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  1. And they're right, we're still slight favourites to qualify. But more than 3 dropped points from our next four would see that change dramatically.
  2. There's an 70-90% chance of that being right, in my estimation. But it might be our day...
  3. I'd add 'Presence' 9/10 and 'Leadership' 9/10, but agree with the rest! He does make me scream at the TV far too often for a top, top class keeper
  4. So sad to see Ricardo labouring so ineffectively. Marc has to start at Wembley, whatever formation we play. Then we can all give him a right good going over when he’s subbed on 60 mins! 😉
  5. Hmm. And we last beat West Brom at home when??? Apart from that I wouldn’t take much issue with you!
  6. No question, currently our most important player. Hope he enjoys Wembley’s wide open spaces.
  7. The obvious, and correct, answer is: whatever some other club is prepared to pay for him.
  8. I’ll call it now. We won’t get 12 points (or 10) from the next four. I’d be delighted with 9 and think we’ll get 7 or 9. It’s still in our own hands, and I’d fancy us to get something at Old Trafford from a Utd that’s already qualified for the CL. And I fancy us to beat a Spurs team that’s going to finish nowhere & sack it’s manager. 11-13 points needed. Still very doable, whatever happens in the next four games. So long as we don’t lose them all that is 😬
  9. I was never a big fan of our Jeffrey, but I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed if we signed Schlupp on a free this summer. Brendan likes players who can play in more than one position & Schlupp can cover both LW & LWB, even LB at a pinch. It’s one way of bringing in cover for Barnes without spending much?
  10. So glad I dropped in to taste the pre-match mood on here...
  11. Shock, horror! An FT poster concerned that Perez might not be available?!? What world is this? I don’t recognise it.
  12. Sometimes wonder how much the profile of players that Adams (or his regime) signed has contributed to the development of the profile we look at now? Then: experienced, financially secure, knackered by 80 minutes, no resale value. Now: talented, hungry, full of energy, saleable
  13. Think we’ll let Choudhury go to, especially if Soumare is a genuine target. But you’re in dreamland if you think anyone will pay £5M for a player that couldn’t nail down a starting place at Cardiff, Bristol City or OH Leuven!
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