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  1. Thought Perez and Hamza were poor (given both 5), Perez critically so - if he'd scored from the second minute sitter instead of blazing wildly over we might have won at a canter. Hamza was his usual energetic self but lacked sharpness and accuracy. Ricardo, Evans and Maddison were the pick from an unusually laboured team performance. Barnes did loads of great stuff but when he gets near the box I'm as optimistic as I used to be watching Akinbadbuy. I drove home thinking how spoiled we've become. If we don't put teams to the sword with a bit of swagger we feel we have the right to be disappointed! Most of the last 50 years we'd have been celebrating a home win and crikey, equalling a club record from 1963 (one that I never thought we'd see equalled - or perhaps beaten - in my time as a fox)!
  2. I’d like to see: Man C v Liverpool Arsenal v Man U Spurs v Chelsea Wolves v West Ham or Sheff U And in round 4, the winners of the first play the winners of the second, and the winners of the third play the winners of the fourth. And in round 5, the winners of these two games play each other. And in round 6 someone else knock out the winner of that game. Meanwhile we sail serenely to the final, where we win. And that, with a top four finish too...well I can dream can’t I?
  3. Massive banana skin this one. Just praying that we get the first - if so, I agree with others it could become comfortable, but if they score first...
  4. First ever visit, and don't know if I'll ever be in Ealing again, but it had some great beers on
  5. Noticed that on MOTD (I think) last week there was talk (in describing teams fixtures) of playing ‘the big six and Leicester’, or not. That to me is where we are and where we wanted to be after 15/16 - turning the big six into a big seven. And we can do it, sustainably, with this leadership & management. Whether we will remains to be seen.
  6. Much to be said for picking the title winning XI, but where’s the fun in that?! The current side is significantly better anyway, it just happens to be competing against two outstanding teams. Going for Puel & Brendan’s 4141: Kasper Ricardo Evans Huth Fuchs (just! Chilwell now better than Fuchs other than 15/16) Ndidi Mahrez (wouldn’t have him back, but the most skilful player I’ve ever seen in a blue shirt) Tielemans Maddison Albrighton (might have to swap with Mahrez to help protect Ricky!) Vardy oh and hello @ealingfox, from the Ealing Park Tavern!
  7. TBH, his finishing is and always has been a major weakness...
  8. All the embarrassing ones I can recall have been mentioned, but the most pain? How about our last manager throwing two successive home cup quarter finals with under strength selections, then seeing both games unfold in the way they did?
  9. I can see the sense behind all of the selections above, and who knows who'll be right. But after Chilwell and Barnes finally clicked I'd like to see them build on that, and by the same logic I'd play Perez as a right sided striker again. The only payers that probably should be rested are Evans, Ndidi and Vardy, possibly one or two more, so I'd hope to see: Ward or Schmeichel Justin Morgan Benkovic Chilwell Choudhury Tielemans Praet Perez Iheanacho Barnes Subs: Jakupovic Soyuncu Fuchs Mendy Maddison Albrighton Gray
  10. Youri the closest to perfection for me - and to think some doubted him after the first four/five games of the season. Last night saw the entire orchestra put in a finely tuned performance, but Youri as conductor was just amazing. Pleased to see I've brought a few average scores down - Perez 9.8 FFS! - from an understandably giddy group of FT posters!
  11. Correct - except I think at LB. We have JJ as cover for both FB roles for next season, and for the season after one of Ughelumba or Luke Thomas, both very promising development squad LBs. I don't get why so many on here are puzzled by the CB story. Benko needs to go out on loan to prove his fitness, and Wes retires at the end of the season. We'll need at least one new CB for next season, even if Cags and Evans remain our first choice pair.
  12. Barnes and Chilwell aren't playing well are they? Maddison & Tielemans decent, Gray too, rest, meh.
  13. Erm? We lost 100% because of his two brain farts in 5 seconds. Just saying how it was.
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