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  1. oadby.fox

    Arsenal away next😳

    You are right really but I just want to see something different - I think Puel should at least try to be flexible and address the issues. I know Simpson isn't really good enough, I would like to see Soyuncu but apparently he isn't good enough either and would be just as unlikely to make his debut in this game. Okazaki won't be very fit but you get the jist of it- pack the midfield and have a hard worker in there that can frustrate them. If they play like they did against Fulham then they will walk through us.
  2. oadby.fox

    Arsenal away next😳

    I think that could work too but something like this against a 'bigger' side who we expect to have more of the ball could work. For me, when defending, they could set up quite negatively almost as a flat back 5 and just try and look for Vardy on the counter. Could maybe take one of Iborra/Silva instead but I think that we will need a lot of energy in the middle to track players like Aubameyang and the runners from midfield. I would give Maddison more of a free role and Okazaki would essentially drop in to central midfield and help us win the ball back higher up the pitch/link with Vardy. If we pack the centre of the pitch and force them wide, then you would hope that the three CB's could deal with most of the incoming crosses, given that they aren't that physical a side. I want Nacho to work but I really, really don't like him when he plays as a 10. I think he either has to play in a two like you say, or on his own. It's beggars belief though ultimately. I think almost all of us can predict the line up exactly.
  3. oadby.fox

    Arsenal away next😳

    This would never happen in a million years because it's three at the back and it has Simmo included.
  4. oadby.fox

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    He has to be respected for what he has achieved with the club, and he isn't the only one who has had bad performances but surely most can agree that now is the time for him to be at least phased out of the first team. It's more frustrating given that we appear to have other players available, we recruited 3 new CB's as others have pointed out but we seem to continue with Morgan regardless. People will sometimes question Maguire and the mistakes he is prone to making but the big difference is that Maguire still has his best years to come and is also the type of player (who in his current form) can win you games. For me, there are just too many cons in selecting Morgan week in-week out at the moment and he isn't going to get any better as he ages.
  5. oadby.fox

    Newcastle 0 - 2 Leicester

    Comfortable win, albeit against a side going through a bit of a rough patch. Pleased with the clean sheet and cohesiveness of the side!
  6. oadby.fox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    They're all broken
  7. oadby.fox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    anyone got a stream that doesn't buffer every 20 seconds?
  8. oadby.fox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    3-4-3? Glad to see he is finally giving it a go, although think 5-2 would be better
  9. Yes - that does not add up to 38
  10. oadby.fox

    Arsenal away - Mon 22 Oct, 8pm

    Does anyone have an idea of when it might go to general members sale? Hoping for 3 tickets...
  11. Looking for 2 (3 if poss) adult tickets for Arsenal away. Hoping to pick some up myself but not sure how many will be left when it/if it goes to general sale.
  12. oadby.fox

    So, 5 games in...

    They are only currently fifth in the table because we lost to them... I think what people are getting at, is that we should at least be aiming to be competitive with teams like Bournemouth who are a decent, but mid-table side. If we get battered because Bournemouth are just 'that good' then fair enough, but looking at it realistically it was a mixture of tactical ineptitude and poor performances.
  13. oadby.fox

    James injury injured

    I didn't say he is 30, I said he is approaching 30 and 27 is certainly 'late twenties'. The point I was getting at still remains, I could understand us wanting to take a chance on him if he was just 21, as he could overcome his injury problems and still have many years to develop. Unfortunately, I can't envisage a late Matty James renaissance where he drastically improves in the coming years and sadly I don't see him even getting to the stage where he can even play a long enough run of games to even have the opportunity to improve. I think he's made 14 appearances in the prem in the past three seasons?
  14. oadby.fox

    So, 5 games in...

    It's natural that people overreact a bit after drubbing, especially when it seemed nailed on for us to finally get a result at Bournemouth (in some ways). I was hoping for a win and thought that if we could repeat the second half performance against Liverpool (and take our chances), then we would win comfortably. Having said that it was a pretty poor performance. For me it's just the basics of football which are missing, we sometimes look more easy on the eye moving the ball around - but what's the point if we don't take our chances, or if we couple that with terrible defending? I don't want Puel to go, not because I like him, but just because it'd be nice to have some stability and I'm not sure who would really be an available upgrade. Despite that, if after 10 games, he doesn't manage to get more than 10 points then I think that his position has to be seriously questioned - and for me that possible world isn't that far away. The most frustrating thing about his management is that the problems seem to be glaringly obvious and can be noticed within most games, yet where is the attempt at a remedy? It reminds me of Wenger at Arsenal 2008 onwards. Morgan shouldn't be starting every game, I love him but come on. Ricardo is clearly better going forward than doing defensive work, we have had a lot of trouble down that right handside starting with the first game of the season (Amartey's peno). So why play the inexperienced Ghezzal (who isn't very physical or willing to track back) in front of Ricardo away from home when you have Albrighton on the bench? Similar questions have to be asked of the formation and team selection more generally, why not go three at the back given the players we have? Are Mendy and Ndidi really suitable to play every single game in a midfield two, or would we benefit from having someone else in there to offer a little more going forward and linking up play? Can we get Nacho and Vardy playing together (well) in the same side? Why sign one of the more promising CB's from the Bundesliga, only to pick both Evans and Morgan ahead of him? Like others have said too, the substitutions seem to come too late and are far too negative. The starts we make to games are also far too negative, consistently since the start of 2018. I can't imagine Puel amping the players up at all for games, or getting stuck into them when they need it, and that should be demonstrated by the tepid negativity he shows at times. I want us to turn a corner and I hope Puel will see the light, but I have a feeling he will continue to stumble and win here and there and eventually be sacked towards the end of this season or the next.
  15. oadby.fox

    James injury injured

    I can understand some of the admiration for James, in that he was key in getting us promotion to the prem and has gone on to have a few decent performances here and there. Having said that, I do agree with others that the omission of the virtually ever-fit King over the incredibly injury prone James was a mistake - you want your squad players to actually be able to play when called upon! Don't have anything against James personally but given that he is approaching 30, and in my opinion, has never shown that he is anything more than a very capable championship player (when fit) I think it is time to part ways. I can't really understand why we gave him a new contract, if he plays at all this season I imagine it'll be restricted to just a handful of games and provided that he keeps picking up injuries, even that scenario is rather unlikely. He should be moved on once he is fit again.