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  1. Blaming that on the band of idiots.
  2. Yeah i'll see y'all at full time when they surprise me with a turnaround - my club has already pissed me off enough today for me to want the stress.
  3. A simple way to at least attempt to bring home the reason everyone has had to keep it in their pants this past year... Sit them on the centre circle at the KP. Tell them to look around. Imagine every seat filled with a fan. Now tell them that every one of those fans died. Then tell them that you could fill the stadium twice more with dead bodies from the victims of Covid 19 in the UK. Maybe throw up a few pictures of people on life support and respirators on those big screens to really drive the point home. Plenty have been released by the NHS and other bod
  4. Christ sake, they just couldn't hold it in for six more weeks and be responsible professionals could they? As someone sat in a third lockdown with cases skyrocketing here in Toronto, it pisses me right off to see people who are potential role models throwing good work down the toilet when the UK is getting so close to putting Covid behind it. Last time anything like this happened was when Mahrez threw his hissy fit and threw Puel's team selection under the bus at the last minute. That was a turning point - for the worse - in his tenure after a positive start. I sincerel
  5. I've heard we've brought Gary Taylor Fletcher and Dean Hammond out of cold storage and signed them on an emergency bosman to be today's midfield pairing.
  6. Bricking it for some reason. It's not that i'm not confident in us getting a result, just acknowledging the magnitude of this game. Win it and I think we're nailed on for the top four, lose it and we're in official squeaky-arse territory. Proper six-pointer. Hope the lads have more bottle than me.
  7. Smashing Spurs in front of our first crowd of the season to confirm Top 4? If Carlsberg did Football and all that... Then again, I thoroughly hope we go into that game without it on the line like last season! A celebration of our team, a la the QPR 5-1 in the Great Escape season, would be a wonderful welcome back for the fans.
  8. I'm kind of on the other side of the debate with that one. I think in order to be taken seriously, they ought to have the right to share the badge and name of the Men's team. It shows ambition to be treated in a professional and serious manner, rather than just as an afterthought. Besides, for the few teams that have gone down that road, it sounds naff and rather American. They beat London Bees to claim the title for Christ's sake. I know they're trying to riff off the kit of a rather unfashionable club in that they groundshare with Barnet, but those wacky "showbiz" names never really sit
  9. Ah well, it is what it is. I think we played good stuff at times. We aren't gonna have a tougher test than that for the rest of the season, plus Chelsea's result left it as even more of a free hit. We move on.
  10. Kinda works both ways too though - I think if our lads hadn't harried him following Fernandinho's shot, that lino's flag never goes up and VAR finds some BS excuse to give the goal. Definitely a bit of a paper hand. Been a while since we even had a proper shout for a penalty, let alone won one, so it would be interesting to happen if Vards or Kele get the ball to feet in a packed box, something that hasn't really happened yet with us playing deep for a killer pass.
  11. I'm looking more at Albrighton and Amartey as potential issues against their pace, but if both play to their full abilities I have confidence that they can snub out most of the danger that comes their way.
  12. Think there's a lack of mobility in there, but hoping Big Dan plays out of his skin. Still see this game as a free shot, so go out there and make us proud boys! Chelsea's result earlier has chilled me right out, so it's Que Sera Sera. Suengchitthawon on the bench! Been doing well for the youth setup, and regardless of what happens it would be amazing to see the first Thai player in the player league on the weekend of what would have been Vichai's birthday. Come on lads!
  13. Started going again in the League 1 Relegation season, and was too young to properly remember many games at Filbert Street (except the last one), so most of these are from our mad rise. Leeds Home (1-0, 2009) - first time I witnessed a BIG goal, and Stevie Howard was my hero at the time anyway. Never heard a roar like it at the footy before, we went mad. I was on the opposite end of the ground in the family stand, but I can still see Steve leaping to bury it, clear as day, in my mind now. You knew it was in the moment he left the ground. ❤️ Hereford Away (1-3, 20
  14. That little? Man, I could have sworn he played every game after he arrived in March.
  15. Just seen in the overseas XI thread in a joke XI, but Astrid Adjaravic I actually thought he was pretty good for us in League One, was disappointed he wasn't kept around when we went up .
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