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  1. Klopp just trying to manufacture a headline so we talk about that rather than how shit his side managed that game
  2. The players we were looking at were Eriksen and Odegaard and there’s no one in the 23s anywhere close to that calibre
  3. We’re almost certain to win now then
  4. I know a few at Burton and he was really highly rated there they were desperate to get him in permanently and his injury was a big loss for them. He’s had a few big injuries now though so hope it all works out for him
  5. I thought he’d be a superb fit at Burnley in both character and style. Maybe the reputation around his character preceded him however
  6. I can see what our scouts saw in him - it’s just not quite happening for him here and there’s definite questions over his body’s ability to handle the requirements of the PL and EL
  7. Should have saved it. But Evans shouldn’t have been dragged out and let Mendy close down Amartey should’ve been more dominant Tielemans should’ve stayed with his man and not get involved with Benteke
  8. We need the premier league equivalent to Dean Hammond
  9. I'm surprised more hasn't been made of the idea that we voted against project big picture because we weren't one of the 'top 6' clubs who it benefits rather than because of some selfless vote against the powers that be
  10. Most impressive thing about him is his mentality. He’s so composed and confident in what’s he’s doing in a way that Chilwell never was. not saying he’ll reach Chilwell’s level but his temperament and mindset is too class and he has the tools and potential to make it to the top.
  11. Saved us £20m easily on a replacement. Far better than William Carvalho would’ve been for that price
  12. I don’t think it would necessarily improve the quality of English players - you’d just get now championship quality players playing in the PL and the general standard would drop
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