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  1. All I want for Christmas...
  2. There must be corporate & corporate Marshy. If it happens I’m in the Grill, with steak the highlight - just what you want at 11.15 ☹️
  3. I'm in the same boat Strider - but invited as guest of WFC hospitality box-holders. So travel, plus 30k people, plus socialising in a confined space. I wouldn't be unhappy if the decision were taken out of my hands...
  4. It's Jonny. It's his imperious excellence that allows Ricky P to flourish and Soyuncu to amaze. If he played on the left of the CBs Chilwell would be better too! One of the best CBs I've ever seen in a blue shirt, going back to 1965, possibly the best.
  5. To Bournemouth, plus £40m, in exchange for Ake. [Insert your own 'Gray valued at £x/-x' joke here.]
  6. Save Wilf and Vards for Villa, but otherwise strongest team. Which I'm afraid means no Chilwell. Ward Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Justin Praet Tielemans Perez Maddison Barnes Iheanacho Subs Schmeichel Bennett or Morgan Fuchs Ndidi Choudhury Gray Albrighton
  7. There’s half a dozen, maybe more, playing worse than Madders. Christ we have some shite fans!
  8. And what’s more...he’d have had an almighty bollocking after failing to even try & stop the cross coming in for Wood’s goal for Burnley at the KP. Has it changed him? I’m yet to see him even try and stop a cross. He’s beginning to look as brainless as Schluppy.
  9. One of our least bad players tonight. Behave
  10. Legends, internationals or big money signings, I don’t care. I don’t want to travel 2 hours each way on Wednesday to see Chilwell, Perez, or Albrighton play. Or Gray. Or...
  11. Just think - if West Ham didn’t exist we’d have 6 from 12...
  12. Relegation form for a third of a season. No sign at all that Rodgers can turn this round. Some players (Ok I mean Gray & Albrighton) shouldn’t be anywhere near a PL match day squad. Chilwell disgraceful. Team woeful. Yet... we’d have won that any season before this with VAR & the new ludicrous handball rule (which I know has saved us a goal or two too).
  13. He had one garbage game a few weeks ago (Norwich? Southampton?). Then was ok and then this. Genuinely thought he was their best player tonight. If this was part of your cunning plan Ben, congrats, you’ve succeeded. Get your agent to find a club willing to pay us £60m and leave, quickly, with our blessing. No, I mean it. F**k off now lad.
  14. Chilly is NEVER close enough, whoever he's against. He simply has to improve that aspect of his game, that and putting some effort in to stopping crosses... I like him, BTW. He's a very good player but the chances of him becoming a great player have IMO lessened this season.
  15. Evans was outstanding, pure class. I'm not joining the love fest for Kasper. Brilliant shot-stopping as ever, but simply awful distribution again and woeful on crosses. He's not going to improve in either area now is he? First time ever I've given Vardy the lowest score.
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