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  1. That's sort of my argument. Our successes have been based on consistency and having Gibson and Maguire would require fair rotation to keep Morgan/Huth happy. I'd just be surprised if we played at least until January without either Morgan/Huth as a starting centre back. And it's going to be a difficult decision which to drop.
  2. Who's defence included Fuchs with vast international and continental experience, and Huth and Simpson with a good amount of premier league experience each
  3. if they only want a striker who scores goals may as well have signed Yakubu
  4. If we signed both they likely have 1/3rd of the season split between them? We spend £40m+ on defenders then they really have to play the majority of the time
  5. Do we really want a defensive pairing both aged 24 with limited Premier League experience? I'd be ok having Smalling or Evans as a partner for Maguire but a Gibson-Maguire partnership may be a little inexperienced?
  6. That grin
  7. my experience based on academic presentations rather than business so may not all apply, but my general rules: Use numbers 1) rather than bullet points as it's easier to refer to whilst talking Max 5 points no more than 7/8 words each slide. Use images/tables/graphs where appropriate. Don't just throw in a table for the sake of it and make sure you talk about it if it's there. Practise. Practise. Practise. If they've given you 15 minutes practise it through to make sure it's 15 minutes. Don't settle for 'well 16 is close enough'. If there's a particular part you always struggle on slow down when you get there I like to set an image/photograph as the background and set the transparency to 50-75%. Maybe less appropriate here though When you really want to push home a point, as someone said earlier, black text on white background can be very effective. Finally once you've plugged in the USB, drag your slides to the desktop and run it from there. USBs can sometimes malfunction at the worst time...
  8. wasn't everybody excited by Hernandez's passing stats last year though?
  9. ben hamer is perfect for MLS
  10. If you saw the keeper diving then place it down the middle, by chipping it you're nothing but a willy puller no matter what you tell yourself. Anthony Knockaert managed ok as a Frenchman here also
  11. sponsored by Leisure Leagues. Sounds legit
  12. they had a lot riding on this game, was very much a dead rubber for us and we pushed them all the way. If we carry this run into next season we'll be top 4 contenders.
  13. 2 in every position and 3 goalkeepers
  14. Our aim should be to challenge with Saints and Everton to at least try and keep up with the pack
  15. what a player and what a man