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  1. Keep us updated, if you get 50% of your online quote, you've done well. They are effectively the payday loans company of buying cars.
  2. Nah! Don't go to we buy any car though. One of my handover team worked for them. They give you a great quote online, then the assessors job is to pick your car apart and get it for basically nothing. It's run by British car auctions, they want maximum profit at auction, obviously. She's told me a few stories...once, a car was perfect, she couldn't find a fault, they matched the online quote, she got a bollocking! Another one was a car valued at 4 grand online, was bought for 75 quid after the assessment
  3. A bit of shameless plugging...if anyone is in the market for a new motor, let me know! Recently changed jobs to sell cars at a car supermarket, a decent one as well, very competitive prices! Can usually find something suitable.
  4. So, you're telling me we're signing Upamacano?
  5. That's more like it, Big Daddy!
  6. Dayot Upamacano to replace Slabhead?!
  7. Stuff like that is always awful. Chilly looks like Shakespeare though compared to the Mark Wood cricket diary on the BBC website.
  8. https://www.lcfc.com/news/1272575/youri-tielemans-signs-for-leicester-city-on-a-permanent-deal/press-release
  9. tom27111


    The delay is actually due to gaining permission from Gary Barlow to use his music Big Daddy should be able to confirm as his Dad is sat behind Gaz on a flight from LA into Birmingham.
  10. tom27111


    I take full credit for that!
  11. tom27111


    3pm announcement #ITK
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