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  1. Its the first time the club has qualified for Europa league / UEFA Cup through league position . This is something to be proud of otherwise whats the point. BRING IT ON When is the draw...?
  2. Disagree . We played some great football last year . Really great to watch . Not so much this year though
  3. This season end is like death by a thousand cuts . Will someone put us out of our misery . It's the hope that gets you
  4. I don t think we will be allowed to beat United.
  5. Is anyone planning to break the lockdown and go on holiday . I have a place booked for the 11th . Don t see why I can t get tested and if negative be allowed to go
  6. If Man City get banned from Europe fifth place would be enough
  7. SD seems to be working ok today . Only watched bits of games but all seem ok so far
  8. Blimey watching Schalke 0-4 athime with 29 mins to go . Painful
  9. Has anyone tried walrus TV. Its £85 for a year. I ve never heard of it before so don,t know anything about it
  10. Great point for Osnabrück away at Hamburg and finally a goal 😁
  11. I ve seen 3-4 of Osnabrücks matches this season and still waiting to see them score. Last match missed a pen and now just missed an open goal tap in against Hamburg
  12. Penalty after VAR well done ref
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