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  1. I’ll tell you what, this Bielsa chap sounds mighty smart... if sky were to be believed then he could probably sort this whole pandemic business out on the bus home.
  2. Is it just me or does Thomas come from Syston in the Charnwood district of Leicestershire?
  3. Barnes only scores crackers doesn’t he?
  4. Unbelievable player. Forget his age - I can’t think of another defender who has been better this season. If he continues like this then I honestly think that he could be one of the best players to ever play for the club. I just hope we can keep him fit and hopefully at the club for as long as possible.
  5. Hey guys, I've been trying to get set up with DAZN but it keeps rejecting my payment as I am using a UK debit card. Seems like no one else has had this problem - is it because I am using a debit card?
  6. Very professional and comfortable so far. Knew that they’d be open at the back but thought they’d have more bite, hopefully can put this one to bed early.
  7. Yes I think that’s a good point regarding the rationale/attitude of those who would travel, even if this doesn’t apply to everyone. I wouldn’t do it myself as I just don’t think it’s worth it - If we reached the semis then I would maybe consider it and hopefully by that time the warmer weather will mean that there is a smaller risk. The point remains though that these people will do as they will at home or abroad, and flouting distancing rules within areas with higher rates of infection will often be worse anyway in terms of accelerating the spread. Additionally, I remember the re
  8. Can understand that it’s a sensitive topic and why people might feel that it’s irresponsible but like others have said, if people follow the restrictions when travelling and don’t travel with symptoms, then I can’t really see why it’s more unethical than going on holiday. I was in Portugal in September and they seemed to be managing the virus better than us then anyway. There is, of course, the risk of picking up the virus wherever you go but there is a bit of an irony in discouraging people from spending time in areas with lower rates of infection. Provided that you don’t carry the
  9. Was never convinced by the signing at the time it was made and my skepticism has only really grown since. As others have said, we’ve bought an average player at a hefty price to play in a position which he hardly excels at. Seems like poor scouting and management in that respect and whilst he does offer something to the squad, I would quite happily exchange him for a number of other players which would be realistically attainable or similar in value. Our signings up top have been particularly poor over the last few years and it’s something that needs to improve if we are t
  10. That's what I thought when I saw the lineup given what Rodgers turned to last season - not exactly sure whether I hope I am be mistaken or not as not equally convinced by Sky's interpretation or the idea of handing Amartey his PL CB debut!
  11. Why does the Liverpool pitch look like it’s got acne?
  12. The og has been decent for them so far today, fair play
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