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  1. Can't argue with that - it certainly gives an illusion of creativity and comfort on the ball when his marauding 30-yard runs take him to just outside the Man Utd. penalty area.
  2. The man's staying power is remarkable too - Just when you think he's fading away as a part of our setup something happens to show he's still got it. Having him come out of deep freeze to score in back to back games last year, one a late winner when we were down to 10 men and the other a Puskas-worthy backheel?!? We almost had a similar "WTF Wes" moment with his one-two against Luton this year. He's put in some of the best individual defensive performances an LCFC player has ever mustered, come up with some crucial goals, captained us to the Premier League title and the quarters of the Champions League, and all from being a squad addition some of us questioned the merits of at the time of signing. Legend. I mean, there's not much else to say. Regardless of whether it was the right sub or not yesterday, Wes Morgan is guaranteed a broken liver whenever walks into a bar in this city for the rest of his life. PS - Can we please have Captain Morgan and Admiral Muskwe on the same pitch before he retires please? We could build a team of pirates.
  3. I have Prime, but like **** am I binning off the last time I'll see multiple members of my family for a number of years to watch it.
  4. Well there will be empty seats where season ticket holders like ourselves don't get others to go in our place. Liverpool's end won't be full - maybe good for us (open an extra block to home fans), but it will be a killer for the overall atmosphere. I'm even more p*ssed off by this now that I've looked at the fixtures, because this was set to be my final home league game before I move to Canada (I go a day before the next home tie against Southampton). The only consolation I have is that I'll be going to the FA Cup 3rd round regardless of where it takes place, but that's probably going to now happen either on the road or in a half-empty KP, which isn't how I wanted to check out.
  5. inb4 Burnely get a smash and grab and normal business is resumed
  6. Take me for Donuts m8
  7. We do Christmas for my Dad's side of the family in the evening on Boxing Day, which is organised to take into account the football when Leicester are at home. As most of the family already have plans in the day, we can now no longer attend unless we essentially cancel Christmas to watch some blokes kick a ball around for their coroporate paymasters. I have a very limited number of fixtures left before I leave the UK in January now, so naturally I'm completely livid that one of my few left has been taken from me to line the pockets of fat cat wankstains. Thanks a f**king bunch. The game's gone.
  8. But that's exactly it - these stats aren't nearly as dynamic as they should be, or able to take into account the subtle changes in formation and playing style that can happen even mid-game. Given it's done against the right team (read - literally any outfit dumb enough to play with a high line, which was more or less everybody when we won the league), counter-attacking football is extremely effective while flying in the face of the "correct outcome" of these stats systems, but you'd be tactically naive to try it against a side sitting deep as we have found to our detriment too many times to count in recent years. Likewise, a certain tactic can create chances and boost those stats over a period, like the byline cutback which has given Man City so much success and is now aped by so many others around the world. But, like everything else in football, eventually a tactic will get "sussed out" and a team will find their attacking threat nullified, or their defense will become porous for various reasons which reduces their overall potency. That's what happened to Chelsea (approach was sussed out, stopped scoring) and Arsenal (kept scoring, conceded more regularly) last year. It doesn't take a shiny new stat to observe subtle changes in a team's fortunes - it's largely down to the eventual adaption of the opposition to a tactic, and how said team either adapts or abandons said tactic to remain successful. It now seems faintly ridiculous, but much was written not long ago about tiki-taka being unstoppable for example. There are usually many other factors at work that lead to a team's change in fortunes, whether that's individual performances (especially from strikers or goalkeepers), the specific outlets a team aims for, changes of system or - quite often - sheer luck. In fact, the rule of thumb only really applies to teams that are either in a rich vein of goalscoring form (Liverpool, Man City etc.) or a terrible one (Watford being the current example). I'm not going to pretend that, eventually, it will be able to identify trends reliably, but I don't see it as the revelation it's made out to be by some, because the conclusions are largely subjective and - frankly - bleeding obvious to people who watch their team on a regular basis (in our case, it's that at this present moment we create more playing a 4-1-4-1, which any fan could tell you without stats to back it up). For the majority of middle-ground, inconsistent teams, there's way too much nuance for me to personally take it seriously, especially given the amount of absolute sh*thouse wins / losses I've seen our boys either inflict or suffer on a regular basis, seemingly against all stats and logic.
  9. Didn't we have a low xG but a high conversion rate for the full season when we won the league? Pretty sure Vardy and Mahrez were finishing something silly like 50% + of their shots on target. Said it before, will say it again - these stats mean sweet F-all so long as you're consistently finishing when in front of goal and you keep it tight at the back. They're the sort of Spursy stats which certain fans use to console themselves when Robert Huth sh*t-houses us a 1-0 win at White Hart Lane with one of only 2 shots on target on our way to the title.
  10. Turkish fans aren't nearly as annoying though. Plus there are proportionately plenty more in Leicester and I've noticed they're taking a greater interest in the team, which can only be a good thing. At least if they start saying we'll "win the hair" with Caglar, it will border on making sense with his barnet.
  11. We could honestly just post that South Park episode where the entire town is obsessed with dick size and interchange it for this conversation.
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