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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47257369 Meanwhile, Guardiola has apologised to £60m signing Riyad Mahrez for not giving the forward enough minutes this season. The 27-year-old Algerian, who signed from Leicester in the summer, has not started a Premier League game since the victory at Southampton on 30 December. "I am the reason. He is absolutely not guilty," said Guardiola. "I am sad because he is training incredibly. He is an incredibly talented player but in this moment we have five strikers. "We have incredible players, like for example Bernardo (Silva) and Raz (Sterling) in top, top form and that is the only reason why. There's no particular reason, like being upset or something like that. "He is a guy we are happy with but unfortunately I am not kind with him. In fact, I cannot give him the minutes he deserves, so I'm sorry. That's all I can say." Mahrez has had to make do with substitute appearances in the league and cup starts against Rotherham, Burton and Burnley in recent weeks. But Guardiola says Mahrez's "time is coming" and "I'm pretty sure he is going to play good". "I am unfair in the fact that, if he had played the minutes that the others have played, he would have been in the top level like the players who are playing," he added. "It's not easy for one guy who does not play regularly to come in and play at a high, high level. Give him five or six games in a row playing and he is going to play at the level of Sterling or Bernardo, or the players who play. "I don't have any doubts about his quality. Just keep going, not complain too much, move forward and fight more and more. So what do you guys think? Will Mahrez eventually get more game time after a season or so of being bedded in (like Bernardo Silva) or will he fall out of favour and form? He was always nailed on for a starting spot here so it'll be interesting to see how he deals with being out the side for extended periods of time and whether he'll be able to come back into the side and always make an instant impact. I ultimately wish him well because of what he helped us achieve but the way he agitated for a move did leave a bitter taste. I suppose that a part of me wouldn't mind seeing him fail at Man City, if not only to send a message to our other rising stars that the grass isn't always greener...
  2. oadby.fox

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Thought we played really well and deserved to get something out of the game (again). Despite that, we really do need to start converting our chances and we also need to replicate that kind of performance against the lesser sides (albeit whilst actually finishing our chances too). Tielemans had a really bright game but it's a shame that we probably won't be able to keep him. I just hope that we don't lose too many players over the Summer, if we do then we can expect to pretty much have a repeat of this season. If we manage to keep hold of everyone and add a striker/midfielder then there isn't any reason why we shouldn't be in contention for a spot between 5th and 8th. I know some of the FT faithful feel that we should be lucky to get anything above the relegation zone with the squad that we have but I just don't feel that is the case. We've shown time and time again this season that we can mix it with the big boys and play them off the park at times, we definitely already have the personnel to finish in the top half and if it wasn't for missed chances, inconsistency and (at times) managerial ineptitude then we would have had 7th locked down. I thought it was strange to allow Vardy to take the penalty straight after coming on, I know Maddison has missed a few for us but Vardy also has in the past couple of seasons and I think there is added pressure with it being your first touch after coming on. If you score you're a legend and if you miss then it's even more embarrassing. P.S. Did anyone else think that Nacho had one of his best games for us this season yesterday? I know that it doesn't take much to surpass some of the crap he's served up this season but I actually thought he looked much brighter when he came on and got involved.
  3. oadby.fox

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    I agree. He should've gone to a mid-table championship club (if any would take him) to try and rebuild his confidence and maybe try and find some form - at the very least it could've put him in the shop window. It's not as if he is contributing anything positive at all to the team at the moment and so we wouldn't miss him one bit. Aside from that I thought that today we were unlucky not to come away with anything. Having said that, the slow start, cheap defensive errors, lack of quality in the final third, unusual managerial decisions and dour midfield pairing of Mendy & Ndidi is really starting to get to me. I can see (kind of) what Puel is trying to do but he has to try and reverse the pattern of mistakes which have become so blatantly obvious. Whilst I thought that Ndidi had a surprisingly decent game against Liverpool, he has regressed overall this season and I can't envision any rational possible world where Mendy would be the first name on my team sheet week-in, week-out. Rachid actually did okay when he came on but I would've kept Maddison on and replaced Gray or Mendy. Will be interesting to see what the lineup will be against Spurs.
  4. oadby.fox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    I agree. I think you could make an argument that he shouldn't have even started in the first place and if he was to start, I wouldn't have minded to see the three-man central midfield.
  5. oadby.fox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    Probably the negation of whatever gets them to cheer! In all seriousness though, I agree that booing our own side won't help anything and it certainly isn't very partisan but people have to admit that the decision to bring Maddison off was a pretty poor one.
  6. oadby.fox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    wtf is he doing!?
  7. oadby.fox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    So predictable, sick of these starts.
  8. oadby.fox

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    Wish Choudhury was playing
  9. oadby.fox

    Claude Puel defends his Leicester City record

    He has looked more empassioned recently but he doesn't seem to care so much in this interview, or at least he doesn't seem to want to understand or empthaise with fans with regards to their frustration after some of the losses. It's not that it is always Puel's fault irrespective of what happens, as you are taking me to suggest. I was initially responding to the comment that the players are clearly listening to him. My retort was simply that if they are really listening to him, then they are either executing what he is saying so poorly that there must be a disconnect, or that they are executing what he is saying and that's why the problems ensue. Either way it's not desirable. Remember, this isn't a one or two game thing, we are talking about team selections, tactics and negative patterns that have become apparent over the course of a year and spanning two seasons. A defensive mistake, or missed scoring opportunity here and there can be attributed to individual error but the problems appear to be more pathological than that. They are recurrent in some instances and he doesn't seem to think that there is anything to rectify. Why do we start games so switched off for instance and why hasn't this been addressed yet? Why does Morgan still start every game even when everyone knows he's finished at the very top level and even though we spent around £40m on new centre backs? Why does he persist with the Mendy & Ndidi pairing even though it has shown to be incredibly limited, time and time again? Some of the tinkering has also been questionable too. I still think Puel should get until the Summer and I do appreciate some of the things he is trying to do, I'm just not sure if he is the man to take us forward over the next 2/3 years.
  10. oadby.fox

    Claude Puel defends his Leicester City record

    Do they really though? We can't read minds but it doesn't seem like the players are doing what he wants them to do when they defend like they did against Wolves, or like they did against Southampton. Does Puel also want us to concede first in so many games? If he does then that's insane and if he doesn't then there clearly is some kind of disconnect with the squad, as we have had these problems for over a year now. So either the players don't listen to him or they do, and because they listen to him these things happen. Whilst I agree with Puel and others in the sense that our expectations have to be calibrated by the reality we find ourselves in, I don't find his tone in this interview particularly endearing. You want your manager to be highly competitive and for each loss to haunt him, like it does for so many travelling fans. Making excuses for losing games, and losing games in such a poor way isn't a great attitude to have and that lack of care could easily filter down to the players and effect their in game mentality. It's not about being in the top 6, or in the mix for a champions league spot (even though both wouldn't have been technically impossible). It's about learning from the mistakes you've already made 10 times and working hard to improve. Coming out and saying we should lower our expectations is so defeatist. Is it that our squad is so terrible that we can't expect to always compete against teams below or around us? I think that we could've done better against Fulham, Southampton, West Ham, Newport, Cardiff, Everton etc. I just want to see a reaction to negative results and patterns that occur over and over again. I don't even care if he doesn't fix the system immediately but to repeat the same thing over and over and expect different results, well that's just crazy!
  11. oadby.fox

    Mendy and ndidi

    Like others have said I am also sick of the sight of them as a midfield pairing. Ndidi seems to be getting worse with each passing week and I think he could benefit from a bit of a rest. I also don't think he is complimented by playing alongside Mendy who is an absolute crab of a player. I don't see how he has become undroppable as he seems to only be an average water-carrier at best. Overall, the team is so imbalanced and I think this contributes to our inability to defend or attack at times (depending on who we play/what system). We depend on width from the fullbacks so much so that they are often attempting the most amount of forward passes/crosses, meanwhile, the base of our midfield is so negative and can't pick a forward pass. Worse than that, Mendy has looked awful defensively the last few games as well and Ndidi not much better either. Carragher had a fair point prematch yesterday about the expectations at the club but what he and others don't realise is that it's the inconsistency and irrational choices that frustrate fans when it comes to Puel. That and his demeanour. Silva and Iborra deserved a run in the team, instead James and King start ahead of them. We play defensively at home to Southampton, go gung-ho against Wolves away and lose both as a result. Sometimes it's hard to really see what he is trying to build in terms of the footballing philosophy. A possession based team with fresh blood coming through sounds great but when you look at our results, the games we have more possession in we tend to lose and our best performances this season have come as a result of 'revert back to type' counter attacking. Plus if we do want to play more possssion based stuff then aren't Morgan and Mendy+Ndidi going to be a problem? How hasn't he identified this yet? Moreover, whilst he's giving chances to the youth (which is great) other more established young players have started to drop off (Maguire, Ndidi), Gray hasn't improved at all and Morgan is undroppable even when we have a talented young CB on the bench. Yet other players like Silva can't even make the bench. The numbers just don't always add up.
  12. oadby.fox

    Wolves A Post Match Thread 4 - 3

    Absolutely threw that game away, and we did so three times! The worst part is that Wolves were dross and still managed to win 4-3.
  13. oadby.fox

    Wolves A Match Thread

    How many times did we need to get let off at the end before they'd realise not to keep it so open? Absolutely unforgivable defensive performance
  14. oadby.fox

    Wolves A Match Thread

    Didn't take long for mendy to get a yellow!
  15. https://twitter.com/LCFC/status/1086201532775890947