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  1. Brill from him today. But we still need a top class CB. Maybe Dan could be our 4th choice CB? That’s a big wedge saved!
  2. Kasper heading for a 2 or 3 out of 10 here!
  3. Whatever happens, kudos to Rodgers for learning from last season’s mistake of going head to head with them.
  4. Steve Moran was a striker 🤨
  5. Christ on a bike. For those of us brought up on John O’Neill, Marc North, Alan Paris, Jimmy Willis & Wes Brown, this is truly astonishing! Possibly the best ( certainly one of the best 3-4) CB I’ve seen in a LCFC shirt in 50 years, and we have fans who’d replace him with Tarks or Fofana, or pension him off?
  6. Great post @Billy Big Balls but I think, and hope, you massively underrate Evans there. He’s our best defender & if possible should play 35+ games this season. Can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be our best defender next season either, especially if Cags leaves next summer
  7. Fingers crossed you’re 100% wrong!
  8. Seems Vinicius is a Mendes client, so Wolves heavily fancied to buy him. Spurs don't want to pay more than €30.He was an unused substitute for Benfica yesterday - they used five subs...
  9. Goal saving tackle in the penalty area just now. Really quick to get there. 👏🏼
  10. Sarcasm doesn’t work well in this format does it? Sorry.
  11. Don’t see that myself @Fktf Assuming we land one of our CB targets, I’m pretty sure the 4th signing would be a no.8, or someone like Callum McGregor who can play a few midfield roles. We can’t afford to leave ourselves bereft of creativity like we were at the end of last season without Madders. And Madders, Youri & Praet aren’t enough for 50+ games, every 3-4 days. After that, your guess would be as good as mine!
  12. Playing RB! Which is good to know, as we’re so short there. And he’s just played a small part in Rennes’ second goal...
  13. So @Muzzy_Larsson, what’s the latest on Callum McGregor? Thought we’d be in for him this window as we need a fourth no.8. The fact that he can play 4 or 6 as well surely makes him even more attractive to us in Ndidi’s absence?
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