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  1. It’s not even just the numbers that raise an eyebrow but also what he brings or rather doesn’t bring to the team in general. I could somewhat accept those numbers if he was a bit younger or if we could see any kind of progression and dogged work to improve. Similarly, if he offered something else to the team then it could be justified but we seem to play worse as a team more often than not when he starts. It really is a shame and so odd that someone can be so brilliant in such tiny bursts but so poor on average. There have definitely been times in the past year or so when I have wanted to see an academy product take his place on the bench instead - at least if they get the opportunity then you’d expect to see a hunger to do well if they come on.
  2. Watching Lloyd Dyer score against Real Madrid, obviously
  3. I know, even just someone on loan just to add something different and a fresh face to the squad would’ve been good imo... really needed to freshen things up front even if we couldn’t find the perfect long term option in January
  4. Can’t believe we always get done on the overlap by Matt f****** Targett
  5. Kevin was pretty average to poor for large parts of the game but I can also see why there would be some praise for him, given that he’s a bit rusty and that Gray had an absolute stinker on the other side. Moving forwards though he just isn’t the long term answer and I would think it’s unfortunately time to say goodbye to both of them in the Summer. If anything, I would probably keep Albrighton over Gray though just as a squad utility player on lower wages to use in the early domestic cup games. Ideally though I’d like to see us bring in a winger for the first 11 and one for the squad and then drop Perez to the bench.
  6. Like everyone else I’ve always wanted him to do well but I think it’s the end of the road for him unfortunately. Seems like he had the potential early on and I don’t know why he’s never been able to kick on. Almost seems to lack that hunger necessary to make it at the top level. Does anyone seriously think that he could get into any premier league side? The way he’s been playing I think he’d struggle to get into the better championship sides imo. Sell for whatever we can in the Summer and open up another squad place, either for a prospect bought in or to promote from within.
  7. We desperately needed to sign a forward of some sort in January
  8. You try not to write a player off in his first season but he’s in danger of being perceived to be the kind of player that doesn’t have any particular strengths and whilst is seemingly versatile, isn’t good enough to start in any particular position. He definitely doesn’t seem to be an out and out striker, he isn’t a quick winger with a bag of tricks that can beat a man and he doesn’t seem creative enough to pull the strings centrally. Doesn’t seem to be trusted with set-pieces either. Seems like a good squad player with lots of utility and energy who can nick a goal against poor opposition but is he a champions league standard player and was he worth £30m? I hope he comes good but at the moment it’s not looking like he is.
  9. Jesus Christ what a capitulation... makes our result at the weekend look a lot better
  10. Have a feeling Casemiro will score a screamer. Don’t know why and probably won’t happen
  11. Only just tuned in to the Napoli game but this ref doesn’t take any sh*t does he?! Wouldn’t mind him in the prem
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