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  1. Silva Fox


    Spurs apparently interested! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/01/19/mike-mcgraths-transfer-notebook-islam-slimani-loan-monaco-leicester/
  2. He's training on crutches? What a man!
  3. He'll be bloody disappointed if he did!
  4. Score predictions for this one? I'm going 0-7.
  5. Drinky again! Can't see him making it to half time.
  6. Pity he can't play against us in the cup
  7. Think this is a ploy from the club to make fans realise we are better off with Chilwell!
  8. If it has he needs to be careful as it could backfire on him big time if he loses his place in the team along with his England place, not to mention putting off any potential suitors.
  9. Hope you're right. Never easy to get the right players in at the right price in January but getting them in and settled into our system could help steady the ship this season and give us a head start for the next one as well.
  10. The next 8 days are as critical to our season as any match day. So many players "out of form" I really hope fatigue is the main cause and BR and his staff manage the break effectively to get the right combination of rest, recuperation, tactical re-focus and morale restoring. This will be a big test of his management ability.
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