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  1. He has a really weird throw in technique, like he can’t be arsed to throw it properly but still gets it 10-15 yards
  2. Gray was having a big ol’ chat with Tammy Abraham after the game and Perez was having a grin with Azpilicueta too, the camera just didn’t focus on those because there’s not a narrative there. Maybe Demarai and Perez are going to be replacing Pedro and Willian?
  3. We have nothing to lose throwing big Wes up top doesn’t mean it’s a good idea
  4. Foxestalk public enemy #1 Steve Beaglehole was also their U21s Manager for a few years too
  5. It's easy to criticise the club for not getting players out on loan, but maybe clubs just don't want our players? Or we need to be selective on where players go? It didn't help Sam Hughes going to sit on Salford's bench, it didn't help Kapustka sitting on OHL's bench and it likely wouldn't help someone like Darnell Johnson if the only takers were L2 clubs
  6. Yep can see him going Arsenal/West Ham/Everton out of desperation on their behalf. For that fee and wages it’s a no from me, especially as he’s somewhat downed tools this season.
  7. Someone needs to pick the balls up after training
  8. I'd echo all of this except Arteta is still completely unproven and managing at Arsenal with arguably the worst fanbase in the country is different role to being Pep's number 2. And Chelsea are building something really good there, especially going forwards but think Lampard brings them down. We need some serious squad filling if we're to challenge for top 4 again with Champions League too
  9. Who on earth are the commentators on the Facebook stream, borderline unprofessional levels of bias
  10. single pivot (ndidi) double pivot (2 of Ndidi/Tielemans/Praet) with Maddison in #10 3 man defence midfield diamond with 2up top. all of the above have been seen this season so how many more plans do we need? Or do we mean sign a big ****er to flick the ball on to nobody?
  11. It’s when the passing player makes contact with the ball when the video is stopped and the frame taken from there. Yes there’s margin for error with frame rates etc but it is a clear and consistent rule used by the officials
  12. Only we can be 3rd (and 6 clear of 4th) in the league with 11 games left and have fans insinuating we’ll be relegated next season
  13. Richard

    Adam Lallana

    Rotation option with Maddison for the #10 slot, nobody else at the club can really play that role. Tielemans is much better with the game infront of him as a #8 rather than playing on the half turn. And he can play inside left too. Oh and vast Premier League, Champions League and International experience, the manager knows him and his personality well. Oh and he'll cost no transfer fee.
  14. Let's be honest, a player like Tielemans wouldn't be with us if he was a rounded player. He'd be at City/Real Madrid it's his flaws and inconsistency which means he's here
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