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  1. Barnes and Chilwell aren't playing well are they? Maddison & Tielemans decent, Gray too, rest, meh.
  2. Erm? We lost 100% because of his two brain farts in 5 seconds. Just saying how it was.
  3. Really poor today, and Ricardo wasn’t great either. It seems to be commonly accepted that only Liverpool have a better pair of full backs than us. Well, they were significantly better than our two today. Chillers needs to improve his passing, crossing & right foot. Sharpish.
  4. Albrighton 100% cost us the game. Not the ref’s fault for being conned, and it didn’t look a clear & obvious error on the replay I saw.
  5. Great last 20 minutes and that pollock has ruined the whole thing. Furious with him.
  6. That has to be one of the very worst individual errors I’ve ever seen. FFS, with less than a minute to go. bastard
  7. Plan A didn’t work. Let’s see if Plan B’s any better. Too many underperforming today. Didn’t expect them to go to Anfield & dominate, but hoped for something approaching normal levels of performance. Not many doing that.
  8. Barnes has offered nothing. Maybe less. Has to be a change there at HT
  9. Schmeichel one of their best players so far
  10. Just a hunch but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 343 tomorrow with Wilf sitting deep near the CBs, both FBs playing as wing backs, and Vardy Perez & Barnes as a front 3. Plan B might involve two orthodox wingers coming on to stretch them even more.
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