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  1. This is crazy, must be some news imminent?
  2. Vaxart making a decent gain today. I'm hoping there's good news for their tablet vaccine in the early development stages.
  3. Last had one after the Chelsea game, because I was absolutely buzzing! Still using the patches, but seem to be getting there. I just try to go and do something if the craving gets ridiculous, which it hasn't really.
  4. Engelbert Humpadink, Julie Etchingham, Bill Maynard, Nick Ferrari. Anyone but Sam Bailey
  5. Brilliant from the world's most expensive goalkeeper. Again.
  6. Can't wait for the lunchtime phone in when Adrian Durham tells us Virat Kohli wishes he played for Pakistan
  7. I alluded to this the other night in the post match thread I think about Fofana. Man Utd have lost their best player to Real Madrid before, as have Liverpool and Chelsea. Barca have lost their best player to Real! No club is immune to a player wanting other opportunities. For now, let's just take it a a compliment that our players are that good.
  8. I've gone a bit nuts on this since I signed up! I'm putting £100 in a week. Some sensible long term growth options and some gambles. I'm on trading 212, set up a couple of pies that should give me a profit over time. Also gambled on Vaxart, a company that is trying to make a covid vaccine in tablet form!
  9. Im starting to think @Izzyis either a tight fvcker, or has early onset dementia
  10. The last 3 posts just show how much choosing a car is subjective and down to personal preference. It's very rare you'll find something that ticks every box. What is vital for someone isn't remotely important to the next person. Boot space, looks, prestige, back seats, tech, sound system, engine performance...the list goes on. Usually, especially when buying a used car, you'll have to sacrifice something. Having sold cars, you find something for someone that ticks as many boxes as you can. You sell someone a Ssangyong Tivoli and think "I'd never g
  11. Top job, that. We used to use a bloke in Wellingborough who was quick and cheap, but his work was outstanding. Even coming in from the prep centre, some of the bodywork could be bad sometimes. I don't know how they do it.
  12. Depends on what type of driving you do then really. They're both great cars. Is it the A Class you're looking at? If so, I'd definitely recommend looking at the newer shape, the fourth generation, from 2018 onwards. The older ones don't really have much about them. Youd need to get an A200 or above really. The A180d has a 1.5 Renault engine in and it isn't great. The newer models look great and the performance has vastly improved. Mercs have always looked nice inside, but the newer ones with full digital display are a different class.
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