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  1. I'm willing to give him and the squad the benefit of the doubt for that atrocious run of form for three main reasons: The injuries were a massive problem for us and exposed a lack of defensive depth that even as fans we probably didn't acknowledge. Beyond Cags and Evans our CB options are not up to scratch against Premier League teams with any pace, as we all knew even after the Sheffield United result The squad in most areas is young. This will be the first taste of real dissapointment in the game that the likes of Barnes, Maddison, Thomas, Chilwell etc. have had in their careers, and the overall team mentality has certainly been exposed by the lack of experienced heads - particularly in midfield where it's easy to forget that our kingpin is 23 years old. The manager has to get some of the blame for that, but ultimately the players are the ones with the soft underbelly and - who knows? - maybe a let-down like this will benefit them in the long-run. Nigel Pearson suffered an arguably even worse run of form at the tail end of the 2012-13 season (I thought he was a goner when we lost 2-0 at Barnsley and Ben Marshall had a go at the fans), but the owners stuck with him and, after we scraped into the Playoffs that year and endured "Deeney Day" the rest was history (which is where my thinking about this maybe being a character-building letdown for our young squad comes from). Likewise, I know it's a different ballgame entirely, but I see the contrasting fortunes of Watford and Aston Villa this year as being primarily down their opposing philosophies on management. Time will tell. What i now expect from Rodgers is to A) use this capitulation as a rocket up the arse of the squad to motivate them to improve and B) to do everything he can to bring in a solid CB and an older head for midfield depth this transfer window. For me, a Vardy replacement isn't the priority until next season, so long as Iheanacho is willing to stick around. This squad is packed with goals, but it needs a far more solid backbone. If we suffer a poor start after he has been given the opportunity to build a squad of his own, then and only then will I have lost faith in him. In the circumstances, while I don't have any illusions of us challenging where we did again next year, anything less than another Europa League finish, plus a solid attempt at the EL itself, will be a failure in my book. The more worrying aspect is our lack of tactical flexibility since we adopted the possession-based game. Granted, it was largely caused by having a high backline with the collective turning circle of a combine harvester, but when we did try to adopt the counter-attacking style against Man Utd and Tottenham, we got punished.
  2. Chelsea score makes it very simple. 45 minutes. Win it. Come on boys. ♥️🙏
  3. Pretty much the line-up a lot of us on here were asking for all week. Proof Brendan reads FoxesTalk Come on boys, it's still hope rather than expectation that we get the win we need after recent weeks, but please do us proud. 🙏
  4. 35578.25 to 1 35578.25 to 1 Fourth not getting Champions League 35578.25 to 1! Get a tenner on it quick mate.
  5. PLEASE let Wilder be the next England manager, bloody love the bloke.
  6. Chill out lads, I have no delusions of us challenging the top 4 again next year, but we will be comfortably mid-table. We've still got plenty in our locker, we just need to develop a bit of backbone again and strengthen our defensive depth. If we can use that energy to have a proper go at whichever European competition we find ourselves in, and be in and around Europa contention next year, I consider that a good season - and what I'd have expected this year before our barnstorming first few months. To say we've overacheived isn't exactly fair, because we always targeted the top 6, but it's only our slump in 2020 that has us disappointed to still be fighting for UCL on the final day. Ultimately, we acheived our goal which was European footy, and we could yet go one better and get to the big leagues.
  7. I don't think it's fair to judge him on either of those tenures, given the Derby squad was made entirely of players he didn't sign, with Hull he made decent signings and stopped the rot (broke the club record for away games without defeat IIRC?) and in both cases there was some seriously screwy stuff going on up-top - especially in Derby's case. What sort of owner feels the need to spy on their own training sessions? I honestly get the feeling that Pearson was lucky to ever work with our owners, because every other one he's worked under since has been an even looser cannon than he is. For that reason, him going to Forest wouldn't surprise me one bit. The OH Leuven stint is a better example if we want to question his credentials. He had a say in the players that they got in, and OHL went from promotion favourites to fighting for their lives. But really, his record with us is exemplary, and acrimonious departure aside he has restored some of his managerial reputation with this Watford stint, whatever happens to them now he's been booted. For me, he walks into any championship side that wants him this summer, and will succeed if him and Shakey can actually go and build their own team.
  8. Lmao, still getting my head around why Karanka was ever rated as a manager. He just looks like a confused owl.
  9. Makes sense, after visiting Selhurst Park I wouldn't be surprised if their computer set-up is dial-up and a ZX Spectrum.
  10. Crock Fernandes on the half-way line with a sneaky leading foot in the opening minutes - got it.
  11. I confess I missed that. That's class. The shirt design leaves a lot to be desired, but I mean whatever. As long as our backline isn't stopped dead in their tracks every time they look back and see Schmeichel wearing the clothing equivalent of week-old lasagna, i'm fine with this for a season.
  12. Oh, and while we're on the cretinous behaviour of Forest fans, who remembers them racially abusing Lloyd Dyer after Knockeart's winner in that 3-2 game? Never got reported, presumably because our players and fans were all on such a high in the moment, but it happened and it was disgraceful. Absolutely nasty bunch, would be glad if we never have to play them again.
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