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  1. Richard

    Claudio to Fulham

    If he can harness their attacking talent whilst fixing their defence they'll do well this season. However their defence has been truly shocking so far
  2. Richard

    Problem with the premier league....

    I say let them have their European super league to launder the worlds dirty money with all the turgid debate panel shows debating pogba for hours.
  3. This gets overlooked so often. Even when we won the title we one-nilled from the Etihad onwards (blasphemy I know). The only decent football after that we played was Swansea and Everton, we just had the momentum.
  4. We have seasoned pros not getting anywhere near the 18 so there will undoubtedly be grumbling in the squad. King and Simpson (and Jakupovic) are still here, very connected to the very senior players (Morgan, Schmeichel) and probably the owners too. I would imagine a lot of the disgruntlement is coming from these fringe players who Puel obviously doesn’t want here. Last season we had Ulloa and Slimani in a similar position also.
  5. Richard

    Chilwell 2024

    We must be paying him, Ndidi, Maguire etc a huge wedge unless they’ve got release clauses for them to want to commit so long given how hardball we are with outgoings.
  6. Tbf Burnley should’ve had at least 1 of those decisions go their way. Their defending for the Bernardo goal was laughable
  7. Richard

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Chalobah came on to tighten the midfield. Maddison would have come on and defended the whole time which is hardly his skill set. People can criticise Nations League but both sides really wanted to win that and you could tell the loss really hurt Spain.
  8. Richard

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2002/03

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 134 seconds  
  9. Richard

    LCFC Adidas Adult's Stadium Parka

    £90 if you really like it as a coat https://www.kitlocker.com/products/adidas-stadium-18-parka-black-white-4-p?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8tab9-v23QIVJjbTCh1zsQFEEAQYASABEgLb5PD_BwE
  10. Richard

    Is Messi the best ever ?

    The Argentinians generally say Maradona>Messi
  11. Richard

    Square pegs, round holes and unbalanced

    You’ve quoted two people who’ve been dead almost 40 years. You can also find that Cloughie quote which is in a similar vein - from a man who’s only contribution to the Premier League is to get relegated.
  12. Richard

    Everton (H) Match Thread

  13. There used to be the exact same arguments about Watford and the Pozzos on here, give it 18 months and the next promoted club with underhand owners (tbh much like ours) will come along. Like The Bear has said most of the championship is trying to get that competitive edge, it’s just that they did it better. Even Bournemouth massively failed FFP when they came up and we generally saw them as a great miracle from league 2 journey.
  14. Away at Newcastle? I know they’re in a bit of turmoil but away at St James’ is never an easy fixture
  15. Richard

    Diabate - What should we do?

    His debut heaped a reasonable amount of pressure, when he’s not actually all that good. He could still come good but looks like he was about worth the ~£3m we paid for him.