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  1. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    I await David Conn's opinion on this
  2. Diego Maradona

    I spent some time in Argentina back end of last year and the general consensus there was that yes Messi is an outstanding player but he's not considered on the same level as Maradona, and never will be unless he wins the world cup this year. Maradona, at least in the eyes of the Argentinians I spoke with, won't be surpassed and is almost a demigod
  3. Ben Chillwell - How far will he go?

    A quick wiki search shows he’s 1 year ahead development wise than Danny Rose was at his age. Definitely has a lot to work on but the potential is there
  4. another school shooting

    Is that really an environment you would like to send your kids to though? It would just normalise the use of guns in everyday life even more
  5. Charities

    Just at a basic level, money that is being raised/donated to further women’s rights/gender equality/combatting gender based violence being spent on prostitues is frankly disgusting. As said above, I don’t particularly think charity execs are paid too much. They have a very difficult and stressful job and compared to salaries of private companies it’s pittance. Yes it is somewhat expected to earn less in this sector, but there’s still a baseline pay required to attract people - it can’t just rely on altruism.
  6. Iborra could face a six year ban from football

    http://www.marca.com/en/football/spanish-football/2018/02/13/5a835f6de2704ed7658b45cb.html 2 years prison (usually suspended for first time offenders in Spain) and 6 yearban. Ander Herrera and Gabi also involved
  7. It’s pretty incredible how he’s developed these players over such a short space of time, making only 1 signing himself.
  8. Do any other countries have 2 domestic cups? I know Copa del Rey is 2 legged but don’t think that’s so competitive as the FA cup for example. I assumed that was why we need to play more games over the festive period.
  9. Benalouane is unhappy

    Never seen a pro so honoured to be made captain of the u23s #yb29pablopicasso
  10. Well done the Thais

    Since the Kante debacle seems the owners are keen to show we won't be messed around. Clubs will know not to piss around with low-ball offers because we aren't going to entertain them. Still can't see Mahrez being worth less than £55m in the summer anyway
  11. Should the darts and other sports ban 'walk on girls'?

    Sooner we (both men and women) stop using women as sexual objects the better in my opinion and will go someway to alleviating gender power inequalities
  12. Football Manager 2018

    yep I'm still playing 17 but got Forest Green promoted to League 2 and had a decent start, offered the Burton job and just keep them in the championship on goal difference then got the Serbia job off the back of it... ranked 15th in the world
  13. Dragovic

    Looks a good footballer and could see him definitely taking Huth's squad place in the summer. Very composed on the ball and can pick out a pass forward if it's on. Really seems to fit in with Puel's style and can see him ousting Morgan now. Not the tallest though so could be susceptible in the air if we (especially with Simpson) insist on allowing wide players space to cross. I understood this as a tactic with Huth and Morgan who aerially would bully most forwards, but less so with a Maguire/Dragovic partnership.
  14. Slimani

    Came on here to say the same thing. The way he berates his team mates if they don't move the ball exactly where he wants it is ridiculous. Sort of thing not picked up by the cameras but first half he had prolonged arguments with Fuchs, Benalouane and Gray. You could say 'passion' or 'leadership' but no this was just a bit of a twat having a pop at anyone who wouldn't give him the ball. Unfortunately Slim isn't good enough to warrant being such a bell and I don't think it would endear him to his teammates either
  15. Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    Have you not read the forum rules? Basic foxestalk etiquette that we only have a ratings thread when Mahrez has a shocker. Ask a mod to add you to the conspiracy against mahrez email thread we have every week