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  1. We’ll be looking to the future so that when those u21s reach the threshold we won’t end up with 27/28 senior players and forced to lose some, probably at reduced cost
  2. Get him more first team experience, big contract then sell for more than what Brentford are offering us right now
  3. If I have to cross, I’ve already made a mistake. Kasper Schmeichel
  4. Very true. However giving poor kids a football shirt isn’t going to change those dynamics either
  5. Tight ship not even a lot of rumours flying about. I’d rather we quietly went about our business rather than it all being out in the papers everyday (although I’d imagine a lot in here would prefer that)
  6. Richard


    Would be a stop gap signing for 2 years until we find someone better& younger
  7. Does it not say he admitted to breaching the rules? Unlike Hennessy and he didn’t try and argue it the FA can hardly turn a blind eye if the player admits they’ve done wrong?
  8. thought he looked knackered from about 60 onwards
  9. Pep with Chilwell. Ben looks looks he couldn't give a shit what he has to say
  10. We can sure be proud of that performance. I even said to the tv "go on shoot you're never scoring from there". You can't legislate for the centre back putting it top corner from 35 yards when he's never scored from outside the box before
  11. Richard

    Papy Mendy

    Crazy how far we've (and the PL in general I guess) come since signing Ulloa for that and us thinking it was massive
  12. was a very similar goal to Walcott's at the weekend
  13. Richard

    Papy Mendy

    If we could get 12-15m that's the difference between an iheanacho level striker and someone actually good
  14. He certainly didn’t get away with it on Diego Costa. What a moment though
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