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  1. Just call up Ings and be done with it. I want Vards fit and firing for us when the Champion's League comes calling.
  2. Well, guessing there isn't much in the way of LCFC fans in Toronto then! On the off chance anyone sees this, you'll be able to find me in the Football Factory on Bathurst & Richmond West if you fancy watching the Southampton match with a fresh-faced ex-pat 😎
  3. Bumping this one - I arrive in Toronto on Friday and would love to catch the Southampton match on my first morning in the city! Anyone know a decent place I can watch over some breakfast, or planning to watch themselves?
  4. Meanwhile I'm STILL processing the fact that Paul Konchesky wasn't actually bald
  5. Pffft, speak for yourself, I would WAY rather win silverware than guarantee an extra 4-6 points in the league. It's not like it's even really cost us. We're sat in second, 12 clear of 5th, but realistically Liverpool are uncatchable and were even before our recent poor results. Win the cup and guarantee Europa before Spring, with a view to then bettering it with a Champions League finish? Absolute no-brainer.
  6. Everton fans acting like appointing Ancelotti is going to instantly turn them into a Champions League club / title contender. Yeah, just like the half a billion pounds they've spent on gash over the past 5 years has really helped them progress. It's going to take years to properly overhaul that squad.
  7. Rodgers for England, purely because it will wind up the Celtic lot even more.
  8. Welcome to FoxesTalk. You need to remember a few things to thrive here: It's always Wellens' fault Kermo was decent Preki will eventually lead us to glory The Fighting C*ck is a great place to go to feel better about your life Chris Powell is sex on legs Sousa Out Sven Out Pearson Out Ranieri Out Shakey Out Puel Out Rodgers In Chris Sutton, Charlie Nicholas, Phil McNulty, Paul Merson and Garth Crooks can all go eat a chode. Enjoy your stay.
  9. And so closes the self-declared "Golden Era" of Tottenham under Poch. Honours - zero. I'd honestly put good money on them going on to win something now, maybe next season - not the title or the UCL, maybe a domestic cup or Europa. Something was just very off about the mentality he instilled in his players - as far as the "Spursy" joke goes, there's no smoke without fire. It's absolutely worth noting that, even despite constant accusations of having "lost it", Mourinho is IMO the most successful manager to have taken the reigns of a shite Man Utd. side who had already been in freefall in the few years since Fergie left. He won the Europa League and finished second in the space of two seasons, all while being criticised from all quarters. Sounds familiar tbh
  10. Morgan is fine as a stand-in. We had this discussion last season, then he was suddenly the dog's doo-dahs when he got drafted in and scored in back-to-back games. I have absolutely no worries that he can still do the business, though we all accept that Caglar and Jonny are our first choice pairing.
  11. If the Thailand trip is anything to go by, i'd strongly recommend that you lump on Leicester Galacticos win the IPL here and now.
  12. 2014/15 Home 2009/10 Home (shame about the big Joma logo but it's a sponsorless LCFC shirt) Last season's grey kit was gorgeous.
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