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  1. Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Is the commentator related to Shane long or something? He's been aboslute shite yet is getting so much praise
  2. Adidas

    Why do we actually have the gold? What’s the significance with gold and Thai culture? (Genuine question)
  3. Name a better option than puel

    Dyche how anyone disappointed with Puels style wants him is ridiculous Benitez - desperately wants to stay at Newcastle he just needs funds. Family settled there, huge fan base, everyone loves him. If he left he could walk into a bigger job than us. Also his side's are also boring and players don't often like his methods (familiar?) Tuchel - no chance Bielsa - would be a laugh and he's crazy and we'd probably be entertaining. However his club record is arguably more miss than hit. Also doesn't speak English (I don't think) so we'd all be bored to death in his interviews as if thats actually a genuine gripe to have about a manager. Howe - would be alright but unproven away from the south coast where he's very settled. Not sure he's a step up Jokanovic/Carvahal/etc etc - not really a step up? Jaap Stam was also impressive for 1 season in the championship. Would welcome anymore suggestions
  4. Pre Season - any word?

    Probs play Burton again
  5. unrest in the squad

    I think Sven is probably available
  6. Hamza and Silva

    Hamza was very confident for a first PL start. Always looking for the ball, never hiding and didn't let a few mistakes stop that. However he needs more time and possibly to beef up a bit too. Silva still not used to the tempo and pressing of the Pl. However I was impressed with his organising and leadership on the pitch and he's a fiesty f***er for his size and style. Ndidi comes in the Hamza for me, bit he should get more time over the next 5 games
  7. Name a better option than puel

    Hopefully those wanting Dyche saw yesterday's game. Atrocious 'style' of football and we were much more attractive. And surely that's the only argument for actually wanting Puel out?
  8. The final 6: The race for 7th.

    So much this. Does anyone really think the players are that bothered about it that they'd be losing 2 weeks off of their holidays to play on some shithouse artificial pitch in Belarus on a Thursday night only to get ripped to shreds a la West ham/Everton if they don't perform?
  9. Full backs who can pass and cross?

    Chilwell is defiant in his crossing, doesn’t mean they’re any good
  10. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Problem with South American young players is work permits. The quality of Brazil/Argentina means anyone were likely to be after will have no chance of senior international football to meet work permit criteria. I believe rules are more lenient in la Liga and serie A. Incidentally we could have the same issue signing EU players post-Brexit too
  11. Gareth clearly doesn't fancy Shelvey, he's a far better footballer than Livermore but he has the potential to be a big liability. He'd prefer someone reliable with a 'good' personality than a loose cannon. Goalkeeper, a third CB and both central midfield are the obvious weaknesses. Assuming we go with a Chelsea/Tottenham style 3-4-2-1shape Maguire, Stones, Rose, Walker, Sterling, Alli, Kane all nailed on starters for me
  12. Vardy

    True if it works for him. I also feared the way we held him together through the 15/16 run-in - constant injections etc may have taken its toll long term but seems to have been ok
  13. Vardy

    That’s the worry for me. His diet is terrible and does almost no gym work
  14. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Forster is shit. Lascelles would be a great signing though
  15. LCFC Internationals 2017/18

    Southgate pretty much admitted Welbeck is only in the squad because Kane is injured... the other options are Ashley Barnes or Glen Murray! Perhaps Solanke or Abraham but their development would surely be better served with u21s no idea the issues people have with the inclusion of Stones and Rose Hart will go to the WC even if he’s 2nd choice, his experience could be useful. And who exactly do we have to replace Henderson, Lallana, and Livermore? I’m certainly not Wilshere’s biggest fan but he is in reasonsble form recently