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  1. Yeah totally and how wrong does something have to be before it’s brought to the referee’s attention? There are of course grey areas and room for interpretation and I suppose some calls are “more wrong” than others when it comes to penalties. I know the rules aren’t set out like this at the moment, but if a ref has already blown for a penalty and it looks a little bit dubious then they might as well be prompted to take another look themselves at the replay. The game has already come to a halt and so there isn’t much lost just to make sure that they’ve made the right call. I just find it hard to imagine that no one watched that replay and questioned the decision at all, I guess they have to question it with more certainty but what does that really come down to? Needs to be cleared up. Also, it is ridiculous if it’s true that they have access to fewer angles than the broadcasters - totally nonsensical.
  2. Irrespective of the Ref’s gender, what exactly makes an error ‘clear and obvious’?- not trying to be a d**k but just genuinely interested in broaching the question! I think in the case of penalties, clear and obvious seems to imply that there is something objectively wrong with the referees call, something that VAR would either definitely or likely overturn. I think if almost no one thinks it’s a penalty, then that’s probably a good indication that it’s close to being objectively wrong with regards to the interpretation of the rules on penalties, and I would take it to be a potentially clear and obvious error concerning a game changing decision. Both me and my girlfriend were almost shocked that it didn’t go to VAR. Very unusual to not even get a prompt to check it, given that it really did not look like a pen.
  3. I don’t think it’s the case that he is no longer that hard working player with the same attitude but I’ve definitely noticed a difference in preseason. Of course, it is only preseason and time well tell whether he can carry this form forwards at a higher level but he seems to have added more to his game in a way. He’s been drifting off the wing into more central positions far more, often to link up play with the central midfielders or other forwards and this approach has been far more fruitful than the dreaded, get to the byline and whip in a ball to no one in desperation which we saw so much under Puel. I’ve also noticed him picking up the ball in slightly more central positions and this has given great space to the full back whilst congesting and overloading the opposition in the middle of the park. He seems to more willing to get involved in the build-up play and also take a shot, in the past he just seemed to be an end-to-end winger, almost a wide utility man but this preseason he’s shown that he has the potential to kick on and perhaps provide more than just a steady pair of hands (or should I say feet!).
  4. oadby.fox


    Funny because Ruskin was a famous English art critic, even if without the n he is a Ruski!
  5. I think Perez might start over Gray and then it’ll be Marc/Barnes for the other position but I get the sentiment. I actually think Albrighton has been doing well though so far in preseason, he’s been more willing to cut in on his right and drift more central to allow space for Chilly to overlap, or to get involved in play closer to a Vardy. Don’t know if it’s something that Brendan has worked on with him but he definitely seems to be slightly more dynamic so far this preseason!
  6. I don’t usually buy player shirts but I really fancy a Tielemans away kit for this season... Does anyone know what date all the player shirts are usually available to buy from? Wanted to order one online for the Chelsea game
  7. If this thread gets to 250 pages and an actual deal still hasn’t been struck then the club should tell United where to stick it. It’s dragging on far too long now and it’ll only unsettle the team. I also hope they don’t waste all of the money on a panic-buy replacement, if we knew we were going to eventually sell him then we should’ve bought earlier in the window and gotten a better price. Although I always thought that’s why we bought Benkovic and Soyuncu? I hope we give them the chance and instead spunk the money on a shiny new toy (winger please).
  8. I had noticed this on google as well and thought it was strange that it hadn’t been publicised much. Will it actually go ahead? I wonder where it will be held as well.. kick about at Claude’s?
  9. Me too - unless I will be able to get tickets myself... The membership ballot for this one is supposed to have opened this morning but I don't seem to be able to enter it? Forget the latter comment.. it's opened now..
  10. Only a friendly against Scunthorpe but some of the movement and passing in the first half was really good to watch. I thought Leshabela looked confident and was really positive, I would love to see him get more game time this preseason. Will there ever be a way back for Nacho and Ghezzal? Soyuncu wasn’t really tested but looked good on the ball likewise Mendy. Nice to see Amartey playing again!
  11. Yeah exactly and whilst I can see why people are asking for "PL proven", I also notice that they are quick to dismiss the cases in which high-profile transfers between premier league teams have completely flopped (Sanchez surely one of the most recent worst) and those in which players have come from elsewhere to take the league by storm (Kante anyone?). "PL proven" is no guarantee that it is a risk free transfer, not even for extortionate wages and transfer fees. At the end of the day, a quality player will be a quality player and that is usually the case no matter which league they find themselves within. I haven't seen anything in Soyuncu or Benkovic which demonstrates that they can't make the step-up and if anything, I thought that the former looked pretty good at times when playing for us last season. If we have any intention of using either of them whatsoever then they will have to play at some point - every player has to play a first PL season at one point if they want to play in the PL, we weren't whinging about Barnes being recalled and thrown straight into the first 11 because he wasn't "PL proven". I hate the idea that we would just spunk millions on these two promising CB's for absolutely no reason whatsoever, they seem decent and there's two competing for a single place so give them a go! People act as if our defending was consistently amazing last season - it wasn't. I know we are looking to improve in all areas but I honestly feel that we will be grabbing way more goals with an ever-improving Maddison, Tielemans, Perez and a team which plays to Vardy's strengths. If it is the case that we need a CB, then surely one of the younger lads needs to be sold or loaned out and surely we can do better than the £45m touted for Dunk. I'd much rather see the money spent on a quality winger which could contribute towards 20 goals over a season and not basically use the vast majority of the Maguire fee to essentially land a slightly older downgrade. If we want to go for one of the cups then having midfielders and forwards that we can rotate will be essential in the early rounds, and obviously the deeper our bench is in this respect the more likely we will be to breeze through.
  12. I really hope this deal doesn't go through if Maguire leaves. Whilst I'm sure it wouldn't be a disaster signing, it's not exactly inspiring either. I really do think that we could better spend the £45m elsewhere and to think that Dunk could become our record signing by quite a way, meh. It is a risk but I'd much rather see Soyuncu and Benkovic given a chance. I honestly don't get the dislike for Soyuncu - I thought that he's done alright when he's had to come in, made one or two errors but they were similar errors that we see Maguire making on a regular basis. Evans was also a bit shaky at times towards the beginning of the season and he is a premier league veteran; I think with more game time we could have a very decent CB in Soyuncu. I'd much rather we just go for it by bolstering our attacking options, we're only really one major injury away from having a very average frontline and if we want to spend big on one player then it always makes sense to me to spend big in this way. I guess only time well tell.
  13. Looking back on when we first met, You played a f***ing pass that i can not forget, Youri you're the one, you still turn me on, Tielemans is coming home again! hehehe
  14. My sauces tell me we are running out of ketchup. Oh and Tielemans will be announced at 11.00 am.
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