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  1. Typically I didn't t see the game today and I ve watched some real dross this season. Finally a win and and some hope
  2. Away in Greece . Choudhury.
  3. What really annoys me is when during the first game they show you the players getting off a bus wearing masks from the second game and then run the team news all over the screen so you miss the actual game you want to watch. Glad I don t subscribe to sky too biased and unimaginative.
  4. Apart from the last set Price has been fantastic totally unplayable . Fully deserves his lead
  5. SCHALKE have a new manager but same old story. Looked a bit better for first 25 mins . Missed a bid chance and lost again . Approaching longest non winning streak in bundesliga history.
  6. Looking forward to playing on a Saturday for the first time this season
  7. Another dreadful performance from Schalke losing at home to 3rd bottom . No win in 29 . No hope,. No money . Relegation looming
  8. New Old manager for Schalke .Huub Stevens for the third time . Massive game today . Simply can not lose .
  9. My first Schalke match was away at Bochum . Bochum won 5-1 😩
  10. Wow didn't see it but Dortmund lose 5-1 at home .
  11. Watching bundesliga again . Another horror show for Schalke getting completely outplayed by Wolfsburg at home 0-2 already
  12. Most of our late goals are scored when we are ahead . How many late goals have we scored when losing or drawing going into last 15 mins
  13. SD have sorted it out . I can now log in . Just in time for match tonight .
  14. Cheers . I've raised a ticket and hoping for some response before match tomorrow. It's been working really well recently just annoying that an auto renewal messes it up.
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