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  1. Womens football is utter gash. The pitch is too big for them and it's painful to watch. Are Sweden in it though? Always a few sexy blondes worth looking at.
  2. Time wasting could be easily cut out. The average amount of time the ball is in play is around 55 to 60 minutes. Just play 2 halves of 30 minutes and stop the clock when the ball isn't in play.
  3. When Palais closed down before eventually turning in to Life? It's last night was a Monday. Sold off all the drinks dirt cheap, we're talking a quid for 3 bottles of bud! I went nuts and got absolutely and utterly smashed. Problem was, my mum had booked my driving test for 8.40 on the Tuesday morning I passed, but don't remember a single second of my test. Think the examiner was pissed from the fumes!
  4. Sounds like somewhere you could have a fancy wedding reception with a big marquee and everything
  5. Same here, just gave the skirting a second coat of gloss and finished off the grouting in the bathroom. Barca in the final I take it? Probably play Ajax
  6. When the commentator says "Shaquiri", you repeat it twice in your best Wyclef Jean voice?
  7. Barca are the new Spurs. Roma last year?
  8. Can you repeat the question?
  9. So could I. I'm 39, smoke 20 a day and havent broken in to anything more than a brisk walk for over 4 years.
  10. Definitely Stanmore. Put the road name Dalkieth Grove into Google maps
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