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  1. We’ll have to wait and see if that pair can pull off a few decent transfers in the coming weeks, with the few rumours banding around I’d certainly take a couple as quality signings ? But like some have said Brendan hasn’t really helped his cause with a few comments last few days it’s one minute we’re not good enough to chase or play Champions League football then on the other comment The champions League fate is Still in our hands? we've had a few too Many Jekyll & Hyde performances this season god knows why is it we’re just not strong enough mentally to finish some teams off I don’t agree with some pundits who have stated that Leicester have been punching above their weight this season with our lofty position in the league that we’ve held onto since around September last year, so what is the reason for these Fuched up displays where we should have won is it the lack of quality in the squad do we rely on players far too much or is it Brendans tactics substitutions or what does Brendan need to show he can bring in some quality in the transfer market ? Weve enjoyed some amazing performances this season and being in 3rd place for most of the season giving us hope of visiting the European Holy Grail of Champions League football certainly whets the appetite, but honestly at the moment can you say we’re ready for such an adventure or do we have a chance of being Royally embarrassed as this squad isn’t in Brendans words not good enough and not ready for Champions League ? Only time will tell now over the last 3 games to see if we can turn that embarrassing defeat against Bournemouth into 3 quality end of season finishes to try and salvage a Champions League spot but with Man City some how getting away with a solid ban that should have been upheld were in dyer need of maximum points in last 3 games and hope other results go our way so we can creep back into 3rd? Nobody ever said it would be easy being a Leicester City fan a definite RollerCoaster of emotions at times but with the ups and downs we follow this amazing football club to the end, hoping Brendan is the right man to take us forward build our football club into a quality football club we all know it’s capable of ?
  2. Spot on we’ve been spoiled with our lofty position in the league and we expect them to compete in the Champions League playing like that against a Top European side and it will end up a cricket score rather than football, we looked great for the win in the first half would have put Gray or Barnes on when Albrighton had to go off shame really he looked great. Thought Brendan got it completely wrong last night we really need other results to go our way this week and the lads need to put out a quality performance against Sheffield or that could end up another embarrassing scorline, like others have said think we may have just lost our CL spot only chance for European football is the Europa now Brendan needs to sort this out ASAP otherwise he’ll lose a few fans that have always been behind him !
  3. AN EMBARRASSING AS FOOK DISPLAY ITS ALMOST LIKE THEY ARE BOTTLING THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ? Time to sort this SH IT out now bring in quality players who want to play at the best levels of football time to invest big time in the squad Top !
  4. EMBARRASSING AS FU CK NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOR UR US NEXT SEASON FOR ABSOLUTE FUCHING BOLLOXING SHIT !! Unless we win our last 3 which is about as likely as the corona virus being cured in the next Week ?? Brendan needs to find a squad that can compete for 38 games in the premier league not just the odd game but turn up for all of them, their first went in the we folded Cags sent off we Fuched up completely! SORT IT OUT BRENDAN IF YOU CAN ?
  6. Goodbye Champions League it was a great dream to visit you again but we’ve shit the bed this year can’t see us winning our next 3 games
  7. This is why we should have put these sad fuchers to bed in the first half Cags was pushed solanko should have been carded too for the push but no defending a kick from Cags, we often mes up great displays we need Brendan to sort that out 3 points dropped atm we need to up the tempo and grab an equaliser then go for the win come on Leicester we CAN DO THIS
  8. Brendan now you need to earn your mega bucks time to push on Barnes and Gray on push bennet to CB
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