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  1. Dion Dublin, everyone's watching Homes Under The Hammer whilst quarantined
  2. Do they have to have played for the first team? Matt Smith is arguably the most famous of all!
  3. I'd have thought Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire, is more well known than any of the centre backs already named?
  4. tom27111

    Corona Virus

    Am I missing something here, or have you left your house to visit your sister?
  5. Looking at the other sides on this list, I'm not sure that's a good thing
  6. Which is why the sport is in the state that it's in. Don't moan about the 'big club' monopoly if you're part of the cause.
  7. Only mugs pay for sky sports. Just stream everything in glorious HD. Literally anything on sky and BT can be streamed. Plus much more.
  8. tom27111

    Corona Virus

    On the radio yesterday, it was announced that all face to face appointments are cancelled for at least 3 months.
  9. tom27111

    Corona Virus

    Rumour I've heard from someone in local government is total lockdown from tomorrow evening with army patrolling the streets. Could well be bullshit, could be true.
  10. 91/92 final day of the season. Automatic promotion was still on for us, they needed something to stay up. Think it finished 2-2 with a late Walshie own goal. Never understood why one of the fans stood by the post didn't clear it as it trickled in!
  11. Leicester 5 Newcastle 4 circa 1989? Make sure it's the home game, we lost 5-4 away!
  12. Because they'd only played 3 games. This season is 75% complete
  13. If/when this season can't be finished, there will be lots of clubs across Europe that'll have reason to feel hard done by and look at taking legal action against the leagues. A sensible option, which of course, wouldn't be without problems, could be the following... Technically, the season would be null and void, however, scrap relegation, but honour promotion for the teams in the automatic places. This would increase the size of divisions, but there could be more relegation places at the end of the season. As for European competition, the teams that qualified for it last season should compete in it again...with the addition of the teams that are currently in qualifying positions, thus expanding the Champions League and Europa League for a single season. As I said, this doesn't solve every single problem and some teams will miss out on what they could possibly have achieved, but it would be a compromise that minimises potential for legal action.
  14. So almost every club outside the top divisions go out of business?
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