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  1. oadby.fox

    Transfer Window Poll

    The message certainly seems to be "build from the back" and I always think that that is a wise thing to do! Would've been nice if we could've got Soyuncu/Ghezzal in earlier to see what they could offer in preseason, especially seeing as Evans seems unfit and Maguire is unavailable. With a lack of options out wide it will be interesting to see how we line up later tonight*, I think it's going to be a rotating 3 behind the front man. I think Maddison looks like he could be the pick of the bunch based on what we've seen so far, Ricardo was also much needed at RB and I'm hoping that Evans still has it. Ghezzal and Ward seem like strange signings but lets hope that they can offer something. I would have perhaps preferred a bit more of a 'proven' winger at this level instead of Ghezzal but we will just have to see how it pans out. Apart from that, I just wish we could've moved on a few more. The European window is still open and so I'm hoping we can ship out Benny at any cost, I would've also preferred to see Slim move permanently, even if that meant taking a loss on him (I think that's inevitable now). Overall it was a good window and I'm hoping that a couple of them might go onto overachieve.
  2. oadby.fox


    Really hope that we can cling onto him. If we sell now then we are just setting ourselves up for more disappointment in the future, we can't just pull our trousers down every time one of the big boys sniffs around. I could 'accept' £85m + and admittedly something near to that would be a huge fee, but ultimately anything above what we paid for him wouldn't put us into the negative and getting £85m in doesn't guarantee that we will spend that money wisely. If the club knew that selling him was a possibility then they should have also got the Turkish lad in much sooner. I don't like the idea of heading into the new season with Morgan, Benny and two young CB's who have 0 prem experience and have spent no time with the squad.
  3. oadby.fox


    Are Utd fans Algerian too? leister is rugby team witout maguire
  4. oadby.fox

    Mame Biram Diouf

    Make it go away
  5. oadby.fox

    Lack luster transfer window (and no big name signings)

    You're right that we don't see what's going on behind the scenes but Ghezzal does seem like a Puel signing does he not? Even if he wasn't, whoever is involved in the transfer dealings is responsible as part of a collective. I think we have made some good signings this window but still made a few oversights. Being linked with a bid for Diouf is also pretty uninspiring when we are currently trying to offload two 30 year old strikers as it is. There are players out there that can be gotten and that would come to us, for an affordable price. If we end up spending the best part of £40mil on Ward, Ghezzal and Diouf though, then surely questions have to be asked of the transfer dealings.
  6. oadby.fox

    Mame Biram Diouf

    I agree we need to move a few players on, but why should we replace them with the same kind of quality or worse!? Ghezzal is actually older than Musa and Diouf is another one that is over 30. Both have been relative failures at their previous clubs as well and don't show any likely sign of improvement. So I'd ask which of these players is going to take our club forward? Hopefully with Ghezzal being 26, he has a little time on his hands to improve and if he does then we could get a few years out of him. That's still a big if though. If we end up paying £10mil for Ghezzal and £15mil for Diouf, then I think the mood will continue to sour. It screams sheer incompetence to me. Especially if those players/the team don't hit the ground running. I personally was resigned to having the squad we did have before Ghezzal came in, and I quite liked the idea of clearing out players and only bringing in those who would actually have the potential to improve us/would have some resale value. The idea that we have to replace players that were so far away from the first team that they were on loan is ludicrous.
  7. oadby.fox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    People are just disappointed. We realistically had up to two years to prepare for Mahrez's departure and the closest thing we got to a replacement is a player with a potentially destructive attitude and less than impressive record, for an amount not much cheaper than Jahanbahksh/Ziyech etc. This Summer it was our priority to make necessary reinforcements at CB, RB and add a creative midfielder which we have done well, but we knew that we had to replace Mahrez's contribution (in some shape or form) and also clear out those who had become surplus to requirements. We managed to get rid of Musa but have we just added another individual who won't contribute much in Ghezzal? Of course, most on here will want him to do well, me included, and I hope he goes on to score 15 goals and grab a few assists. That however, is unlikely. If he manages to get double figures in either assists or goals over the league campaign then I would deem his signing to be a great success. But to me it's looking more like 10 starts, 15 sub appearances and two assists and one goal. With how bloated our squad is already and the talented youngsters we have coming through, I would like (as others have said) to either invest money in players that are more likely to improve the squad/first team or give the opportunity to youth.
  8. oadby.fox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Underwhelmed to be honest. I didn't really want to believe it when I saw the rumours and his 'highlights' reel but of course he should be given a fair crack of the whip. For me it is a big gamble on a 4 year contract and have we essentially just replaced Musa and not Mahrez? That is the worry for me. If it doesn't seem at all likely that the player coming in can in anyway improve the team or match what we had previously, then I don't think there is any need to spunk the money, especially when so many promising youngsters are trying to breakthrough.
  9. oadby.fox

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    I know it's just a friendly but the younguns are looking decent. I hope we can trim the squad a little before the season starts so that we can give some of them more game time in cups etc.
  10. oadby.fox

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    are Evans and Gray injured?
  11. oadby.fox

    Deadwood - Who needs to go first?

    It is actually deadwood when using it as a noun, dead wood would literally refer to a piece of wood that was dead. Might have to check this T.V show out though now
  12. oadby.fox

    Deadwood - Who needs to go first?

    Sorry, it's an incredibly common expression which is often used to refer to squad players that are no longer figuring in the present or future plans of a club and when I originally created this thread, I overlooked the fact that some readers would be this sensitive about the matter. I don't think I am able to change the title now but if it were possible I'd like to change it to very-much-alive-wood, or just simply remove any wood references altogether. If you read my comments and original post, I do acknowledge the fact that I've included players who have achieved a lot, and are rightly club legends - the fact that some of them are club legends though, doesn't mitigate the obvious fact that we can't keep extending their lucrative contracts into their 40's (if we also want to be a successful premier league club). They are going to have to leave at some point though, just like other players and managers have left in the past. I do agree though that perhaps it is a little poor taste but I don't think it is as offensive as you think (although that might be a given), seeing as people are often offended by wildly different things. I apologise again for any offence caused. Again, I don't think I am able to change the title or alter the poll and I am genuinely sorry about that - this is my first one so perhaps I have just missed the edit function? Again though, the insistence from some on just not even thinking about moving players on, or trying to police who should be included in the poll is a bit overboard. If it came down to it, I would keep Shinji over Musa and King over James but some people might have the opposing view, and I think that they should also be allowed to express their opinion. With regards to Ulloa, I personally think that some of the saintly reverence for him is a bit over the top. He achieved a lot with us in the premier league and has had some crucial moments, but he is a rapidly ageing player that went on strike last year saying he would never play for the club again (because he wanted to leave the club), who spent last season on loan after being pushed down the pecking order the season before. With all this in mind and the fact that he is even further away from the first team now, I don't think it's ridiculous to see his future elsewhere. “I can’t understand the situation or why they don’t let me continue playing my football somewhere else. If I stay at the club it’s going to affect seriously my career and my future. They know I’m not going to be used. The best thing for both parties is that they sell me to another club and I can continue playing my football somewhere else.” - Ulloa
  13. oadby.fox

    Danny Drinkwater

    I can't think of any good reason why we should be bringing him back. He played his part in the prem win and following exploits in the champions league but bringing him back now after the way he left, whilst being stacked in that area of the pitch with players of a similar quality would be an act of fetish.
  14. oadby.fox

    Udinese Match Thread

    Exactly, it is just a preseason game with a lot of second stringers but realistically, many of these could either start or be on the bench come the first game. The major differences will be at GK and the back four, we also have Ndidi to come in of course but some of them aren't exactly doing themselves any justice
  15. oadby.fox

    Udinese Match Thread

    Yeah I noticed that in the past few games!