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  1. TK95

    Claudio to Fulham

    Good for him! I do feel a little sad though
  2. TK95

    Sing for Claude

    Hearing "Claude Puel's blue army" as loud and passionately as it was post Cardiff on a regular basis would be brilliant
  3. TK95

    A Photo for the Ages

    Isn't it the first time either Ranieri or Pearson have returned to the KP since leaving? (Aside from floral tributes) What an occassion
  4. Anyone know what the piano piece is called or who played it? Absolutely beautiful. Could close my eyes and hear it
  5. The sight of Pearson putting his arm round Ranieri was incredible. Their bromance was killing me!
  6. Not sure I can cope! Whose songs do we chant Anyhow what an occassion it will be
  7. TK95

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Today out of all days, disgusting
  8. TK95

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Anyone got a working link? Mine has gone
  9. Seeing him and Nige come back "home" for this has really left lumps in my throat. Such a shame it couldn't be in better circumstances but just goes to show how close they were to Vichai and Top
  10. TK95

    Burnley (home)

    I suppose it will depend on their individual commitments but wouldn't it be great to have Claudio, Big Nige, Sven and Shakey all at the game. It'll be a unique and emotional occassion so to have all managers to have been under Vichai there for that would be incredible.
  11. Appreciate the idea but would rather have our own song to be honest
  12. TK95

    New chants and songs

    To the chorus tune of Andrea Bocelli's Time to Say Goodbye: There's only one Vichai Our blue flags will be flying high Just like when we won the league Oh Leicester loves you Vichai
  13. TK95

    Cardiff Pre Match Thread

    Taking away what's happened it's not an easy game tbh! We have previous and I do expect Cardiff to come out and play. It will be an emotional occassion but I hope we can play with the shackles off and give it our all for Vichai. Let the band of brothers return!
  14. Unless you want Stringer blasting through the PA
  15. TK95

    The next chapter

    I don't think it's fair to put any expectations on for this season. Things will not be the same and it will take time to heal as a club. All I will say is I hope the players wear their hearts on their sleeves and make Vichai proud. Play with freedom, effort and most importany a smile on their face. Let's get behind the lads and in time, the good days will return!