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  1. Especially if it was down to us last game of the season!
  2. Who will win the sack race - Ole, Poch or Silva?
  3. Probably sabotage by Spurs fans to spare them further humiliation on national tv - sadly for them it didn't work!
  4. Can history repeat itself? From the BBC: Liverpool are unbeaten in their last 43 home league games - the longest current run in the top five European leagues, and Liverpool's second longest ever in top-flight history. Their previous best streak, 63 matches between February 1978 and December 1980, was eventually ended by Leicester.
  5. Thrown away a 3-0 lead to Salzburg!
  6. Wow Chelsea v Utd and Liverpool v Arsenal!
  7. They should rename it Farting Cock!
  8. Eriksen's pen saved by Colchester keeper!
  9. Let him start Saturday - the Newcastle game is Sunday!
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