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  1. So we treat the rest of the season (if it happens) as if it's the Euros? Honestly, as amazing a spectacle as it would be, I don't see a chance in hell of it happening. There's no way they could justify playing games at the same time as a tournament that was cancelled for the same reason, unless maybe it was done entirely behind closed doors. I honestly think this season is a write-off. Now as long as bellsniffs like Collymore don't get their way and the current positions are honoured, we can get back to normality with a bit of club European football in the late summer. 😌
  2. You mean we're gonna win the league when it finally resumes next season?
  3. Let's be real, the season is done. Finito. Over. There's no way they're going to be able to justify playing the remaining games over the summer, considering they've cancelled the Euros over the same time period. My hope is that the club can organise a few friendlies behind closed doors to maintain squad sharpness, and reconvene for pre-season when (presumably) the threat has died down a bit in the summer. It would be nice to ease back into games in front of crowds with something light-hearted where we can just show our appreciation and relief that football is even back - for example, I can't think of a better opportunity for that Andy King testimonial than at the start of pre-season next year, before he inevitably moves on. Could have proceeds going towards charities or something that would benefit from it, especially medical ones currently working their arses off to keep people safe, or food banks keeping people fed while morons clear the shelves.
  4. I think it's just dawned on me quite how unprecedented and serious this all is. This is the pandemic of the 21st century. It's going to get worse before it gets better, and a reliable vaccine could be a year away at least. And that's assuming there are no mutations that make it resistant to whatever's developed - which is almost guaranteed if historic cases like Spanish Flu are anything to go by. What scares me most, reading about that particular pandemic, are the parallels. It spread rapidly through mass gatherings and modern transport (then because of World War One and troop movements, nowadays because of the sheer global interconnection we live with). And through those mass gatherings it was able to mutate through sheer rate of transmission and become far more deadly to 'healthy' members of adult society. It's absolutely feasible that the same could happen with Coronavirus. That's how viruses work unfortunately. I'm gonna just say it now - I'll be amazed if another ball is kicked in any competition this season at the very least, and the Euros are never going to happen either. The rate of spread is just too fast, even if the mortality rate is no worse than a typical winter flu. It's madness in the current situation to have any mass gatherings, let alone a cross-continental competition with constant team and fan movements between multiple countries. It's a tragedy unfolding before us, and football being cancelled is just a small corner of the societal impact this virus is having pretty much everywhere worldwide. Unless something happens very quickly to halt it, which again I can't see happening, this is going to have profound impacts on life, politics and society in a way we haven't seen since 9/11.
  5. Can't believe Coronavirus is going to potentially ruin the reuinion with Big Nige.
  6. Pukki Party status: OVER Vardy Party status: RESUMED
  7. If we're being technical, I'm pretty sure Jimmy Glass scored the winner, not the equaliser. Oh, and here's a starter for ten... who was in the dugout for Carlisle that day, in his first managerial post?
  8. Knowing this old-school doublecvnt led to Vardy's second just makes it even filthier. Shades of peak Was there. G'won the Norn Iron.
  9. Hahahaha No, try all you like, you're still a bellsniff, Chris.
  10. Crisis? What crisis? Excellent performance and, as predicted, we absolutely destroyed them the moment they were forced to attack after the second goal. Massive performances from Albrighton, Soyuncu and of course Barnes. And Vardy getting two is excellent news, as we all know well that his goals tend to come in hot streaks. Set ourselves up nicely for the final stretch of the season. NOW CHILL THE CHRISTIAN FUCHS OUT AND ENJOY THE RUN-IN, ALRIGHT FOXESTALK? I'm raising a glass of tepid, Canadian p*sswater beer to our win tonight. Which is only the second in the league since I arrived in the Big Maple two months ago (my first having been that bleedin' Southampton loss on my first morning here). You can blame me leaving for the dip in form lads.
  11. Shows how much we've missed Wilf. Been doing the job so well that I've even seen Evans on the left wing on a couple of occasions.
  12. Look, I know a lot of people here are nervy at the moment, and for good reason, but that was an excellent half against a team playing like dogs and getting 10 behind the ball at all times. I hope everyone there gets behind the lads second half, because we're potentially one goal from these having to commit men forward, which could result in a cricket score. We've made loads of chances even against a pretty staunch defense. Albrighton and Soyuncu are playing out of their skins and, but for an inch of forehead, we'd be two up courtesy of Iheanacho. I want to buy Harvey Barnes a pack of Haribo at this point. With parental permission, of course. He looks like a Starmix kinda lad.
  13. When we win tomorrow you lot are going to feel silly for being THIS worried by a result. This place is bordering on paranoia right now. Fighting Cock levels.
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