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  1. Hallelujah a goal at last for Schalke
  2. Love the crowd noise at Dusseldorf . Making another poor match more bearable
  3. 3 -0 at home to a team that's lost their last 5 . Worried
  4. Schalke on 9 game winless run . Terrible . Good job it was a good start to season so points in the bag
  5. It's all back on . Looks like I didn' t miss much 1-0 down
  6. I can now log in but bot working. This happened last week when the football was on but then started up
  7. Nothing working for me at the moment - universal sports not logging in and kodi apps not working . Trying to watch the Schalke match . Any Intel?
  8. Schalke really poor . Don t look as sharp , quick or as fit as Dortmund
  9. Not enjoying the score ☹️
  10. Your missing an s it's now https:// and number is 8443
  11. Been following Schalke for years . Fantastic Stadium and great match day experience Looking forward to the Derby on Sat
  12. I will drive if no lift avaliable so will have room in car for others
  13. If I Don t get a lift I 'll have to drive so would have spare seats available.
  14. Hi I'm looking for a lift to wolves tonight. anyone got a spare space for me. going alone for this one thanks
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