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  1. If I can't get a decent and reliable stream, I'll head down the pub to watch. Id rather spend 30 quid on beer, than £15 on PPV. It's about the principal, not the money.
  2. Should probably go to the doctor and get that checked out
  3. Sorry, but all it takes is one person with no symptoms and this is exactly why we're in the shit situation we are. When will people learn to listen to the advice? The selfish few are costing us.
  4. But groups of around 10 mums literally rubbing shoulders is ok?
  5. I walked past a primary school yesterday as the parents were picking the kids up. No masks, no social distancing. But they'll be the first to complain when more restrictions come in.
  6. Really? Both were awful challenges, easily yellow card offences, gave the ref no option.
  7. I emailed the guy who gave me an Xfinity login, email no longer exists. I'll find something somewhere
  8. Shite. Thiught they did. NBC show every game and their website redirected me to Peacock as that's how to stream in the US now. I'll do some more research over the weekend and see what I can find.
  9. That's on my mobile through Betternet, takes me straight through on that link.
  10. Hmmm, not sure. Sounds like the VPN isn't connected properly
  11. On PC, there's a chrome extension called Hola. On mobile, download an app called Betternet
  12. https://www.peacocktv.com/premierleague?cid=20200620premierleaguesymed005&utm_source=nbcsports&utm_medium=symphony_editorial_brandawareness_card&utm_campaign=20200620premierleague&utm_term=NBCSportsDetail&utm_content=PremierLeagueDetailPage $4.99 a month for every Premier League game. Just need to use a VPN
  13. Seems excessive. Couldn't they have just sent someone in a van?
  14. There used to be a way to get the American version of Sky go, Xfinity I think it's called? Basically, you email a guy, tell him what you want to watch and he'll send you a login for the cost of a $20 Amazon gift card. It's guaranteed to last 3 months, but my last one, from 2017 lasted over a year. You need to use a VPN, but it's pretty simple. Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll try to find him again.
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