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  1. Would like to see better distribution from our Swede. Haven't seen Iverson but a mate who's an Oldham fan says his distribution is excellent, at least at that level. It's one of Kasper's weaknesses and it's to be hoped that one of the prospects can in time improve on him in that area...
  2. Scrappy, bitty game, badly reffed. Good point in the end. I thought our left back, Ughelumba, was excellent - a far batter prospect than Elder ever was. Would have liked Dewsbury-Hall to go on loan to the Championship this season but if he goes anywhere it'll be to a league one club (or abroad).
  3. The real @LinekersApples and a pitchfork wielding mob!
  4. Wilf was excellent, but so were Ricardo, Evans & Soyuncu. Based on that performance we've improved defensively in terms of extra pace and aggression, but lost a bit of aerial dominance. Be delighted if Cags can keep up that level.
  5. Well no, I don’t think any congrats are in order. And if there’s a Silva-like cock up to come, quite the opposite.
  6. I wonder which winger or wingers we tried to sign
  7. Precisely so. And a 14 point gap between where we finished and Yanited was always going to take some closing. Unless there’s a staggering surprise in the next 3 hours, it looks more realistic to be aiming to get 8-10 more points than we got last season. That’d be really good! But it’s not a challenge for a top 6 spot. The real disappointment is that Arsenal & Yanited, two clubs we had hoped of catching, look to have strengthened considerably. I’m not sure we have.
  8. Might Rennes fancy Ghezzal and/or Diabate in part ex for Sarr? Or Palace fancy Gray & Slimani in part ex for Zaha? Are we we even trying to get deals done?!?
  9. Indeed. May as well get comfortable. *Unbuckles. Puts away storm wear*
  10. Imagine having to put ‘Football Agent’ in your Twitter handle in the hope that someone/anyone might take you seriously!
  11. You’re right, but I was addressing the question in the OP. It’s not been a good window yet. Nor a bad one. But certainly not the 5 new signings, £100M net spend much touted at the start of the window. And that’s what we needed/still need if we’re to challenge the top 6.
  12. I’m still answering ‘not yet’...
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