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  1. Sorry Deeg, my question was not why would they rotate, but why would they announce their match day squad the day before the game, giving Rodgers a massive heads up?
  2. Good call. I'd change two of your starting XI, bringing in Soyuncu and Perez for Benko & Albrighton. On the bench, same as yours with Benko & Albrighton replacing them, so same 18. Ndidi needs 30-45 mins!
  3. Schmeichel’s distribution was typically uneven last night, and led indirectly to the corner (which he made a mess of) which led to the penalty (which was soft beyond belief) which led to WHU playing with confidence for 10-15 minutes. So I gave him 5. Everyone else 6 or 7, no one outstanding but several very good, in particular Ricardo, Barnes & Perez (vamos!). Team: 8+. Great entertainment!
  4. Ricardo is amazing, but our best defender is Jonny Evans. Its not even close!
  5. We have three potentially season-defining games ahead. Obviously I'd like us to win all three, but if you offered me beating West Ham tomorrow and winning at Villa for a loss at Brentford, I'd take it. I'm old enough to remember the 1969 FA Cup Final and have always wanted us to with that trophy more than any other (like most, I never dreamed of a top tier title) but as we stand now we have a better chance in the League Cup and winning that (Man C might not turn up?) plus finishing top four would be an outstanding season!
  6. You didn’t see Banks or Sjoberg or Weller then...?
  7. Does he play rugby too?
  8. Maybe the ‘Models’ that Man C had flown over from Italy to ‘help the players celebrate’ their 6-1 win at Villa?
  9. I’m sorry but our star man is Youri Tielemans. He plays in blue and white...
  10. As long as neither Barnes nor Perez start, that’ll do me...
  11. I think he’s going to be magnificent! And he was against Wigan. But today was one of his worst ever performances, totally shot.
  12. Unusually a deal of consensus on FT this morning! I thought Hamza & Nacho were excellent and Hamza should be set for a decent run now until Wilf's back. Ricardo, Perez & Maddison were very good too; Tielemans, Chilwell and Praet all below par. Fancy us away against anybody that's not Liverpool or Man C!
  13. Sorry sport, didn’t mean to upset anyone, least of all any member of the Albrighton family 😏 And yes, I do. Am missing Wilf hugely already. Enjoy the game 💪🏼
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