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  1. Agreed. How's his form for Denmark Shen?
  2. Except it wouldn’t work like that. He’d be paid a big signing on fee, plus ‘acceptable’ wages. Broad as it’s long, but helps with squad politics.
  3. Eriksen is proven at PL level, Meyer hasn’t cut it at a poor Palace team. Leaving finance to one side, it’s a no brainer between those two!
  4. Just knowing we’ve enquired about him fills me with optimism & hope for a class midfield arrival by the end of the month. Hopefully we’ll avoid a Ryan Bennett moment this time?
  5. Now we’re being silly. I’ve told you once...
  6. Ah no, you’ve gone too far now!
  7. I can remember not too long ago as a season ticket holder watching games at Filbo in front of 8000 fans. We didn't look a big club between relegation in 1987 and 1991/92!
  8. Odd that we still talk of a Levein or a Puel or a Rodgers signing, as if it’s the 1970s. All signings now are club signings, driven by recruitment, acting in accordance with agreed strategic objectives, and, if he’s lucky, okayed or rejected by the current manager. It really is hopelessly naive to think that we’d sign anyone on the manager’s whim or say so. Sure, BR will have input, particularly in setting the strategic objectives, but he wouldn’t last long in the modern game stamping his feet and insisting on signing this or that player.
  9. Good point, & agree. They didn’t last year either, yet after a one-sided opening 15 minutes they matched us all the way. My point is that this is no time for handing out starting places to the likes of Leshabela as @volpeazzurro suggested. We start quite strong, then see how the game unfolds.
  10. That makes sense Ric, though like most on here I don’t watch Portuguese footy and have no idea whether Otavia is good enough or not. But surely ‘free’ only applies to a summer transfer? We need cover now!
  11. I get that. Let’s instead base our emotional responses to the challengers around us on some kind of objective reality, like quality of players, managers, depth of squad, depth of pocket and their ability to give us a right good hiding! The bookies do get it wrong, but they’ll have both Manchester clubs & Liverpool ahead of us, possibly Spurs too. I genuinely can’t see us finishing ahead of Liverpool or Man C ( the others, yes). It’s not 2015 any more. They’re ready for us. But I agree, having said all that, we shouldn’t fear anyone. On our day, etc!
  12. It’s a long time (2015/16) since I’ve wanted two teams to draw more than in this match between Man C & Villa... 🙏
  13. Given Praet’s injury I would be disappointed if we weren’t scouring the market for a loan/good value purchase to cover a number of midfield/wide options. Buendía is the obvious one for me, wouldn’t be too expensive, would be happy to fight for his place/be rotated, and would earn a lot more here than at Narch. 🤞🏻
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