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  1. RIP. Departing players always gave Sheila a big shout-out, notably Kingy in his recent reflections - place won't be quite the same without her.
  2. Better. So, so much better. Credit to Rodgers for what must have been a smacked arse of a half time team talk. I can't imagine after three years in Scotland he's willing to tolerate shrinking violets just because it's a bit cold.
  3. The opposition is irrelevant. Whoever we would be playing against today, this performance is simply unacceptable. Pathetic defending, second to nearly every ball, and giving it up easier than a Geordie bird on a hen do when we do find ourselves in possession. The lads need a rocket up their arse at half time. Never mind the changes, we have enough first teamers out there that are simply not performing. We just look like we don't fancy it because it's a bit cold. I strongly dislike the phrase, but honestly, they need to man up.
  4. Feet?! Luxury! We had ours amputated at birth. We had to totter around on swollen shin stumps after a medicine ball.
  5. Yes, but unfortunately it's Ipswich away that lives rent-free in my head. They'd have called that one off at half time if we'd not messed up and already been 3-0 down.
  7. Also, what gives with Brys and not making subs? Not just saying that 'cos I wanna see Kingy play, it seems madness not to get fresh legs out there with such a stodgy pitch, they look absolutely out on their feet.
  8. Henry got one right in the temple there - concussion precaution by the looks of it. Let's hope this pitch doesn't cause havoc with the penalty. Come on boys! EDIT - Fuchs sake. EDIT 2 - WELLLLL off the line. EDIT 3 - YESSSSSS LOL
  9. Loughborough Dynamo have a better-kept pitch than this. Old school!
  10. Thing is, Brendan does it too. The ways we approach games are laid out before we play, usually. And more often than not, it's been working for us. I think it just shows a quiet confidence to be able to be open with the fact that, yes, you ARE doing that planning for each game, and being able to explain exactly what that process was. If anything I see it as a psychological upper-hand. You're showing your hand and challenging the opposition to stop it. Publicly showing that yes, you've done your homework and they had damn well better have done theirs. He's a chip off the
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