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  1. Vardy to Man Utd

    Not guilty but I know where he works and its not KFC!
  2. Vardy to Man Utd

    More so than you might think - I have no reason to defend him but having spoken to him directly he has credible sources.
  3. Vardy to Man Utd

    Might explain why Puel seems to have had a change of heart about Iheanacho in the last couple of weeks! By the way I know who Indykaila is and although he generally relies on other sources he does seem quite well informed and called Drinky to Chelsea before pretty much anyone else.
  4. Watford.. Score predictions:-

    3-1 Mahrez, Vardy, Gray
  5. Relegation "Favourites"

    Although we're not completely out of the woods ourselves yet we should have enough winnable home games to keep us safe this season and hopefully do much better than just staying up. The bookies certainly don't seem to think we're in any danger with odds of up to 500/1 available (not that they've ever been wrong before!) It's looking like it could be quite an open scrap this season with at least 10 teams who could realistically get dragged into it and the added uncertainty of so many new managers battling to turn things around. For what it's worth the 3 current bookies' favourites are Swansea, West Brom and Stoke but my question is who would you prefer to see go down of those who are realistically in danger? I have to say the only team outside of the top 6 that I have really strong feelings against would be Stoke (bitter memories of 2008) but other than them I would probably say Palace and Watford.
  6. Adrien Silva

    MOTM by a mile tonight
  7. The Second Most Talented City player?

    Keith Weller for me although surprised no-one has mentioned Cambiaso or Mancini at least as contenders
  8. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Massive opportunity to close the gap when we play them at home
  9. Should we cash in?

  10. FA Cup 4th round draw

    They beat Fleetwood away a few weeks back so they're a tougher opponent on recent form but still very beatable.
  11. Rafa Silva

    Get them both and Bernado too!
  12. Who do you want Jan 18

    Cool pen taker as well!
  13. Who do you want Jan 18

    Ben Brereton for Forest running the Arsenal defence ragged - wouldn't mind him here
  14. Well that came out of the blue!
  15. Dragovic joins on loan

    Looks comfortable on the ball and advances forward well into midfield similar to Maguire. Could be a good pairing.