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  1. Not gonna lie, the end of your anecdote left me slightly underwhelmed. I was absolutely engrossed, but I was hoping for a better ending
  2. Completely agree with what you're saying about the apps, especially if they're free. I can overlook the Americans dropping the U in colour and neighbour. I can even forgive them for calling maths, math. Even the different words we use, such as fender, elevator and highway are fine. That it mainly because they're new words that have come about since the original Pilgrims founded what we now know as the USA But I am not having their pronunciation of Aluminium
  3. Quite a lot of that happening. To be fair, after what they've been through, they have to make it financially viable. The furlough scheme is still running, so hopefully the staff are OK and managing. Who knows what will happen in the next few weeks, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that they'll be ordered to shut up shop again, costing hundreds or thousands in beer that'll have to be thrown down the drain again. I completely understand the caution.
  4. The Sky commentator annoyed me when he said "The first Asian major winner". He said it right after the winning putt. No. YE Yang won the PGA about 15 years ago.
  5. Yeah, said that in the sub-header in the article!
  6. Just catching up on this thread. Love and condolences to you and your family @Webbo from all of us
  7. Went to the pub for a pint tonight. It's mental how we've missed the little things we take for granted. All 6 of us went for just 1 drink after we had dinner. We live in a pretty small village and just popped in to the local. Normally wouldn't have bothered, but want to help out local, independent businesses in these times. Probably wait until it's a bit warmer for our next visit! Can't wait till next month to actually sit inside and have a proper meal in there. Quite lucky that a couple of the pubs round here are independent and do
  8. Cleaned down properly once grouted
  9. Finally spent the voucher that my step daughter bought me for Xmas now that the shops are open! Only went a couple of places to have a look for some bits for my revamped kitchen, no queuing or anything in Northampton to the places we went. Picked up this little shelf unit to carry on the industrial look.
  10. Better hope it's the other one @Milo Youe ever tried wiping your arse with the wrong hand? Messy. Very messy Get well soon though mate
  11. Was it forced though? Is there a period of self isolation they have to do so other squad members aren't at risk?
  12. I'm not so sure that the no alcohol sponsorship on kids shirts existed that early? Seem to remember a fuss around it in the very early 90's. Could be wrong though.
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