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  1. Know how you feel really the year I’ve been through at work working on ICU, then a positive this year of negativity seeing our great club do amazing things in the league and FA Cup we could be going for a top 3 finish maybe also an FA cup win too who knows? What is it with some people who think they’re immortal and can break rules to have a party, we’d all love to meet up and have a party with our mates and loved ones but we’re following the rules I can’t even go for a pint Tomorrow with the wife now we actually can go to a pub at last, unfortunately I’ve got to self is
  2. Just read a report Sergio Aguero wants to stay in the Premier League and is willing to forgo Champions League and was mentioned alongside Spurs & Chelsea, But as were in the running for a CL Place a top notch training facility they’ll be no transfer fee so we could offer a decent salary would he take a chance here play alongside his sons hero ? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.sportbible.com/football/news-sergio-agueros-son-loves-jamie-vardy-and-wants-to-be-like-him-20210216.amp.html
  3. Youri had Stated he loves it here at Leicester the way Brendan trusts him plays to his qualities and as stated by Ric will sign once the season is over and that we will cement our places in Champions League! ”Our selling days of our Top players has Ended !” so Brendan has reiterated, we no longer need to sell now have a state of the art facility to entice the better quality players which shows the club’s ambitions the plans to increase the size of the KP stadium and to show our desire to compete at the top levels both Domestic and in Europe !
  4. What ever happened to keep the Domestic Trophies available for the Masses on digital terrestrial TV? So we can’t really go on Mass to Wembley to cheer on the Foxes so we’ll have to do it on our Sofas but now to kick the loyal supporters in the Crown Jewels the FA take the Pi55 and sell the rights to BT to charge us £9.99 for the game, no wonder so many people use illegal streams to be able to watch the game especially through the troubles of the last year with job losses Furlough etc! But here’s to the Foxes go into the game full of great attitude winning mentality and the quali
  5. We were in for him a few years back stil a decent player !
  6. Manure are getting away with a hell of a lot of fouls on us !!
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