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  1. It sums up how much the format has been weakened that one of us could very well end up in the semis despite having the shooting accuracy of a goon in a Spaghetti Western. This whole second round of fixtures has been plagued by teams playing for a point, because they know that a win in the final round almost guarantees progression. It's like getting a medal at Sports Day just for participating. Portugal - Germany today, and Italy's performance were the only games that told me anybody is taking this tournament seriously except the underdogs. UEFA better sort it out next t
  2. It's reassuring to know that Danny Murphy doesn't just talk crap where Leicester are concerned, but is in fact a black hole of modern football knowledge in general.
  3. Game of the tournament this, Portugal are defensively wank but at least they attack with intent.
  4. Agree with all this, except the defensive comparison. I've been pretty happy with Mings and Stones defensively so far. The problem is that Southgate is afraid to back then to do a job and bring the fullbacks forward more regularly to bolster what is, frankly, a garbage and powderpuff midfield. It's another example of him not backing players that aren't his favourites - in this case Maguire - to do a job. It's an insult to the abilities of the best English centre back in the Prem last year, and someone who had a solid year for a much-improved Villa. The fact we were played off the m
  5. Don't think we've got the gonads to make it into the deep reaches of the tournament to tell you the truth. Mount made me incredibly angry today - 90 minutes of getting turned over and failing to beat the first man again and again (Stones header aside), then happy to go have a laugh and a giggle with Gilmour at full time. He made you look a tool Mason. And this is the oldest rivalry in world sport. Scotland got a point because they were up for the fight, we dropped two (probably deserved to drop all three) because we treated it as a kickabout with our mates. Honestly, be
  6. 2022 Pre-season tour to the USA, playing Rochester, Charlotte, NY City and NY Red Bulls? Yes. Please.
  7. Germany are super-beatable right now. Assuming they even progress from their group, I'd probably put them on a par with the Croatia team we just beat fairly comfortably.
  8. FWIW, I actually had a similar (albeit lesser) injury during a casual game a few weeks back. Got the ball point-blank in the face and it skimmed my open eye. Was rather unpleasant and went more than a full day with no sight in my right eye, but within a fortnight it had fully recovered, though admittedly i'm still sensitive to excessive brightness in it even now. Here's hoping Timothy's bash is similar, though clearly it's of greater magnitude if they need to operate. It's fookin' scary to lose your sight even temporarily, so I have my fingers crossed he's able to make a similar re
  9. The situation with the helicopter definitely crossed my mind during that awful situation. Poor man's been front-row to a lot of horrible things in his life in the seemingly innocuous role of a professional goalkeeper. Like everyone said, football comes second today, and honestly he was far from the only Denmark player to be seemingly affected by the situation. Love the bloke.
  10. Ward had an excellent game. He hasn't ever put a foot wrong for us in his appearances either. In the post Kasper era, he's our number one for me, all day.
  11. Why the fook can't the England lads sing their hearts out like that? Quality. Though ngl, was half expecting Darth Vader to show up midway through Turkey's anthem.
  12. yeah i'm not crying you're crying anyway, Soyuncu masterclass incoming
  13. Shame really, if they got Delia involved to do the cooking, those hot dog swallowing contests would be decent. Jokes aside, just goes to show how fast a huge chunk of clubs are to sell their soul to relatively unknown overseas betting firms the moment the cash is wafted before them. Said it at the time, but while some here have their reservations at FBS being a stocks company, that's still far and away preferable to the murky underworld of the Asian gambling market.
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