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  1. Emery knocking Arsenal out would be the most Arsenal thing ever
  2. Couldn't believe my luck when I ended up with two England group games in the ballot. Even more delighted when one of those turned out to be against Scotland. Looks like won't be going now have no faith I'll get through another ballot for the 22K
  3. This is a huge game. The disappointment of not making the league Cup final was evident last season. A defeat here and I really dread the negativity for the run-in. Victory will work wonders to dispel any media narrative and above all the opportunity to lift a trophy that's evaded the club in all its existence. Be the history boys! Come on Leicester!
  4. Wes Morgan's involvement is probably the most dissapointing. Injured or not he's the Club's most senior player and captain. If he doesn't lead by example, what hope do we have for the younger players.
  5. Has a tendency to leave a trailing leg. Kept the second goal onside
  6. This is Mourinho tactics for the rest of the game. Get the goal, feign fouls
  7. Should take a leaf out of Guardiola's book with his Aguero management in recent seasons and start to rotate and rest. Will take some of the pressure off and given his injury niggles I think we'll maximise his use. I have every faith he will be back among the goals again
  8. Deserves every minute on the pitch at the moment. The only one at times today with the initiative to try and test the keeper
  9. Albrighton, Ricardo and Kelechi were the standouts
  10. Gone from feeling like the Bournemouth game last season to our defeat at Arsenal in the title season. There's enough positives from our fightback to suggest we'll be okay. Madders, Hamza and Ayoze can hang their heads in shame. They've let their club down today and hope a painful lesson is learnt. Let's push on with the momentum into the semi final next week
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