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  1. oadby.fox

    Stadium Expansion

    Did I miss something?
  2. oadby.fox

    Bochum - Sheff Utd

    northern monkey c**ts northern pr**ks Millwall?
  3. oadby.fox

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    Fair post and I agree with much of what you've said here. Only time well tell with regards to whether we will see any long term improvement of any sort, and I have said elsewhere that I wouldn't like to see Puel sacked immediately and that I will always support the team. I would reassess the situation at the end of the season, I think if the performances/results get noticeably worse (or don't improve) and we end up finishing in the bottom half, then I think that you could make quite a strong case for replacing him. However, I still think there is a warrant for criticism. I think the frustration from me and others mainly stems from a few things: - we aren't playing very entertaining football and have looked pretty poor in that respect under Puel in general, bar a couple of games or ten minute spells - statistically speaking, we are making more passes per game but we aren't actually creating more chances as a result of this (when compared to first season back under Pearson, Ranieri's second season, or last season) - even when we pick up points, we don't look convincing - we are close to competing for the 'best of the rest' title but we keep missing great opportunities to climb the table - whilst the manager has been forced into making some changes, some he is accountable for (i.e starting Diabate/dropping Gray+Ricardo against Fulham when points were up for grabs, including James over King in the 25-man squad, setting up negatively at home without the personnel for playing on the break, continuing to play Nacho on his own when we all know it doesn't work, continuing to pair Ndidi and Mendy irrespective of their performances despite limited progress and his general tinkering during or in between matches which rarely seems to come off) Of course, being inconsistent is almost a synonym for being a mid-table team and I'm sure there are some rebuttals to the complaints listed above. Yet I do worry that if 10th becomes our aim then we might find ourselves slipping down to 12th, and then 15th and before you know it we could be in a relegation dog fight, albeit perhaps not this season. I honestly think that a little more positivity and fight from Puel would go a long way to getting more fans on board. By that I don't mean calling journalists ostriches but by motivating the team and perhaps putting out more positive teams that demonstrate intent to push on.
  4. oadby.fox

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    So would you lose faith in Puel if there isn't any significant improvement come January 2020? I think that most fans agree that the squad could be improved but for me there are still big question marks over the man who's in charge of them, and if he is really a long term solution that meets with our long term aims. Getting the right squad is important and we do need changes, but how will we know when we have the 'right squad', or a squad good enough to criticise Puel and not just the lack of talent? As long as results and performances continue to be lacklustre then there will always be an argument about the squad not being talented enough to play "Puel's style", or good enough to consistently beat the worst teams in the league. I guess that question comes back to how much time is needed for a manager to shape the kind of squad he wants. I'd also be worried about seeing more Diabate/Ghezzal type signings in the future. As fans we have to try and disambigiuate the faults of the manager from the faults of the players and of the club in general. Puel has had two windows and in this time he has brought in (or overseen the transfers of) Diabate, Maddison, Soyuncu, Benkovic, Ricardo, Ghezzal, Ward and Evans. I think that's about enough to say that he has already had significant involvement with the selection of the current squad. He has also been here for over a year but has yet to find any cogent system for our players to fit into. But for me it's really the bizarre team selections that grind my gears and the tepid attitude that is slowly being embedded into the club's mentality. Having said all this, I really hope he turns it around and can put something of a decent run together at some point this season, it will be unlikely to be until next year though at the very least and so be prepared for more doom and gloom in the weeks to come!
  5. Not intending to be of any offence as we all have differing opinions but do we really have a clear identity? Is our style of play actually becoming more observably technical? We lost last night with 42% possession at home, isn't that what we averaged during the title winning season? How long should a manager have to implement said style before actual signs of improvement are required? (Not trying to pick a fight, just looking for an honest response and I don't think Puel should be sacked until at least the Summer) We also seem to struggle scoring from open play and still look more dangerous on the counter or at set pieces. I feel, if anything, like the team has been castrated and I know we are supposedly transitioning to a possession based style, but I haven't really seen anything to indicate when or if we will ever get there. I've seen a couple of ten minute spells that ultimilately never amounted to anything but nothing to suggest that we have a new clear identity which is successfully being imposed and producing results. I mean what does it really mean to say we have a clear identity when it's something which can't be observed. Can you be a possession based, technical team without the technique or possession? It still seems to me like we are still a counter attacking side albeit without the energy and intensitee.
  6. oadby.fox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Whilst you have to admit that perhaps some fans have never got behind Puel from the start, I don't think you could genuinely accuse anyone of actually wanting both him and the team to fail. We all want to win games ultimately and to try and compete at the highest level. I see part of the reasoning behind the 'we are just a mid table side and that's acceptable because we are a mid table side' argument but it's ultimately just circular. Part of the reason we are floundering midtable currently is down to the manager, he is a huge part of the setup that isn't really improving. Of course other factors play in, the squad available, injuries etc but it has become clear which are failings of the manager and which aren't. I try to think of the positives as well as the negatives but I can only come up with two: we are bringing through some young players and we are not currently in the relegation zone. If that's all you aim for season after season, then perhaps Puel is your man but I think we can be realistically aiming for more than that. Fans want a sense of improvement or at least an attempt at improvement, a sense of direction or a clear vision and hopefully a bit of entertainment. Puel has never really provided either and the more we seem to languish, the more likely the previous two positives I mentioned are to crumble away. Promising youngsters will move onto bigger things and will perhaps be irreplaceable, and aiming for mediocrity will see us slip just below it. Do we really want to become a less entertaining Stoke?
  7. oadby.fox

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    I want stability and continuinity but not for the sake of it and certainly not to see continuous decline. Puel has lost me (barring a very unexpected change in approach/results). I don't think he should go now but I think that the club should be sounding out a suitable replacement for the Summer.
  8. oadby.fox

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Don't understand why Puel rested Gray and Ricardo for this game, only to then set up negatively and try to hit Tottenham on the break with Nacho as the only unlikely outlet. Fulham were there for the taking in midweek. I would've also kept Iborra on, we looked fairly defensively solid and it took a wonder goal to break the deadlock. Dont want to hate on the lad too much, but surely now other fans have to admit that Nacho doesn't look anywhere near up to scratch in terms of his attitude and approach.
  9. oadby.fox

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    There are a lot of things you could point to regarding the negative performance last night but the way Nacho lumbered around for 90 minutes was almost unforgivable and I don't know how Puel kept him on the pitch. Midway through the second half I would've literally preferred to see any other player replace him (Gray, Iborra, Ricardo, even Danny Ward!). You would think that he would be keen to impress and at least put a bit of a shift in for ten minutes or so... he was just walking in between the two centre backs for the entirety of the game. It clearly wasn't working and not once did he think to try and drop deep to affect the game, or make a run in behind. I really want him to do well but I think he should be loaned out in January if possible and we should bring in a cheap striker to replace him, don't really care who it is as long as he's willing to work a little bit.
  10. oadby.fox

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Don't remind me! That ball out to Chilwell was horrendous everytime, I think he actually received it once out of the ten attempts... even worse though, I'm not sure what he was supposedly going to do with it if he did get it. I know we are used to Vardy busting a gut but Nacho was never a willing runner, not once.
  11. oadby.fox

    Fulham 1 - 1 Leicester Post Match Thread

    Thought that we were awful tonight and that our goal somewhat glosses over what was honestly a dreadful performance. Nacho just doesn't do enough when we aren't on the ball. I don't care if he has the potential to be clinical, when he plays like he did today then it feels like we are almost playing with ten. If it isn't into feet where he can immediately score then he just isn't interested. This could be a tactical issue, Shinji and Gray definitely had a positive impact. Our table position isn't so bad but I can't help but feel like there were so many missed opportunities. Injuries and suspensions haven't helped but it's fair to say that we dour tonight and lucky to come away with a draw.
  12. oadby.fox

    Fulham Away

    Never done Fulham away, where is the best area/pub for away fans to drink in?
  13. oadby.fox

    Watford (H) pre match

    You're correct I had completely forgotten about that one! My general point remains though and you could argue that Newcastle were absolutely turd at that point in time but yes it was comprehensive. We must be due another!
  14. oadby.fox

    Watford (H) pre match

    Really need to get a result here, and not just a sketchy 1-0 or 2-1 win against the run of play (although of course we would all take it). Not quite sure of when we last had a resounding and comprehensive victory but we certainly haven't had one this season and it is just what we need going into a tough Christmas period. Another red card or a dour draw today and there should be increasing question marks surrounding Puel's tenure. I hope that isn't the case and we go out and win 3-1!