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  1. Similarly, what would you find if you dredged up Gray's ratings from the last 2 seasons (18-19, 19-20)? edit: having looked at 18-19, Gray was consistently the lowest rated player for matches alongside Ghezzal and Kels... and considerably lower than Albrighton's 5.6 on occasions
  2. Gotta disagree there - statistically we are a much better team with him in, and forget the objective, subjectively for me he is mr consistent, has such a good understanding and relationship with so many players and works his balls off every game. Yes not the most technically blessed player, but he does what he does and he does it fvckin well
  3. Just wanted to say a big thankyou as I've managed to source a 1660 super at close to MSRP
  4. Appreciate it man, will give it a spin 👍
  5. Looking for a pretty standard build atm for both uni work and gaming but getting my hands on a GPU of any quality at a normal price is proving impossible. Ideally wanted a 3060 but seeming impossible, for now would settle for a 2060 or even 1660 super at a fair price. Any tips on getting hold of any stock at all?
  6. Interesting, potentially the team and benko knew the actual 11 and him in the starting lineup was a red herring, who knows but certainly bold
  7. Surely if he wasn't match fit you'd know this when teams are announced, and not with 30 mins to kick off 😂
  8. Sorry but this punditry from crouch and humphreys has been dreadful so far 😂 like them both but its so error strewn
  9. Harsh... could imagine some would've wanted to vote that after Palace though
  10. For me, if we have Ricardo back end of last season we get champions league, December level Justin I wouldn't be so bold... both excellent options, but Ricardo is as consistent in defence as he is in attack and for me from 2018 - March 2019 was the best all round right back in the league
  11. This Leeds team must be so frustrating - so sloppy at times, giving the ball away at the back constantly
  12. This is precisely what I do 😂 like whatever I'm doing the office will be on in the background
  13. What has Vards done to you? Please share because judging from your posts today you're not his biggest fan 😂
  14. I'll never understand people who buy based on the age on the plate ahead of quality features and spec level. As I work as an engineer I see alot of test vehicles that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost, have gone through the burn in period and are rock solid quality motors - I have more grief testing brand new engines from the OEM than I ever have or will working on a broken in 20k mile engine anytime
  15. I'd say even the overwhelming majority, at least 95% in my wonderful Tesco Beaumont Leys, manage the mask wearing inside - and those that don't and appear* young and healthy and don't wear one get a quizzical look. I know some of the grimmest people live here and even they seem to be managing * Even though they appear healthy they may well have perfectly fine reasoning and I certainly don't bother to stop and question. If anyone is at most risk of catching it in that environment its those not taking precautions, so I'd like to hope they've got good reasoning. I've even seen folk
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