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  1. Well that's rude 😂 bit late to the convo but I show my car so therefore have it lowered with a splitter, if i go anymore than 5mph I rip off hundreds of pounds of kit and throw away my hobby. If its any consolation I then floor it to yhe next one to leave plenty of room
  2. Like Praet alot, but what I notice is he starts the game a world beater and the longer it goes on the less I notice he's even on the pitch... more than capable back up comfortable stepping in anytime I'd think, a bit tougher and more consistent and he's a real player
  3. I'm re binging how I met your mother atm and no regrets... sex education is great, stranger things too and easy watching Brooklyn 99
  4. Sure it was maddison but I was too incensed to remember 😂 was blatant, reminded me of cags against liverpool, ball didn't go out for ages and no check, the commentator even passed comment a goalkeeper would be proud of that save ffs
  5. Did anyone else think we should have had a blatant second pen for hand ball when maddison hit one from outside the box? Lent into it, moved his arm and blocked it but no VAR check or anything
  6. Straight swap Praet for Youri, he needed a rest but otherwise our 'usual'
  7. We chant 'Champions of England you made us sing that' in reference to vichai, anyone dumb enough to have a problem with that is a cnut
  8. 2 310+ tickets for this should be a doddle I hope
  9. It's alright boys... Sky sports have us as favourites 😳😂
  10. Also a chap that looks like ozzy Osbourne who I end up near at EVERY away game and he must've taught Brodge all he knows as its constant coaching 🙄
  11. Bloke sits behind me and slates perez every 2 seconds... yesterday he wrote him off chasing down a ball before it was even played, so I now passive aggressively applaud and big up Perez everytime he does anything 😂
  12. Happy days, makes my christmas shopping a bit easier!
  13. Can anyone let me know how we're selling? And what chance do I have of 4 tickets together tomorrow 😬
  14. Don't suppose anybody has 2 310+ references? I have 2 310's and 2 305's and don't want to miss out with the 305's
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