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  1. Fingers crossed the only time we see Shinji and Simmo is on the lap of appreciation
  2. He’s not a footballer, is he? Has literally no chance of ever holding down a place at a PL club. Debates over Gray & Iheanacho I get. There’s surely no room for a debate over Ghezzal!
  3. I think that whatever Brendan decides to do with Iheanacho (and Gray) will tell us a lot about him. And them. Both need a miracle worker to transform them into reliable PL players. Is that Brendan? Or would he be deluding himself?
  4. What will Rodgers do this summer? Sell because the lad simply isn't improving, or keep him in the belief that he's the one who can turn Gray into a consistent, dangerous PL player where Ranieri, Shalespeare and Puel all failed?
  5. And yet...good though both Barnes and Gray were last night, our front three look a long way off say, Mane, Salah and Firmino. Just saying.
  6. It really doesn't matter does it? With Puel in charge it'll be side to side, shots from distance, no edge, and a plan that doesn't involve our best player. We might not concede the first goal, but we'll concede the winner at some point.
  7. 1965-66, 0-0 v Northampton Town, in their only season in the top flight. I think my Dad chose that game as we were 'guaranteed' to win, the Cobblers being rock bottom and everyone's whipping boys. Banks certainly played and I have a feeling the Doog did too, but I could be wrong. The result that day set the pattern for a lifetime supporting the club. We left Leicester for the West Midlands in 1966 and from then on I'd get to about 3 games a season until I started going regularly under my own steam in 1981. It was three or four years before I saw us win a home game! Even now (well, especially now under Puel) I turn up for 'should win' home games expecting to be disappointed.
  8. I'm done with him now. I've spent a season on the fence but have reluctantly climbed off it. Puel has to take the blame for our suicidal start to game after game - yesterday, like Liverpool, and Wolves before that, it was men against boys in the opening 10 minutes. Add to that his neutering of Vardy, his destruction of Iheanacho and the fact that he feels its ok for Okazaki still to play any part at this level. And to that his mind-boggling substitutions, his stubborn addiction to playing two or three DMs when he had Silva and Iborra available if a three was appropriate. On the plus side, he's no longer starting Morgan or Simpson, and Ghezzal may turn out not to be the Worst Player Ever... Rodgers or Benitez please
  9. Better still, buy him for £15m, play him, watch him struggle to adapt to the PL, slag him off & then loan him back to Brum next season!
  10. It's not if, is it, it's when. I suspect he has the rest of the season to prove conclusively that with him in charge we're on a road to nowhere. I'd love to be wrong, but I won't be.
  11. It's deadlock on here. There's no clear way forward. We need a #PeoplesVote.
  12. Can't argue with anything the man says. But look at what he doesn't say. Not a word reported about playing weakened sides in two successive home league cup quarter finals. Not a peep about doing the same in two successive FAC3R matches, losing one and coming within the width of a post of losing the other. I have patience and realistic expectations for my club. We're not going to finish top 6 or bottom 6. All the more reason for giving the cups our all, not treating them as an inconvenience. I'm still angry!
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