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  1. I'm surprised more hasn't been made of the idea that we voted against project big picture because we weren't one of the 'top 6' clubs who it benefits rather than because of some selfless vote against the powers that be
  2. Most impressive thing about him is his mentality. He’s so composed and confident in what’s he’s doing in a way that Chilwell never was. not saying he’ll reach Chilwell’s level but his temperament and mindset is too class and he has the tools and potential to make it to the top.
  3. Saved us £20m easily on a replacement. Far better than William Carvalho would’ve been for that price
  4. I don’t think it would necessarily improve the quality of English players - you’d just get now championship quality players playing in the PL and the general standard would drop
  5. We played without a striker until 60 minutes - Barnes was marking Partey. It was clear the plan was to frustrate arsenal for an hour then get Vardy on And try and get something. with the introduction of Vardy and Under the press was much higher up the pitch and much more aggressive. Lots of criticism for Brendan for not having a game plan against the bigger clubs but it seems to be working at the moment.
  6. Thought Praet played the Matt Oakley role well
  7. If he can’t get in ahead of a 35 year old sol bamba he’s got no chance of making it
  8. I think we’re hugely fortunate to have Susan Whelan here
  9. Work for a Waitrose in posh central London. Customers where money is no object would drop up to £1000 on a shop just in case they needed/fancied something. We were basically restocking a whole shop every day. Dread to think what a 2nd lockdown + Christmas shopping would do. oh and John Lewis is tanking so despite everyone’s hard work we’ve stil somehow made a loss this year
  10. Justin was also on congertons leaked list of Celtic targets before coming here so likely to have heavily influenced that transfer
  11. Over the past 18-24 months we’ve been one of the best run clubs in the world and I would imagine there’s 20 clubs in this country who will look at how we’ve developed and look to emulate it. We have a reputation of playing hard ball in selling our players and will only do so when it’s in our best interest. We regularly give key players new deals that recognise their development and quality and we play a relatively attractive style of football. We threw away CL football which is a blotch on the record but that would’ve been overachieving compared to where we would expect to be anyway
  12. this is a worryingly sparse pre-season. I remember summer 2016 when there were lots of rumours we were smashing it in behind closed doors friendlies after only 4 official matches and we barely started that season off well...
  13. Young inexperienced team lose momentum with a mid season break and injuries. young inexperienced midfielder loses ball in silly area and we lose. hopefully we’ll be back better and wiser next season.
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