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  1. But he was absolutely outstanding in the Premier League. The division we play in, in case you weren't aware.
  2. Genuinely think Gary Neville is on drugs
  3. The test will be when we go a goal down. Southgate will chuck Grealish on for the last 15 and expect him to do something. Then probably never play him again because he hasn't managed to do something in limited time. Southgate is tactically inept and only fell in to the job by pure luck.
  4. Watching ITV for the Netherlands game, I'm amazed at how much they're talking up England. We were average at best. Completely disagree with everything Gary Neville said about Southgate.
  5. I'd rather have Andy Townsend back in his 'Tactics Truck'.
  6. This is just so uninspiring and dull. Southgate in a nutshell. I wasn't aware you had to leave 3 players out of the squad, imagine naming Henderson in the squad and leaving out Sancho Oh...we scored
  7. I've noticed this. So many of them too. Our attacking players should be able to pass and move more. Sterling and Foden are the masters of it with Man City.
  8. Never found one. Always had hope when I found a little blue packet in there, but it was never cash.
  9. Or, the Congo. That's where they drink it.
  10. Fuming with her, had no idea she'd signed up. I'll let her off though, got some right bargains. Keep those shares @Izzy
  11. It's a good job I don't take myself too seriously!
  12. Mate, go to the Grinds my Gears thread. There's been a significant update I'm feeling my Clubcard rant is going to haunt me for years. It's not like I lost a dinosaur at the Everton game in 2016
  13. Haha no. I want Belgium to win, but the rule makes no sense. The Defender is punished for trying to clear the threat, even though he held his line to play the attacker offside.
  14. OK, if that's the official rules, it's wrong. The cross directly led to a goal. The defender isn't aware, so has to try to do something. If he leaves it, it's offside. That ain't right.
  15. How was that Belgium goal allowed? I get there was a touch from the defender, but come on. That's offside all day.
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