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  1. I've just decided to paint the walls and buy them a Chinese You've put me off that much! Thanks for the advice though. Although when I get back from Arsenal at about 1.30am Thursday, I might think it's a good idea!
  2. Would love 2 tickets for this if anyone can help me out please.
  3. Thanks to @BridgfordFox for sorting me 2 Arsenal tickets. Everything ran smoothly and happily recommended him as a seller.
  4. I keep spamming him with pictures of Dyer scoring that goal think I've been too harsh
  5. He's just happy that I gave him an assist after the 3-2 comeback last season
  6. Cheers @Webbo Can I have a rough quote for about 6 square metres of tiling and 9 new kitchen cupboards please for when I **** it up
  7. Would I use that on cupboards and tiles? Then just standard paint afterwards? No specialist thing? Is one of those mini rollers the best thing to apply with? Sorry for all the questions!
  8. The dickhead is a Villa fan
  9. They've discussed doing it themselves and want it done, picked out colours and stuff. Just thought it'd be good for them to come back to. Cheers for the advice
  10. I'm staying with a mate and his Mrs, they're off on holiday next week and as they've helped me out a lot, I'm looking at surprising them and sprucing up their kitchen. They've just tiled the floor, but the rest of it is really dated and they don't have the budget to get it all done. How good is tile paint? Will it look half decent? And is there any way I can paint these cupboards? I think you call them veneer? Smooth surfaces. I'm usually ok with DIY stuff, but not attempted anything like this before. I'm guessing @Webbo might know?
  11. After 2 adult tickets to the Spurs match please. Send me a PM if you can help me out. Cheers
  12. 68% Conservative 66% British National Apparently, I'm a closet racist
  13. You can register here to have your number removed from marketing lists. If the calls continue, you can report the company and they'll be fined. Always worked for me. If someone does call, tell them you're TPS registered, then you shouldn't hear from them again.
  14. You've obviously never tried a blumpkin
  15. Would love 2 adult tickets if anyone has them please. Will consider just the 1 also. Please pm if you can help me out