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  1. Not in anyway playing down what hes done. Hung a man right out to dry there. Damage limitation at its best. Sour grapes because SLP sank like the titanic? Serge wanting tom out for a while and tom has gave him his perfect excuse. Tom you silly boy.
  2. Hopefully not too much like the SLP album
  3. Cancelled. Refund or save ticket for next year
  4. Never been givin 2 days. Council wont give then 2 days.
  5. At the meridian now. Tom is a waste man
  6. Im just sat in bed, listening to the misses snore reading the manure forum. Reading through there pogba replacement thread and maguire its made me realise how time has changed and how the power house of yesteryear is now wanting the likes of n'didi, maddison and youri. http://www.redcafe.net/threads/potential-pogba-replacements.440650/page-14 Has there ever been a weaker manure side? Or a stronger with more potential leicester side? You have manure buying daniel james and wan bissaka. Pogba leaving and them strugging to lure maguire away.
  7. Everywhere? You living under a rock?
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