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  1. The talk of land being identified is just pure speculation and rumour There's not much talk about moving to be honest. I think it's recognised now that Chansiri would potentially move the club to a new ground to maximise the potential of the club but only as and when we are promoted to the Premier League
  2. Yeah a horrific day and such a tragedy. There have been many calls for the West Stand to be demolished/flattened and replaced as it's pretty much as it was then minus the fencing and standing area. Only a move to another ground will ever work though.
  3. Yeah Vardy is one of those players every Wednesday fan have said would love to see him finish his career at our club. He was with us as a youngster but certain incidents meant he had to leave the club and went off to non-league for a bit before exploding into life
  4. Ah that was like the remix thread - the original thread was way longer and had so many more of them but got lost in a site breakdown!
  5. See this is why Leicester fans have such a great reputation and why this site is one of the very best on the internet for fans of football.
  6. My honest feeling is that as time goes by the anger will naturally fade. It really does depend on what happens with our chairman. We are currently being charged with misconduct for FFP/P&S, selling our own stadium to our own chairman and it looks like the EFL are suggesting we also tried to put the sale of it in last years accounts instead of the current ones in order to get round Profit and Sustainability etc Since coming to our club Chansiri has basically sank a significant amount of his own money into the club. All the sponsors of our club have been our chairman. His name is
  7. ha ha I wish I could find it - Think it was one of the threads that didn't make the cull Do you have photoshop wizards/similar threads on here?
  8. Ha ha he's a legend at Wednesday too Although has the reputation of being totally off his rocker now after his press conference meltdowns
  9. There's not many at all. Maybe one or two more max with 'talk' in the title/url etc Other clubs boards have different names/styles/software. This one is the best though.
  10. It's hard for me to say what I really want to regarding Nigel Pearson, David Hirst, the massive bust up with Chansiri, the move from SWFC to Leicester, and the max damage impact possible on the SWFC chairman regarding the transfer fee ha ha. But you get the idea...
  11. I've always been on Foxestalk pretty much from day one. I know the admin on here as I run the Sheffield Wednesday version of this site over on another part of the internet
  12. It's widely viewed that something happened at the club between his dad and Chansiri, which led to a huge fallout, George got banished, and then I think the agents got involved, Nigel Pearson is a good mate of David Hirst and things just went absolutely whacky. On Owlstalk (our site same as this one) it went absolutely NUTS. Totally bezerk. Threads went on and on and on with fans absolutely livid, like their girlfriend had just ran off with their best mate. I was more disappointed than angry at how George left. I was disappointed because he was a real prospect smashing goals in agains
  13. Kind of yeah He's gone from all time hero and everyone's favourite ever legend to a mixed bag now. Some people still outright love him but many think he's a money grabbing dad who's spoilt his kids chances at Wednesday and ran off, and aiding Wednesday to get screwed over on the transfer of George. Personally I know David well and to me he'll always be the legend, the best striker we've ever had, and I can see both sides of the transfer from Wednesday to you guys totally, especially given a massive fallout between the Hirsts and the Chansiri's which led to George being banished from
  14. Our fans would spontaneously combust if that idea was even touted as a rumour
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