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  1. Prone to splashing cucumber raita on his face while serving, was he?
  2. One of the more worthwhile politicians - and one of the minority who could express political opinions without resorting to dogma, jargon and platitudes. I can remember her on the TV screen as a Labour cabinet minister when I was a schoolboy in the 70s - and as a Lib Dem spokesperson on Question Time not long ago. Can't be many who've been knocking around for so long......Ken Clarke but he was an unknown backbencher in the 70s, Hattersley but he seems to have disappeared, that pompous prat David Owen still pops up occasionally....
  3. Stokes is an oatcake-chomping, pottery-fabricating interloper......
  4. Whose team, Stokes, whose team. You need to cut out the grammatical errors, ya oatcake-chomping looser!
  5. Shocking news - and desperately unlucky if he was (presumably) young and at a time when the pandemic is waning. Sorry to hear about this upset for you and close family.
  6. I don't understand all this talk of class. My butler brings elevenses at 11am, tiffin at 4pm and supper at 9pm. We're both happy with that arrangement and are both working-class chaps. In long-ago grape-picking days, they served breakfast at 7am and casse-croûte ("break-crust") at 9-9.30am. Breakfast was before work and was bread & jam and coffee. Casse-croûte was dried sausage, dark chocolate and rough red wine, eaten/drunk in the vines after a couple of hours of work......this country needs casse-croûte.
  7. "James, Ayo and Hamza are having a party. Bring your manbags and your barnet"
  8. He looked well enough commenting on Chelsea's result last week..... Oh, you mean the other Big Phil....
  9. If so, that's a sad reflection on the men of today (if men are her preference).
  10. Attractive lady, I'm sure, but those rabbits are a bit offputting. Does she use them as minders to ward off unwanted attention? They look seriously sinister and aggressive.
  11. So, you're halfway to a (c)hardonn eh?
  12. I suspect that there might have been the odd hint of a difference between Philip's views and mine, but I also suspect I'd have enjoyed a night out with him more than with most other royals, celebrities or politicians. Maybe it says something about my enjoyment of naff jokes (help me, @Izzy), but I found his risqué wisecracks highly amusing - and bet he was a good laugh off duty. This one was my favourite, I think: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2010/sep/16/prince-philip-tory-tartan-knickers (Credit to the Scottish Tory for her retort, too)..... "The sub
  13. Almost certainly would have done, I imagine. The Queen Mother got a standard 100th birthday card from her daughter, just slightly personalised..... https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2000/aug/05/queenmother.monarchy#:~:text=The card from the Queen,sword as a letter opener. Would've been a bit out of order if she'd sent a card to everyone else who hit 100, including her mother.....but not her husband.
  14. Perhaps he confused Prince Philip with Daniel Day-Lewis?
  15. No way. Quite apart from the inaccurate sequencing, he's not been clear about which Philip he meant. Prince Philip? Philip Green? Philip Larkin? At least he made it clear that he didn't mean Phillip Schofield, as he spells his name with a double "ll".
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