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  1. Jesus wept, the meth is really starting to take its toll on Gary Neville.
  2. His name is Harry, he's English and he plays for a media darling team. That's about it really. He's just a run-of-the-mill young midfielder, and one who needs to get on the weights at that.
  3. I'm wondering why people are criticising Perez' performance quite so much to be honest. He was occasionally sloppy in possession, but he had a massive part in the first goal, doing the Okazaki job of pressuring them into losing possession and feeding Maddison, who gets the assist. Which IIRC was a big part of what he was signed to do. He also had that excellent run in the second half where he set up Vardy, who tried to nod it back across for him to finish from an impossible angle rather than having a go himself. We would not have won that game without having the likes of him, Choudhury and Vardy on the pitch. We always had to match their high press and pressure across the pitch, which those three did in bucketloads.
  4. Lol, imagine thinking xG matters. That's Spursy talk, Happy Blade.
  5. I haven't seen a more hilarious example of collective crowd rage since Wood's face goal.
  6. They also do a bloody good Sunday Lunch at the Red Lion for those nursing a hangover the day after. Bradfield beer is 'aight, it all tastes the same though - i swear to god they just put food colouring in the blonde for the "Belgian Blue".
  7. As hilarious as this would actually be, I highly doubt it. You lot seem more obsessed with what he does than I reckon he actually is himself. Sheff Utd. deserve some respect for sure, but come on mate, you're on a Leicester City forum, we have top 7 ambitions this year and we've picked up good points against Wolves and Chelsea in our first two despite being far from our best in either game until the last half at Stamford Bridge. Oh, and the last time we actually squared up at Bramall Lane, we almost invaded the pitch because you managed to let Ahmed bleeding Musa of all people scuff a fourth in off his arse-cheek for our second-string against a line-up not that dissimilar to your current squad. It's not going to be an easy game - I fully expect a coiled-spring attack and a high press, both of which we struggle with, but we've every right to have a modicum of confidence.
  8. It really is one of the best cities I know for the sheer number of quality old-school boozers. The pubs up and around Kelham Island and the river are particularly good, but they're a bit out of the way for a matchday - however, for those with a spare evening after and a taste for a good pint, I'd highly recommend any of of: The Fat Cat - proper old man boozer right on Kelham Island Shakespeare's - really good pub on Gibraltar Street, solid selection, staff are nice and good spacious garden Closer to the centre, I'm a fan of: The Grapes (also known as Flynn's) - Irish pub without the chain BS Dog & Partridge - Only about 100 yards down from Flynn's Red Deer - Gets a bit cosy at times but good selection and atmosphere Factor in pints generally still being quite cheap in that part of the world, and there are few better cities to get royally muntered in. I mean I'm sure the craic in the Howard will be good if it's full of Leicester, but the reality is it's one of the pubs in Sheffield I'd usually be least likely to visit. It's in a convenient location for the match, but otherwise it's pretty soulless and the beer is piss... which probably explains why it's an away pub - they'd never get enough locals through the doors otherwise! The Royal Standard would be a better bet, but I imagine it's a home-only gaffe since it's a little closer to the ground. That said, it was my local when I lived on Shoreham Street, and I don't remember any away-fan restrictions being in-place on matchdays, so might be worth a gamble. Heck, I'd also thoroughly recommend the Sheffield Tap, though being right at the station I imagine they don't take kindly to footy crowds in general, let alone away fans right off the train. Not that it particularly matters. I can always visit a decent boozer after the game, so you'll no doubt see me in the Howard regardless. Anyway, I digress. Football. What about that eh?
  9. Just walk up into town if the Howard is heaving, plenty of boozers that probably won't be home fans only up around Division / West Street and the Winter Gardens. It's only about a 10 minute walk to the ground from the centre, though most of the boozers on and around Bramall Lane are home only.
  10. I confess I have a soft spot for the Blades (lived in Sheffield 3 years, lived on Shoreham Street for two of those), but this obsession with Vardy is quite funny considering we've got plenty of other players in our forward line that can cause United problems, not least if he's busy being the centre of attention and drawing defenders left right and centre in response to the crowd's ire. If their back line are obsessed with Jamie as their fans seem to be, the likes of Perez and Maddison should have the freedom of Bramall Lane to cause some havoc of their own.
  11. That Spurs volley is still one of my favourite goals to have experienced in the moment, right up there with Howard vs. Leeds or the Liverpool 30 yarder. It was just perfect to go in a split second from the Spurs fans, in their toe-curling north London brogue, declaring that Rebekkah was "getting fahhcked in tha jangall" to Vardy lobbing a worldy over Lloris and revelling in making three thousand people collectively shut their mouths in unison.
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