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  1. North Korea

    We'd be doomed, he'd just crack out the Gangnam Style moves.
  2. Quiz questions needed.

    Yeah, I'd be happy to help
  3. Quiz questions needed.

    Which team has held the FA Cup for the longest amount of time consecutively?
  4. Quiz questions needed.

    Must be King Eric
  5. Quiz questions needed.

    Nah, I think it was Keith, the crane operator.
  6. Quiz questions needed.

    Here you go, both right, kind of!
  7. Quiz questions needed.

    Oh haha you're probably right, I think the u21's played a friendly there for the benefit of something to do with the safety certificate. Could have been a competitive game though
  8. Quiz questions needed.

    If I remember correctly, it was an Italian under 21 player, couldn't tell you his name.
  9. Quiz questions needed.

    I think I've heard this before, is it QPR?
  10. Quiz questions needed.

    I actually remember this. It was played in the Nou Camp and Carl Shutt got the winner
  11. Also sometimes called a Gunt. The area between the gut and...
  12. She's got a huge FUPA (fatty upper pussy area)