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  1. Or £4m no Gray and a box of salt & vinegar walkers crisps and a few pints of tigers !
  2. I recon Brendan has been thinking putting Barnes in the Vardy Role bringing either Ricardo on one side Albrighton on the other maybe utilise Ünder, Brendan has been saying apparently on the press even tho Vardy is injured he won’t sign another Striker but The Edouard story doesn’t seem to be slowing down either? Is Nacho the right one to replace Vardy whilst he goes under the knife and for his rehabilitation back from injury as the guy just has no confidence, yes he’s been great at times but the performances Of late the penalty debacle I just think we need to send him on loan if we
  3. I’d have thought Odergaad would have rather be approached by a decent team rather than the gooneys a team with ambition of finishing in the top 4, maybe Brendan should have a word in his ear and get him to come to Leicester better Team better Training facilities what more could he want ? 😉🤪
  4. Mind you looks like he’s got posh Landon. Gel on his hair now greased back trouble is tho not as slick as Leicester !!
  5. What a lovely view Let’s hope the gods of football let those games we need below us to go our way !!
  6. What a bloody great Display and Superb result !!
  7. Ziyech and you could have signed for a top of the table team bud !!😂😉
  8. What’s Ünder got to do to get a game ?
  9. It was that marathon session with Becky that pulled it before she went off to her Dance on ice Bubble 😉
  10. Same again please Leicester but with Extra bite !!
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