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  1. Yeah, because you're the only person who could possibly know. Nobody else in the world is privy to this info, except you and the bloke who told you. And a thread on a fan forum will massively scupper a deal probably worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions to a player and his agent. I was lucky enough to get info on Pearson returning as manager for his second spell, I posted it on here, under a different username, 3 weeks before it was announced. That didn't scupper anything. It also won myself and a few forum members a fair few quid. We'll sign someone on a free and you'll go "see, told you"
  2. This is quite clearly a bullshit thread. If you did know, you'd log on anonymously and say who we're signing. Not "we're signing an out of contract player, but I can't tell you who" No shit, we're probably 90% likely to pick up at least one on a free.
  3. If I played in the Man United team in the late 90's and replaced Andy Cole, I reckon I'd have scored more than him. All about the service.
  4. There is a logical reason behind picking 4 keepers. The under 21's are in a tournament, so if we had 3 keepers, we wouldn't be able to call up one of them to cover an injury. Everyone else will be off on their holidays and be unavailable.
  5. Leicester Mercury? Is that rag still in business? Do you still have to pay for it, or is it free, like the Evening Standard? Please tell me it's free, there's no way anyone pays money for there?
  6. Breaking just now - Sir Roger Moore
  7. Please enlighten me....
  8. It's been mentioned on here, but there is a big difference between a coach and a manager. Undoubtedly, Shakespeare is a great coach, but day to day managing? Being the bad guy if needs be to certain players? I'm not sure. Steve Mclaren, Carlos Quieroz, Ricky Sbragia, Terry Connor, out very own Peter Taylor. All great coaches...not managers. Looking at it another way, I've known and worked with people who were 'one of the lads', then got promoted and they just can't command the respect that they should have. It seems he was the good guy if the manager gave you a telling off, it's hard to take on the other role.
  9. Silva has good pedigree. Ok, there's not much competition in Greece, but he managed to take a team to Arsenal and win. Something we haven't done since to early seventies! I'm not convinced though. Maybe Mancini or Pelligrini. Ideally, Bielsa. But he's already agreed a contract elsewhere. Although he does have previous for walking out on an agreement.
  10. I honestly didn't think that many would answer no. I've said no, who we bring in, I'm not sure. After winning the league, showing ambition and having a load of cash to spend I think the owners can sell the idea of a great project, so we can bring in a big name. Tuchel looks set to leave Dortmund, so why not? Make a statement.
  11. Should Shakespeare be given the job permanently?
  12. If the players loved him, they'd have put some effort in. And have you seen our record against the top teams? Sorry, not for me.
  13. Absolutely. Completely agree with you. Shakes has made us safe and made us look forward to watching football again. But I just don't think it's the long term future. The players were awful tonight. I'm pretty torn if I'm honest, but I think a new start would be for the best. It's like the Ranieri situation again, I don't want them to go, but if it benifits the club...
  14. Highly optimistic, but why not? He can only say no. After what we've achieved, why can't we sell it to him?
  15. Said it before, say it again. We're at a crossroads. Shakespeare isn't what we need. Go and get someone, make a statement. If the players don't like it, bye. Not a reaction on tonight's shambles, just being realistic. I don't know who to get in, but we need to stop clinging on to the past. Again...ready to take shit from everyone who disagrees!