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  1. Why do people film themselves watching the game and then think anyone cares🧐
  2. Well done Osnabrück 3rd liga Meister
  3. Can I support Man City next week . i really don t like Liverpool
  4. Stanmore is easy to get to .large car park but is a bit of a treck on tube , but gives plenty of options to stop off on way
  5. Any decent pubs in Stratford to watch the footy on before the game ?
  6. I went to shop and apparently they print the tickets out there so should be able to upgrade. Unfortunately no one knew how to do it as no one from tickets turned up today. I ll try again next week
  7. I have brought 4 tickets for this match but one is a concession which I need to use as an adult and cost £5 less. Anyone know if I can upgrade this ticket to an adult. Will the club do this for me ? cheers
  8. Does this mean we might score from a corner
  9. We won 2 penalty shoot outs this season. All 6 against Southampton were in spot on
  10. Brave selection from Puel. What a difference it makes with midfielders who pass and move and look for positive passes. Lets hope this is the start of a good end of season. Can't say it was boring today deserved a point at least. Young side that played pretty well No more Mendy please Vardy for gazelle next week
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