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  1. And still was never given a proper chance in the England set-up
  2. I honestly think that this is because there just aren't that many options for us up front. We only really have one recognised striker (Vardy) and out wide we began the season with Albrighton, Ghezzal and Gray. That is three players in the squad to fill two positions. It was clear from the moment that we signed Ghezzal that he was never good enough for the premier league, and this was also demonstrated by the fact that he wasn't even favoured by the manager who clearly must've pushed to sign him! He also hasn't figured under Brendan. It'll be interesting to see whether Barnes now starts with Albrighton ahead of Gray- although I also think like others have said, that there is a feeling towards Gray that "This season will be his season, he just needs more game time" etc. Unfortunately, following the departure of Mahrez and so lots of opportunities to impress, Gray hasn't really pushed on. I still think Brendan will keep him around next season because of how light we are in attacking options and with the hope that he might eventually turn a corner. After Tielemans, a wide player/forward really is a top priority though. Players like Maddison, Barnes and Ndidi have all shown that adapting to the premier league should not take years and years when you have the talent and ability. Likewise homegrown talent such as Chilly and Hamza have also acclimatised faster with the former now being a regular for England.
  3. Would anyone take Giroud on a free transfer? I think his contract is up at Chelsea and it doesn't seem like he will be signing an extension. I know he is in his 30s but I think he's a decent player and would give us a different option upfront to Vardy. Could also be hurled on when looking for a win against sides that sit deep, as he could be a focal point in the box. Would perhaps be question marks over his wages and whether he'd want to come here. I think he'd get more game time than he has done at Chelsea though.
  4. He has to try some sort of change
  5. I know he's had an okay couple of games, but every time I see Wes that far up the pitch trying to play it short I almost have a heart attack. He isn't the best passer of the ball and if he misplaces it or gets caught then we are screwed every time. He should've done better for their goal as well, he wasn't under any other pressure and was just ball watching. If he spots the run from Perez then he can stop it easily.
  6. Morgan gets turned inside out every time
  7. christ.. that free kick was a bit squeaky bum time. come on leicester!
  8. Change the Wolveselona orange for a retro yellow and would be pretty much perfect! Would really like a yellow kit soon - looking forward to seeing what they will be releasing later this year. Does anyone know if we are likely to wear a new kit by the end of this season?
  9. Exactly - the lad has barely had a look in all season and is young and playing in a new league. Evans, Maguire and Morgan have all been shocking at times during this season. I think Soyuncu has shown enough to warrant his continued development here!
  10. Soyuncu having a decent game again (peno was soft as hell) - hope this proves the naysayers wrong!
  11. Apparently the penalty given by that ref (no way was a peno) was his first given in the league as well
  12. Yeah achieving top 6 next season would be a big ask in my opinion, with or without the added fixture congestion of the Europa League. We will definitely need to bring in a few players to replace those leaving this Summer but if we got into the Europa league would things really be so bad fixture wise - especially if we prioritise it over the domestic cups? You could imagine a backline involving Ward, Amartey, Soyuncu/Benkovic/Morgan, + new LB/Elder, then Hamza + Mendy in midfield with Ghezzal, Diabate (the forgotton man) or Albrighton the options out wide and with Kelechi upfront (or ideally his replacement) and a youth player. Okay it's not the best lineup but there could be enough quality and experience in there to get us through the early stages of the competition. Of course, as a second-string it'd be better if we sign a couple of cheaper 'prospect' type players or older squad filler on lower wages but it could be enough with a bit of quality on the bench to bring on if we are struggling. Obviously playing on a Thursday sucks regardless but I think there is some cause for optimism.
  13. I think Heinz must be leaking a lot of info these days..
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