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  1. Please Brendan never play Madders out on the left again! 2nd half proves he has to play central.
  2. Just about to say our game will surely be on TV then Forest v Derby is drawn!
  3. I was trying to work out the song - think it's the opening to Kingston Town by UB40 isn't it?
  4. Need a good start, get the fans on their backs.
  5. Think we've found the weak link in the top 6!
  6. Lampard will be lucky to make it to the end of August at this rate!
  7. Could be a good time to play Chelsea next week. They look poor.
  8. think they'll be plenty of goals - I'll go for 3-2
  9. Where do you think we will finish as a matter of interest? I predicted 10th in another thread and I don't think I was being overly pessimistic but as good as our signings have been I still think we've fallen slightly short compared to the likes of Everton, Wolves & West Ham. If BR can get the best out of our players then we could finish higher but I can't see us breaking into the top 6 this season. I'm massively looking forward to it all the same mind you.
  10. 1. Man C 2. Liverpool 3. Spurs 4. Arsenal 5. Chelsea 6. Everton 7. Man U 8. Wolves 9. West Ham 10. Leicester 11. Watford 12. Bournemouth 13. Villa 14. Southampton 15. Palace 16. Brighton 17. Newcastle 18. Norwich 19. Burnley 20. Sheff U
  11. Slimani........playing for someone else!
  12. Disappointed we haven't strengthened the bench a bit more but this can only be good news for the likes of Soyuncu, Benkovic, Barnes, Choudhury, Gray and Leshabela as it should mean they all play a part at some point. Overall I think we have clearly progressed compared to where we were before the window but other teams have arguably shown even more ambition in terms of their signings. Time will tell where we are relative to those clubs with similar aspirations to ourselves but I've lowered my personal expectations for the season and now think we'll be 8th-10th rather than challenging for top 6.
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