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  1. Keep going Carl
  2. It was a relatively tame argument until the offended person pulled out 2 incredibly offensive racial slurs. Ironic really.
  3. If I pay a quid for her, can she play for my team in the pub music quiz?
  4. Quite fitting I think
  5. Saying that, I'd take Nasri, if the price and wages were right. Especiallyif Mahrez does go. He's a cvnt, but he's got vision and creativity
  6. City haven't played a strong side, even Nasri has made an appearance Now, the last time I heard of him, he nutted Vardy and was cheating on his Mrs with some dodgy clinic bird
  7. He's going to the world cup, haven't you heard?
  8. This thread is hotter than the Iheanacho one
  9. Confirmed to be a summer tournament in 2019. Good news for us, especially if Nigeria qualify!