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  1. sponsored by Leisure Leagues. Sounds legit
  2. they had a lot riding on this game, was very much a dead rubber for us and we pushed them all the way. If we carry this run into next season we'll be top 4 contenders.
  3. 2 in every position and 3 goalkeepers
  4. Our aim should be to challenge with Saints and Everton to at least try and keep up with the pack
  5. what a player and what a man
  6. start of the season I said top half and past the group stage in the CL... Somehow despite being shit for so much of the season we're actually on course to surpass those expectations
  7. we had dylan watts on the bench who we signed at the start of the season on the bench. 20 years old and midfielder so staff must think we had something to gain by playing hammond
  8. honorary life members of the CL
  9. #yb29
  10. The Premier League is a bubble and the greater it expands, the bigger its collapse will be
  11. Definitely, don't think they'd sell both in 1 window though. Also quite short for a defender so not sure how well he'd fit with what we currently expect from ours
  12. They really struggled to deal effectively with the long throws. Shame Huth will be missing in the 2nd leg
  13. Let's be honest wasyl isn't playing for us again so what a send off it'd be for him to plant one on the ****. Not sure about the rest of your post mind...
  14. The brief for last night was to make sure there's still a still in the home leg. Definite success. First 20 we looked nervous, over-awed and generally gave them too much respect. We looked shit scared everytime the ball came near us. 2nd leg at a rocking KP, anything is possible...
  15. I had a fantastic save with Athletic on FM15. The game makes it a bit easier for you and limits the players in the Player Search function to only Basque ones. You usually have a decent budget, but it's an effort to get the top players to come (e.g. Griezmann, Inigo Martinez, Javi Martinez) so you really have to trawl your B and C squads for potential, re-train players for different positions. A much different experience to any other club