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  1. At first I thought bugger someone’s spellings a bit off INGLAND then noticed it was pertaining Danny Ings !!#DOH 🥴
  2. Interesting headline in the Daily Slither !! Liverpool to win the league Man Utd to finish 4th Leicester not officially invited to be 3rd !! ill leave the rest to the conspiracy Theorists ? Stay safe fellow Foxes !
  3. Hearing on talksport fairest way apparently end season now give Liverpool the title as can you really see Man City make up the points and Liverpool really drop all their remaining points, Have no relegation this season promote Leeds and Baggies then have a season of 40 games then relegate 5 End of next season ? But as some folk have said before I can’t believe the Football authorities haven’t come up with a scenario of not being able to finish a league due to some kind of catastrophe/war etc and have a plan of action? Cant see the games be played from April 4th as the virus will be hitting the country pretty hard by then so where’s the super computer predictor when you really need it?
  4. Brendan does this quote mean we can go in fo a Bale esque type of player in the summer some quality to help our Champions League Journey ?😉 https://sportslens.com/rodgers-issues-leicester-city-transfer-update/289739/
  5. Bet he’s had that 100 goal shirt under his City top for a few games now before that dreaded injury, but how Brilliant it would be to show it off against his former boss !
  6. Vardy could grab his 20th of the season and 100 premier League goals against his old boss with this game, really hope we can spring on now after demolishing Villa Monday night get another 3 points nearer 3rd place safety and who knows with Man City slipping up as much could we actually slip into second place?? Could be a tough one for us Watford looked a quality side when they took apart Liverpool a few weeks ago but hasn’t really kept up their performances, hoping Brendan has been doing his homework on Watford and show his lads the way to a win? Heart is saying 1-3 Head is saying 1-1 COME ON YOU MAGNIFICENT FOXES !! 💙🦊💙🦊
  7. This Lad is going to be quality for us next season !!
  8. Listening to this guy when we played Birmingham sitting behind me and the lad going on about how he knows “Chillers!” How he goes on the Pi55 with him & Madders la de la and how the Deal has already gone through with Chelsea and he’s just going through the motions awaiting for the season to end etc etc etc !!
  9. Barnes has come on immensely ! But agree Ricky P or Johnny
  10. It was the dick in the VAR box who reffed the Man City match not giving a KDB Handball and the Nacho Assault ! he needed to give us a bit of payback
  11. Fuch them it’s about time VAR gave us something rather than screw us over now they know how we felt !!
  12. At Last Vardy is back scoring and a classy display from Barnes to grab 2 himself first was quality still had loads to do after rounding the keeper to slot it in Cooley as you like !! 9 games to go I’d like to see us get at least 20 points is it c possible ? Of course it is now Vardy has found his scoring and Barnes is knocking them in for fun !! COME ON YOU GORGEOUS FOXES ARMY “FNQ” 💙🦊💙🦊💙
  13. Bloody short corners which they stop doing loads of just crossed the bloody thing is this dodgy defence !
  14. Pretty good display tonight from the U23’s thought Reghba & Hirst we’re pretty decent can’t be long before Hirst gets a chance in the first team !
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