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  1. I will drive if no lift avaliable so will have room in car for others
  2. If I Don t get a lift I 'll have to drive so would have spare seats available.
  3. Hi I'm looking for a lift to wolves tonight. anyone got a spare space for me. going alone for this one thanks
  4. Hi I'm looking for a lift to tonight's game. Anyone with a spare seat ? Thanks
  5. Hi I m going solo. Anyone got a spare seat in car I could use. Cheers
  6. still after 1 adult ticket for this match. Working in Birmingham next week so desperate to go
  7. Hi I'lll be working in Birmingham that week so after 1 or more tickets for this match Thanks
  8. Why do people film themselves watching the game and then think anyone cares🧐
  9. Well done Osnabrück 3rd liga Meister
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