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  1. How we looking? Kind of hard to judge based on that crappy tracker Livescore do, but looks like not many chances for either side?
  2. Because the Scottish Premiership is a piece of p*ss, probably. Not hard to shine when you're playing the equivalent of League One clubs most weeks.
  3. The Fofana signing annoys Claude Puel. That makes it worth it even if he turns out to be crap.
  4. still faster than livescore, pellet gun notwithstanding
  5. He really is a fartsniffer of a human being, but since Man Utd. have their own in Bruno Fernandes, and have been playing off that to cheat refs since January? I'm at peace with them being on the receiving end of his Bismarck impression.
  6. That's right cheered me up after our farce, it has. Even another dodgy Fernandes penalty couldn't see that shambles through.
  7. Well, this sounds like a disaster. I'll see you lot at full time, I've got short-dated meat to discount and I could do without throwing minced beef at the wall in a fit of rage.
  8. De Bruyne has been awful. I'm actually surprised.
  9. Away from the Leeds / Oil game, I did think today that it would be kind of amusing if Everton went on and won the title this year - only because it would be pain personified for Liverpool fans if crowds are allowed back before the end of the season. Imagine that - Liverpool's moment in the sun after 30 long, painful years and they barely get to celebrate it, then the year after the folks on the other side of the park come out of nowhere to lift the trophy and have the party the red side were expecting to happen. I'm not sure they'd ever live it down.
  10. The comments on momentum are spot on too, for what it's worth. I think what's surprised a lot of us about our start this season has been that it represents such a drastic turnaround from where we were just a few weeks ago. Sometimes it just takes a tiny spark to set in motion the freight train of positive results. A lucky break, or a moment in a game that lifts the team spirits. Kingy's late winner against West Ham springs to mind in particular. What was most notable was that we carried that momentum across seasons, which is why a lot of us expected us to continue to bleed goals an
  11. The best thing to come out of Yorkshire is buried in our Cathedral.
  12. The scariest thing is, Liverpool don't really look all that this season either. Man Utd. are back to being gash even with VAR still on their side. Chelsea are a mess. Even early doors, us and Everton are where we are on merit. There's PLENTY of time for things to change, but dare I say that this season looks the most "up-for-grabs" since you-know-when? Beat West Ham and Aston Villa, and I might start thinking of silly scenarios again.
  13. Not this sort this sort It's early days yet, granted. And we've not played anyone good. But does anybody else get a great deal of satisfaction from the bottle we've shown so far this season to come from behind in two of our three games? First against Burnley, and now against Man City? What cost us Champions League last season was a weak mentality. A failure to respond to adversity and negative momentum. Say what you want about other factors, but I don't see how anything other than a collapse in mentality can result in a nearly full-strength squad surrendering a 14-poin
  14. First time James Maddison has given me a chub-on at work.
  15. Read that on the bus home today and it royally p**sed me off. The Beeb's angle for everything this weekend has been "quote-unquote "big club" hard-done by". It's like Phil McNulty is ghost-writing everything right now - the Spurs - Newcastle "match report" was just a long rant (filled with some sentences I'd have been embarrassed by in High School) about how the penalty shouldn't have been given. Seen it back. The offside / onside call is more questionable than whether it hit Dier's outstretched arm. Moan about the current rules all you like, but it's a stonewall penalty in September 202
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