with the same people in your faces everyday and there not being a "go to place". Of course there's all the virtual stuff which was nice while the novelty lasted but it's a long journey to normality yet...
  2. Okay f*** it we need to win now. Final lifeline
  3. And suddenly the world is a better place
  4. Locking down...opening up...Locking down...opening up
  5. it's too soon to answer this question with a level head
  6. And now you're gonna believe us! we're playing Europa League. We're playing Europa League we're playing Europa League...
  7. Southampton messing with my emotions tonight. at the least the false hope didn't last long
  8. Still very very annoyed. Pretty sure I was a mardy git at work too
  9. That's the end of financial fair play. did it ever exist
  10. Yep.. I don't feel great this morning
  11. the timing couldn't have been worse but he's won more points than he's lost us this season. And had the balls to own up
  12. That Villa semi doesn't seem so bad anymore!
  13. McGoldrick with a hattrick of tap-ins
  14. Just picturing HT and the players coming back down the tunnel relatively happy with a good half's work. Iheanacho knowing he got the assist only to be told he wasn't having his best game and is being subbed off for a midfielder. How demoralizing and potentially alienating is that
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