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  1. Sent you a PM mate, i know nothing about cat damaged cars, our company won't touch them, but can get you an HPI report which will bring up any issues with the car if it'll help, just need the reg number. Hope things are getting sorted
  2. It's very difficult with cars. You get statutory rights, like any purchase. It's not like kicking off in New Look if the wife's shoes don't fit. The major problem being the V5 certificate. It's been logged with the DVLA, so a dealer taking a car back will instantly lose money as there's another registered keeper, depreciating the value of the vehicle. You'd usually get a three month warranty on any purchase of a used car. Ours covers repairs up to £500, which obviously wouldn't help in this case. Cars go wrong, it's a fact, they always will, but as an RAC approved dealer, they haven't met the required preparation standards, in my opinion, which is a 115 point check. As a dealer, you'd hope they'd do the right thing and see sense. Only last week, we had a Jag go wrong. Massively. The customer was rightly fuming. Even Jag couldn't diagnose the issue. We gave the customer a courtesy car, found him an alternative vehicle, which cost about a grand more, but gave it him at the same price. Happy customer, our reputation in tact. Unfortunately, it's clowns like these who give the business a bad name. If you put your faith in someone whilst making a massive purchase, it should be carried out. If you've had the vehicle registered in your name with the DVLA, which they should have done for you on collection, return the car, but withhold the V5 until they've refunded you. We do a similar thing with part exchange cars with a private plate. We take a £200 deposit until the V5 with original reg is bought in.
  3. If you really want to scare them, ask to see the salesman's SAF Certificate. I bet they offered you finance. There's no secret that it's how we make our money, along with warranty. But if they're talking about finance and each individual doesn't have a SAF qualification, they're in breach of guidelines. Makes you sound like you know more
  4. I'd contact your bank, the RAC and the Financial Conduct Authority. Even though you didn't buy the car on finance, if the dealer offers this service, they'll be regulated by the FCA. They'll soon find your money with the threat of that over their head.
  5. There were a few King Power shirts in the store today with Premier League badges and sleeve sponsor.
  6. Just confirms the point I was trying to get across... Many on here will remember the night at Meadow Lane in the ZDS Cup, when Tommy Wright and Paul Fitzpatrick scored. I was there. We were the underdogs against the team with stars like Agana and Johnstone. Fvck me, 5th in the Prem is a failure?
  7. We ended shit. We were awful. We let ourselves down. There's no denying that. You can't polish a turd. My point is, look where we were 10/15 years ago. This is dreamland, even though we fvcked up We'd have killed for Europa in the last 3 years.
  8. Absolutely. Im completely with you and dont want a divided fan base. We've fvcked up massively since xmas, unforgivabley, but we are where we are. It's been worse
  9. You know what, we're all disappointed and upset, but compare this to where we were 10 years ago. I get what you're saying, I really do. Try and have a good night everyone
  10. You don't remember us being clear by a mile and losing a load of games from Jan/Feb and people wanting Pearson out?
  11. Well, if you need to ask
  12. You're a new supporter then? You weren't following us in 2013/14?
  13. I don't think anyone is, but look at the bigger picture!
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