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  1. Way better in the second half but all in all a deserved victory for Genk. Although it could've been different had that chance from Henry gone in at 1-1.
  2. Picked up a red before the international break.
  3. Exactly, it's a bit of a smaller scale version of the European Superleague that some clubs would like to establish.
  4. As far as I know, the Dutch are not in favour of this so it looks very unlikely. I'm not a fan of it either.
  5. I'm not, but expecting finishing third in your first season back up is ridiculous. That's like saying Leicester should've qualified for Europe when they got promoted to the PL. I'm sure you remember that you were destined to go down around Christmas and only miraculously stayed up. Being in the left half of the table is fantastic, end of story.
  6. Judging by the results and our position in the league, I'd say we're doing perfectly fine. You're a great example of what I meant in my previous post though. Expectations are way too high.
  7. I've got absolutely no complaints. Some fans are, I feel, a bit harsh in their criticism towards certain players but considering we're newly promoted, I feel like we've done a fantastic job so far. If you'd have told me in advance we'd be competing until the end for a Europe ticket, I'd have told you to go see a shrink.
  8. To be fair, the wage costs for the squad in second division was already way over the top, so even without an overhaul, we're spending quite big in that department, especially if you compare it to the yearly budget. And in relative terms, there have been quite a few transfer investments. I'm fairly sure Malinov and Tamari were both around the 1M EUR mark, Schrijvers cost us 2M, De Norre is currently on loan but has an agreed transfer price which is probably between 1 and 2M as well..
  9. One of our better games this season in my opinion, against a very efficient Eupen. If we can keep up this level of performance, I don't see why we can't at least stick to a top 8 spot.
  10. I know. The good news is, it's not a must. The only thing we had to do at the start of the season is stay up. In my opinion, anything on top of that is bonus.
  11. If we can hang in until the final two games of the season, it might actually happen. We've got Cercle away and Waasland-Beveren at home, two teams who are sitting at the bottom. Not saying it'll be a done deal that, but we've got, in my opinion, not the hardest of schedules left.
  12. Think we did okay until the penalty to be honest. You guys may be expecting a little too much. This is a side that's now 15 points ahead of the nearest team.
  13. Plays the ball though, never a pen.
  14. Eppiah is getting his minutes, but Brys has very little reason to change much in the starting lineup. He's also not the kind of coach to throw things around too much.
  15. The game on Monday will go on as planned, testing has shown no additional infections and as long as there's not at least seven players with COVID, they can't ask for a postponement.
  16. There's a covid outbreak at Club Brugge by the way. Two key players infected with Vanaken and Lang, and as long as they don't have 7 infections, they can't ask for a postponement. That said, they probably won't anyway as their schedule is as packed as it can be.
  17. Our match schedule should be relatively light from now on out until the end of the regular competition at least, with one game per week if I'm not mistaken. As long as we're in the running for a top four spot, which would set us up for play off one, I can't see much rotation or experimenting happening. Can't speak for injuries, that's always a bit of a lottery. Kotysch (one of our main central defenders) is very injury prone and Jemelka has been having trouble with his shoulder but we're very well set in that department with Ngawa (who is a crowd favourite) and youngster Raemaekers, who has b
  18. To be fair, it's only when he joined Tubize in 2018 that he was moved to the striker position, he played lower on the pitch before. Considering the way he developed over the past few seasons, I'd say he could still make some progress. Although a top half team in one of the big five competitions might be a tad too much, hard to say. There was interest from a Turkish team who had a bid rejected and Mallorca iirc.
  19. Friendly for both teams to get some match fitness for first team players not making the lineup.
  20. For the record, it was B-teams on both sides with first team players that needed match fitness + youngsters. I realise that people may still be wowed by the name Anderlecht but in reality they are only two points ahead of us in the league and we got 4/6 against them there.
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