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  1. Steve Earle

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    It's not if, is it, it's when. I suspect he has the rest of the season to prove conclusively that with him in charge we're on a road to nowhere. I'd love to be wrong, but I won't be.
  2. Steve Earle

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    It's deadlock on here. There's no clear way forward. We need a #PeoplesVote.
  3. Steve Earle

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    Can't argue with anything the man says. But look at what he doesn't say. Not a word reported about playing weakened sides in two successive home league cup quarter finals. Not a peep about doing the same in two successive FAC3R matches, losing one and coming within the width of a post of losing the other. I have patience and realistic expectations for my club. We're not going to finish top 6 or bottom 6. All the more reason for giving the cups our all, not treating them as an inconvenience. I'm still angry!
  4. Steve Earle


    You’re asking more of Gray, Iheanacho, James & Ghezzal than they’ve shown this season Babs. I don’t have that much faith in any of them... Maybe Diabate could offer something next season? Elder seems likely to get the reserve left back role, and loans beckon for Hughes, Knight & Johnson. There’s a case for keeping the best of that trio as 5th choice CB instead of Wes... But it’s a striker we need, and it’s beginning to be an urgent need
  5. 8.5 Ricardo 7 the rest except Kasper, Wilf, Maddison 6 each, Gray 5
  6. Steve Earle

    Manchester City (H)..pre match thoughts...

    Same XI if the physios ok that. Only Harry, Wilf & Hamza have played the full 90 of the past two. Hamza can be rotated out v Cardiff. If they’re without Fernandinho & D Silva we have a chance. A snowball’s, but a chance.
  7. Steve Earle

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    It's the lack of visible progress that erodes faith. I can see what he's trying to do and admire that; I'm even happy with last summer's recruitment and that we'll only really see the best of this group next season. But we're not visibly moving forwards. And the two QFs v Man City were just infuriating and clueless. I still suspect he has the season but probably has to have an outstanding second half of the season to earn another year. If he goes I'd love Benitez here. Rodgers or Bielsa wouldn't be bad either.
  8. I bloody hope not - I’ve got a fair journey for this one and I’d like to think we have a chance at 7.45. Mind you, I always think we have a chance at KO in the PL. Shows what I know.
  9. Best possible XI, excepting Ward in goal. Most important game left this year!
  10. Don’t agree, sorry. Perreira was good in both aspects of his game. If we don’t buck our ideas up he’ll go to a top 6 (or equivalent) side next summer or the one after..
  11. Perreira good. Morgan decent. Evans & Chilwell too. Rest poor, or very poor. Squad not good enough. A year will help the likes of Ndidi, who can’t presently pass water, and maybe just maybe Iheanacho could yet be a PL player. Striker needed 1 January!
  12. Steve Earle

    Daniel Amartey

    Any concrete news on this? Ghanaweb reporting as above, but ESPN saying out for the season.
  13. Steve Earle

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    Thought at the time that that had been a career-ending performance. Not so angry now, more sad. Wes found games against Huddersfield, Wolves reserves and Newcastle easy enough. But play him against a proper PL side that doesn't play with a Rondon-ilke lump up front and it's plain to see. He's gone. Step forward Jonny Evans. Next season's back four will very likely be Perreira Soyoncu Maguire Chilwell, but this season is about giving Ricardo & Caglar time to acclimatise.
  14. Agree with a lot of that Shane. For me Perreira would get a 6 (5 when defending, 7 when attacking). Morgan & Evans both solid 6s/almost 7s for me. Thought it was Evans' best game for us and it's not at all obvious who'll partner Maguire on Saturday. Ghezzal seems so easy to defend against, one footed in the extreme, no real pace. But scored a great (and important) pen. Shame our best two chances fell to Albrighton - finishing is his weak spot. I think like many he faded in the much more evenly contested second half, so I gave him a 6. Special mention for Gray who I rated at 7.5 (rounded up for voting). Came on and was the Gray we know he can be, rather than the Gray he so often is.